A Dangerous Pairing


By Millennium Guard


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"Now onto more important news." She straightened the papers in her hands before continuing. "For the fourth time this month, a woman has been discovered missing with no clues as to her whereabouts. Sarah Lafayette, the daughter of the famous Lafayette Technology Corporation, is the fourth one to disappear. Right now we have Johnny on Cam three in front of the famous Lafayette mansion. So what's going on down there Johnny?"

"Well Jenny, I'm here at the mansion of the parents of Sarah Lafayette, and according to her family she left home for over a period of several weeks with no note of where she had gone to." A man with a tall build and muddled brown hair looked towards the dominating estate behind him through its gates with a searching and eager gaze. "The family is refusing an interview at this time and are fervently working with the police to find her. Apparently they refuse to give up until her body is discovered." He paused as he looked at the massive building once more to see the gates opening slowly, a long black limousine riding out. "Look, they're coming out!" He quickly ran to the vehicle gusto, the cameraman following close behind. "Perhaps we can get a word out of her parents yet." As soon as the limo began to slowly pass he ran up to the dark window and rapidly beat upon it.

"Mr. Lafayette, Mr. Lafayette." He badgered constantly as he ran with the vehicle that would not stop; the window slowly rolled down.

"How many times do I have to tell you idiots no COMMENT?" A deep voice resonated through the inside the vehicle; a woman's cry could be heard from within. "If I see you people cross my property again, I swear I'll cut your mother Beep! heads off and arrest you for Beep! Beep! trespassing!" He fumed, his face turning a deep red. "Give me that mike!" He yelled as he began to pull on the reporter; a brawl erupted soon after and the news was cut off and static took its place; the woman appeared in its place moments later.

"Well, that hasn't been the first attempt to converse with the Lafayette's, yet each approach has ended the same. This case, however, has not been the first to be found with strange undertakings. Police have discovered that at least three women have disappeared with one every full moon, and are just beginning to consider a relation in their disappearances. But is this just incompetence on the police department's part? According to many citizens, several other women of the lower class had also disappeared but the police had not been as adamant about searching for their disappearing until top-notch money was involved. Though it is only recently that women of the richer class have disappeared, there have been thousands of cases of missing women disappearing without a trace, the greatest amount always being under the days that fell under the pretense of the full moon. When Seratio Devertai presented the possibility of this being done by one mastermind serial killer many years ago, the police merely scoffed his efforts. Captain Greenhill stated, and I quote 'The idea that all murders were done by one man would mean that the man would have to be over hundreds of years old.' The police have further continued to place this 'major issue' under a minor missing person's file. Perhaps Seratio put it best when he said…the wolf man did it. That's all for now, I'm Jenny Cures, signing off."


Ami cursed beneath her breath as Zoycite shut the television off.

"It makes no sense whatsoever." She sighed as she reclined in her chair behind her desk, her eyes occasionally glancing over the many files strewn across it. "I need an aspirin." She rubbed her temples in concentric circles before removing thin-rimed glasses from her face.

"I know," he replied as he stood from his seated position at the corner of her desk to retrieve a paper cup filled with water from the water dispenser. "And there's no connection in the missing people...no connection at all...well, except that whole moon thing."

"That in itself is an enigma…I don't see why our body thief likes to operate mostly on a full moon. If he only operated on a full moon then perhaps we could narrow it down some, but he, or she, operates on all days. And dammit, how in the world do you make bodies just disappear? I mean, no ashes, no fingerprints, no bones, and no teeth! Nothing!" He placed the cup in front of her with a bottle of aspirin as she continued her rant; she muttered a thanks before taking it.

"I know Ami, maybe aliens took them." She smiled at his antics before replying.

"Usually I wouldn't accept that answer, but I am getting so tired of looking at this case that the idea that maybe aliens took them is beginning to sound like a very reasonable conclusion."

"Want me to get you some coffee?" He asked her.

"Nah, no thanks Zoycite. I'm fine…but a neck rub would be nice." A nicely placed pout and he was already behind her, following her requests.

"Sure thing boss," he replied playfully. He slowly walked over to his partner and long time friend, placed his hands between her shoulders and neck, and began to rub.

"Oh god that feels good." She commented as she allowed her head to lie back against the backrest of her chair.

"That Mamoru character, he seems suspicious." He commented as he continued to massage her neck. "I mean, these new cases with the rich woman, every time the company goes into distraught or what have you, he's always there to pick up the pieces, ready to make a deal with the owners of these prestigious companies. It's always great timing too, they're vulnerable, so he goes in for the kill."

"Hmmm…Mamoru Chiba, president of The Chiba Technology Corporation...I don't really think he's suspicious, he's just...dark and secretive about his life; and though I find it somewhat coincidental that he makes deals with all of them…I still don't think we can really link him to this. He's as clean as a whistle, and we have tried too many times to suspect him. He's just another ruthless corporate man who sees an opportunity and goes for it " She paused. "And in any matter, what billionaire wouldn't be incredibly secretive about his life----That's the best way to keep the paparazzi off your back...just keep to yourself."

"Maybe," he replied. "But I'm still getting bad vibes from him…think we should investigate anyway?"

"What are you, a Shinto priest?" She giggled.

"Nooo...but I usually have a good sense about these things." He finished and then took his hands off of her shoulders.

"I don't see why not I guess, it is standard procedure to question all suspects." It was quiet for a moment longer before Zoycite spoke once more.

"How was that?"

"That my friend...was a great massage." She commented with a smile.


Mamoru's hair draped over his blue eyes carelessly as he attempted to keep his laughter in check.

"Amazing," he replied, his voice deep in French accent, when static came across the screen. "Those people are savages----I can not believe that it is the fourth one this month that has disappeared…" His tone dripped of sarcasm with a tingling of danger, a precarious smile on his face. "My, my, my----what is this world coming to when you can not even go out somewhere without just poof!" He paused for effect. "Disappearing." Malachite chuckled at his friend, his long white hair coming lose from its previous constraints.

"Personally I find it rather disturbing that these lovely ladies can not seem to be kept under guard." He switched the conversation abruptly. "So when is lunch?"

"My friend…it does not get any better than this." He sighed as he laid his head back and lounged on the black leather sofa, his arms stretched out wide. "Last night was one of the better dates I have had in a long time."

"Well, I am happy that you are satisfied, because now we can get down to business," he continued with a serious face. "We have a meeting at 4:00 Saturday afternoon to speak with the representatives of the Lafayette Technology Corporation----I think that now that they're so busy with their resent loss, things could go our way. I spoke to…" He paused in his tirade to glance at the discontented look on Mamoru's face; he seemed to be subject to easily changing moods lately "What is it?"

"Sometimes I wish that it were not so easy...it is never even a challenge anymore, nothing is, the enjoyment is there, but it is…is so very short lived...sometimes I wish there was someone out there who could put up somewhat of a fight." He sighed as he crossed his arms over his chest thoughtfully.

"Perhaps someday you shall find that person...and then if you are not too busy, you could ask her over for dinner," Malachite grinned devilishly, causing his friend to chuckle.

"I read of her repeatedly…and it---it is almost an obsession of mine…though I do not know why…I am pretty sure that once the act is over I will be thoroughly sated and will have my meal but…"

"Well…that cursed book did say this would happen…I think your recent increase in obsession has to do with the fact that perhaps she is near…you yourself said that in all of our other dwelling your search had never been so incessant before."

"Perhaps we share some kind of---".

"My Lord, Endymion." A nervous voice interrupted them; they turned towards the man whom quickly bowed out of both respect and fear.

"This better be important." Mamoru snapped.

"My Lord, there are some policeman here to see you...about-about the d-disappearance milord." The man staggered.

"Let them in." He relented; his servant quickly turned to leave, stumbling about in his steps. "Oh and Jarred."

"M-milord." He staggered. In a blur of movement Mamoru was standing at his side, his hand carefully placed around the back of his neck.

"If you ever interrupt me when I am speaking again---I will not hesitate to snap your body in two." He sneered, his grip tightening as he carelessly lifted his body in the air. Jarred choked as he felt his circulation being cut off, his once vibrantly colored skin turning pale as Mamoru's fingers dug into his flesh. After a few moments Mamoru quickly let him go with a smile on his face and watched as he dropped to the floor. "What are you waiting for? Go get our guests." His voice became firm, yet gentle. "I'm sure we have much to discuss."

"Y-yes, m-milord." They watched as he quickly scrambled up and exited from the room.

"Shall we handle this the ol' fashioned way?" Malachite inquired with the lift of a brow.

"Wait, I want to see if this one is a female first, if so, I have other plans."


"The fourth one this month...unbelievable." Minako sighed as she looked towards the screen with indifference "What the hell is going on in this town?"

"I don't know Minako, I think it's mystifying really...well, at least the police department's ignorance and stupidity is mystifying." Usagi combed her fingers through her silver strands before resting her hand on her chin. "This town is getting more and more dangerous by the minute…even those who can afford protection and security can no longer feel safe."

"I blame it on the woman partially----like what are you doing in the middle of the night lurking around in dark places with someone that you don't know?"

"How do you know that's what happened?" Usagi's brow perked up as she sat on the stool next to Minako in front of the counter with a bowl of red ice cream.

"I dunno; that's what always happens in the movies Sere-." Usagi laughed. "I mean it's a classic scenario. The woman is always wearing some tight fitting outfit and is in someplace that she has no right being at." Minako dipped her spoon into Usagi's bowl.

"You watch too many movies." Usagi giggled as she took the bowl of ice cream away despite Minako's pout and went down the hall with Minako following. The two of them, in nothing but their silk pajamas with robes to match, adjourned to the lounge of the mansion where they sat down on the white leather sofas and lay back with a sigh.

"I bet that her parents are devastated." She appended. "Imagine if you had a child for so long and one minute they were there, next minute they went poof, without a trace."

"They really should have listened to Mr. Dervertai," Usagi continued knowledgeably. "It's amazing how people like to skirt around the reality of the matter these days."

"It's pretty obvious who's behind all this, if you're ready to believe the unbelievable that is----" Minako dug her spoon in the huge bowl once more.

"The mysterious dark lord of the werewolves..." Usagi moved her fingers in a spooky like motion causing Minako to laugh.

"Who's searching for you---" Minako pointed out.

"Yeah, but I'm too busy to care or worry about that right now, there's just too much to do..." She sighed before continuing with a whine. "Sometimes I wish I could pass the buck onto someone else for a while. This particular title wears me out. It's not really me, and it's so cliché----Angel of light...it's like I'm branded for life with that name." She paused thoughtfully with the dip of the spoon slowly sliding down her tongue. "And where's my damn halo huh? How come I don't get a halo? What a gyp!" Minako laughed at her friend's disgruntlement. "I'm supposed to sit here and wait for him to tire of women coming to his bed willing, getting screwed and mauled, before he finally decides to even approach me----and the only clues he has to knowing who I am, is the fact that I don't fuck around, and therefore wouldn't accept his stupid attempts to try and get me to lie with him-----do you think it would be out of line if I just searched him out and just screwed him before he screwed me?" Minako laughed.

"Any ideas?"

"No...the man is too allusive...it's like finding a needle in a haystack...and how in the hell does he get these woman to make sure they don't tell anyone they are going to see him when they do. It's not like he's a vampire, he doesn't have the power of being able to lure someone in with his eyes and to make them follow his commands or anything----" She placed the bowl on the table before her and lay back languidly, letting a small breath of air escape her lips, her eyes softening. "I still remember when I first learned that there was a killer werewolf on my tail who was hungry for blood and would stop it nothing until he found me----it literally freaked me out to know that he was also a well known seducer of women...god, it wasn't even the meeting of him that I feared, it was more the unknown. That he was out there and I didn't know where to find him. But that was so long ago, so many years since that damned gypsy woman fated me to this life. I no longer even fear what is coming; rather, I anticipate it. I long for it like life blood with only one truth, with only thing for certain----that I have to find him and kill him----before he finds me and kills me."

"Hence, the hidden battle," Minako lifted the bowl from the table.

"As 'they' say."

"Mmmm, this is good." She remarked, changing the topic at hand to a more light and airy one. "How did you make it?"

"Natural juices, ice-cream, and a blender...it's pretty simple actually."

"Oh---you really otta-".

"Mistress." A woman with long brown hair greeted Usagi, interrupting their conversation.

"Yes Christine?"

"I have scheduled all of your meetings as you requested," she stated.


"You have a meeting with Mr. Greg Santav at four tomorrow, a meeting at nine with Chadrick Amour, and a meeting at ten with Seiya the day after."

"Excellent." She commented studiously. "Things are running rather smoothly and on schedule, don't you think Minako?"

"Yes...she does great work...makes our lives all the less stressful."

"I should give you a raise Christine...I think it is about time."

"Really Mistress?"

"Why of course, I'm going to give you a 10, no 20 percent raise----that should suffice you."

"Very much so." She replied calmly.

"It's done then." Usagi confirmed seriously. "You may go now, have the rest of the day off...I'm in a rather calm mood today and there's nothing important that need be taken care of, so why don't you go enjoy yourself?"

"Thank-you, thank-you mistress." She raved as she left Usagi and Minako alone.

"So Sere, have you decided whether or not you are going to take Diamond up on his offer?" She turned to her friend with an impassioned look about her.

"I don't know."

"Oh come on, the man leaves twenty messages a day telling you how beautiful you are...writes you a different poem every day of the week----you can't tell me that's not romantic." She sighed.

"Oh please, he's just infatuated with me." She effectively rolled her eyes. "It's the most annoying thing in the world, I feel like he's smothering me and we aren't even dating or in love. Plus, he doesn't write the poems, he gets them from books written by dead poets." She added.

"Infatuation? Infatuation, you say?" Minako continued with mock humor. "Oh please, the man's got it bad for you----he's sniffin' up you're ass like a bitch in heat!" She giggled as Usagi merely rolled her eyes once more.

"The man's like a sick puppy, I don't go for the drooling type."

"He does not drool!" Minako laughed.

"He drools so much that I feel icky and wet with slobber every time I'm around him." She added. "Besides...he's no fun at all...the man is so serious, he does not know how to just let go."

"That is true...I don't think he plays any kind of games." She continued with a giggle. "I swear, as sexy and luscious his lips look, they look like they're in a straight line all the time."

"I want a man who...who's-" Usagi paused in thought as she tried to conjure up the perfect man. "Who's dangerous."

"What dangerous man would want to play with the Angel of Light?" She mocked.

"Har Har" She drawled. "And I'm not all that innocent ya know." She crossed her arms defiantly.

"So..." Minako began again. "Have you had the time to check out his weapon?"

"Excuse me?"

"You know, his weapon...his piece...his manhood...his knife...his...ah hell, his penis!"

"Thank-you, thank-you...but I get the point," Usagi resigned, interrupting her. "Well then, you have, haven't you? Surely in all this time the two of you had been together-"

"What kind of girl do you think I am?" She shrieked.

"Come on Ms. Danger----don't tell me you didn't even see what he had to offer?"

"You know what Minako?" She arched her brow in humor. "You need to get some fresh air...I'm pretty sure it gets pretty darn stuffy when you have had your head in between your legs all the time." Minako merely laughed.


Mamoru's gaze shifted lustfully over her figure, admiring the satin form fitting strapless dress with a long revealing slit at the side. His fingers mindlessly combed through long and silky black tresses.

"So what are the plans for the evening?" She asked.

"Well," One lone finger languidly trailed up her leg, before his palm settled on her thigh, lightly massaging. "I was thinking perhaps we would go for a very private dinner at the Chateau Brunei----and then." He paused.

"And then?" Her smile was small and soft.

"Perhaps you may like to accompany to my mansion----and I could show you around," His grin was dark and secretive. "It would be a treat," his fingers drew lazy designs suggestively up the side of her leg. "To have dessert, catered privately 'to me'----there."

"I would love to provide…." He turned to the window when the limo came to stop. "It looks like we are here."

"How unfortunate."


"Dinner was grand." She commented as she stepped into the huge foyer of Mamoru's home.

"Allow me to take your coat." He slipped his hands over her shoulders and removed it with ease, his fingers passing down her smooth skin. "Lights dim." She watched in awe as the room suddenly exhibited a soft glow that set for a comfortable evening.

"You have marvelous taste----I prefer the darker colors myself." She glanced around the grand room in wonder, from the huge paintings hung high on all the walls that one could tell were an expensive collector's item, to the ceiling of the foyer, which was done artistically in many ranges of dark colors, a majestic and golden chandelier with diamonds hanging set in the midst. She had to catch her breath at the grandness of it all, and was almost startled when he spoke.

"Allow me to escort you." He placed his bent arm out for her to take; she smiled and placed her arm within his own. They walked from room to room, each room more artistically and uniquely decorated than the next with it's own natural theme, their tour ending in a room that Mamoru liked to call The Exquisite Nocturnal Divinity. He stood close behind her, hands lightly grazing her arms as he leant to whisper softly into her ear. "Why do you not make yourself comfortable while I go and get us some champagne?"

"That would be exquisite," she murmured, waiting for him to leave the room before she began to explore. Her eyes skimmed over the two soft comfortable black leather couches in the room that sat opposite each other, and then to the head of the room where there was an elegant black fireplace that worked by remote control. A complete home entertainment center was built into the sidewall next to it. She sauntered over to system and skimmed over his selection before picking out a jazz piece by called 'Sax by the Fire' and pressed the button to play it. The room was suddenly filled with a sensual aura as she slipped off her heels, padding her way to the leather couch to await his return. In her mind she began to think of all kinds of sexual poses that she could play before he reentered. She finally settled on crossing her legs in such a way that the slit revealed all the way up to mid thigh, while leaving the rest up to the viewer's imagination.

"Well, it would seem that you have made yourself very comfortable." She conscripted for surprise when he entered the room with two empty champagne glasses in one hand and a bottle in the other.

"I hadn't seen you come in." He sat on the couch opposite her and handed her a glass, proceeding to open the champagne bottle and allowing the fizz to come out before pouring her a little bit.

"Tell me----Mrs. Terazakkis, what do you do when you are not with eh----Mr…Terazakkis?"

"I like to entertain----guests." She licked her lips seductively as she dipped one lone finger in her glass, raised it to her lips, and began to slowly lick off the champagne.

"Private entertainment----I hardly think Mr. Terazakkis…would approve of that." He downed the drink quickly, his eyes steady on the lone finger, before placing the glass on the table.

"What you don't know----doesn't hurt you, don't you think?" He chuckled deeply, his body easily relaxing into the cushion of the chaise.

"At times, I do find that to hold true---but do tell me, what sort of, 'entertainment', do you provide?"

"Oh, just games----do you like to play games----Mamoru?" She placed her glass on the table before arising from her place opposite him to seat herself gently in his lap.

"Yes, sometimes I do." His eyes shifted for but a minute to her lower lip, hands lightly caressing her thigh without thought. "What 'kind' of games, do 'you' play?"

"Any you wish." She purred.

"Let us put games aside for now...I am sure I can think of something later...but, milady, shall I have this dance?" He lifted her off him to her feet before standing before her and reaching out for her hand.

"By all means." She placed her hand in the palm of his own as she slowly stood up, waiting patiently while he moved the table aside. When he stood up once more he was greeted to the sight of her undoing her hair and pulling out the pins, allowing it to cascade down her back; she placed the articles uncaringly on the table. "Let's play," she said sensually as the song suddenly ended and changed to a more corporeal one for the moment.

He placed his hands around her waist, bringing her hip in immediate contact with his own before slowly dipping her backwards in front of him, swaying her body in a circular motion and then bringing her back up to him. She relaxed in his arms and allowed her body to flow in tune with the music as he dipped her over and over again, each dip causing that apex between her legs to meet with that stiffened part of him that was beginning to cry out for satisfaction. When he pulled her up to meet him again he moved his hand down to her thigh and pulled it up to circle his hips before dipping her once more. He soon tired of their playing around----he slipped his hands beneath her dress at the top of the slit and began to slowly lift it off of her body. She allowed his hands to trail over her soft skin and past her breasts, as he continued to lift her dress over her head. He casually threw it to the side and onto the plush carpet. Her hands mutely found their way to his shirt and began to slowly it out. She watched in awe at the expansion of his chest as he pulled it out and practically tore it off with a chuckle.

"A new shirt is the least of my worries," he said huskily as he pressed his lips possessively against hers, one hand at her lower back and the other beneath her left thigh, bringing it up to encircle him tightly. His kissed her brutally, and then slipped his tongue within, taking full control and ownership of it. She purred loudly when his lips savagely began to peruse down her upper body and placed her hands behind her to unsnap her bra, flinging it elsewhere. With a moan she pulled his head close to her chest tightly; he took the offered nipple and began to suckle her breast greedily. "Mamoru!" She moaned softly. "Yes, Oh gods yes!" She moaned over and over again. Her hips rocked against him, wanting to feel that part of him as close as she could possibly get. She bent backwards as she felt him going lower and lower, his hands following suit. She suddenly cried out and threw her head back when she felt his tongue enter her body. She lifted her leg slightly and he kept it in place with a firm grip of his hand. He moaned aloud as he placed one arm up her back, encircling her waist in an effort to bring her further down on his lips. She came soon after, violently shaking above him. He slowly brought her down to the center of the plastic covered floor between the two couches. She pulled at his belt buckle, quickly freeing his constraining member and slid his pants down with her feet, all the while leaving her legs open for his entry. He swiftly entered her, making her cry out and him grunt loudly. At once a pace began, hard and slow, hard and slow.

"Ahhhhh." She moaned as she felt his manhood dig long and hard into her repeatedly at a slow pace. Her legs surrounded his waist in an almost gripping manner, making him grunt and pick up the pace. "Mamoru!" Her body arched towards him as he went faster, piercing her body like a knife. She placed her arms up his back and beneath his armpits in an effort to hold on as he brought her to points unimaginable.

He grunted once more, as he picked up the pace.

She moaned and cried out over and over again as he went even faster. The throaty deep and powerful tonations that he emanated were fierce; it was almost as if he had forgotten that she was even there.

"Sl-sl-slow d-down." She managed to stagger in between his thrusts; they were beginning to pierce her to the point where it started to hurt a little, but he ignored her plea and only went faster. "Sl-slow down!" She screamed but was unheard. She could feel his manhood ripping through her tight hold as he repeatedly thrusted in her. Faster and faster he went, his speed unconceivable, his body tight and tense. She placed her hands on his chest and released her legs from their grasp around his body in efforts to push him slightly away from her and slow him down, but her efforts were no use. "Please----st-stop!" She cried as she could feel the blood droplets begin to trickle down from her womb mixing with the vaginal juices already there. He finally came, and to her surprise, he howled loudly and he began to pant. She cried softly as he looked down upon her. "Fuck you!"

"Let us play a game." He said evilly as the iris in his eyes began to change to a yellow then dark green color, his pupils shrinking to a medium dark black, and his eyes narrowing; it was an almost instant change. "I like to call it...the great chase."

"Go to hell!" She screamed. "What do I look like?"

"Dessert." He laughed evilly as his body began to morph. She screamed and lay there in shock as he continued to change before her. "I believe----this is the part----where you try...and get away." He howled at her cynically. She could feel his manhood growing inside of her. She quickly began to try and retreat, sliding weakly away from him with the use of her forearms, tired from her sexual experience with him. She screamed as she tried to get away; she could see the pool of blood that formed from her body and she cried when she saw it. As soon as she was not beneath him any longer, she flipped over, trying to crawl away. He howled as his nose grew into a snout, and his arms into forefeet. His clear and smooth tanned skin grew numerous hairs all over, and his tail grew out from his buttocks. She was racked with sobs as she attempted to get up and run out. The tears were streaming down her face and onto the floor as she attempted to stand. She staggered to her feet and began to run, but she was too late; in a matter of seconds she felt the pain of having an over 100-pound Grey wolf pounce on her, claws digging into her body to keep her still. Her screams pierced the air as he began to tear at her flesh, almost ripping her body in two except for her spinal cord still being in contact. Blood splattered everywhere, her guts spilling forth, as she continued to scream in pain. This had always been his favorite part; he always managed to tear at the bodies and keep them alive while he began to feed, enjoying their screams as he fed on them. He managed to not cut her heart, or any parts of her body that would give her a quick death, rather, he tore at her intestines, liver, and spleen, as her screams continued to pierce the air. When he had had his fill, he howled into the night, and soon several wolves entered the room. He sneered and barked a command, blood dripping from his lips; all at once all the wolves came and began feed; her scream pierced the air for the last time.

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