In Which we Meet Addison… a Nice Girl From Somewhere Else

I open my eyes and I'm on the floor in an unfamiliar place. Looking at the slob on the pillow, it's then that my night comes back to me. I realize that I'm in the living room of the woman I met at the bar last night. I hear her walking past me so I reach out in front of me for what I initially thought was my bra but I was mistaken.

"This is, uh…" I say holding out her bra to her.

"Embarrassing on so many levels," she says as she starts to walk away so I spring up not really wanting this moment to end. I don't even know her name. I don't know if it was the alcohol, but I do know that last night, not just the sex, but just talking to her and being around her, was the greatest I've ever felt in awhile.

"Wait, don't go… How about a round three?"

"No, seriously, you have to go. I'm late, which is not something you want to be on your first day."

I look around the room and I see a bunch of unpacked boxes stacked up along the walls. I know she says she's late but I don't really want to go just yet so I can hold a conversation.

"Did you just move in or something?" I say as I look around the room for my panties. I brush my blonde hair behind my ear as I pick them up off the ground.

"No, yes… kind of," she says as she anxiously looks around the room. She tucks some of her hair behind her ear. 'I do that too', I smile as I think to myself.

"Oh? It's nice… a little dusty but nice… so, how did you kind of just move in?" I say stepping into my undies. I grab my bra and stick it into my oversized purse.

"I moved here from Boston two weeks ago. It was my mother's house… I'm selling it."

"Oh, I'm sorry." I slide into my dress and look around for my shoes.

"Sorry? Oh, no, she's not dead. She's… you know what? We don't have to do this," she does this weird hand gesture and it makes me laugh.

"Oh, we can do anything you want." I say with a smirk on my face as I step into my shoes.

"No, you know this, this whole pretend we care, exchange details thing."

I smile amused at her being so upfront. I really like this girl. I hope I get to see her again. I wish I knew her name but I feel like I should know so I can't ask.

"Look," she says grabbing my attention again, "I'm going to go get in the shower and when I get back, you'll be gone. So, um, it was nice to meet you, um…"

"Addison," I say reaching out my hand after realizing she didn't remember my name either. That makes me feel a lot better about not knowing hers.

"Right, Meredith," she says taking my hand in hers.

"Meredith?" I kiss her hand and step closer to her. She smiles hard as she blushes a little. It makes my stomach flutter. Butterflies? What? Am I sixteen?

"Yeah, mhmm," she tries to hide her face, I guess noticing herself blush.

"It was nice meeting you."

"Goodbye, Addison." She runs up the stairs and that's my queue to leave.

When I get home, I look in my bathroom mirror and I realize that the blonde hair really isn't me. I don't even know why I let myself dye my hair anyway. I just wanted a whole new experience in Seattle. I didn't want to be the same person from the New York. I didn't want to be the person who was neglected by her husband who was in love with his job more than he was with her. I'm sure he hasn't even noticed I left him. I bet he hasn't even noticed the divorce papers that I left on his desk in his office at home… The one place he spends time when does come home that is…

I left New York three days ago with change in mind so I bleached my hair. It's my first day at Seattle Grace Hospital and I want them to know the real me… which is not blonde hair. I'm a gorgeous, feisty, red-haired Forbes Montgomery and that I'll be. Goodbye, blonde Addison.

After I dye my hair, I wash it and shower. Usually I take baths but I have a lot to do before I go to work today. I blow dry my hair and curl it. I've decided that today I'll wear my black Gucci dress before I'll have to change into my pink scrubs. Besides, I have to leave a lasting impression on my first day. I hope this is nothing like Mt. Sanai. I mean, that's why I moved across the country. I want things to be different. I've only been in Seattle a couple of days and I have to say, it's off to a great start. I grab my lab coat, briefcase and keys before I head out towards my red Porsche. It's a nice day, which is rare for Seattle, so I let the top down. I put on my sunglasses and off into the streets of the city I go.

I pull up outside the hospital to see that Richard already has a spot for me. I smile to myself as I park and enter the hospital. I stop at the coffee cart for my daily juju; it's for good luck. It's moments later when I run into the Chief outside of his office.

"Richard, hey!" I smile and we hug. Without him, I probably wouldn't be who I am today, 'best in my field.' I was his student.

"It's good seeing you again, Addison. I'm glad you decided to join our team."

"Oh, that's only because you offered me double my pay, making me the highest paid surgeon on the west coast and my own state-of-the-art OB/GYN wing and NICU. I couldn't turn that down" I say with a slightly serious tone.

"Oh, Addie, I'm glad you're back. I've already got you your first patient; a mother with T.T.T.S." he starts as we walk past his office. He gives me a tour of the hospital and introduces me to my first patient.

About an hour into my day, I'm discussing a few patients with colleagues when I see her standing there in shock. 'Meredith,' I think to myself. What she does next startles me… she turns around and takes off back through the doors she came out of. I immediately began running after her.

"Meredith," I call out catching up to her, "can I talk to you for a second?" Before she can protest, I pull her into a stairwell.

"Dr. Montgomery."

"Dr. Montgomery? This morning it was Addison."

"Dr. Montgomery, let's pretend it didn't happen."

"What didn't happen? You sleeping with me last night or you kicking me out this morning?" I tease to ease the tension, "because both are memories I'd like to hold on to."

"No, no memories. We're not just the girls in the bar anymore. This can't happen… You know that right?"

"You took advantage of me, and now you want to forget about it?" I ask jokingly with my hands up in the air.

"I did not take advantage of you," she tries not to smile.

"I was drunk, vulnerable and good looking and you took advantage."

"Okay, I was the one who was drunk and you are not that good looking."

"Oh? Okay, well maybe not today," I continue on with a sly smile, "but last night, I was stunning. I had on my red dress and my hair was still blonde, and you took advantage."

"I did not take advantage but you were a stunning blonde… but you're even more gorgeous as a redhead."

"Ah ha, so I'm going to invite you to take advantage of me again… Say Friday night? Eight o'clock?"

She pauses but then shakes her head 'no', "You're an attending and I'm your intern." She looks at me again, "Stop looking at me like that."

"Like what?"

"Like you've seen me naked?" She says with a frustrated sigh.

"I have seen you naked."

"Dr. Montgomery, this is inappropriate," and then she leaves me alone in the stairwell. I sigh as the door closes behind her.

The next time I see Meredith is outside my patient's room.

"I thought you were avoiding me," I say as tap my clipboard with my pen watching her as she figures out how to respond.

"Well I am your intern, Dr. Montgomery and we have a patient."

"Right, yes."

We walk into the patient's room and I introduce her to Dr. Grey. We start the initial check up just to see exactly where we are in this case. I want to make sure Meredith actually know what she's doing and I'm not keeping her from actually learning from being too easy on her because I like her so I'm going to hit her with some tough questions. "Define T.T.T.S."

"Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome - conjoined fetal twins."

"Connected by?" I ask continuing my check up.

"Blood vessels in the placenta?"

"Meaning?" I look up at her when I notice she doesn't speak up, "One twin gets too much blood, the other gets too little, endangering the lives of both." I pause what I'm doing when I see she still doesn't register, "I'd expect you to know that, Grey."

As I finish up, the patient says, "You told me that there wasn't much of a chance that anything could be done but-"

"T.T.T.S. is usually impossible to correct," I cut her off before she can get too worried, "unless you happen to be one of the handful of surgeons in the world who know how to separate fetal blood vessels. Which, luckily for you, I am. So we're going to get you into surgery tomorrow. If you have any questions at all, please ask Dr. Grey."

We both walk out of the patient's room and barely get out the door before Meredith speaks up again, "You know, I could've answered your question had you given me the chance."

"Chin up, Grey. I'm this hard on everyone, not just the ones I like." I wink, "Now, order an ultrasound for her and pre-op labs. Come find me when you have the results." I run off towards Richard's office. I need to sign a few more papers then I'll get the keys to my NICU and office.

About two hours after I've explored my NICU and office, I try mingling with my coworkers. We're talking about our interns and the tradition of the intern appy when someone calls my name.

"Dr. Montgomery." I turn around immediately knowing it was Meredith.


"Labs confirm what looks like abnormalities on the ultrasound. I think you should come see for yourself."

"Okay, let's go." We walk silently to the patient's room and perform another ultrasound as Meredith points out her findings.

"See? Bilateral pleural effusion with evidence of Sub-Q Edema."

"In English, please?" the patient barks.

I can tell she's worried and frustrated so I speak calmly to her, "we've detected what looks like beginning heart failure in the twins. Don't be alarmed."

"Are my babies going to be okay?"

"I'm going to go ahead and take you into surgery now. We're not going to wait." I get up turning to Meredith who is just standing there, "Book an OR. Move!" she runs out the room while I get a team to prep her for surgery.

We're in the OR and I let Meredith scrub in so she's standing off to the side of the room at the monitoring her stats.

"We're going to go in laparoscopically. You're not going to feel a thing... and neither will the twins," I tell my patient. "Okay, let's get going," I address my team, "thin blade." I'm handed the scalpel and the surgery begins.

I could feel Meredith's eyes on me the entire forty minutes we've been in surgery so I turn around to catch her in the act. I smile over to her, "How you doing over there, Grey?"

"Good. I'm good," she says hurrying to look back over at the screen she's monitoring. I let her close when I finished.

About an hour after the surgery, I come off the OR floor to find Meredith sitting on the bench outside of the door. I stop at the Nurses' Station in front of her flipping through charts as I pretend I don't know she's staring at me. As I was about to finally speak up, she decides to first.

"That was amazing," she says as I look over at her and smile. She continues to speak, "You practice on cadavers… you observe… and you think you know what you're gonna feel like, standing over that table, but… that was such a high," she pauses, "I don't know why anybody does drugs."

"Yeah," is all I managed to say looking into her eyes; they're filled with so much passion and hope. It's then when I come to the conclusion that she'll be an excellent surgeon. It's in that moment that I realize I may feel more for Dr. Grey that I initially believed.

"Yeah," she says back with that smile on her face showing just how much of a high it really was.

"I should, uh, go do this." I lost my words staring at her. I honestly think I just fell in love.

"You should," she nods still with that sparkle in her eye and that curl on her lips.

"I'll see you around," I walk away after grabbing my charts off the counter.

"See you around… see you," I hear her call out. I peak behind myself at her once I turn the corner to find her still watching me. I have butterflies in my stomach. I stop to take a deep breath and attempt to gather myself.

"I think I'm in love with Meredith Grey."