"Damn Hobgoblins!" screeched a titan has he fell, blinking out with his ghost. All the others had fallen as well. Only a lone hunter remained. She ducked and dodged the Vex, slicing them with her trusty knife as she went by. The strange milky radiolarian fluid that was Vex blood covered the ground. Any that died were pure luck because this hunter's only thoughts of were surviving until her teammates could respond and join her once more. She knew if she didn't, they would blame her for not lasting; even though they were the ones to die first. Quickly she shot and sliced her way through the Vex, trying to distance herself from the horde as best she could. In her hurry to get away, she forgot one important detail: the Vex could teleport. As soon as she was a short distance away, a Minotaur teleported behind her. She was low on health and stood no chance against its aggressive hit. The huntress was down. Her ghost took her back to a safe distance; far from the Vex but filled with her bitter teammates. The leader of their fire team and the last to fall besides her was a forceful loud human male was on her before she could even steady herself after responding.

"How could you do that!?" He screeched at her, grabbing her by the hood and pulling her close. "How dare you, Ivory!" His breath was hot on her face, "You damn Awoken!" He pushed her away. Ivory couldn't stand this man. She had done nothing wrong; no one stood a chance against that many Vex alone.

"How dare I? How dare I?!" Ivory clenched her fist. The other members of their team stood behind their leader; Ivory couldn't stand them either. "How dare all of you! This should have been an easy mission," Ivory sneered at the large titan in front of her, "or maybe you're just weak." The titan's eyes grew large with rage. "I knew I never should have joined your team. You're a horrible titan and a worse leader." The titan roared and moved to strike Ivory but she had seen it coming. She quickly moved out of the way and positioned herself behind him. Putting a knife to his neck, Ivory leaned close and whispered in his ear, "Don't you ever try laying your hands on me again." Pulling her knife away, Ivory pushed his back and he fell to the ground. "I'm quitting you horrible team. Have fun finding someone better."