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A/N: Even more inspired by SMG than usual.

Dawn shoves a gift-wrapped (and super rattle-y) box into Buffy's hands as soon as she enters the apartment. She has to juggle for a second to actually hold on to both the box and her scythe and since she's still in the doorway and blocking his way in, Spike has to say, "Surprise," from out in the hall.

The apartment's been decorated since they left for patrol, with yellow and white streamers hung up and a six-pack of beer and a cake box taking up some prime real estate on the kitchen table. It definitely looks like there's about to be a party in here.

Buffy turns to face Spike, to scold him for letting this happen since he was the one who came up with the idea to not celebrate or even really talk about today's particular holiday, and you'd think he'd remember the plan of his that's actually been successful, but Dawn grabs her arm and pulls her away.

"Open it, open it," says Dawn.

"I thought we were all agreed about this," Buffy says. With a glower, she hands her scythe over to her sister and tears the wrapping paper and tape from the box.

It's full of loose popcorn kernels.

"Um," says Buffy. She doesn't have other words for this situation. This is definitely an 'um' situation.

"Happy National Popcorn Day!" Dawn exclaims excitedly.

"Happy popcorn, Buffy," says Willow. She's holding another wrapped present, one that's shaped suspiciously like a package of potato chips or, going with the theme, pre-popped popcorn.

Giles is holding a popcorn trio tin he just topped with a bow.

Xander puts on hand on Buffy's shoulder to guide her deeper into the room and the apparent celebration. "You know what's great about Popcorn Day?" he asks. "It's jinx-free and the only demons who want in," he reaches behind them and tugs Spike through the door too, "are the ones who helped us plan it."

"Even if they didn't plan as much as the rest of us," says Dawn.

And that does sound like a January nineteenth holiday that Buffy can enjoy.