FAGE 8: Soul Mates

Title: Scorched

Written for: Dorchester

Written By: LyricalKris

Rating: M

Summary/Prompt used: A teenage Jasper in love with late-twenties Edward. Do they stand a chance despite the age gap?

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A/N: Okay, so, I'm a pinch hitter. I can give you three chapters today, and then I promise to make this story a priority. I'm thinking I will need six chapters to tell the story I need to tell. I hope that's okay! Obviously, I'm prone to biting off more than I can chew.

"This is such a bad idea in so many ways."

"What?" Edward, who had been looking over his shoulder, snapped his head around, and his heart began to pound in triple time. He'd been caught. He opened his mouth to defend himself—he hadn't meant to stare. Really, he hadn't meant to—but quickly shut it again when he saw that his charge wasn't looking at him.

Bella crossed her arms over her chest and gave a harrumph as she looked around the park. "Their heart is in the right place, sure," she said, giving her purple streaked, brunette hair a toss over her shoulder before she looked at Edward. "I can appreciate the thought, but it's fundamentally flawed."

She leaned across the table they were sitting at, her hands gesturing as she spoke. "The whole point of the program is like a Big Brothers/Big Sisters thing except with at-risk LGBT kids, right?"

"Mmhmm," Edward said, leaning forward over the table to give the girl his full attention. She was a firecracker this one and endlessly amusing.

"So I get why Little Sisters can't have Big Brothers. Can't trust anyone to keep their hands to themselves these days, blah, blah, blah. But the whole point here is we're all gay. So, I get where they came up with this whole scheme of pairing gay Big Brothers with gay Little Sisters. Makes sense at first glance. I get that.

"There are two problems here. First, did we forget about the B? I mean, we're not even talking about how it's not even LGBT anymore. We got a lot more choices than that now, but you know, let's keep it simple real quick. The B in LGBT stands for bi." She swept a hand around the area. "Gotta be at least a few of you Big Brothers who swing both ways. So you really didn't solve anything."

Edward's lips quirked up at the corner. "Not only that, but a lot of perverts don't really discriminate based on their own sexuality. In fact, most male to male child molesters identify as straight."

She threw up her hands. "Exactly. Fucking A."

Edward laughed. "Has anyone ever told you you're a little intense for a fourteen-year-old kid?"

She sighed in that overly-dramatic, teenage way. "It happens."

"Well, you have my personal assurance that I'm neither bi nor a pervert."

"Right, because perverts are totally upfront about their perversion." Bella's grin turned mischievous and she leaned even further across the table, dropping her voice. "Besides, I know you're a liar."

Edward frowned. "What do you mean?" He was on alert. He really liked Bella, but he wasn't naive enough to think she wasn't capable of causing trouble. They'd been specifically warned of this possibility in the orientation he'd had some weeks before. He glanced around to see if any of the program coordinators were watching them.

Bella grinned at him and winked. It didn't work, and Edward would have laughed if he wasn't so nervous about whatever she was about to say. "I saw you eye-banging Alice's Big Brother."

"Oh," Edward said, torn between relief she wasn't trying to insinuate he was perving on her and chagrin at having been caught after all. "Wait. He's a Big Brother?"

He couldn't help it. He looked at the guy he'd been ogling a few minutes before. A kid, he'd thought, hence the guilt. But if he was a Big Brother, at least he was legal.

And it wasn't as though it was his youth that had attracted him, Edward reasoned to himself. The boy… man was attractive. Piercing eyes. Drop dead sexy grin. Edward typically found tattoos distasteful, but on this man, he found himself intrigued, as though he wanted a chance to study them.

"He's pretty cool," Bella said, stretching her arms up. "Sometimes the ones who are almost our age can be little bitches, you know? Like they think they're all that. Plus, usually someone's making them do this. But Alice really liked him. And since you weren't around for me last week, he let me hang out with them. He was cool with it."

"I'll bet," Edward murmured distractedly, sneaking surreptitious glances at the man. "Did your father see you with him?"

Bella snorted.

She didn't really fit the criteria for "at risk" youth. Her father was, however, high up in the police department, and his definition of trouble was a lot broader than necessary. To an extent, Edward couldn't blame the man. He'd seen an endless amount of shit in his line of work. His problem with Bella was that she was uppity—into feminism and social justice. He took her anger as a sign of rebellion when, really, she just hadn't figured out how to pick her battles yet.

"Dad would have freaked out, are you kidding? I mean, the tats alone, because tats are a sign of trouble, right?" Bella rolled her eyes. "He's going to flip out when I come home from my eighteenth birthday with my first. Hah."

"That'll learn him," Edward said, indulging her. She had four years to grow up before it was a possibility in any case. "So what else wouldn't your dad like about him?"

Bella arched an eyebrow. "Hey, man. I'm not going to do your work for you. You want to get in his pants, you have to put in the effort."

"What?" Edward sat up straighter, feeling his cheeks flush. "No, that's not… I didn't…"

Bella giggled, and then it was Edward who rolled his eyes. "He looks like trouble, that's all," he said.

"Naw. He's hard, but he's sweet, you know?"

"I'll have to take your word for it." As he spoke, Edward looked over at the other man again.

This time, he was looking back.

Edward should have looked away. That was the polite thing to do when you were caught. He didn't though. He was caught by the smirk that played at the other man's lips.

Who did this kid think he was?

Edward tilted his head and narrowed his eyes. The man's smirk only grew wider. He pursed his lips in a sarcastic kiss.

Edward amended his assessment from a second earlier. The man wasn't trouble. He was looking for trouble.

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