Hidden in the trees, two sets of eyes watch a very human Kagome running from the house towards the well with a smile on her face. She had no idea she wouldn't be returning the way she came, and it would be a very long time until she saw her family again.

For the last five hundred years, Kagome did as she was tasked, trying her best to bring miko demon relations to a better place, but it wasn't until her and Kouga's daughter was born it became an instant reality. It was a hard fought -but won- battle.

Katana was the first of her kind, a demon with the power to wield holy energy, but she wasn't the last. She was also not Kouga and Kagome's only cub. They had three more; two boys and another girl, but Katana was the only one to inherit Kagome's Riki.

Tamaru was their eldest boy and the cub to receive the title of Eastern hier. Their third child, the other boy, was named Sota after Kagome's brother. Their last cub, Miyo, was their other daughter and the literal light in Kouga's eyes. All his cubs where his life, but Miyo was the baby, and Kagome made it clear she would be their last.

The past years weren't easy. There were plenty of times it didn't look like demons would actually see the modern era, but by banning together, more than Kagome ever thought roamed the streets with the humans none the wiser. More than once she took the time to wonder if they were always there and she just didn't know, or if something changed the last time she went through the well.

She supposed, in the end, it didn't matter that much. What did was that she had lived a very long time at Kouga's side, and couldn't imagine ever being anywhere else. She didn't know the kind of love she shared with him actually existed anywhere but fairytales.

When her human self was down the well, Kagome dropped from her spot in the trees, Kouga right by her side. Arms crossed, she kicked at a rock and looked to the well. "Well, that's the last time I go through."

Kouga looked to the well for only a moment before looking back at his mate, a smile on her face. "Don't look too upset, now, or you'll hurt my feelings."

Snorting softly, Kagome shook her head before she smiled up at him. "So, ready to meet the family?"

Nodding, Kouga held out a hand toward the house. "After you, My Love."

Taking a step, she turned her head, popped up on her toes, then kissed Kouga's cheek. "You really are amazing."

Kouga chuckled. "Am I now?"

A sly smile crossed Kagome's lips as she started to walk backwards. "Yeah. You know, I think, had you tried just a little harder, this would have happened different than it did."

Kouga shrugged as he followed after her. "I didn't care then, and I don't care now."

"That's what I mean. You took the whole thing in stride and you didn't have to. You could have been really pissed off."

Making a face, Kouga reached out and grabbed her by the hips, pulling her back to him right before she opened the backdoor. "You were mine. Why would I have cared how it happened? Sure, I got shot in the back, sliced opened, my home destroyed, four great kids, and a mate I loved for years before she said yes. What part of that should I be pissed off about?"

Setting her hand on the door knob, Kagome grinned. "The fact that it only happened because of a spell."