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Title: Crooked Smiles & Kiss Thieves

Summary: Life wasn't a bed of roses. She had to learn it the hard way. And then … he came along, throwing crooked smiles on her way and stealing kisses. She didn't know how to resist this kiss thief; worse than that … she didn't know if she wanted to.

The other side of Grant Me A Smile.

Once the makeup artist announces her to be a picture of perfection, she thanks him and walks out of the makeup room only to be met by Lauren again.

"Ms. Swan," she says, sounding more reserved than before. "Mr. King would like for you to meet him before the camera starts rolling."

"Okay," she responds and starts to make her way to the direction Lauren pointed to her.

Just as she reaches the open door to what she presumes is Royce's room, she runs into a solid wall, smacking her head on it.



With her eyes closed to block out the impact, she feels a pair of arms wrap around her before pulling her away. And that's when she realizes that it's a person she just ran into.

As she opens her eyes and looks up at the owner of the arms currently holding her, she feels her breath catch in her throat. A mop of chaotic bronze colored hair and bright green eyes greet her in welcome, making her heart beat pick up.

For a moment, all she can do is stare back at the depth of those eyes as they look at her with a mixture of concern and what seems like awe. Until …

"Ah! Isa, you're here!"

The sound of Royce's voice jolts her back from the train of thoughts and she lets her eyes fleet away toward the producer.

Gently, she pushes away from the green-eyed man. Trying not to sound impolite, she responds in a soft voice, "It's Isabella, Mr. King. And you said to be here now, so I'm here."

A smile comes over Royce's face and he nods contentedly. "See, Cullen?" He addresses the other man. "What did I tell you? She's a professional."

That's when she recognizes the man in front of her as the award-winning actor, Edward Cullen.

Edward doesn't seem to bother to answer Royce as he faces her fully and holds a hand out for her to shake. "Hi, I'm Edward Cullen," he says, a smile coming over his full lips.

She tries not to notice how one corner of his lips rise a little higher than the other making his smile look a little crooked and that much enticing as she lets her eyes fall on his outstretched hand. "I know," she murmurs after a moment of silence before turning her eyes on Royce. "Are we ready for the shoot?"

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