Maxaro: You guys wanted more, so I guess we'll just have to give you an epilogue.

The sound of rain hitting the windows of the Arc house, along with the occasional sniffle from Jaune, were the only sounds audible to the two teenagers within said house. Together they sat cuddled up together beneath a blanket on the couch in the living room, neither wanting to ruin the moment by turning on the TV before them. They were perfectly happy to just be with one another, talking quietly once in awhile, just enjoying the company.

"I'm kinda happy you got sick now, Jaune. Even if you were there with me, I'd have a hard time enjoying myself while in a leaky tent in this heavy rain..."

Jaune chuckled at his fellow blonds words, glancing out the window as the rain seemed to grow even more intense. "Yeah, hard not to feel bad for Rubes or my sisters though, I'm sure they're just as miserable as you would have been right now."

"I just hope she doesn't get sick again. Even though when she does, apparently really good things happen." Yang nuzzled her head into Jaune, and let out a love-struck sigh. "I still can't believe it. It's been two weeks, and it still feels like I'm dreaming. I've had a crush on you for so freaking long, now... I'm so happy I can just reach over and kiss your dumb face whenever I want to now." Jaune let out a laugh as she did just that. He leaned over and returned the favor, right on her cheek.

"How long have you been crushing on me again? When you told me, I was kind of in shock." She punched him in the arm lightly.

"I'll tell you, on one condition..." Jaune perked his ears and leaned in so he was sure he didn't miss anything, not noticing Yang's smirk. Once again she stole a quick kiss from her goof of a boyfriend, giggling as he pulled back, seemingly appalled at her actions. "I'll tell you if you promise to not tell a soul about it and that you won't laugh at me..." her tone turned slightly more serious at the latter part of her statement and her cheeks turned a shade pinker.

"I won't tell a soul, and I promise on my great-grandfather's honor that I won't laugh at you." Jaune said in a intentionally over-dramatic voice, coughing slightly as soon as he finished.

Yang giggled a little again, before her cheeks began turning pink. "I've had a crush on you since we were like 7 or 8 years old..."

"Wow... and you didn't grow out of it? That's impressive. But I'm really glad you didn't." He pulled her even closer, and she giggled as he boldly placed a kiss on her jaw, and then worked his way down to her neck. It was his first time kissing her anywhere but her lips, or her cheek, but she didn't mind it this time.

She knew that even though they were alone, he wasn't going to do anything else new. They had both agreed to take it super slowly. But this was good. They had already gotten to the point of making out once or twice, and a part of her always wished he would make his way there. She didn't know exactly why, but she had always seen it done in those movies Summer liked to watch on TV when she thought she and Ruby were asleep, and she kind of wanted to experience the feeling of a hickey.

Even if she did have to cover it up, she didn't really care. It was an experience she was longing to feel. To know that Jaune basically marked her as his. The thought made her shiver. "Jaune? I'll tell you why I developed my crush on you if you do something for me..."

"Anything, my little Dragon..." he whispered against her neck, causing a delightful mix of a shudder and a tickling sensation to crawl up Yang's spine.

"I want you to give me a hickey..." she was barely able to get her request out before Jaune latched onto her neck and began sucking and licking at it. More of the tickling shudder began to crawl throughout her body and Yang had to stifle a moan at the feeling of Jaune greedily devouring her neck. She knew she'd need to cover the hickey up later, having her dad try to kill Jaune again would not be fun, but she didn't want to. She wanted the whole world to see that Jaune had marked her and only her, though Ruby didn't really need to know...

With a soft pop, Jaune let go of her throat, looking at the saliva covered piece of skin he had just marked with what almost felt like pride.

She pushed her head into his shoulder and smiled widely. "You remember when I was alone on the playground with that coloring book, and I was begging other kids for crayons?"

"Yeah, and then I came over and asked if you wanted mine, and you jumped on me and told me that my parents meeting yours was the best thing to ever happen to you... wait, seriously?" She giggled.

"I still think that's true, and they were name brand crayons. Let's be honest here, anyone who was anyone on that playground had those crayons. And you just gave them to me. You deserved that glomp, and you deserve the love I feel for you now that those feelings have developed into something more..." his eyes were still focused on the red mark he had left on her shoulder. He kissed it gingerly, and she let out a semi loud moan, making both of them blush this time.

"I'm glad it's you I'm getting to try all this with... oh yeah, didn't Ruby have a crush on me too?"

Yang couldn't hold back a laugh as she recalled the arguments she and Ruby had had over him. "Yeah, she had like the biggest crush ever on you, though, sadly, she loves another now. The only thing in possession of her heart nowadays is whatever it is she's tinkering on. She's gonna be one hell of an engineer someday."

"Such a shame," Jaune sighed, "Now I just have to settle for you." That earned him a punch in the gut and a playful pout from Yang.

"Care to repeat that, Jaune?" She asked in a false-angry tone, her guise only slipping for a second as Jaune smirked at her.

"I said it's a shame I have to settle for you, the most beautiful and amazing girl ever, instead of your little sister. If I had just snatched her up when we were kids I wouldn't have to deal with all these kisses and cuddling sessions you force me to endure."

"I can't believe, you, Jaune Arc, my boyfriend, are talking that way about a thirteen year old girl. How lewd and inappropriate." She laughed as he pulled her in for another hard kiss.

"Mmm, yes, how inappropriate, that I would even talk about such a thing after kissing a fifteen year old girl."

"We're the same age you goof."

"Then is thirteen even that bad?" Yang punched him again and pushed him down before straddling his waist.

"Why are we even still talking about this when we could be making out?" Jaune shrugged, and she pulled him up by his shirt and placed her lips against his, and she only managed to enjoy the feeling to the best of her abilities for a small moment before her mind went white hot, and their lips were the only thing that mattered as they moved in a blur of passion.

"You're very lucky you're cute, and we've been friends for so long, otherwise, I would have totally dumped you for joking about Ruby like that," Yang said after a few minutes of making out. Jaune pouted cutely.

"Again, is thirteen even really that bad? It's an honest question, it has nothing to do with Ruby. Let's say that theoretically, I wasn't dating you, would thirteen be that bad, when I am just two years older?"

"That's like asking if it's morally sound for a fifteen year old to date a seventeen year old..."

"Is it?"

"That is a pointless moral discussion for another time, mister."

"Alright, then, let's talk about you and Ruby fighting over me, that should be enough to fuel my ego." She punched him yet again, and Jaune was worried she was going to bruise him if she punched any harder. He knew it was her way of showing affection. As odd as it was. He knew because just how much she held back when she did it.

"Sure, mister ego-issue. I don't know how many times me and Ruby said we weren't sisters anymore just because we both wanted to marry you when we grew up, or how many times Noir tried to kill us for suggesting anyone other than her would be your wife." The almost horrified expression on Jaune's face made Yang laugh. "What? You don't like the thought of your favorite sister wanting to marry you, Jaune?"

Coughing awkwardly to the side as Yang grinned smugly at him, Jaune felt his cheeks blaze with color. "N-no, wait, I mean yes, no, I mean no-... you're evil..." he finally settled for as Yang leaned down and kissed his nose.

"Of course I am, you wouldn't love me otherwise. And I'm proud to say Noir never stopped me from trying to get Summer or dad to buy me a wedding ring for you."

"I always thought she was oddly nice to me back then... oh well, I suppose it's just another thing to use against her, and kids do kind of go through that weird phase where they have confusing feelings about their family members..."

"You have something to confess Jaune...?"

"No! I mean, stop that!" She leaned down to place yet another kiss on his nose, which was now red as his cheeks.

"It's alright Jaune, I get what you're saying. I mean, haha, my cousin is hot, but she is my cousin." Jaune seemed terrified, until he realized what she said. "Did you seriously..."

"I hate you."

"Oh my god!"

"I hate you so much..."

"Jaune you've known me for long enough to know I have no cousins, how did you fall for that?!"

"Just shut up..." he groaned as he covered his face with his hands.

"You're lucky I fell in love with you before you turned into a dumb-dumb~." Yang sang evilly as she tore away Jaune's hands from his face with her vastly superior strength, before leaning in and kissing him deeply for a moment. "And I'm lucky you're a big enough dumb-dumb to love and put up me."

"Loving you is the smartest decision I've ever made." Jaune protested as he pulled her in for another kiss, a moan erupting from Yang's throat as his tongue invaded her mouth. "And don't you ever suggest otherwise, little Dragon..."

"Deal, but only if you promise to never stop me from loving you right back..."

"I'd have to be the biggest dumb-dumb in the world to do something like that."