FAGE 8:Soul Mates

Title: Pen Pals

Written for: ifyouweremine

Written By: abbymickey24

Rating: T

Summary/Prompt used: Friendship begins with simple talks. It blooms into a long and deep conversation. Next thing you know, you begin to care so much.

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Thank you to my amazing beta and friend, gem_del_mar. Without her pushing and helping, I don't know if I would have finished this on time.



June 18, 2022

"Bella, you look so beautiful." Rosalie says as she straightens Bella's dress; Leah and Charlotte nodding in agreement from where they stand behind her.

"So, do y'all." Bella says, earning a chuckle from Charlotte.

It always made her laugh when Bella let that word slip out, since she said it sounded weird coming from someone without an accent. Bella didn't mind, she loved Charlotte and knew her teasing was only done out of friendship.

"How much long?" Bella asks after a moment.

"About an hour." Leah answers. "Don't worry, it will pass before you know it."

Bella takes in a deep breath and lets it out slowly, she isn't nervous just ready. Today, has been almost 10 years in the making and she wants to get on with it.

The four girls continue to chat as they put the finishing touches on hair and makeup. With forty minutes to go, a knock sounds at the door and Maria sticks her head inside after Bella calls come in.

"You girls look gorgeous," Maria says, taking in all four of them.

"Are we starting early?" Bella asks hopefully, making her very soon to be mother-in-law laugh. She couldn't have asked for a better person for her son and she loves Bella dearly.

"Not yet, Sweetheart. I've come to deliver a message." Maria says. "Jasper wanted me to tell you to check your email."

Bella grins and rushes over to her bag. Pulling her tablet free, she quickly signs into gmail.

Lowering herself into a chair, she clicks on the one from Jasper and starts to read…

To: BookwormB97

From: SouthernBoy97

Subject: I love you

My beautiful Bella,

This is how we met, and how we made up when we both made stupid mistakes, and how you told me you loved me. So, I think it's only fitting that I use it today to tell you thank you.

Thank you for being you. You're the sweetest and kindest person I know and everything you do makes me a better man.

Thank you for being my best friend. Thank you for letting me into your heart and for crawling into mine. Thank you for always being there when I need you and doing anything you can to make things better. Thank you for supporting me no matter what, but most of all…

Thank you for loving me and agreeing to be my wife.

I love you so much more than I could ever say, Bella. And I'm going to spend the rest of my life telling you that everyday.

Now, dry your eyes and come meet me at the end of the aisle. It might be a little early, but I don't want to wait any longer.

Love, Jasper

Bella finishes reading and has to quickly blink back the tears, so she doesn't mess up her makeup. She has a smile on her face though and does what he says.

It only takes a second for Leah to check to make sure things are good to go and then Bella is rushing them out the door twenty minutes ahead of schedule. They find Charlie heading their way, and turn him around.

"You look beautiful, sweetheart." he whispers as they come to a stop just shy of the open patio doors.

"Thanks, dad," Bella whispers back as the music starts from outside and Rosalie begins her walk down the aisle.

Charlotte follows, then Leah, her matron-of-honor is gone, and finally it's Bella's turn.

"You ready?" Charlie asks.

"Oh yeah," Bella says and they take a few steps to the open doorway.

And then Bella stops. Her eyes sweep over the many faces staring back at her and she has to take a moment.

If you had asked her a long time ago to guess how many people would have been on her side at her wedding, she would have immediately said zero. The only one she thought would be there would have been standing beside her. But now, her side is filled.

Filled with people that didn't know her when she moved to Saint Jo two years ago, but accepted her without question. Filled with her co-workers and students, who all love the Northern that makes the high school a little brighter.

As her eyes continue to look out of the sea of people they fall on two men in places of honor at the front with family. One is Mr. Masen and the other is Mr. Cullen or Carlisle and friend as she calls him. It's only right they're here and she wouldn't want it any other way, after all they're the reason for today.

Bella moves on to her mom and her brother in every way but blood. They've shown her nothing but love in the years since they came into her life and she is grateful for them everyday.

Then she sees her three sisters, each one standing at the front and giving her the biggest smiles they can. All three love her dearly and she's thankful they're in her life.

From there she finds Maria and Samuel, they're a second set of parents to her. They raised a good man and have treated her like a daughter since her first visit the summer before she started college. And if she and Jasper are as happy and as in love as they are, their life together will be nothing short of amazing.

And then there is Jasper, Bella thinks as her eyes finally fall on the most important person in her life. He looks so handsome standing there in his suit, his smile wide and his eyes bright. She doesn't know what she did in a past life to get so lucky in this one. He's been there every step of the way. He stayed with her in Seattle as she got her teaching degree and he would have stayed even though he missed Texas if she'd wanted him to, but she didn't want to.

She knew after her first trip to Texas that their life would be on the ranch and as soon as she graduated they made the move. Jasper dropped out of Udub where he was getting his business degree, but he only had a year left and was able to finish it online. Now, he runs the ranch with his dad's help. She loves watching him with the horses, and she knows it's what he was meant for.

She loves the life they've built here, even if she misses her mom and dad. She's tried to get them to move closer, especially since Seth is now at the University of Texas in Dallas. But they love Forks, plus it allows them to be close to Leah, Jacob, and her nephew and their grandson, Paul.. Maybe one day though.

"Bella," Charlie whispers, squeezing her hand and drawing her attention to him. "It's okay. I won't let you fall."

Bella smiles and glances back at Jasper who beckons her to him with a curve of a finger.

And as they take their first step down the aisle, Bella says, "Thanks, but you're too late. I've already fallen."


And that's it. Ifyouweremine, I hope I did your prompt justice. I know you're mainly an Edward/Bella girl, but I hope you enjoyed a little bit of Jasper/Bella.