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The Hunt for the Perfect Storm

Chapter 1: Schooltime

It was 9 o Clock in Birmingham, England. At a small high school on the northern edge of town, all of the pupils were getting ready for their first lesson. For Kirsty and a group of about 15 others, this lesson was geography. The pupils waited patiently outside the classroom for their teacher to arrive.

Once inside the classroom the pupils settled down into their places and got out their pens and notepads. Everybody added the date to the top of the first clean page in their books.

"Today," came the thundering voice of their teacher, Mr Smith, "we are going to be studying tornados. To start I would like you to have a go at this small quiz I have prepared, to see how much you already know, then," he continued after taking in a deep breath, "we will look at their formation and some other minor details. Finally we watch a video and talk about the instruments used to measure tornados."

Mr Smith waited for a brief moment before continuing, "So now I would like you to have a go at these questions under exam conditions." Mr Smith pointed at the piece of paper with the questions on.

The pupils do as instructed and once they have finished they hand in their question papers to be marked. Kirsty is the first to finish so she secretly plays with her mobile phone (which is not supposed to be allowed in class) while the rest of class finish answering the questions. As soon as everyone has finished and the question papers have been handed in, the pupils leave the classroom for break time. Whilst the class is having break, Mr Smith marks the papers.

Kirsty and her friends, Beth, Fay and Stephanie walk through the school corridors munching on their crisps.

"That test was hard," complains Fay. Stephanie and Beth nod in agreement.

"It was easy," Kirsty tries to convince them.

"Glad you thought so," the others reply together, "If it was so easy then how come we couldn't answer any?"

"Because you know zilch about tornados," Kirsty adds a few seconds later.

They walk back to class in silence.

Back in the classroom Mr Smith is busy handing out the marked papers. "Good effort Laura," he praises a small dark haired girl sitting in the corner of the room.

When Kirsty and her friends get their papers back they compare them against each other. "98%! How'd ya manage that Kirst?" Questions Beth, "I only got 33%!"

"You'll learn," teases Kirsty, "and besides 33% is good for a beginner," she adds reassuringly.

"Who got 98%?" Asks a surprised voice from behind them.

"Kirsty did," replies Stephanie.

"How'd ya manage that Kirst?" Asks David.

"Settle down class," came Mr Smiths thundering voice.

He draws a diagram on the board with the title 'The Formation of a Tornado', and instructs the class to copy it and to make notes from the textbooks they had just been given. Whilst the pupils work, Mr Smith explains how tornados are formed and uses an example of a large tornado that stuck Kansas City a few years ago to make his explanation more clear.

When everyone had finished writing and had replaced their pens on their desks, Mr Smith asks, "Now who can tell me something about the scale used to measure a tornado?"

Everyone in the class sat it silence looking uncomfortable and willing not to be asked to answer the question. "Anyone?" Asks Mr Smith, "anyone at all?"
After a few more seconds of silence, Kirsty slowly raises her hand. "Kirsty!"
Everyone looks relieved when Kirsty decides to answer the question.

"A tornado is measured by the Fugita Scale, which was invented by Ted Fugita, it measures the intensity of a tornado by how much it eats; destroys," she corrects herself, "wind speeds of less than 72 miles per hour in a tornado are known as F0, and Tornados of wind speeds of greater than 256 miles per hour, are known as F5."

"Brilliant work Kirsty," praises Mr Smith.

Mr Smith continues his lecture on tornados and plays the video he spoke about. Pretty soon it is the end of class and the pupils pack up to go to their next lessons.

At the end of the day Kirsty, Beth, Fay and Stephanie walk home together. "Do any of you guys wanna come to my house tonight?" Asks Stephanie.

" Yeah ok," reply Fay and Beth.

"How about you Kirst?"

"Sorry, not tonight huh Steph, I'm busy, another day maybe," answers Kirsty.

"Ok then."

Fay, Beth and Stephanie all head towards Stephanie's house, and Kirsty goes the other way, towards her own house.

When she gets in Kirsty drops her bag in the hallway, hangs up her coat and dashes up the stairs to her room shouting "going on the net Gill."

"Ok," comes a voice from outside somewhere, presumably the garden.

Kirsty switches on her computer in her room, and logs on to the Internet. She types in the characters 'http://www.twisterstormchasingcrew.com'. She then clicks on a link labelled 'Dorothy project' and starts to read the information on screen. When she has read the whole page of information she goes to her email inbox to check her email. She has one message which reads:

'Hi Kirst,
Jo here. How ya doing? R u coming back soon? We haven't had much going on here yet. Too early in the season I suppose. We had a ball lightning shower yesterday. NSSL predicts some good storms next week, maybe even some twisters. Anyway email me back soon ok, and Aunt Meg says to say she is missing you.

Kirsty replies to the email and then also sends a message to Stephanie asking if they had any homework. Stephanie who was showing Laura and Beth her new computer that she had for her birthday got the message straight away and answered with a big 'NO'. Suppose I'll have to start listening more in class, Kirsty thinks to herself. She thanks Stephanie and logs off to go for her tea. After tea she takes her pet golden retriever Rosie out for a walk in the park. When she gets back she showers, does all her other chores, prepares her school things for the next day and then settles down in front of the TV with a box of popcorn and a can of soda. Later that night she switches the TV off and heads to bed.


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