The Hunt for the Perfect Storm

Chapter 4: Meet the Stormchasers.

      "Are we like almost there yet," asks Kitty.

      "Not much longer now," answers Miss Whitehouse keeping her eyes on the roadmap she was looking at. 

      "At the next junction take a left turn," she said to Mr Smith who was driving the minibus.

      They continued traveling down the road for several more minutes before Mr Smith said, "I can't find that turning are you sure we're on the right road?"

      "Certain," replied Miss Whitehouse; "I don't get it! We should have found it by now."

      Kirsty, who was sitting next to Kitty, behind Miss Whitehouse's seat, was looking out of the window.  "I know this road, I'm sure of it," mumbled Kirsty to nobody in particular; "it's near Jo's farm."

      "Like whose Jo?" Kitty questioned.

      "I didn't know anyone was listening to me," sighed Kirsty; "Jo's a close friend of mine."

      "I think we're lost," said Miss Whitehouse quietly, hoping the students wouldn't hear her concerns.

      Kirsty peered over Miss Whitehouse's shoulder at the map she was holding.

      "Where are you trying to get Miss?" She asks recognizing the map to be a long road in Oklahoma, near to her friends' farm.

      "We need to find the field on this farm," answered Miss Whitehouse pointing to the location on the map.

      Kirsty instantly recognized where they were heading and started giving directions to the teachers.

      "Follow this road until you see a small left turn.  It should be just around this bend," instructed Kirsty.

      Mr Smith followed the instructions and soon found the junction. 

"Ok," praised Kirsty, "now down here on the right should be a dirt track.  Go down it and follow it until you see the barn in the far field."

Mr Smith carefully drove the minibus down the road looking for the dirt track.  "There it is," pointed out Kitty.  It was partially hidden by thick bushes that bordered it on either side.

Mr Smith pulled onto the dirt track and after a few minutes drove into a large field.  In the field were about 12 people scatted about, most near the trucks that were parked there.  Near what looked to be a big red barn, was a selection of technical looking equipment.  Mr Smith pulled up near to the trucks and cut the minibus engine.  He told everyone to stay in their seats before he got up out of the minibus and approached one of the people near the trucks.  He shook hands with the person and then walked back to the minibus.  "Ok, everybody out," he ordered.

Everybody grabbed their stuff and jumped out of the bus.  They gathered on the grass and awaited further instructions.

The person Mr Smith was previously speaking to approached the group.  "Hello! I'm Jo," she introduced herself.

On the road that Kirsty and her classmates had just exited, was a bright red truck with two people inside; a man with chestnut colored hair and a woman with darker curly hair; heading directly towards them.

Back in the field Mr Smith introduced all of the people in the field; then the students introduced themselves.  After all introductions were made Mr Smith explained what they would be doing over the next few days and everybody then got settled into performing some simple tasks and learning about what the equipment is for and how to use it.