Hi guys!

I wanted to get your attention. Here at our suite life series fanfiction site are a lot of good stories which aren't completed. My request is mainly addressed to authors of "Gemini", "Complicated", "We have a perfect/hate connection" and many others which are long and not completed. I can see that you probably have no time to do that. I understand that. (I know ''Gemini" is not long, but it was published a while ago and still not ended). That's the point. The last post of ''Complicated" was published almost 3 years ago, maybe just 2. But still, we can ''stay tuned", but it has been a long time ago. I don't know if among you guys, are people who like me came here everyday to see if hopefully that story has a new chapter? I've truly fallen in love with ''Complicated" and still don't know what happened between Cody and Bailey. I can only imagine, but my imaginary is full of endings.

I didn't want to offend you or sth, but please guys! Can you just posted new chapters? Even if you forget your password or lot a document with that story. You can always make a new account and continue :)

I'm sorry if I made any mistakes :)

Have a good night/or a good day :)