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Let's check in on our dog and his bone.

Quahog Rhode Island Stewie's POV

I'm happy right now I'm dreaming of my father playing with me in the park. A wedding ring clear to see on his finger. It's all feels so perfect when he hugs me.

I feel the warm breathing at my neck along with soft wet licks to my cheek.

Cracking my eyes I turn to see my father Brain McFarlane smiling down to me. Last night while Chris and Meg we asleep I snuck a peak into the woman's room.

I saw my sweet father holding her as she spilled all that crap she's worried about.

But my father assured her he'd provide for the family. After a prolonged hug my father sealed the deal with a long steamy kiss.

After another half an hour of watching the woman went to sleep. My father looked at the door.

I knew he saw me cause he winked and mouthed 'Sweet dreams sport' to me.

I smiled and returned to my room for sleep. Now seeing him as I awake I spring up and hug him.

I say "Oh dad we're finally a family." He hugs me back to sniff around me a little.

Dad says "Looks like someone needs a diaper change." I giggle and chuckle as he lifts me from my crib and places me on the changing table.

Lying on my back dad pulls off my PJ's. Then takes off my soiled diaper. Dad whistles, as I lie bowlegged on the table.

Dad says, "I see why you've been walking funny Stewie. And I have to admit you got a nice package. Got to pity the women who'll take this monster later."

I say, "Oh don't pity them dad. Cause they'll be taking your monster alongside mine. Remember the dimensional device can copy body parts. All I need to do is scan alternate universes dad's dong.

"The zap an exact copy gets replaced onto you." Dad smiles thanking me as he wipes my ass and dong.

Fresh and smelling like lemons below my waist dad puts a new diaper onto me.

In my usual yellow shirt red overalls dad puts me on the floor. But gives me a kiss to the head and affectionate rub to the cheek.

I smile back to him and we go into my lad. Grabbing my dimension device I scan the hot alternate universe for dad. Finding him I whistle to say "Dad you're going to be a stud after this."

Aiming the dimension device to his crotch a blue beam wraps around his package. After a buzz and tingly feeling as dad calls it. His balls expanded to the size of two rip peaches.

His penis's prepuce grows as well. For those of you who don't know what a prepuce is look it up.

Dad says, "Holy crap I understand why you changed the way you walk. These bad boys will take me time to get use to.

"Thanks son I really can't wait to see how things turn out around here. But still I need money fast if I'm going to get Lois and Meg out of their worries."

I say, "Relax dad the woman still has plenty of money. But I think we should also keep and eye on Ms. Swanson. For Joe's part with the fat man and perverts dealings they're not letting him off the hook.

"I'm worried that Susie will grow up neglected and unhappy too."

Dad pats my arm as we head down for breakfast saying "Don't worry I'll talk with Bonnie and use at little mental charm to see what's going on."

He winks knowing fully well that I get the joke. Getting into the kitchen the woman gave us all our food and smiles at dad.

Dad asks "Meg Chris have you decided on what you're going to do after high school?"

Meg looks from dad to the woman to say, "I think I'll take a year off before I apply to a college. Mom needs my support too Brian."

The woman says "Thank you Meg that's very sweet of you. What about you Chris?"

Chris answers, "I've signed up for the Navy. I think they can help me find a future. Plus I'll get to see some exotic places too."

Dad says "Good to hear that both of you are thinking about your futures. Chris remember don't have sex without protection. You don't want to catch something you can't get rid off."

Chris says, "I know Brian I know. Hey its Ms. Swanson." Slipping out of my high chair we find Ms. Swanson coming to the side door.

The woman asks, "Bonnie are you ok?" Ms. Swanson's answers "No Lois it's not ok. Without Joe's pension or money I can't keep my house."

Seeing Ms. Swanson close to tears dad asks us to wait in the living room. Meg and Chris go but I stay back to listen in.

Ms. Swanson says, "The FBI let me keep our bank accounts but took a chunk of the money. I only have enough to pay for one month or two of bills. And make a few trips to the super market. I don't know what to do."

Dad smirks to say, "How about you sell your house? Then you can move in here with us Bonnie. Chris is going to join the Navy soon so we'll have room for another person."

Ms. Swanson says, "I don't know I don't want to be a burden."

The woman says, "You won't be Bonnie. We've both put up with our ex's crap now we have to pick up the pieces. We have to stay strong. Please think about it."

Ms. Swanson says, "I don't know for sure if I can Lois. I just recently got in touch with an old friend of mine. She says business in the stripper game is still good."

The woman says "Bonnie your were a stripper?"

Ms. Swanson nods to say, "It's how I met Joe. But still looking back I was making a lot of money for lap dances and pole dances. I think I'll get back in the game."

Dad says, "You know Bonnie I'm a certified fitness instructor. If you want I can help plan a work out routine with you. And hey Stewie can play with Susie while you're at work."

Ms. Swanson thinks it over for a little. To say it's a great idea. She leaves and dad carries me back up stairs. I sigh happy that he and I are now closer then before.

Quahog Rhode Island Brian's POV

I'm can't believe it one week already and both Lois and Bonnie are doing my workout plan.

With a little memory altering Bonnie now has papers on hold for divorcing Joe. And also has plans to sell her old house. With a price tag of over one hundred thousand it'll have plenty of bids.

With my fake workout plan doing great I'm having some much fucking fun.

I fixed up the basement into a small gym. A few mirrors, a dance pole, a couple of weights, and two work out machines. Bonnie and Lois are doing great.

I didn't even need to talk Meg into my workout plan. She asked to join in.

With all three in tight spandex singlet's and knee socks. I'm clapping to a mix beat I made as I instruct them.

During the workout I have a great view of their budding bodies. Their legs are trim and firm thanks to Stewie's device. So yeah they got legs that go way up.

Seeing them all on their knees from behind I have them do pushup while on their knees.

Comparing their asses Meg has the smallest compared to both mothers. Meg's rocking a nice firm bubble butt close to being a donk butt.

Lois and Bonnie are sporting donk butts that are almost full-blown badaonkadonk level asses.

After five minutes of ogling I say, "Ok ladies switch to air pumps and knee swings."

Basically I have them fake as if they're lifting something off the ground. Hold the object over their heads and then raise their knees to their waists.

Seeing their nice tits move with each rep of the next workout. I'm close to letting my dick out.

God I see why some many guys love to fake going to the gym.

Seeing Meg's b cups move and sway alongside Lois and Bonnie's round and milk filled c cups. God I'm close to making all three my bitches right now.

But I have to keep cool. Have to sell the lie and make the green. Then tap their asses like no tomorrow.

I sigh happy seeing the sweating forms of the main three ladies of my house. That's right I got the bank to sign over the deed of the house to me. They're still finalizing the process and they say it'll take another two months.

But nevertheless it's still my house now. And soon it'll be renamed the McFarlane's family house. Once I get a few more touching nights with Lois she's going to be screaming my name.

I say, "Ok ladies lets take a break. So towel off and drink some water. Then we'll pick things up in a little while."

Bonnie asks "Brian can you check on the babies while your upstairs."

I tell Bonnie no problem and head off to Stewie's room. Susie does sleep with Bonnie in the guest room. But Bonnie leaves her with Stewie so they can play.

But Stewie uses his mind sleep table to keep Susie out of his stuff and out of the way.

Finding Susie asleep on a small bed to one side. I then spot Stewie.

Stewie smiles and hugs me as I enter the room. Stewie says "Hey dad how goes the workout with your bitches in training?"

I groan to say, "Fuck it's such a tease. I swear once Lois gives I'm going to fucking rail her for making me have to suppress my boner. Then once Chris is gone I'm going to rail both Bonnie and Meg too.

"So what's this new invention of yours?"

Stewie walks over to the changing table to say "First I need a change before I show you."

Taking off Stewie overalls I notice something odd about his chest. I ask, "Stewie what's under your shirt?"

Stewie smiles to lift his shirt. In doing so two large bouncing breast spill free. My jaw drops seeing my son and eighteen year old infant rocking e cup breasts.

Stewie says "I can tell from your shock that you remember when I stopped you from changing things in the past right. I saw how you looked at that me's breasts. So I used the dimensional device to copy and past them onto me.

"So tell me dad am I sexy?"

Stewie presses he's breast together making my mouth dry up completely. God does everyone in my family have to be a fucking tease.

I grab Stewie and bend him over my knee. I say as I spank him "You don't tease your father like that young man."

After ten spanks I sit him on my knee and he hugs my chest. Stewie says "Sorry for teasing dad. Do you want to feel them they're really nice."

Rubbing my paws along his baby soft skin I cup both breast in my hands. I can feel my heart rate wanting me to just whip out my dick at this point.

Hearing Stewie moan as I rub my thumb over his erect areolae is a nice sign.

I say, "Ok that's good Stewie but try to cover up the bump your girls make in your shirt. Also you're going to have to start to wear a bra to prevent your breast from sagging."

Stewie says, "Ok dad I will. I'll see you tonight for dinner." Leaving Stewie to do whatever he was doing before. And go back to help my bitches workout.

Quahog Rhode Island third person's POV

It's a pretty shitty day for certain people in Quahog. Joe Swanson dishonorably imprisoned by the FBI on changes of adding and enabling criminals in several double-digit counts.

Now serving over forty years Federal lock up. Joe can't help but sigh. Sure he got forty years because of his service things still weighed over him.

His lawyer gave him the paperwork of Bonnie's divorce a while ago. It broke his heart when Cleveland told him over the phone that Bonnie refuses to take his calls.

Cleveland also told him that Peter and Quagmire's execution was pushed up.

Sitting in his private cell Joe has time to think. To think about all the crap he made Bonnie go through. All the crap she had to put up with him either drunk, angry, or just being stupid with Peter and the guys.

Joe's more surprised that Cleveland didn't get arrested. He even asked his lawyers about calling Cleveland to lessen his jail time.

But Joe's lawyer told him that Cleveland was often the victim of Peter's actions. Damage to his home, cars, and the number of times he's received bodily harm from Peter.

While Joe didn't do anything to help him or stop Peter.

Joe sighs again looking at the picture of his daughter and ex wife. A daughter that'll no doubt grow up not knowing him. Or just not having a father to be there for her.

Joe looks out side his cells small window to say, "Well at least they gave me separation. Last thing I need is some guys hand where it shouldn't be."

Over three cellblocks are Peter and Quagmire. Todays the day they face their judgment. For their last meals Peter asked for mashed potatoes shaped like John Wayne's head.

While Quagmire asked for a ham sandwich. Seeing as Quagmire is the first to be executed he's taken the walk first. As he walks death row all the inmates shout at him and call him a death man walking.

Like Joe Peter and Quagmire were put into solitary. On getting to the room the guards straps Quagmire into the chair. The guard then wheels over the needles.

The governor walks over to Quagmire to say "Someone would like to say a few words to you in person."

It's none other then Brian who's showing a calm a cool face.

Quagmire says "The fuck do you want?" Brian still calm walks over and gets right into Quagmire's ear.

Brian whispers, "It's really funny you called me a bore and this happens? Well Quagmire I got the last laugh and the women cause once you and Peter die."

"I'm going to fuck Lois and Bonnie every day of the week. I'm going to be fucking the two women you often talk about fucking really funny isn't it?"

Brian leans back and smiles evilly seeing Quagmire's shocked. Quagmires about to shout only to have a guard silence him by shoving a mouth guard into his mouth.

Quagmire looks a Brian with hate as he walks off to sit behind the glass for the viewing room. The only people who actually know Quagmire in the room are Brian and Stewie.

The prison doctor plunges the needle into his arm and flips the switch for the chemicals to enter Quagmire body. With his last thoughts curses and swears at Brian as he dies from the drugs. Brian smiles widely with his beloved son on his lap.

The others in the room clap and say a few curses to Quagmire as his body jerks to lifelessness.

On his walk to the execution room Peter seems to now understand that he will die. Reaching the room the governor holds the guards to allow Brian to talk.

Peter smiles seeing his buddy and best friend come to talk to him. Brian once more leans in to whisper into Peter's ear like he did quagmire.

Brian whispers "Peter you're a jackass who had a great life. But where you wasted it I'm going to take it and make it right. I'm going to love Lois and my kids like that father they need and deserve."

Brian adds after a deep breath "They'll forget all about you after a year... Goodbye Peter."

Brian backs way and once again the guard puts a mouth guard into his prisoner mouth.

Brian and the others in the view room watch as Peter is put to his death. Where as Quagmire witnesses were more collective these witnesses jump up and cheer.

Peter in his last moments lets a lone tear drift from his face. The surge of electricity doing its job. Seeing Stewie wave at him with an evil smiles. And a pleased look on Brian's face Peter succumbs to the pain.

Walking out to his car Brian buckles Stewie in and drives out to a nice small beach.

Brian inhales and exhales to smile even wider the seeing both Peter and Quagmire die. Brian fist pumps and runs around shouting and screaming in joy.

Brian shouts, "Yes fuck YES! I did it I finally achieved something not to discredit you and all you did too Stewie. But still this is fucking great! Oh I feel like a new man and its great."

Stewie walks over and hugs his father from behind happy as ever at his joy. And pleased that he too can share this happiness.

Stewie moves to stand next to his father and say "Yup we did it dad. A solid two months and yes we have a few loss strings. But they're already being put in place. Hey you want to go skinny dipping dad?"

The old Brian would see right through Stewie's plan to put his sexuality and hormonal urges in Brian's face.

But after a solid month of getting sexually close to Stewie without full-blown sex. Brian wasn't about to tell him no. Plus they both earned a little closeness to one another.

Brian nods and Stewie strips. With the sun going down the eighteen year old in an infants body lets it all hangout.

Stewie inhales and exhales in a moan feeling the salty breeze against his breast and penis.

Brian simply takes off his collar. Taking Stewie hand the two walk into the water. Once the water reaches Brian's waist he hugs Stewie from behind.

Brian kisses Stewie head and whispers his love to the baby. As the sun slowly descends Brian floats on his back to let Stewie lay on him.

Stewie not losing the smile on his face says, "I love you dad."

Brian rubs his sons head to close his eyes. Smiling ear to ear and feeling Stewie heartbeat he says "I love you too son."

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