(This is more of an experiment, and an idea I had for a story after watching the Fate series. For now, it will be a placeholder but I will post chapters when I have writers block on my main story.)

Weiss Schnee was walking down the hallway with her hands curled into fists at her sides, as she stalked toward her dorm. It was not proper for a woman who was born into a rich family to feel this way, especially to one of the most well-known families and even more especially, and to carry such a low opinion of her own family; but she couldn't help but feel deep shame and maybe slight resentment towards her older sister, Winter Schnee.

"Look, I am trying!" Weiss loudly exclaimed, as she stomped her foot on the floor like a spoiled child when her sister chided her for her failure, but at that moment she was struck in face and made her reel to the right and look up at her sister in surprise.

"If that's what you call trying, then you have no chance at winning the tournament," Winter Schnee responded, and pulled her hands behind her back, as a soldier in the Atlas Military normally would. As the tension began to settle, the expression on Winter's face began to soften and, when no one was looking, she embraced her sister. "Our Semblance, is like a muscle, only when you practice with it can you learn to use it flawlessly. The more you use it, the stronger it gets."

Winter did look down to see the time, and looked up into the sky as it turned bright orange to signal that the day was coming to an end. She let out a heavy sigh and parted with her sister, her hands on Weiss's shoulders, and she looked down at her. "It's time for me to go, sister, I wish you the best of luck in the tournament."

Weiss stopped in the middle of the corridor and looked down on the floor, while her breathing came heavy and tears began to swell in her eyes. She realized it wasn't resentment of her sister in general, but because she always looked up to her; in the end, always felt weak compared to her.

"I must be strong," she thought, finally having cleared her thoughts and continued towards her dorm. "I will be strong."

"Blake!" Ruby yelled out, as she just used her Semblance and suddenly appeared in front of her teammate in a puff of flower petals. With a grin, Ruby scanned Blake, and noticed that her cat ears were now clearly noticeable from behind her bow, and her hair was a mess as she panted in front of Ruby.

"Ruby, please," Blake begged, her back to a tree and she tried to raise her hands over her face, but Ruby was quick and shot a volley of water at her with a squirt gun.

"Ha! Got you!" Ruby cheered, and raised the rifle above her head in victory, before Blake suddenly pulled out her own pistol, and shot a couple squirts of water into Ruby's mouth, which made her gag. Blake smiled softly, as even she began to have fun, finally joining in one of the many games that was featured at the Vytal Festival.

"Look out below!" the two teammates heard, and they looked up to see the flowing blonde hair of their third teammate, Yang, as she flipped through the air and launched a couple water balloons, which whistled in the air like bombs being dropped, at them both. Blake's and Ruby's eyes widened as the sudden realization dawned on them, and were too late to brace themselves as the balloons collided with their faces and exploded, as well as launched them off their feet due to the sheer size and weight of the projectiles.

The two sputtered on the ground and before long Ruby giggled loudly to herself, while Blake calmly tried to move wet hour out of her ace and expressed her perturbment by this surprise attack. She heard footfalls behind her, and with foreknowledge that it would be Yang, she turned to glare at her and was instead shocked to see a bucket of water in her hands. With a wide grin, Yang slowly began to tilt the bucket over Blake's head, while Blake closed her eyes and resigned herself to her fate. The water cascaded over her and left her in a puddle underneath her, as she was now completely soaked from head to toe.

"Team Yang wins!" Yang said as she pointed to herself.

"Not yet, I am still in the game," Ruby exclaimed and got up with her squirt gun at the ready, but paused before she nonchalantly pumped the gun to get it primed. During this distraction, however, Yang, Ruby's older sister, flashed around behind and grabbed hold of her in a bear hug. "Ow! Yaaaaaang, no fair!"

"Totally fair," Yang answered, before she pulled out another water balloon and crushed it over Ruby's head like an egg.

"Awwww," Ruby moaned before she was dropped onto the ground and Blake was wringing out her hair next to her; but then, the atmosphere felt ominous, as if something big was coming and they couldn't determine what.

"Attack!" Ruby, Blake, and Yang heard from behind, and they turned to see that JNPR had taken advantage of RWBY's civil war, to orchestrate a surprise attack as they emerged from the woods; Nora held a giant squirt gun in front of her, which always surprised everyone around her that a small girl like her could wield such big weapons. She gave it a final pump, before looking at the now helpless team RWBY with a grin, and fired a jet stream of water at them which knocked them off their feet. The rest of JNPR then complimented the attack as they then flanked RWBY and cut off any avenue of escape, with Jaune throwing water balloons at them, Ren fired a volley of water at them with dual pistols, and Pyrrha took a knee as she aimed carefully and fired a volley of her own.

Team RWBY gagged and sputtered as they tried to take a breath but instead swallowed more water as JNPR continued their relentless attack. Before long, they had run out of ammunition, and RWBY were left soaked with their arms outstretched as they surveyed the damage to their autumn clothes; Blake stood frozen, her eyes widened and with a quiver in her lip as she stood in front of both teams, while Ruby and Yang laughed loudly with each other and Nora suddenly jumped in front of them.

"So, who's queen of the castle?" Nora asked with her hands on her hips, and arched back with her head held high.

"You are, as always, Nora," Ruby replied.

"And where is the princess?" Nora asked and she put her hand to her brow, and began to scan the forest around her as she half expected Weiss to appear from behind a tree.

"She stayed behind with her sister," Yang replied, and they all began to walk back towards the Festival grounds.

"Awww man! One less casualty of war," Nora said with a huff, and both JNPR and RWBY laughed loudly. Unbeknownst to them, the Headmaster of Beacon, Ozpin, as well as a fellow professor, Glynda, watched silently from his office in the central tower.

"It's as if they almost forget that the Grimm even exist," Glynda said, and for a moment, Ozpin misunderstood what she said; he thought that she was admonishing the students for their mindset, but as he turned to respond he noticed a soft smile on her face as her eyes traced their movements before the teams finally disappeared from view.

"They haven't forgotten, but allow them this time to have rest. We should be grateful that all we have to worry about for now is the Grimm," Ozpin answered, but just then, he felt something ominous, and he turned around to look behind him. Whatever it was, it seemed to originate all around him, then all of a sudden the feeling enveloped him completely.

Ruby, Blake, and Yang, opened the door to their dorm, and Ruby and Yang laughed loudly again, while Blake walked in silently, but with a grin before she jumped on her bed; glad to get some rest after an exhausting, yet fun day.

"Jeez, please be a bit louder when you come in," Weiss exclaimed and pointed her sword, Myrtenaster, back down onto the floor, a glyph appeared on the floor again as she continued to practice.

"Really?!" Ruby asked with excitement, as she still wanted to have some fun.

"You are the best, Weiss," Yang said sarcastically, although Ruby didn't understand Weiss's sarcasm at times, Yang at least made up for it for her sister.

"Oh, be quiet! I am trying to concentrate!" Weiss stomped and pointed her sword at the floor again like a wand and allowed the glyph to materialize again.

"Kind of a weird time to practice your magic now; you could have been with us and had fun," Blake remarked as she watched the glyph but noticed that this glyph took a different shape than the ones she normally summons. "What are you doing?"

"What does it look like? I am practicing," Weiss said through clenched teeth, as she tried hard to concentrate.

"Practicing what?" Ruby asked and stepped forward, unaware of the glyph as she passed over it.

"My Semblance!" She yelled, and everyone stopped in place as they took in this information.

"Your Semblance? I thought the glyphs were your Semblance," Yang pointed out and sat down on her bed to quietly observe.

"I have different glyphs that do different things, and this is a new one, one I don't have much practice with," Weiss said quietly, her mind muddled with thoughts of her sister, and Weiss's own previous failures which then caused her to banish the thoughts, and she returned to her exercises.

Even a couple hours into the night, Weiss continued to practice her Semblance, and every attempt failed miserably, as the glyph couldn't hold and would dissipate. Her team repeatedly begged her to go to bed, as the light from the glyph was bugging them when they tried to sleep. However, Weiss was insistent, and she raised her sword arm, which had begun to feel heavy from the fatigue, and the glyph appeared again.

Ozpin looked up from his hands in his office, his eyes glared in front of him as he felt that familiar feeling that he had felt earlier in the day.

"Sir?" Glynda asked, upon noticing Ozpin's disposition.

"You still don't feel it, Glynda?" Ozpin asked, his gaze still fixated in front of him.

"No, sir. Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, I don't feel anything," Glynda replied with a heavy sigh. "What do you feel?"

"I can't describe it; it is something that can change Remnant as we know it," Ozpin said, and he looked up to Glynda, and to her surprise, his gaze was almost frightening.

"This can be a blessing, or a curse."

Weiss tried her best to concentrate, but mistook her feelings of frustration as concentration and focused harder on that, but now, for the first time in her many failed attempts, something was different. The air began to crackle with static and it even made the hair on her head stand up a little; even the rest of her team noticed this sudden change in atmosphere and they all looked up to see what was happening.

"Weiss?" Ruby asked, now uncomfortable as to what was going on.

All light had drained in the room, and now the only source of light was now coming from the glyph on the floor. Weiss focused harder and harder on the glyph, a smile creeped on her face as she began to think that this was a good sign but suddenly, another, larger glyph appeared around hers in the shape of a hexagon and enveloped hers. Lines traced in intricate patterns and shot into the middle towards her glyph and connected with it. At that moment, Weiss could feel a burning sensation on her arm, and she grasped it and began to scream as a marking etched into her skin. The light from the two glyphs shone brighter, and almost blinded the team until finally, from the center of the glyph, a wave repulsed and sent Weiss flying into the wall, and the rest of her team into the air.

The crackle in the air slowly dissipated, but was instead replaced with a slight mist that filled the room. Yang flipped a makeshift bunk bed off of her and Blake, while Ruby did the same, and Weiss slowly got up from off the floor with a heave. Whatever happened, it took out all the energy from her body, and when she tried to stand, she almost fell over, if it weren't for a quick reaction as she placed a hand on the table to brace herself. She looked onto the floor where her glyph had been and for a moment, was disappointed to see that it was gone; but her disappointment was instead replaced with shock when she saw that something else had replaced the glyph.

In front of team RWBY, was a figure that was obscured by the mist and only revealed a silhouette. The figure was kneeling, both of its hands on one knee and it slowly rose, and from above the mist; Yang could see the face of a beautiful woman, however, her facial expression was calm but yet, held a tone of seriousness. She slowly opened her eyes to reveal that they were green, and Yang began to scan the rest of her to notice blonde hair that was tied into a bun behind her, with bangs that extended down the sides of her face.

As the mist began to dissipate even more, it was revealed that the figure was wearing a blue battle gown, with four armor pieces that overlapped each other on both sides of the gown, with two gauntlets that ran down her forearm and she also wore a breastplate that gleamed in the light of Remnant's shattered moon as it beamed through their window. Which then revealed intricate blue designs that traced its surface. Weiss's eyes widened, as this was not a familiar that she recognized, especially not one that her sister could summon. The burning sensation lingered in her hand, and she saw with even more crisp detail, a symbol that was split into three parts on her right hand.

Just as she realized the markings, the woman immediately turned and made a motion to grab her weapon, which put the rest of team RWBY on high alert as they all got up to fight. However, Weiss was the only one who didn't move, she stared wide eyed at this mysterious woman as she pointed her closed hand at her. Weiss continued to stare, wondering what this woman was doing and why she was holding her hand like that, her fist was closed as if it held something, like the handle to a blade.

"You!" The woman said, her voice was loud but had a bit softness about it that complemented her appearance, but just like her appearance, it held an air of authority.

"You, who have summoned me; Are you worthy of being my master?"