Chapter 1: Two unknown Duelists

Yusei and his friends were at a party for the upcoming WRGP. Yusei was thinking about his duel with the Ghost, including Sherry telling that Yliaster was up to something in the WRGP, and wondering if Synchro Monsters will be enough for going against this new enemy. As for the rest of his friends like Miles(Milo Tyler Fox) was living with Misty Tredwell at her apartment as her boyfriend , also as her assistant helping her with her Modeling gig, Slippy(Triton) got to see his stepfather again after the Dark Signer incident and attending as a senior Duel Academy where the twins go including Akiza attending as a senior student as well, then Triton introduced Akiza to him thus earning his trust and forgiving her about hurting Triton in their first duel at Duel Academy.

"Hey Yusei something up?" Leo asked. Yusei stayed silent. "Earth to Yusei." Leo said. "Come on bro let's get something to eat."

Cosmo and Shadow approached them. "Hey everyone!" Cosmo called out waving her left hand. Shadow was quiet but he made faint smile.

Yusei walked away then he felt someone touch his shoulder. Yusei turned around. "Hi you're Yusei Fudo the Fortune Cup champion I've heard about you." The man that was talking to Yusei had brown hair with spike and behind him were two men.

"Oh my name is Andre and these guys are my teammates." He said pointing at his friends.

Jack and Carly were walking in the around until they spotted a young man wearing a red hat. "Whose that kid?" Jack asked the reporter tapping on her shoulder. Carly looked at the red hat guy. "Hey I remember that man." She said.

"Jack I heard about this guy he's a mysterious duelist but I heard he's very good at dueling including Turbo Dueling I heard he was in a tournament about a year ago." The female reporter explained. "His name is Trevor."

"How powerful is this duelist?" Jack asked. "Well you remember that former champion you beat, Hunter Pace?" Carly asked. "Yeah." The Ex-champion replied.

"Well I heard he was defeated easily by that Hat guy dude a few days ago." Carly said. Jack observed the hat guy duelist. Suddenly a Duel Runner came crashing through a window. "Hey hope I'm not crashing your party." The big man said.

"That's Dobocle he's tough local guy." Carly said. "I heard about your contest but guess what it ain't happening until I get a prize!" He shouted.

"Arrest him!" Trudge ordered as Sector Security officers charged at him. The big tough man rode through them sending a lot of people and Security in the air. The Mysterious Hat guy duelist saw this.

meanwhile in an office were the Yliaster Emperors who were watching the commotion on a big screen TV.

"I like this guy's style." Primo said with a grin. Then Akiza stood in front and summoned her Black Rose Dragon that sent the local man flying out the window. "A Psychic Duelist?" Jakob asked.

Lester and Primo then noticed the hat guy duelist. "Whose that?" Lester asked. Trudge and his officers surrounded the big man. The tough local was just about to leave when the Hat guy Duelist stood front of him.

The big man looked at man closely. "Hey I know you're that duelist I met in the first tournament about two years ago." he said. Yusei and his friends gasped. "Hold on this young man has dueled you before?" Trudge said pointing at the hat guy. Dobocle ignored the vice chief. "Let's duel when I win you'll be spending your time in the Facility." He said.

"Alright then let's Turbo Duel." The big local man said. "Um you don't seem to have Duel Runner." Akiza said. Then out of nowhere a Duel Runner appeared. "Trevor let's go and win!" The Duel Runner said which seemed to have a female voice. The crowd gasped. "Did that Runner just talk?" Mina asked. "Hey Speedy keep your mouth shut!" Trevor said.

Yliaster was shocked as well. "That man has talking Duel Runner? Lester asked. "Interesting." Jakob said.

From afar was Sherry and Elsworth who were both interesting in the Duelist who was a Runner that can talk.

"Let's duel now!" Dobocle said. "Right." Trevor replied as they both made their way on the road.

Crow's jaw was wide open after hearing Trevor's Duel Runner talk. "Good grief a talking Duel Runner!" Carly exclaimed.

"We should follow this Trevor guy?" Crow asked looking at Yusei. "I suppose so." Yusei replied.

The Signers made their way to the parking lot when they met a man wearing strange glasses who walked in front of them. "Hey man, out of our way we need to see that Kaze guy!" Crow said.

"Do we know you?" Leo asked. Yusei looked at the man closely. "(I remember him he was the guy that was watching me.)" He thought. "What do you want?" He asked the man. The man was quiet.

"Forget him Yusei we need to get the duel Between that young man Kaze and Dobocle." Jack said as he and others ran off.

"Forget it." The man said. This got the gang to turn around. "What do you mean?" Crow asked. "That Duelist is stronger than you think?" The man said. "Wait is he a ghost too?" Jack asked. "No he's not but I heard he's very strong and I also heard about the Ghost." The man said. Yusei gasped. "Yusei I saw you duel the Ghost before you did well but next time you probably won't be so lucky."

"Do you have an idea to beat the Ghost then?" Leo asked.

Trudge and his officers followed the two turbo duelists. "I summon level on Tuner Ruby Mystical Dragon in attack mode!" Trevor proclaimed.

Mystical Dragon Attack 300

"If my opponent has a Level 6 or higher Synchro Monster and I can use that Synchro Monster for Synchro Material." The Hat guy duelist explained. "What?" The big black muscle man said.

"Now Tune my level 1 Tuner Mystical Dragon with your level 7 eight Synchro Monster in order Synchro Summon Ruby Mystic Sky Dragon!" Kaze proclaimed. "That Duelist is using Dobocle's Synchro Monster for a Synchro Summon!" Trudge exclaimed.

Yliaster was astonished. "He used his opponent's monster for Synchro Summoning!" Lester exclaimed. "Hmm interesting." Primo said with his hand on his chin observing the duel between the black muscle man and the duelist in the red hat.

Sherry and Elsworth saw Trevor's Dragon but missed the Synchro Summon. "Wow that Dragon is amazing." The Butler said.

Mystic Sky Dragon Level 8 Attack 2600

"Now my Dragon attack Dobocle directly!" He commanded. The Dragon attacked the local man and destroyed his remaining life points.

"Aaaaah!" He screamed. Trudge and his officers then apporached. "He's all yours Trudge." Trevor said. "Uh thanks now officers arrest that man."

Sector Sercuity grabbed a hold of Dobocle. Then Trevor was getting on his Duel Runner when he was stopped by Mina and Carly. "Do you two ladies need something?"

"Yes we want to know how your Duel Runner is able to talk?" Carly said. Trevor made a faint smile. "Sorry but for now I'll have to keep that secret." He said. "Trevor let's get out of here!" Speedy called out causing Mina and Carly to jump backwards which was able to give Trevor room to drive away.

Yliaster seemed to be quite impressed with Trevor's duel against the local guy. "Hmm interesting turbo duel that young man had against that big guy." Lester said. Just then the circuit activated. "Hey look!" He said pointed down.

"Hmm it seems that young man has some interesting dueling skills." Primo said seemly impressed.

"Yes and something is telling me that he might duel Yusei someday." Jakob said.


"The Synchro Solution." The man said. "The what?" Jack asked. "Yeah what's a Synchro Solution and who are you anyway?" Crow asked.

"You can call me Vizor." The man replied. "How can we trust you though?" Yusei said. "You can't where I'm from trust is something you need to earn but you can duel me to find out." Vizor said turning his head away.

"Let's duel Vizor." Yusei said.

The two duelists drove away to the combat lane.

Trevor was driving his way home when suddenly two duelists stopped in front of him. "Hey what's a big idea?" He asked.

The two duelist took of their helmets they were Elsworth and Sherry. "What can I do for you two?" He asked. "I want to duel you." Sherry said. "Why? Trevor asked. Sherry was just about to speak when Elsworth put his hand on Sherry's shoulder.

"Hold on I'll duel him Sherry but this will be a normal duel not a Turbo Duel." Elsworth said. "Very well then let's duel." Trevor said as he and Elsworth activated their duel disks.

Meanwhile at the Combat Lane.

Yusei: 1100

Vizor: 2800

Tech Genus Blade Blaster: Attack 3300

Drill Warrior: Attack 2400

Yusei drew his card.

I summon Gauntlet Warrior!" He proclaimed.

Gauntlet Warrior: Attack 400

I then activate it's effect by releasing this card it can increase Drill Warrior's attack and defense until end of the next damage step." Yusei explained.

Drill Warrior: Attack 3700

"Now Drill Warrior attack!" Yusei commaned.

"Not so fast I activate Blade Blaster's ability once a turn I can remove it from play until the End Phase." Vizor explained.

"What?" Yusei asked.

Drill Warrior then attacked Vizor.

Vizor: 0

"He sacrificed his own monster!" Jack said. "Yeah but he lost all his points." Akiza said.

Yusei and Vizor stopped their Duel Runners. "What do you have end our Turbo Duel like this? The Champion asked. "Sorry Yusei I would explain more but I can't reveal all the secrets of the Accel Synchro Summon yet."

"What do you mean?" Yusei asked. "It'll come in good time but I look forward to our next duel." Vizor said as he drove off.

meanwhile at the Duel between Elsworth and Trevor.

Elsworth: 2200

Trevor: 2800

The Monster in front of Elsworth was a Synchro Monster which had 2400 attack points.

"It's my move I draw!" Trevor said. He looked at the card he drew and smiled. Elsworth noticed this and so did Sherry. "I special Summon level 3 Ruby Blade Warrior in attack mode."

Level 3 Ruby Blade Warrior Attack 1500

"This a Tuner Monster and since my field is empty I was able special Summon it."

"Not only that since I special summon a monster I can normal this creature known so come forth my level 2 monster Ruby Mouse."

Level 2 Bolt Mouse Attack 300

"Next I tune my level 3 Ruby Blade Warrior with my level 2 Ruby Mouse in order Synchro Summon Cyber Ruby Warrior!"

Level 5 Cyber Ruby Warrior Attack 2400

"That monster is got the same attack points as my Daredevil so they'll both be destroyed." Elsworth said. "(Daredevil's ability won't work either.)" Sherry thought.

"I wonder about that." Trevor said smiling. Sherry was confused what the Hat guy meant even though she wasn't the one dueling Trevor and Elsworth confused as well.

"My Cyber Ruby Warrior has a powerful abilty you see if you have a Synchro Monster with the same attack points as my own Synchro Monster then your monster automatically destroyed." Trevor explained.

"What?" Elsworth asked. Sherry gasped as well. Daredevil was soon destroyed. "Oh you take damage equal to half your Synchro monster's attack points."

"Daredevil had 2400 attack points so you lose 1200 life points."

Elsworth: 1000

"Luckily for you when I use my Cyber Ruby Warrior's ability it can't attack until my next turn but I activate Tuner Ruby Blade Warrior's ability from the graveyard by removing this Tuner from play you take damage equal my Tuner Monster's attack points." Trevor explained

"Uh oh." Elsworth said. "From that reaction it means you realized that you lose." Trevor added. "(I got to admit his dueling skills are impressive.)" Sherry thought observing the duel with her left hand under her chin.

Elsworth: 0

Trevor deactivated his duel disk and got on his Duel Runner. Sherry stopped him by putting her hand on his shoulder. "What do you need?"

"I must say that you're a quite skilled Duelist if you play your cards right maybe you can be part of my team." Sherry said. "Team, I'm guessing that you and this guy Elsworth are entering the WRGP?"

"Yes you see I need another teammate but I have my eyes on a Duelist who lives here in New Domino City his name is Yusei Fudo." Sherry said.

"Yusei Fudo, as the Yusei Fudo the Fortune Cup Champion?" Trevor asked amazement.

"Of course and I dueled him in the combat lane a few days ago but unfortunately our Turbo Duel was cut off after a truck was dropped onto the Combat Lane which made us stop our Duel." Sherry explained. "Can I ask you question though?"

"What is it?" Trevor asked.

Why is it that you Duel?" The blond asked. "Is it to win, for fame, or just for the thrill of it?"

"Oh I just duel for fun and give the crowd a good duel to watch." Trevor replied. "Hmm I see." Sherry said smiling. "What about you, what do you duel for and why are you and Elsworth entering the WRGP?" The Hat guy duelist asked. "Until I'm certain I can trust you that'll remain my secret." The blond duelist replied. Sherry then noticed three golden Pendants hanging from Trevor's neck. "Where did you get those pendants?" She asked pointing at his chest. "Oh these I got these from my parents." He replied.

"Where are your parents though?" The blond asked. "That I don't know I barely remember my parents but these pendants are all I have left from them." Trevor replied looking down the road. Elsworth began to wonder if Trevor's parents were lost to Yliaster too.

Sherry started her duel runner.

"Well until next time Trevor like I said if you play your cards I might let you be on my Team for the WRGP." The blond Duelist said smiling and winking at Hat guy. "Oh." He said blushing. "Au Revoir Et Salut!"

Sherry and Elsworth drove away. "(Hmm I wonder how well Trevor can duel against the Yusei the Champion of New Domino City.)" Elsworth thought.

"(Man that woman is strange but she is beautiful.)" He thought with his hand on his head.

Yusei met up with his friends at the party. "Hey Yusei, are you alright?" Cosmo asked. "Yeah." He replied. "Well can you tell us what monster Vizor was using?" Jack asked.

"Something that's new to me." Yusei replied to the ex-champion.

"So what will we do now?" Crow asked. "We'll just have to find out more about this Synchro Solution later and in the meantime we need to come up with new strategies to fight against the Meklords." Yusei replied.

"Ok should we start looking for that Trevor guy?" Luna asked. "Yeah he has Duel Runner that can talk and Carly told me that he's a strong duelist also won two tournaments too." Jack added.

"We'll find him some other time but for let's just get some rest." Yusei said.

Meanwhile Trevor made it back to his apartment. He went to the bathroom and turned on the shower. After his shower he brushed his teeth. (I wonder what else that girl Sherry wants other than entering the WRGP.)" He thought. He remembered that Sherry said that she dueled Yusei the Fortune Cup Champion but was stopped due to a truck falling on the Combat Lane. Trevor began to think until something occurred to him. He heard on the news that when Yusei and Jack's dragons clashed some kind of giant dragon appeared out of nowhere.

He looked at his golden pendants. "(I wonder if these pendants hold a power.)"

He then yawned and decided to go to sleep.

end of chapter.