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Cheryl's P.O.V

I remember everything. I remember helping my mom with the livestock shop. I remember helping my brother Ash take care of the animals. I remember I was the only child in town so I'd make Ash play with me everyday. I remember I'd get jealous of Laney and Georgia because they'd hang out with Ash. Cam was there too but still. I remember being mean to Lillian because Ash liked her. I remember meeting Rahi and Ying when the tunnel opened. I'd see them at the cooking festivals but I wasn't allowed to go talk to them.

Even though I remember those things, things definitely had changed. For one thing, it's 8 years later and I'm not that little girl anymore. I'm now a teenager who's trying to figure things out. Luckily I have Lillian to help me. Yes, she married Ash and she's the best big sister ever. And Ying's now my best friend since we're the only children in the two towns. I mean besides Rahi of course.

"Cheryl can you watch the counter for a few minutes? I'm going to go to the town hall."

"Coming!" Yes, I still help my mom with the shop. It's actually nice since Ash let's me help with the animals. Since he lives with Lillian, I'd take over his morning duties. You know, stuff like feeding them and, leading them outside. It feels nice to be trusted.

"Cheryl! Cheryl!" I heard a voice called out. I got up from under the counter to see my brother with his son. Oh yeah Ash and Lillian had a child right after they gotten married. "Do you wanna play with me?"

"Not right now Jaxon, I have to watch the counter." I told the little boy as he ran up to me.

"Hey Cheryl is mom around? She said she has something for me."

"She just left for a few minutes. She's at the town hall." I explained as I lifted Jaxon up into my lap.

"Ah. I can wait then."

"I'm bored."

I looked down at Jaxon. He's so cute. I giggled. "Wanna play a game? Why don't you go into my room and when my mom comes back, I'll pick out a game." I let the boy down. "Hey Ash you still have those games that we'd play in your room?"

"I haven't been in my old room in years. I'll go look." He said as he went towards the back.

"I'm back Cheryl, thanks for watching the counter for me." My mom said as she entered the shop.

"You're welcome. Oh, Ash's here. He said you have something for him."

"Ah, well, I guess that explains why Jaxon's holding onto your leg." She laughed at the site.

I picked up Jaxon. "Yeah I promised I'd play with him when you got back. I'll go get Ash. He's in his old room finding all of our old games."

Ash took Jaxon home hours ago so now I'm just cleaning up. Jaxon and I played those old bored games that Ash and I would play when I was little. Man that brought back a lot of memories. Especially since Ash found my favorite game as a child. And he said that I can keep it. He even said that I can go into his old room if I wanted to. That sounds fun but now that I'm 16, I'm not sure if I want to. Maybe if I was younger I'd be in there right now going through his old stuff. I just don't have the energy right now.

"Cheryl can you do me a favor?" My mom suddenly asked as she knocked on my door.

"What's up?" I followed my mom into the kitchen where she handed me a pie.

"Can you go drop this pie off at the town hall? Rutger and Rose's son and grandson just moved in this morning." She explained. "Oh and the boy's around your age. I think he's 17." She added with a wink. Which scared me. Is she trying to set me up?

Nodding, I took the very warm pie and left my house. I wonder if these new villagers wouldn't mind if I-nah. I wouldn't do that to my mom's pie.

At the town hall I knocked on the door where Rose answered. "Oh hello, dear. Would you like to come in?"

"Um, sure. Why not?" I followed the woman into the town hall and up the stairs to her living room. "Oh. Here my mom told me to give you this pie."

"Thank you, I'm sure we'll enjoy it." She gave me a smile.

I returned her smile.

"Hey grandma dad wanted to know if you-"

I turned my attention towards the male's voice who started speaking. He must be the grandson that my mom was talking about. Man, he's cute. Cute? He's hot. With his brown hair and sparkling blue eyes and his-and now I'm staring.

"What did your father wanted dear?"

"Huh? Oh I don't remember." The boy said as his sparkling blue eyes focused on mine.

"Right. Well, if you two would excuse me, I think I'll go see what your father wanted."

Neither of us had noticed that Rose had walked away as the boy walked towards me. "Hey I'm Isaac. And you are?"

"Cheryl," I told him with a smile. "Oh and welcome to Bluebell."

"Is that pie for us?"

"Huh?" I looked down. I'm still holding the pie. "Oh yeah, it is. My mom baked it for you." I added as I handed it to him.

"It smells so good." He gave me a smile.

"I probably should get going. My mom's probably wondering where I'm at."

"Hey wait." He put the pie on a nearby table. "I'll walk you out."

"Sure," I waited for him as he went to his family to tell them that he's walking me home.

It was a short walk, but Isaac and I had a nice conversation. I even said I'd show him Konohana tomorrow. What's wrong with me? I'm suddenly feeling warm. Why is my heart beating? Do I like this guy? I better go see Lillian tomorrow morning before I mee Isaac at the cafe.