Danny Reagan to the rescue

Chapter 1

Hannah looks up the dinner table at her mom; she could tell that her mother was not enjoying the family conversation. Hannah starts to play with her food thinking about what she could do to help her mom. Erin notices that Hannah was not really eating and had an almost full plate "What's on your mind Hannah?"

Hannah feels her little brother Jack poke her arm "huh?"

Jack looks at his big sister "Aunt Erin wants to know what is on your mind; you've hardly touched your food Han."

Hannah looks down at her plate "oh yeah, no I'm fine."

Danny places his hand on Hannah's forehead "you do feel a little warm."

Hannah shakes her head "I'm fine dad, just thinking that's all."

Hannah starts to eat her now cold dinner; Jamie pushes a cold glass of water across the table at her and winks. Jack looks at his big sister a little worried about what was going on in her head.

The shooting at the hospital had affected everyone but mainly more Linda and Hannah, because Hannah had been at the hospital shadowing her mom as she was thinking about becoming a nurse herself so her school had organized her to shadow a nurse at the hospital and it happened to be her mom.

Linda was at least talking to someone about what happened and her feelings, Hannah had just kept everything to herself and inside which everyone knew was not healthy but when someone tried to talk to her about what happened she just changes the subject.

Nicki looks at her cousin and smiles "So Hannah how is Dominic?"

Hannah wasn't paying attention and walks straight into it "Dominic's fine Nicki."

The Reagan house was met with silence; everyone had turned their attention to Hannah. Hannah looks down at her plate "I walked straight into that one."

Henry looks in between his great-granddaughters "who is going to tell us who this Dominic is first?"

Nicki looks at them all "That is Hannah's business."

Hannah glances up at Nicki "you brought Dominic up."

Sean looks at his sister "Dominic? Isn't he that guy that is always around you Han?"

Hannah bites her lip and slowly looks up at her family especially her dad, grandpa and uncle "I plead the fifth and I want my lawyer."

Danny places his arm around his daughter's shoulders "Nice try, now are you going to enlighten us to who this Dominic guy is?"

Hannah looks at her dad "Dominic is just a guy dad."

Danny looks over at Jack and Sean "Who's Dominic?"

Jack smiles "Don't worry dad, you have nothing to worry about. Dominic hits on nearly all the girls in Hannah's grade, this month it must be Hannah's turn."

Hannah looks at Jack "he'd hit on a teacher if he thought he'd get a good grade from it."

Nicki looks at them "just be careful with Dominic, you have heard what happened?"

Hannah nods "Everyone knows what happened, but his dad is too well connected with people and all Dominic had to say was sorry."

Nicki shakes her head "Just be careful okay Hannah, I know if he does you will deal with him."

Hannah, Jack and Sean start to laugh, all the adults were looking at the children, and Erin looks at them "explain please."

Nicki mouths sorry to Hannah then looks at her mom "Dominic got into trouble for inappropriately touching a student who had said no many times. Due to his dad being well connected at the school, all Dominic got was a few days suspension and had to say sorry to the girl, she moved school and he carries on thinking he is untouchable."

Linda looks at her daughter "I heard about that last year, just try and make sure that you aren't alone with him Hannah."

Hannah nods "I know mom."

Danny hugs her "IF something did happen, you would tell us right."

Hannah looks at her dad "only if you promised not to hurt him, Dominic's dad is well connected he might have friends in 1PP."

Danny smirks "yeah well so do you and I doubt that your friend at 1PP would be happy to hear about him touching you without your consent."

Frank nods his head "Don't worry Hannah, IF it does happen we shall deal with it then."

Danny, Linda and the kids arrive back home the boys start to do their homework Hannah gets her bad packed for the next day Linda puts her hand on Hannah's back "Are you worried about Dominic?"

Hannah shakes her head "No, he'll get bored and move on mom. Everyone knows what he is like; no one wants to be with him."

Linda kisses Hannah's head "Just be careful please, but if something does happen promise me you will tell daddy or me."

Hannah smiles "yes mom I promise I will tell someone."

Hannah looks at Danny knowing he was mad "maybe you should go calm dad down mom before he shoots someone."

Hannah walks upstairs to start her homework Linda walks over to Danny, she places his badge and gun on the table "You are off the clock detective, right now you are just a father and husband."

Danny hugs her "we knew this day would come when boys would be interested in her but this Dominic guy needs a talking to; I don't want him harming her."

Linda smiles "I know I know but we raised Hannah right and if someone does harm her she will tell us."

Danny looks down at his wife "She won't talk about what happened at the hospital."

Linda pats his chest "I know but she will talk to us about what happened when she is ready Danny."

Hannah saw her phone light up with a new text message She looks at text message "Hi Hannah, its Dominic, how are you? x"

Hannah ignores the text message but remembers to write down the time, date and what the text says in her diary just in case.

Sean was standing in her doorway "What's going on?"

Hannah looks up at her baby brother "do you need help?"

Sean nods "math is hard"

Hannah follows Sean into his and Jack's bedroom.

Danny walks into Hannah's room looking for her and sees her phone light up, he knew he shouldn't but he looks and notices 2 new next messages from Dominic, Danny also saw that Hannah hadn't been replying.

Hannah smirks "hands up detective, you've been caught red handed, step backwards towards me slowly."

Danny turns around "funny, he's now texting you."

Hannah shrugs "I guess so, I didn't give him my number and I'm not replying to his texts but I am saving them just in case. Dad I'm fine and it will be alright."

Danny hugs her "I know honey, I love you."

Will Hannah get rid of Dominic?

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