Danny Reagan to the rescue

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Chapter 15: Last Chapter

Danny checked Hannah's phone and was happy to see she had no new text messages from the unknown person but a few minutes into the movie, Hannah's phone lit up.

Hannah nudged her dad to read it, so he did. The message from the unknown person read 'you finally decided to leave your navy tower, see you soon Hannah x.' and once again attached to the text was a picture and the picture was of Hannah on the sidewalk hugging Jamie.

Hannah deeply inhaled and carried on watching the movie, she was not going to let Dominic win, this was her house and this was her safe place. If Dominic wanted to bring this obsession to her home then she would accept the challenge but it would be the end of everything as she knew that both her dad and uncle wanted this to end.

Danny was on his phone to his brother telling him and Eddie to be on the lookout because Dominic had made contact with Hannah and that the picture attached to the text message was of her with Jamie.

Danny looked over at his daughter who was actually being very calm about the situation "You okay Hannah? You seem calm."

Hannah nodded "This is my home dad; they tried once to take it from me and they hurt Eddie in our kitchen."

Danny kissed her head "We'll find him I promise."

Hannah nudged him "love this part."

They carried on watching the movie while outside Eddie and Jamie leant against their squad car looking out of Dominic. Eddie sighs "I want to find Dominic."

Jamie glanced over at his partner "we all do Eddie; he's chosen the wrong teenager to obese over."

Eddie spotted something in the tree "I'll be right back Jamie."

Eddie walked over to the tree, she placed her hand on her holster as she knew that whoever was in the tree probably knew Dominic if it was not Dominic himself. She positioned herself under the tree "you are a very big bird."

The person looked down "uh oh."

Eddie pointed to the ground, the person nodded and carefully climbed down and sat on the ground "I'm not a threat I swear."

Eddie nodded and heard footsteps behind her and knew it was Jamie "who are you and what are you doing sitting in a tree?"

The person sighed "I was paid by some guy to spy on some girl."

Eddie nodded again "was their name Dominic or was her name Hannah."

The person nodded "yes to both, he was in his school uniform as that is how he approached me by my locker, he's in the grade below me. Seen him around and heard the rumours about him too."

Eddie folded her arms "what did he say to you?"

Person sighed "He'll pay me $150 to sit in this tree and text him if Hannah leaves the house and who she is with."

Eddie looked at Jamie who was on the phone she guessed to Danny "did he already pay you?"

The person shook their head "half then half after I guess he didn't need me anymore."

Eddie nodded "text him saying that Hannah left the house alone after having a fight with her dad and headed towards the train station."

The person got out their phone and very shakily text to Dominic telling him that Hannah had left and was heading to the train station. Eddie let the boy go and he had never run so fast in his life.

Eddie and Jamie explained the plan to Danny and Hannah. Hannah hugged Eddie "thank you thank you thank you."

Eddie hugged her back "your welcome Hannah but we still have to arrest him."

Hannah looked at her dad and uncle "I want to help please; it will help sell it more if Dominic sees me at the station rather than not seeing me there."

Danny shook his head "No Hannah."

Hannah folded her arms "YES Detective, I need to do this please let me."

Danny placed his hands on Hannah's shoulders and sighed "your mother is going to kill me."

Hannah smiled "she can after we arrest Dominic and celebrate."

They arrived at the train station, Hannah found a bench to sit on in plain sight of everyone; she also found a sad song to play on her iPod to make her cry so that Dominic would believe that she had just had a fight with her dad beforehand.

Hannah felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up, she just told herself inside that she had to hold on for a little bit longer then she could finally break down and that she would also be free from Dominic.

Hannah carried on looking sad and around trying to see the train schedule; she felt a hand on her shoulder, she took out her earphones "no dad I'm still mad at you."

The person sat down beside her "I'm not your father but I am happy to see you Hannah."

Hannah turned to face him "Dominic, why am I not surprised."

Dominic smiled "did you have a fight with daddy?"

Hannah moved down the bench "why are you here?"

Dominic handed her a train ticket "here you go this is for you."

Hannah looked at it "why do you have two train tickets? I just like to sit here."

Dominic put his arm around her shoulders "you and I are going to leave the city so that we are away from both of our families and we can be together."

Hannah shook her head "I wouldn't go anywhere with you if you were the last person on earth Dominic."

Dominic helped Hannah stand up and directed them to their platform "come on Hannah let's go."

Hannah smirked "the only place you are going Dominic is jail."

They heard someone clearing their throat; Hannah had the biggest smile on her face ever, standing in front of them was Danny, Jamie, Eddie and half of the NYPD.

Hannah managed to get out of Dominic's grip, she also turned to face him "it's the end Dominic, I win and you lose."

Dominic went to attack or grab Hannah but didn't have time to after he was restrained by a few officers; Hannah had kept her personal officers back as she didn't want Dominic telling everyone that he got beaten up by Danny and Jamie.

Hannah shook her head at them "No, we all agreed to do this the legal way."

They both nodded and watched as their partners arrested Dominic and drove off with him, Hannah squealed with delight and tightly hugged her father. Jamie covered his ears and laughed at how happy his niece was, he then sent a message round to everyone saying that it was all finally over and that Dominic had been arrested.

Danny, Jamie and Hannah headed over to Frank and Henry's house as that was where Linda and the boys were. The boys were sitting by the window waiting for their father's green jeep to pull up.

Linda stood behind them "anything yet?"

Sean shook his head "No, what if Dominic escaped?"

Jack hit his brother's arm "Don't jinx it Sean."

Linda smiled "I'm sure they are just stuck in traffic, they'll be here soon."

Jack looked at his younger brother "I get to hug Hannah first."

Sean shook his head "No I do."

Linda laughed "get in line boys; I'm her mother so I get first hug."

Jack and Sean both smiled when they saw their father's jeep pull up outside the house "they're here they're here."

The front door opened and first in walked Danny who happily smiled at his family "we finally got him."

Hannah walked in next and was immediately pulled into her mother's arms, the boys patiently waited for their turn; Hannah might be the oldest out of the three of them however Linda and Danny raised them to look out for each other and to care for each other as well and besides Dominic had disturbed their lives too when he decided to stalk their sister.

Linda let Hannah go and let the boys hug their sister, she turned to her husband and hugged him "he's really gone."

Danny smiled "oh yes, he is gone."

Linda gently kissed him "Danny Reagan to the rescue like always."

Danny nodded "yes ma'am just doing my job."

The very relieved parents just happily watched as their children talked about how they were going to spend their summer and also listened to the plans that Hannah was going to make with Rosalyn around the plans that they make as a family.

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