Star stumbled around in the darkness, taking careful steps as to not trip over anything. Where on earth did Jackie go? She thought as she blindly walked forward. The light of the moon being the only thing guiding her, she was totally lost. She came here with Jackie and a few more friends but they ran off with a couple guys they met. "Why on earth did I come out here?" She whispered to herself as she bumped into a wall of corn.

Suddenly a hand landed on her shoulder and she let out a terrified squeak as she fell to the ground. "Whoa! Hey I'm sorry!" The same hand from before outstretched towards her. It appeared as though it was connected to a red hoodie. She hesitantly took the hand and used to to get back on her feet.

"Hey I'm really sorry, I'm just looking for a worker to help me out of here." The obviously male voice spoke. "I sorta got lost." He snickered. "Anyway. I'm Marco. Are you lost too?"

Star smiled. "It's ok! I'm Star! Yeah I sorta got lost too. My friends ditched me for a group of boys they met." She said as she dusted the dirt off her pants.

He chuckled. "Yeah I was with my two friends but I was sort of a third wheel for them. I guess they snuck off to make out or something and forgot I was still in here."

Star giggled. "Well looks like we're stuck here together until the morning. I've been searching for an exit for an hour and my phone has no reception." She smiled at him in the dark as she found a dry spot of ground to sit on.

He smirked and sat down next to her. "Guess we have nothing to do but talk while we wait for a rescue party." He made sure not to sit too close to her, as he didn't want to make her uncomfortable. "So what's your life story?" He questioned, leaning back onto the wall of corn.

She laughed and scootched closer, wanting to see him better. He was cute. He had warm brown eyes, adorably messy hair, a cute mole under his right eye and a really cute smile.

"There's not too much to tell. I was born in Echo Creek, raised in Echo Creek, and I'm probably going to spend the rest of my life in Echo Creek. I'm pretty ordinary." She shrugged and turned towards him again. "So what about you?" She asked.

"Same. I'm just boring old Marco Diaz. Born and raised in Echo Creek just like you." He looked at her in the dark, his eyes adjusting to the lack of light out here. She was really pretty. She had long blonde hair that would probably reach her knees if it wasn't in a ponytail, beautiful blue eyes, two adorable heart shaped birthmarks on her cheeks, and a smile that left him speechless. "Hey wait, do you go to Echo Creek College?" He questioned, a small smirk on his face at the idea that he had never noticed such a beautiful girl at school.

Her smile widened. "Yeah I do!" She chuckled at his obvious astonishment of him not noticing her around campus. "Small world! Can't believe I haven't met you before!"

He sheepishly smiled at her, his cheeks turning a light shade of pink. "Yeah…" He sighed.

The two of them talked for hours, getting to know each other, telling funny stories and jokes, passing the time. Star decided she really liked him.

Around what felt like 3 am Star began slowly inching closer to him. "Sooooooo… you come here often?" She asked, twirling a piece of her hair around her finger as she looked up at him. Her obvious flirting flew right over his head. "Nope I don't. I usually only come once a year. It's sort of a tradition to come here with my friends." He smiled at her.

She frowned, sliding even closer, her hand touching his. "Well I should come more often if I have chances to meet boys like you." She tried a little harder, her finger hooking under his.

Once again her flirting fell on deaf ears. "Nah I'm pretty sure me and my friends are the only guys from our school who come."

Star groaned inwardly. "Did it hurt?" She giggled as she attempted the cheesy line in the book.

Marco cocked his head to the side. "Did what hurt?"

Star fistpumped to herself. "When you fell from Heaven." She slid even closer, her hand on top of his as she looked up at him through half-lidded eyes.

His face exploded with heat. "W-W-Wait… A-are you flirting with me?" He stuttered out as he attempted to hide his blushing cheeks.

Star giggled. "Have been for the past 10 minutes but thanks for noticing." She smirked at him as she once again twirled a lock of hair around her finger. "Is it working?"

Marco swallowed his nervousness and nodded quickly, his eyes shut tight in embarrassment.

She sighed and leaned back onto the wall of corn. "Good… I was worried you'd shoot me down or something." There was something about the night time that made people bolder. "So are you going to flirt with me too or are you just going to have me do the rest of the flirting." She winked at him, trying to hide the fact that she was in fact regretting her boldness.

A laugh escaped from Marco's mouth in his embarrassment. "W-well I couldn't let a beautiful girl like you do all the work." He tried to sound smooth but the crack in his voice did the exact opposite. It had the right effect though, as even though he thought they couldn't get any closer, she did exactly that, moving until the two of them were side by side. Her finger rubbing circles on his hand.

Marco couldn't believe it. A girl this beautiful, this funny, this amazing was flirting with him. If I'm dreaming I hope I never wake up. He thought as he took her hand in his, intertwining their fingers.

Star shivered in the night air even though she felt so warm being next to Marco. She probably should've worn a jacket or something. How was she supposed to know she'd be stuck here. Marco turned to look at her, his eyes filled with worry. "Are you cold?"

Star shook her head no, not wanting to worry him. Marco didn't believe a minute of it. He quickly removed his hoodie and draped it over her shoulders. "Better?" He asked as he took her hand in his yet again.

Her cheeks flushed at his kindness, and she moved to rest her head on his shoulder. "Better." She giggled. His eyes widened at the contact. Contemplating his next move he slowly raised his arm to rest around her shoulders.

He coughed into his free hand to cover up his embarrassment. Star smiled and raised her head to look up at him. "...Truth or dare." She whispered up to him, as she snuggled into the crook of his arm more.

He raised his eyebrow in confusion. "What?"

She let out a positively adorable laugh. "Truth or dare." She whispered yet again, her heart picking up speed at how attractive he was.

Marco thought for a moment. He didn't want to do something embarrassing or dangerous in front of her. "...Truth." He finally decided.

Star gulped, planning her next move. She really liked him and she didn't want to do anything that would scare him off. "W-Would you kiss me if I gave you permission?" She stuttered out, burying her face in his arm.

Marco's face turned even redder than before if that was possible. He wasn't expecting that. He turned to look at her, his hoodie around her shoulders, her adorable face looking up at him expectantly. "...Yes." He whispered in response. "Truth or dare."

Star felt her cheeks getting warmer as she moved closer to him. "T-truth."

"Would you kiss me?" He asked in response, his heart pounding.

Her eyes flickered up to his. "Yes."

He couldn't believe his luck. He felt like he'd met the girl of his dreams.

Star smiled sheepishly at him. "Truth or dare."

Marco took a daring leap, feeling himself moving even closer to her, her breath tickling his lips. "Dare."

"Kiss me."

He didn't waste a single second. Cupping her face in his hands he pulled her closer, pressing his lips to hers. Star melted into the kiss, shrugging the hoodie off her shoulders, she wrapped her arms around his neck as the duo deepened the kiss. After a minute they separated, both panting.

Resting their foreheads against each others they smiled at each other. "Truth or dare." Marco whispered.

Star giggled, letting her girly lovestruck disposition come out. "Truth."

Marco pressed a softer, more gentle kiss to her lips. "Will you go out with me?"

Her eyes seemed to sparkle in the moonlight as she tackled him in a hug. "YES!" She squealed. Marco let out a hearty laugh as he hugged her back while he grabbed the previously discarded hoodie and draped it over her shoulders again, afraid that she'd get cold again.

Suddenly the sound of police sirens filled the air and they jumped up together. Quickly he zipped up the hoodie on her out of instinct. He didn't know why but he felt like just in case there was a serial killer or something out here she'd be safe.

"Star! Where are you? It's been 8 hours, we called the police! You're able to push through the corn, they won't charge us for that!" The sound of a surfer accent broke through the air that Star automatically recognised as Jackie.

"JACKIE I'M OUT HERE! I'M OK!" She yelled out in the direction of the voice.

"Marco? Dude! Are you with that girl?" A voice called out that Marco knew was his friend Ferguson.

Star turned to look at Marco. "Guess it's time to go?" She asked, sidling up to him and wrapping her arms around his.

Marco smirked, lifting her chin with his fingers he kissed her one more time. "Now it is."

Star giggled and pulled him into the corn parting it with her hands. He moved to walk next to her, moving the corn on the right while she moved the corn on the left. Eventually they made their way to the source of the sirens and their friends.

"Star!" Jackie called out as she tackled her in a hug. "Are you ok?" She asked as she held her friend at an arm's length.

Star looked over at Marco who was being crushed by his two friends in a hug. "I'm better than ok Jackie." She smiled warmly. "Jackie do you have a pen and a piece of paper?"

"Huh? What do you need a piece of paper for?" She questioned as she pulled the aforementioned items out of her purse. Star grabbed them quickly and scribbled her number on the paper. Rushing away from Jackie she walked towards Marco, smiling at how much his friends cared for him.

Marco turned to look at Star and his smile grew even more. "Hey Star! Guys this is Star!" He introduced her to his friends, who happily waved back to her.

Sheepishly she handed the piece of paper to him. "Call me soon?" She asked hopefully.

Marco still couldn't believe he got to kiss such a cute girl. He took it in his hand and smiled at the tiny hearts surrounding her name and the small 'Dare? Call me.' That was written at the top. "Of course!" He chuckled.

Star was about to walk back to Jackie before she remembered that she was still wearing his hoodie. "Oh Marco I'm sorry I almost took your hoodie!" She exclaimed as she began unzipping it.

Marco smiled. "It's ok. You can keep it. You seem to like it and I've got more."

Star blushed for what must of been the 100th time this night. She couldn't help it. She grabbed his collar of his shirt and pulled him down to mesh her lips with his. Pulling back, she laughed at his goofy lovestruck smile on his face. "Don't forget to call me." She whispered before running back to Jackie.

If it were possible Jackie's jaw would have been on the ground. "What even happened out there?" She asked shocked that her friend was kissing a guy she'd never seen in her life.

Star giggled. "Jackie do I have a story for you."

As the two of them drove off in their separate cars they didn't even notice that there was a blood moon out tonight, illuminating the corn field in a red haze.