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Untamed Heart

The Hearts' Desire
 PG-13- for Inuyasha's potty mouth
Note: This is the sequel or more like a small mini-series to 'Untamed Heart' & 'Untamed Soul'
its not necessary to read them to understand this fic…but it would help!

This chapter was inspired by one of my author friends here on ff.net -The Patter of Little Feet -by Trish.

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Chapter 1.1- The Cats Outta the Bag!

Inuyasha paced back and fourth in front of Sesshoumaru and Miroku mumbling under his breath and shooting them annoyed looks every so often when they told him to sit. All three men were in a sterile looking waiting room nervously waiting for the doors of the emergency section to open with some news on how the patient was holding up.

Inuyasha and the guys were all at his stag night when they got a phone call about midnight to get down to the emergency room asap. Inuyasha was the first to get into the car nervously waiting for the designated driver to enter it. After a few minutes of waiting Miroku was fidgeting in the back of the car - while, Inuyasha was frantic and swearing at his half-brother to get a move on and drive all ready.

So here he was pacing back and fourth in a sterile smelling waiting room swearing under his breath and silently praying that she would be all right.

"I knew I shouldn't have left her last night," he mumbled in the general direction of the two men on the opposite side of the room.
Miroku sighed and lowered his head, "I'm sorry, Inuyasha…I shouldn't have pushed you into having a stag night when I knew she was that far gone."

Inuyasha shot his head up and glared at him "Damn fucking straight you should be sorry!" he barked at him.

Sesshoumaru looked up from the magazine he was reading and raised an eyebrow "Now, now Inuyasha, calm down." 

"No! I'm not going to calm down until someone, anyone can tell us how she is! I won't rest or shut up or sit down GOT IT!"

Sesshoumaru merely nodded his head and continued to read the 2 year-old out of date magazine in his hands.

Miroku took leave of his seat and walked up to the seething hanyou. "Inuyasha, maybe I should try and find Sango and ask what happened…"

Once again Inuyasha jerked his head up and narrowed his eyes in annoyance. "If anything happens to her-I will personally rip your head off and ram it up your ass!"

"Inuyasha must you be so crude and barbaric?" Sesshoumaru evenly scolded.

"Fuck you!" came the reply.

Miroku was now desperately trying not to make eye contact with Inuyasha "I'll just go and find Sango then…"

Inuyasha growled once more under his breath.


Miroku left the waiting room hastily silently cursing himself 'Where's Sango when I need her!?
After a few more minutes of searching he found her in the canteen sipping on a warm cup of coffee.

"Sango!" he called her.

Sango looked up and smiled at him, "Hi Miroku! You finally got here then."

"Yeah we got here about 10 minutes ago…and Inuyasha is a mess"

Sango nodded, "I thought he might be" she sighed lifting herself up from her seat.

"This is all my fault, if I didn't convince him to come out tonight he would have been here sooner…" Miroku sighed lowering his head with guilt.

Sango smiled at him reassuringly and patted him on the shoulder, "Don't blame yourself, Miroku. With the way she was it could have happened any time! how were you supposed to know that she would go into labor tonight?"

Miroku sighed once more and attempted a small smile. "Guess you're right, but I'm still a dead man if anything goes wrong"

Sango giggled slightly and grabbed a hold of his hand. "I'll protect you from the mean old hanyou!" she playfully spoke pulling an extra cute eyelash flutter.

Miroku's smile widened. "I have nothing to fear then"

"Nope! Come on lets go see what the hyper active mutt is up to now!" she replied loping her arm into his and dragging him along with her.


Sango followed Miroku into the waiting room slowly. She could hear Inuyasha's growling from half way down the corridor and it wasn't a good sign.

"H-hey" she greeted quietly.

Inuyasha was in her face in seconds. "What happened? Why wasn't I told sooner? Why isn't anybody answering my damn questions!?"

"Umm…Inuyasha, calm down will you?" she waved her hands up in defense.

"Just answer my fucking questions, wench!" he growled at her.

Sango's face suddenly grew red with heat and her eyes narrowed with anger, "Inuyasha, sit down now or else!" she said through gritted teeth.

"Keh" he grunted and heaved himself into a seat.

"That's better!" She said happily smiling before she sat in front of the brooding hanyou. "If we all wait patiently and calmly, maybe one of the nurses will come out and tell us some news."

Inuyasha grunted under his breath and rolled his eyes in annoyance before shooting another menacing glare toward Miroku, causing the poor guy to gulp with fright.

"What's taking so fucking long!?" Inuyasha whined once again digging his claws in to the seat and impatiently fidgeting.

"Inuyasha, use that thick skull of yours and think what you just asked." Sango snapped back at him.

"I don't give a shit! I want to know what's happening!!! DAMNIT!"

Sesshoumaru lifted his head up once more and looked up at his irate half-brother. "Inuyasha, must you make such a fuss over every little thing?"

Inuyasha's eyes widened, "You call this LITTLE?!" 

"You're trying my patience, Inuyasha. I suggest you calm yourself down right now."

Inuyasha jerked his head away from his looming older brothers orange eyes and crossed his arms over his chest. Thoughts crossed his mind as he sat quietly. What would he do if something happened to her? It was his entire fault; he knew he shouldn't have left her, not in the state she was in. If anything happened to her he wouldn't forgive himself. She meant the world to him even after all this time he had attached himself to her. When this was all over he was going to make sure she knew how much she meant to him-as long as everything was going to be all right. He could only sit here and do nothing and it was driving him mad with worry.

"I should be in there!" Inuyasha suddenly growled disturbing the silence-filled waiting room.

"Inuyasha, what good would you be if you were in there?" Sango thoughtfully asked the hanyou.

"I don't know, but I should be in there with her! I have a right to be, don't I?" he replied calmly.

Sango nodded and smiled, "I know how you feel, Inuyasha. Everything will be all right."

--20minutes later…

Inuyasha's nerves were getting the better of him, he found himself fidgeting in his seat was of little help and the silence and waiting was driving him to absolute insanity. How could they all remain so calm?! 

Suddenly the light of the emergency room flashed green indicating that it was now safe to enter. Inuyasha was the first up when the doors of the ER opened.

A nurse came out carrying a small white bundle in her arms; she smiled in Inuyasha's direction. Inuyasha slowly made his way over to the nurse swallowing back a small amount of nervousness.

The door swung open once more behind the nurse and Kagome walked out stood near the nurse also holding a bundle of white in her arms.

"Inuyasha!" she cried in delight. Inuyasha greeted her with a wide toothy grin and lowered his hands over her shoulders to kiss her forehead. Kagome looked up and gave him her own smile.

"Aren't they adorable?" she squeaked. Inuyasha dumbly nodded and took the bundle of white cloth from the nurse. Sango and the others moved closer to have a look.

"Oooowww…they're so cute!" Sango cooed over Inuyasha's shoulder.

Kagome giggled along with Sango as they fused over the bundle in Kagome's arms. Inuyasha had his own in his arms when Sesshoumaru looked up with a slight gleam in his eye, "They look like their father…they certainly smell like him."

Inuyasha snorted in disgust, "They better not be anything like their father!!"

Kagome and Sango stopped their fusing and looked up at the three guys in front of them. "And what's wrong with them being almost like their father?" Kagome asked raising an eyebrow.

"I don't want that FAT cat anywhere near MY cat and her kittens ANYMORE!"

"Inuyasha, don't call Buyo fat!" Kagome scolded him.

"Keh…" Inuyasha scoffed and turned his attention back down at the small kittens huddled up together making one big ball of fluff. They were so small and fragile and extremely vulnerable. Inuyasha made his secret vow silently. 'Damn that cat! I'll make sure he never gets near my cat ever again!'  His attention then made its focus on Miroku. "You were lucky this time around, Miroku."

Miroku smiled and nodded nervously, "I'm grateful for that too!"


It took them an hour to get home with mother and kittens everyone wanted to see them so Inuyasha had dropped off at Sango's family home, Kagome's family and the diner so that Kaede and some of the regulars could see the new borns. He sighed as he opened the door of his bungalow. Kagome walked in carrying mother cat and babies in a small basket and gently placed it on the floor stepping back to wrap her arm around Inuyasha's waist and lean her head on his shoulder.

"Home at last…" she murmured closing her eyes with contentment.   

Inuyasha wrapped his own arms around her small shoulder and leaned down to quickly kiss her head before he was off to the kitchen in search for food. Kagome raised her head and smiled, "Are you hungry?" she asked him.

Inuyasha shook his head and turned his attention to her quickly, "No its for mother and kittens."

"Inuyasha, are you going to name her or keep calling her 'Cat'," she curiously asked before continuing, "and kittens don't eat solids at this age."

"I know, I know" Inuyasha replied narrowing his eyes slightly. "What's wrong with calling her 'Cat'?"

Kagome sighed and took a seat beside the newly extended family. "Nothing, its just… wouldn't you like to call her by a name rather than just Cat…?"




Kagome lifted her head and rolled her eyes before smiling gently. Inuyasha was curled up in a small ball sleeping soundly. "Guess we're all a little tired, ne?" she whispered curling up to spoon against him softly kissing his lips goodnight before the entire small but extended household slept soundly.


Chapter 2.2. - Once, Twice, Three times the Lady


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