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Untamed Heart

The Hearts' Desire
PG-13- for Inuyasha's potty mouth
Note: This is the sequel or more like a small mini-series to 'Untamed Heart' & 'Untamed Soul'
its not necessary to read them to understand this fic…but it would help!

To answer some of the confused questions I got for the 1st chapter. The whole idea was a mind teaser meaning you thought it was Kagome who was giving birth and Inuyasha was freaking out, but of course if you've read Untamed Heart/Soul you would have known about Inuyasha's small cat friend who he became attached to and it was her that was giving birth to her kittens. I did it on purpose for a laugh; Mind Teasers are adorable and I loved writing it…anyways on with this chapter the dreaded three-some is about to ignite! Enjoy!

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Chapter 2.2. - Once, Twice, Three times the Lady


Sango happily hummed to herself as she neatly rearranged the cutlery and utensils on one of the empty tables to help pass the slow day at the diner. Her eyes shone with energy; she sure was extremely perky. And Kagome knew all to well that she was more than ecstatic about her so-called 'perfect' love life.

"Someone's in an extra good mood today!" Kagome let loose a small chuckle.

Sango looked up and over to where Kagome was sitting. "Hai! I have a date tonight, and I know it's going to be more than perfect!" she smiled brightly.

Kagome rolled her eyes and tutted at her playfully, "You are evil, Sango. I can't believe you're going ahead with this crazy idea!"

"I know" she giggled. "But I'm enjoying myself and having two gorgeous guys drool over me is all the more worth this whole experience. As long as I keep the dates to different days what could go wrong?"

Kagome sighed and shook her head, "Now look who's got the big head!"

Sango smiled at Kagome before sticking out her tongue and wrinkling her nose. "Trust me, I have this all worked out. I have a date with Sesshoumaru tonight and one with Miroku tomorrow."

"A-huh, I'm sure you have this all under control, Sango."


Inuyasha swore once more under his breath when yet another of Sesshoumaru's ever so expensive pieces of figure art fell to the ground and shattered into pieces.

Miroku looked up from the removal truck and chuckled a "You are a dead-doggy"

"That's it! Why do WE have to haul this shit into HIS damn apartment!?!" he growled screwing his nose in annoyance, "Why isn't he helping, that fucking bastard knows I've got a shift in less than a fucking hour and I wanted to see Kagome before she took fur ball to the vet for her check up!"

Miroku shrugged his shoulders and sighed, "For once I agree with you, why isn't he helping. To busy with that mysterious admirer of his I bet!"

'You don't know the half of it…' Inuyasha thought to himself, choosing to shut his mouth before he said something he would regret-not to mention Sango's wrath if he were to tell Miroku that Sesshoumaru is dating her…as well as him.




Sango beamed with sparkles in her eyes when Sesshoumaru entered the small diner looking ever more attractive with mescaline beauty and Armani suit to boot. His eyes lingered a few minutes over the empty restaurant before landing on a very happy looking Sango and amused Kagome.

Sango stood up from her stool and made her way toward her would-be boyfriend. "Hey you, what cha' doing this far from the city?" she said while playfully figuring with his tie.

He looked down at her and raised an eyebrow, "We have a date tonight, and I wanted to let you know its more than formal dress code."

Sango's eyes lit up once more, "Ohhh!" she squeaked girlishly. Kagome shrank back in her seat covering her smile with her hand.

Sesshoumaru made no other comment but smiled slightly.

"I can't wait!" she continued letting go of his tie to wrap her arms around his neck and kiss him lightly on the lips.

Sesshoumaru regarded her coolly and returned the small display of affection. Kissing her back and bringing one hand up to hold her small frame closer.

Kagome blushed slightly and turned her head toward the kitchens just as Inuyasha plodded in with a face looking like thunder.

'What's wrong with him now?' Kagome thought with a sigh and left Sango and Sesshoumaru alone to tend to her mate.


"Stupid bastard…" Inuyasha murmured under his breath as he changed into his uniform.

Kagome leaned up against the doorframe regarding him with an amused grin. "What's with you, grumps?" she asked him.

Inuyasha didn't turn to look at her but continued to grumble under his breath. She raised her eyebrows up with curiosity and made her way over to the brooding hanyou locking her arms around his waist and snuggling up against his back with her cheek.

"Inuyasha, what's wrong?" she asked once more.

He relaxed under her touch and shifted himself around so she now leaned up against his chest.

"Sesshoumaru, that selfish, lazy bastard decided he'd leave us to unload his belongings."

Kagome smiled and tightened her grip, "He's out front if you wanna hurt him"

Inuyasha nodded knowingly, "Aa, I'm used to that fucking stench lingering where ever he goes…is he here to see Sango?"

"Yep, they have a date tonight."

Inuyasha rolled his eyes, "What the heck is she up to, dating him while she's with Miroku!?"

Kagome pulled back slightly and looked up at him, "Its not really any our business, Inuyasha."

"Maybe, but that idiot brother of mine is really serious about her. This isn't a game of 'may-the-best-man-win'" he evenly replied.

Kagome lowered her eyes slightly, "I should really talk to her then…but I don't know, she's so happy at the moment. I don't want to burst her bubble.

"I'll burst his fucking bubble. Wait till he notices how many pieces of his junk art are missing." Inuyasha smiled baring a fang.

Kagome gasped with wide-eyes, "Inuyasha, you didn't?!"

He leaned down and placed a small kiss on her forehead and shrugged his shoulders as his reply. Kagome smiled and giggled shaking her head at his lack of callous.

'Lets just hope he doesn't make us pay for them' she thought with worry, but soon shook herself out of it when Inuyasha asked about mother and kittens.

"Inuyasha quit the worry over mother and babies. It's just a small check up"

"Keh" Inuyasha snorted and crossed his arms over his chest. "I'm not worrying…It was just a question."

Kagome's lips curled up into a sly smile, "Ohhh…you are to worried. Look at the way you reacted the night she had them!"

He narrowed his eyes slightly before snorting once more.

Kagome loved to tease him about that. He had left his own stag night to come to the Veterinary ER, and to say he was 'less than frantic with worry' was an understatement. Sango and Miroku told her he was down right distressed and out of his mind with panic. She smiled inwardly, he maybe stubborn and pig-headed on occasion-but he did have a good heart.

After the whole mess with Naraku and the curse plus her returning memories-she thought Inuyasha could handle anything-that was until Buyo decided to get 'au fait' with Inuyasha's cat.

"Inuyasha?" came a steady masculine voice from the front of the diner.

Inuyasha looked up at his older brother, "What?" he snapped.

Sesshoumaru showed no concern for his tone and merely looked on at him with an even façade. "I hope you didn't have to work to hard? I left in quite a hurry before I got to tell you that the removal company already hired someone to haul my positions into my new apartment."

Inuyasha growled and bitterly narrowed his eyes in anger. "You fucking bastard!"

Kagome and Sango burst into fits of laughter while Inuyasha glared at him menacingly.

--Later that evening…

Sango twirled around in front of the floor length mirror that stood proudly around her from inside Sesshoumaru's walk in closet. Her sparkling black and silver ankle length dress hung over her shapely figure hugging around her hips showing off her curves with fineness. Sango looked down at herself and then up at the mirror once more, she smiled and turned her attention to the dark-headed girl behind her.

"So, what do ya' think?"

Kagome smiled and nodded, "I love it! It looks so good on you, I'm so jealous!"

Sango clasped her hands together and bit her lower lip, "I'm really nervous though!"

"Oh, Sango you'll be fine once you're there and you have the perfect gentleman to escort you. Don't be nervous."

Sango nodded "Still I wish you could come too," she thoughtfully mumbled in reply.

Kagome smiled once more and walked up behind her. "Relax and enjoy your evening. Sesshoumaru won't let you out of his sight, I'm sure of it."

Sango nodded and took one last look at herself in the mirror before turning to face Kagome. "This is it then, wish me luck."

"Good luck" Kagome winked and leaned over to kiss her on the cheek. "Even though you don't need it!"


Inuyasha grunted in anger while he finished up his shift "Damn you, Sesshoumaru!"

Miroku sighed and shook his head, "You're still pissed off about that, ne?"

Inuyasha's head jerked up in anger. "Why the fuck shouldn't I still be peeved about it?!"

"I'm sure your brother would have told us if he hadn't of left as fast as he did."

"You don't know my bastard of a brother to well then." Inuyasha retorted.

"Maybe not as well as you, but still, he seems like a reasonable and sensible guy."

Inuyasha raised his eyebrows and pouted his lip slightly, "Keh, he's still a fucking bastard."

Miroku let loose a small chuckle. "I have to stop by at your brothers apartment before I go. I seemed to have misplaced one of my lectures and I must have dropped it while we were there this morning."

"Whatever" Inuyasha waved his hand up in front of him not really paying attention.

With that Miroku left the diner and made his way back toward the luxury apartments on the other side of town.

As he approached the clearing at the end of the street not far from Sesshoumaru's place he noticed the large limo parked out the front with Sesshoumaru himself standing in front of it. 'Ah, this must mean he's got his lady friend around' he thought to himself remembering the conversation they had the night of Inuyasha's stag night. Sesshoumaru had mentioned he was dating again and that she was suitably desirable to his affections.

He was just about to make his presence known when Kagome exited the front door, intrigued as to why Kagome was there Miroku stood listening for a few minutes.

Sesshoumaru stood patiently waiting for Sango beside the hired limo that was parked out side his luxury apartment. His eyes caught sight of Kagome who was just exiting the front door; she looked up and smiled happily. "Sango is on her way out, Sesshoumaru. I hope you have a wonderful evening."

"Why thank you, Kagome." he lowered his head in gratitude.

Miroku's eyes and ears must have deceived him, because he could has sworn Kagome just said Sango would be out then as if on cue she arrived out the door looking like a pure goddess in black. Sure enough he wasn't seeing things, and his heart truly did stop.

Sango held her breath and walked out into the front grounds 'I hope he likes this dress' she thought inwardly as her eyes scanned the area for her date.

Sesshoumaru lifted his gaze upon the black-dressed beauty that stood smiling up at him. She truly was breath taking, her hair was neatly styled off her neck and her slim frame wore the ankle length dress perfectly. He couldn't resist a small smile of his own as she neared him slowly.

Sesshoumaru opened the door for her and lifted her hand in to his own bringing it up to lips to kiss her soft skin. Sango blushed slightly feeling more than a small amount of warmth when his lips touched her skin.

"Your carriage awaits, my sweet rose." He said pulling himself behind her.

Sango smiled before nodding, "Thank you my lord." She said while entering the back of the stretch limo.

As the limo drove away from Sesshoumaru's drive Kagome waved silently praying and hoping that nothing would go wrong. Her prayer was cut short when she looked up to see someone that wasn't meant to have seen the display that just acted out between Sango and Sesshoumaru…



Chapter 3.3. - It takes Two to Tango - The Sango/Miroku/Sesshoumaru triangle - the impending three some date!

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