Jessica Jones inspected her place with pity, eyes wandering on the massive hole in the wall. She took another swig of her good ol' friend jack and continued to ponder.

Kilgrave was gone.

The thought was not exactly new to her. She had thought that before and because of that Hope and her parents died, not to mention the collateral damage of the whole situation.

Her eyes closed, revisiting the scene where her hands brutally snapped the bones in Kilgraves neck. She could practically still feel his god damn scrawny neck twisting and cracking underneath her pale hands.

Boots crunching had her standing up in an instant, muscles coiled tight and ready to pounce.

"Hey, it's just me" Malcolm assured, peering in through the glass of her door. He let himself in, sitting down on the teared couch.

"Wanna tal-" The legs of the couch snapped, causing him to tumble to the floor.

"You're paying for that" Jessica said dryly as Malcolm rubbed at his sore butt. He looked at her with a grin hidden under a grimace, "As I was saying, do you need to talk about it?"

Jessica looked at him intently, breaking out in a wry smile, "I'm already talking about it" She said, pointing a finger at the bottle of whiskey. Malcolm sighed, rolling his eyes

"I guess I'll 'talk' about it with you" He said, emphasizing the word talk and taking a swig of the bottle.

Jessica raised her eyebrows at him, "Really?" Malcolm nodded, straining to keep down the fiery liquid.

Jessica laughed loud, dipping her head back, as she watched the man spit out the contents in a torrent of coughs.

"Guess I was always a better druggie, than alcoholic" He joked, wiping at his mouth. They fell in silence, both caught up in their own thoughts.

From above shouts suddenly emerged, "Who are you!? Who sent you? I'm not afraid to call the police!"

They both looked at each other and Malcolm grunted, "I got this"

Jessica chuckled, "Have fun"

"Yeah, yeah"

She fell asleep to Kilgraves face of surprise and betrayal.

Rustling of fabric had Jessica's eyes snapping open, heart pounding in her ears. God, she couldn't ever have a break before a sweat of paranoia wound her up in a cocoon. Her eyes darted, her hand going from a limp ragdoll to a trembling fist.

"We gotta get outta here, Jared, I thin' shes gonna wake up" A hushed voice said, an urgency to it.

"Bu' Ink, she's got booze as well as a couple of extra dollas" A voice whined back, an octave lower than the other persons.

She heard a grunt of frustration and more rustling, through her drawers. She sprang up, catching one by the scruff of her tank top.

"Don't move, or ill snap your friend's neck!" She barked, her hand whipping out as fast as lightning to the light switch.

Bright light flooded the room, and Jessica scoffed at the two scrawny teenagers in her office. One was a boy who had a buzz cut and littered in piercings and poorly made tattoos. The one in Jessica's hands had short cropped hair, light brown. But that's all the temperamental women could make out at the moment.

"Chill, lady, we wasn't doing nothing" The boy said in his sharp New Yorker accent.

"Like hell you were doing nothing" Jessica retorted.

"Jared run!" The girl yelled, and Jessica was pushed with a strength almost as great as hers. The wind was knocked out of her, but she manage to grab the girl's hair at the last second.

She squirmed and kicked, and Jessica huffed in irritation. She looked down the hall, hearing the retreating steps of the boy.

Her desk moved abruptly, crashing into her hip.

"What the fuck!?" Jessica groaned as the girl once again escaped her grip. The girl dove across the desk and rushed into the hall.

Jessica growled, hot on the robber's heels. Malcolm arrived right on time, bumping into the intruder as he was stepping into the hallway. They both fell down with a crash and Jessica grabbed both of the girl's hands.

"Jess, there's no need, I think she hit her head" Malcolm moaned, clutching at his own head.

"Someone tried to steal from me" She said back curtly, looking at the girl irritatingly. But, it wasn't just that. Something was off and she knew it. She had the same feeling she had when she first saw Luke take that broken bottle to the neck.

"Well?" Malcolm said, rubbing his bruised jaw.

Jessica, without a word, picked her up.

"Wait, what?" Malcolm stood up, following closely, "She just stole something, Jessica, you're not gonna hurt her, right?"

Jessica looked back sharply, "Yes, I might just eat her" Sarcasm dripped in between them. Malcolm followed nonetheless, watching as his neighbor put down the girl lightly on her bed.

"There's something off, I don't know what it is yet" Jessica said, looking at the unconscious figure intently.

"What, likeā€¦ gifted?" He used his words carefully, not knowing what else to call her type.

"I don't know"