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Jessica observed the sun tiredly, her features as haggard and rough as her night. Having two wanna be punks trying to steal from you isn't exactly a joy ride. To top off the cherry pie, one of them was dead asleep on her bed right now.

She brushed a hand against her face, sighing heavily as she made her way to the kitchen. To pass the time, she snatched her split broom stick and got to cleaning. She swept the dust, debris and glass out of her kitchen and into the hallway, not giving a flying fuck. A middle aged woman strolled through the hallway, glaring at Jessica, "Are you going to just leave that there?"

"I'll pick it up as soon as you get plastic surgery" The temperamental hero sneered back, a headache pounding its way to her temples.

The lady turned a deep red, stabbing her key into the door lock and slamming the door shut behind her. Jessica rolled her eyes, closing her door as well. (Even though it didn't matter as her window was gone yet again) She inspected the rest of her apartment, groaning inwardly as she looked at the 3 foot hole in her wall. She couldn't exactly sweep that out into the hallway, could she?

Jessica inspected it grimly, her fingers hovering over the dialing pad, remembering last time she got a repair man to fix something of hers.

"Fuck it" She muttered, calling someone up. "So, you know how to fix walls?"

As she protested money ranges with what could only be a sour British man, the mysterious teen in bed twitched. A slight moving of the fingers, a quickening in breaths. Her eyelids fluttered open, confusion etched into her face, staring at her unfamiliar surroundings. Fear clutched at her heart like a vice grip, fists bunching up sheets and everything.

Without thinking, the small girl stood upright, yanking the bed sheets off her. 'bad idea' She thought as the room spun in circles, bile climbing up her throat with a vengeance. She heard footsteps approaching and she did her best to stand up, using the wall for support, and put up a defensive stance.

They quickened their pace when her stomach won the fight, emptying out the contents of her stomach.

"You might wanna take it easy, by the looks of it, i'd say you have a mild concussion"

"Where am I" She breathed out, wiping her mouth roughly, avoiding eye contact with Jessica.

"In the apartment you tried to steal from" Jessica replied curtly, walking to the edge of the bed.

"Why haven't you turned me in" She replied, taking a step back from Jessica's advance.

"Because your different, aren't you" She spoke the words softly, as if she was talking to a scared animal.

"Are you trying to be Oprah, cuz I'm sorry to tell ya, but ya don't look the part" She jibed, squinting at Jessica, checking her out, up to down.

"I can lift over thirty tons without breaking a sweat, and my friend can have an electrical saw put to his stomach without any problem. Actually, if I remember correctly, he broke it. He kinda has impenetrable skin"

The girl swallowed loudly, licking her lips in anxiety, "So? We all saw the angry green guy and his gang destroy half of downtown"

"Look, you practically knocked the breath out of me, and that's no easy feat. Now, you tell me the truth, or I'll turn you in" Jessica threatened, nonchalantly taking out her phone.

She loudly dialed in the first number, watching the girl tense up in fear. She dialed the second-"Fine, fuck, fine!"

Jessica put her phone away, smirking in victory. "I can, um, I can move things" She said hesitantly, scratching at her head.

She looked at her dead pan, "Well, I'd be worried if you couldn't move things"

"No, ugh, I can move things with my mind" She elaborated, pointing at her head. Jessica's brows went up, and her heart sped a little. People with mental powers didn't fit into nice criteria with her.

"Show me"

The girl made a gruntled noise, but a look from Jessica had her silent, "Fine" She looked at the pillow on the ground, and almost instantaneously it went into the air, hitting the ceiling, dropping back down like a bag of rocks.

"I'm still working on certain things" She muttered bashfully. Jessica sighed, "Do you have anywhere to stay?"

"Not really"

"Don't make me regret this, but I'm gonna let you sleep on my couch for the moment. But you have to tell me everything, from when you found out up until now"

She brightened up at the sound of a free place to crash, smiling softly to herself.

"Hey, whats your name by the way?" Jessica asked, moving closer to her.

"People call me Ink"

"Well Ink, your gonna help me clean my place if your gonna stay here" Jessica smiled at her wickedly, and Ink groaned before standing up gingerly.

"Lets get to it" Ink said begrudgingly.

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