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The world came back to the passed out girl. Her green eyes fluttered open, and she looked around. This wasn't home. She still had on the huge ball gown from the...dream? It obviously wasn't 'just a dream' because she wasn't on the couch in her house. She was laying in the middle of a random village. She sat up, and her head started reeling. She noticed that most of the jewels she had before were missing, and her beautiful dress was tattered. She looked around, trying to assess where she was.

Looking around, most things were small, from the houses to the doors, everything was small. Then, it dawned on her. Of course! As ridiculous as this was, she could believe it after what happened. It was the Goblin City from her mother's story when she was her age. Of course, she thought it was a fairy tale story, because who wouldn't?

That man...the one with the mismatched eyes. He was Jareth, the Goblin King. From her story, she remembered he was cruel and mean, until he fell in love with Sarah. Everything was falling into place. Jareth had thought that Persephone was Sarah, and it was a mistake people made. She felt hurt, that he would try and take her mother away from her. Her mother was happy, pregnant even. It had been thirty years. Did he know that? She was deep in thought, sitting on the ground.

"Sarah!" Poppy heard a gruff voice speak. She saw the source of the voice, and she recognized him from Sarah's description. He was the short, stocky creature that her mom had first had ran into some decades ago. "As I live and breathe!" He raced up to her, and looked disappointed. Poppy's feelings were hurt. "Oh. You're not Sarah."

That seems to disappoint a lot of people. She was quiet for a second and Hoggle was confused. "Hoggle!" Poppy said, pointing at him. "That's your name!" She remembered it, almost calling him Hogwart.

"How do you know that?" Hoggle asked her, confused. She wasn't Sarah, but she sure looked like her. Now, Hoggle wasn't a smart man but he could guess this much. "You're related to her, of course!" He watched her eyes light up, and he felt proud.

"Yes, yes! I'm her daughter." Poppy grinned, taking his hand in hers. "She talked about you. Hoggle. You were the first person she met here; her first friend." It was his turn to smile. Oh, Sarah. Hoggle thought, fondly. He still regarded her as his only friend.

"If you're her kid, then she must have grown up. People here rarely grow up." This place must have been some type of Neverland world. How long had it been here since Sarah left? "How old is she? How old are you?" He asked a lot of questions but she wasn't annoyed, she rather liked him already.

"Sarah is forty now." It was weird hearing her mom's name so much. He looked unphased. Time must past differently here. "She was a kid still, when she got here. She's an adult now." Now, he looked surprised. "I'm eighteen years old; just now an adult."

"It's been that long?" he asked, eyes wide. "Here, it's only been a few years." Hoggle shrugged. "Jareth has a way of messing with time. Especially when he's mad, which is more and more often now. Ever since she left, he's been a brat." Hoggle spoke with a hateful tone towards Jareth.

"I saw him." Poppy said, looking down at her dress. "One minute, I fell asleep on my couch and the next minute I'm in a ballroom." Poppy explained. He looked interested, so she kept going. "There was a party and we all had masks. I saw him and he was beautiful." She couldn't deny his looks. He was unlike anyone she had seen before, she figured that was because he wasn't human.

Hoggle scoffed. "Yeah, you and every other female thing think he's beautiful. I, for one, think he's downright revolting!" Hoggle proclaimed, loud and proud.

"Oh, Hedgie, I had no idea you felt so strongly about me." Poppy jumped, hearing a smooth,low voice behind her. Hoggle looked scared too, grabbing Poppy's arm. "Why are you here." The Goblin King sneered, looking at the girl on the floor. "I thought I sent you back to where you belong." His eyes were hateful, and someone could have guessed that they were lifelong enemies.

"Jareth…" Hoggle cursed. "Leave her alone." That was surprising. Hoggle never stood up for himself, much less other people. "It's your fault that she's here!"

Poppy shushed the creature next to her, but to no avail. In a instant, Jareth was in front of him, and he had a firm grip on his shoulders. "Don't tell me what to do, you insignificant creature!" Jareth bellowed, kneeling down, to their height. "And, you-" she felt her blood go cold as he looked at her. His eyes were scary, still in her mind from the dream. "-who are you?"

She swallowed, terrified. Surely, he could see how she was shaking in her ballgown. "P-Persephone!" She wasn't one to stutter or get nervous, but this was different. "Persephone. My name is Persephone." She repeated, calmly. She was level headed enough.

"I heard you the first time." He spat, letting go of Hoggle. "Well, Persephone, why are you here? Do tell." He put his hands on the sides of his face, in a mocking way. He loathed the very look of her.

She looked away, green and brown eyes looking sad. "You." She watched as he balled his fists. She wasn't afraid he would hit her, she was afraid of what magical mishap he would come with up next. "Your Majesty," Hoggle scoffed when she called him that. "I saw you in my….dream last night. I thought it was just a dream, but I woke up here. I don't know why I'm here, but I know who you are."

Jareth was still angry but he stood back up, offering his hand to help her up. Poppy accepted his gloved hand, brushing off her dirty dress once she was up. Snapping his fingers, her large balldown was replaced with a much lighter and practical mint green dress. Hoggle pointed at Poppy and she wish she would have stopped him from saying what he did. "Persephone is Sarah's daughter!" He proclaimed.

Jareth's eyes met Poppy's. "What?" He looked...heartbroken? So many emotions were running through him at this instant. "It's only been a few years!" he sounded lost and she reached out for him, to comfort him. He only pushed her away, throwing a piece of fabric at her that, before her eyes, turned into a snake. She shrieked, and threw the snake on the ground. While she was distracted, he disappeared.

Hoggle went to her side, looking up at her. "I shouldn't have said anything!" he said, sounding guilty. "I'm sorry, Persephone. But, he's the only one who can help you get back home. If you want to go home."

She smiled, sadly. "Of course I do. I need to go home. My sister is there and Mom-Sarah-is going to have her baby soon, and I can't just leave them." She had a feeling she was overspeaking but she had reason to trust Hoggle, didn't she?

"A baby? I never would have guessed that Sarah Williams would be all grown up! I guess I just figured she'd never grow up." He looked nostalgic, remembering his friend. It had been so long. "I'll help you get to the castle, how about that? This place isn't good to be alone in. Be lucky he didn't send you to the Bog."

The King was back in his castle, pacing around his throne room. This changed everything. Persephone, the human girl, was Sarah's daughter. Daughter. So, the five years that had passed here, had not been five years there. The girl was an adult, or at least close to it. Someone else had loved Sarah, someone else took away his chance. Didn't they know what he did for Sarah, how merciful he was?

Sitting in his throne, he materialized his staff, absentmindedly tapping it against the floor. Anger had melted into regret. Regret for many things. Jareth was cruel and he knew it, it was just his personality. But, perhaps, he was too cruel sometimes?

Maybe, just maybe, if he had been gentler to Sarah, she'd be here, and this never would have happened. But what is done, is done. There was no way to get the time back that he lost with her. Sarah had her run at the labyrinth, and she had beaten him.

Summoning a crystal ball, he could see the girl. She really did look like her mother, and that hurt him. She had long, dark locks. Her hair was a mess, from the updo she had earlier. Her skin was pale, and she looked like a ghost, even paler than him. Her eyes, he noted, were like his; mismatched. While the majority of the iris was green, there was a noticeable ring of brown around her pupils. While pleasing to look at, Jareth still hated the very thought of her. Having a weak human girl here, in his kingdom, was not good. If her parentage wasn't what it was, he wouldn't feel remorse sending her to the Bog or leaving her to be ripped apart by the Fireys.

Jareth snapped his fingers. That was it! The girl...What was her name again? Penelope? Jareth thought, his crystal disappearing. If I bring her back unharmed and happy, then Sarah will be grateful. There was no doubt that the King was obsessive, and no one would stop him from getting what he wanted. He always got what he wanted, no matter the cost, and now was no different.

Of course, she would be afraid of him, and he guessed he couldn't blame her. He was terrifying, in his own right. So, why not lead her here? It wouldn't trace back to him and he would be the hero.

Jareth tapped the staff on the ground, and someone came in the door. This someone was human-looking, more or less. "Say, Brandt," Jareth started, and the man bowed, a somber look. "How would you like to do a favor for me?" The fae asked, putting his leg over the side of this throne. He looked very casual. "Not that you have a choice, boy, you are a criminal. However, do this successfully and maybe I'll be a little more forgiving." Nevermind what happens if you fail.

The man nodded once, dark curls bouncing. "Yes, Your Grace. Anything for you."

An evil smirk spread across his face. With Jareth, there was always an ultimatum. Of course, he left out what 'a little more forgiving' had really meant, but that wasn't important, was it?

The newly formed duo, led by Hoggle, had started on their way. They weren't in the labyrinth, but the city had its own dangers. Not to mention that the city might as well be a maze, every turn was different. That might have been magic or a bad architect.

Hoggle stopped, and Poppy stopped with him. "He's in the castle up there." There was a castle on a hill, far away. The castle was rather large, and dark in appearance. "Probably throwing a fit, like he always does." Hoggle rolled his eyes.

She was following him, wringing her hands. This whole situation made the girl extremely anxious. Poppy was away from Des, and by now they knew she was gone and she had no way of telling them where she was. Sarah would never guess that she was here, and she knew that. Her family didn't need more stress, and she hated being the source of it. "Hoggle?" she wanted to listen to him talk but her anxiety was taking over her mind.

Hearing his name, he looked up at her, ready to help. She smiled, he was kind. She fully trusted him, and she figured that he would probably be the only person she trusted here. "Yes, Persephone?"

Her stomach growled, and she looked embarrassed. "I hate to be a bother but I haven't eaten all day, and you know this city better than me." Hoggle made a noise of understanding, and nodded. "I think I need rest, so I'll just sit here and wait for you, okay?" He nodded again, and started to walk off. "And Hoggle?"

He turned on his heels, facing her again. "Yes?"

"Call me Poppy. I hate Persephone."

"Of course, Poppy. I'll be right back, you can count on me!" He proclaimed, walking away and he was soon out of her sight.

It was quiet for a few moments, and she felt tired. Sliding down a wall, she leaned against it once she was sitting down. Her eyes were heavy and she closed her eyes, wanting to at least rest until Hoggle came back with food.

"Poppy, eh?" said a voice. It was a male voice but it wasn't Jareth's voice, she was sure. Poppy opened her eyes to see a man standing over her. When her vision was clear, she could see him clearer. "It's been a bit since I've seen your kind here." He was vaguely human looking, at least in his build. He had a sort of greenish tint to his skin, and he had upturned nostrils and she could vaguely make out two tiny fangs when he spoke. Under his dark, thick locks were two long twisted horns on either side of his head. He was a threatening looking creature, even despite looking human.

She was scared, and backed up further against the wall. "Hoggle?" she squeaked out, sounding small.

"Oh, Hoggle won't be here to save you now, human." He laughed, darkly. "The only one who can save you now is King Jareth, and I have a feeling he won't care now."

I'd take the lesser of two evils. Poppy thought, big scared eyes filling with tears. And, now, I'm not sure who is who.