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~ Chapter Thirty-Seven ~

It was October the 17th when they arrived in Osgiliath. The day the Council of Elrond had taken place so long ago. Frodo felt their entering of the city mirrored that event in some way. Yet those that to him were once strangers were now his dearest companions.

People swarmed the streets and roads and bridges, cheering his name, waving banners and flags, singing songs of praise. Old joy had billowed up from memory and now blazed anew.

"This is like what it was back in Minas Tirith," Sam whispered to him, "Do you remember, Mister Frodo? All those years ago."

"All those years...and yet they treat us as if it all happened yesterday," the hobbit laughed. He found himself engulfed by the crowd and separated from his friends who watched with mild amusement as he was lifted onto their shoulders. The terror of the Nazgûl and the sorrow of Emáten's loss seemed to ebb away at the sight of such happiness.

Arwen, Eowyn and Faramir managed to forge a path through to their friends. They saw changes in the Fellowship even before they spoke with them. Their faces were deeply lined and their eyes held no merriment. The hobbits, for once in their lives, looked truly old. Age was beginning to creep over both them and the others. Even fair Legolas looked weary. Arwen knew that they had all seen too much of the world. There was no mystery left for them. They had seen the greatest and the most fearful places on Middle-Earth. Now they were still staggering through with ever increasing sorrow weighting their hearts.

"I think," said Faramir, "That whenever the Fellowship get together for any period of time, there is an adventure of some kind. Or a quest perhaps? You will of course tell us everything."

"In due course, in due course," Aragorn replied, "But...I want to speak to them. The people of Osgiliath. In celebration of Frodo's return and of...of other matters. Do you remember a man named Emáten?"

"Yes. Shy fellow. You sent him to the Shire, did you not?"

"Find his family. We must speak to his family."


The festivities went on long into the night. The Fellowship (and of course, Bilbo, who refused to be left out) were the honoured guests and they were not allowed to lift a finger, if only to eat. Platter after platter of food was laid before them and any number of songs sung in their honour. In the end, Sam could stand it no longer and demanded that people stopped telling him how glorious he was and get on with enjoying themselves. But a young woman approached him. There were tears in her eyes and her cheeks were damp.

"Please," she said in a small voice, "May I then sing?"

"Of course!" cried Sam, "As long as it isn't about me."

She risked a quiet laugh.

"No, sir. It- It's for my brother, Emáten."

Sam became silent and cast his eyes down. Instead, Frodo got to his feet.

"What's your name?" he asked.

"Emarin," she said, "Envin and I wanted...well, it was just...I don't know," she finished lamely, dropping her hands to her sides, "We wanted to show that we love him."

"Emarin, I owe your family more than I can ever give. It was Envin who healed me when returning from Mordor and Emáten saved me from the Ring itself. It is I that should give you praise. But I cannot think of any great enough that I can give."

The woman bent down and she and the hobbit embraced. As if sharing every love and hope they had ever had. And then Emarin sang.

"If ever I forget, I will remember,

If ever I am lost, I shall find.

With you as my guide, as my starlight,

In my heart, my soul and mind.

If I ever let go, I'll hold on,

If ever I fall, I shall fly.

For the memories you gave me,

Won't fade or wane or die.

If ever I refuse, I'll comply,

If ever I stray, I shall believe.

For you are our guide,

And Emáten will never leave."


Bilbo and the younger hobbits browsed through the faded annuals in the study until they found the one Aragorn had told them of. A large empty book with a blue cover. Bilbo opened it up to the first page and his quill hovered over it.

"What shall we call it?"

"Emáten," said Frodo, "Call it that."

"No offence meant, Frodo," Pippin piped up, "But you played a part in this too. We all did. Sam, Merry, Aragorn, Gandalf..."

"Yes, this is everyone's story," Merry agreed, "It's about all of us coming together. Memories coming together."

"All the memories coming home," muttered Sam.

"Brilliant, Sam," cried Bilbo and he pressed the nib into the page, writing in neat flowing script, 'Memories of Home.'

"And in chapters," said Merry, "So we can fill in the different bits of it. Find out Aragorn's story and Legolas and Gimli's."

"It should begin with Waiting, then. Because that's what we were all doing," Pippin added.

"And it should begin" Frodo said quietly, "With Sam."


Memories of Home- compiled by the Fellowship and other sources

Chapter One- Waiting

"Samwise Gardener, are you ever planning on coming inside...?"
~* End *~