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Love Is All Around Epilogue

It has been two years since that day I poured milk all over Daniel's head, but time seemed to rush past. I'm 14 now, a few inches taller and a little more mature.

Twelve months ago, Richard Burke died in a tragic car crash. That's what I call him now. You see, soon after, Chandler Bing legally adopted me as his daughter. I've realised that Richard never really was my dad…he was just a memory of someone around in the early part of my childhood. I was sad he died, but I can't even remember what he looks like. It was a tough time for mom. Richard didn't have any other family, so as his ex-wife, my mom felt obliged to arrange his funeral. It was her chance to say goodbye to her past.

Right now, I'm at mom and dad's wedding. When I say dad, I mean Chandler. I started calling him dad from the day he signed the adoption papers. I never thought this wedding day would come. By an awful coincidence, dad was going to propose to mom the day we found out Richard had died. My mom grieved for her ex-husband for a while, and I think dad felt uncomfortable with it. He just didn't know when was the right time to propose and he also thought mom still loved Richard. Not aware of the emotional hell dad was going through; my mom wrongly thought he didn't care about her feelings during the funeral arrangements.

A month after the funeral, mom and dad finally realised how wrong they were about each other and dad proposed. It was a happy ending at last.

During the many, many months of wedding planning, two 'events' happened. The first event that has happened is Uncle Ross and Rachel are expecting another baby. Rachel is now eight months pregnant and is blissfully happy. Unlike the first time round with Emma, Rachel says she couldn't be more comfortable. Hmm…I wonder if she'll be saying that in four weeks time.

The second event that has happened was a shock to everyone at first. Joey and Phoebe are now officially a couple. Three weeks ago, everyone had a party for mom and dad. Joey and Phoebe got very drunk and…well…by the time the next morning came round, they were totally crazy about each other.

Anyway, so I'm at the church right now. After getting ordained on the Internet, Joey is officiating. Rachel, Phoebe and I are bridesmaids. Uncle Ross is the best man.

I watched my mom walk down the altar. With her hair styled up and her silk gown trailing along the floor she looked so beautiful. I understand why dad calls her a princess.

I saw the look on dad's face. It was full of love and happiness; he couldn't take his eyes off mom for a second. Behind me, I could hear Rachel crying. She said it was just her hormones but I didn't believe her… everyone in the room was crying.

I saw a scene that pleased me so much. Mom's mother, Judy Geller, hugged her daughter and whispered something to her that made them both smile. I had not seen Grandmother hug mom before. I don't think they ever got along really, so it was great to see the two sharing a moment together.

I listened carefully to mom and dad's vows. Mom called him her soul mate, best friend and prince. Dad told mom he loved her and he showed her that by kissing her passionately.

I grinned slightly at Joey, who had forgot his notes and was struggling to remember what came next. Uncle Ross leaned in and whispered something about rings and Joey shouted "damn!" Typical Joey. He still doesn't know what omnipotent means. I do. I've come to realise what all the fuss was about over it. Some day I will tell him. He can't go through the rest of his life thinking that omnipotent means you are 'unable to satisfy your partner', as Phoebe oh so carefully put it. I guessed the rest.

The vows and ring exchanging over, mom and dad are now married. I couldn't be more happier for them. Oh no…I'm beginning to talk like dad!

I wonder if I'll ever meet my best friend and soul mate, just like my mom did. Rachel once told me that to fall in love with your best friend is the greatest thing that could happen to you. At the time I was only 10 years old and doubted her claims. How could you fall in love with your best friend? Now, watching this beautiful scene before me, I realise that she was right.

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