Forgotten Yesterday

Chapter 1: Mission

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A hush went through the staff table in the great hall of Hogwarts school as Harry entered the room.

'Wonderful' he thought 'What do I have to go kill today.'

The war had been over almost 8 years now. When the dust had finally settled Voldemort was dead once and for all and the death eaters scattered but the losses on both side were astronomical. Lucius Malfoy had died at the hands of his own son. Dumbledore and Mcgonagall fell during the final battle. Ron and Lavender Weasly and Harry's own wife Cho in a raid several months before.

Harry let go of his daughter Kaitlyn's hand and she ran to the gryffandor table where the prefects always saved her a seat. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the headmaster discretely slip out of his chair and in to one of the side rooms. He sighed dramatically and followed. Inside he closed the door silently and leaned against it.

"do I even get breakfast before I go kill this one?" In the years since the war though Harry had taken the defense against dark arts position at hogwarts he continued to serve the order of phoenix disposing of death eaters the aurors failed to apprehend.

"It's not that type of mission Harry." Severus snape shuffled through papers on a desk then took a step towards the younger man. "You need to bring someone home. I will be covering your classes while you're gone."

"Will it take that long?"

"She may need a bit of convincing."

Harry snorted a laugh. "You always did want that defense job."

Snape smiled. "Not really it was far more rewarding to have students think I may be poisoning them."

His comment finally made Harry genuinely laugh. "So who is this person?"

The headmaster suddenly withdrew. "She has been living as a muggle since shortly after her graduation from Hogwarts though she did continue to her magical studies."

"She deserted during the war?"

"No. Do you remember when Albus asked you all to join the order and fight Voldemort?" He continued after Harry nodded. "No one asked her. Though how the old fool passed her by I will never know. At the leaving feast she was told her parents had been killed. We now believe it was death eaters, most probably malfoy."

"She was muggle-born then." Harry strained his memory for some muggle-born student who's parents had died their last night at school but could remember none.

"Yes, she went back to settle their affairs and simply never turned back."

"Severus, just explain to me why I'm going after the woman. If she wants out of the wizarding world its none of our business."

"The time has come Harry to right old wrong, on my part at least. She could have been the greatest witch in her generation and ignored her. She's dying now Harry."


"I'm surprised you don't remember her." Snape came around the sofa and stood next to Harry


"She was one of your best friends."


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