Hi everyone! I saw the new Star Wars movie last weekend, and I loved it so much I felt the need to contribute something to this fandom! This is unabashed Reylo, so for the purposes of this story we will assume that Rey's past is murky, but she is in no way related to Kylo Ren. This story will be rated M for adult language and sexual content, so read at your own risk, you've been warned! Anyways, hope you guys enjoy the story! Feedback is always appreciated! I would love to hear from you!

Chapter 1: Entwined Fates

He stood fifteen feet away from her, arms crossed defiantly over his chest.

"I'm not going back there, so you might as well turn around and leave me be."

Rey felt her anger rising, but she managed to keep herself calm. Breath in. Breathe out she repeated to herself, closing her eyes briefly. When she felt that she was calm, Rey reached for her lightsaber, igniting it in one swift motion. Across from her, Kylo Ren followed suit, igniting his crude blade as well.

"I don't want to fight you," he warned.

"Why?" she taunted. "Afraid you'll lose again?"

That got the response she wanted. Kylo Ren's handsome face twisted in rage, the scar that she had given him only serving to make him look more grotesque.

"Fight me!" she challenged. "I win, you come back with me. You win, I let you go. Unless you're frightened that is…"

With a roar of indignation, Kylo Ren charged her, his red saber swinging through the air. Rey parried his blow with her own blue saber. She went on the attack then, striking hard. Kylo Ren blocked first one blow, then another, swinging fast to dispense a few of his own.

Red and blue lightsabers flashed, screaming as they made contact. The snow around them lit up in the afterglow of their dance of death. They parried and struck, each of them fighting for their pride as well as their lives. Around them, the wind shifted drastically, the cold northern that had been promised rolling in.

The storm was here, and it was too late to turn back. Rey realized with a start that she could not lose. If she lost, she would die. No one would come for her.

She fought hard, striking fast, desperate to end the fight before she wore down, but every strike she threw was parried away. Kylo Ren was stronger than her, and she was wearing down far too quickly. He was gaining the upper hand.

She lashed out, kicking him squarely in the hip. He stumbled back ungracefully, thrown by her physical attack. Rey used the opportunity and slashed her lightsaber at him while he was stunned. He blocked her attack in time, but the blue blade hissed a mere inch from his face, threatening to give him yet another permanent scar.

Kylo Ren shoved his red saber hard in her direction, and before she knew it the tables were turned, his blade close enough to singe her hair.

"That was a cheap shot," he grunted. "I thought you were better than that."

Rey pushed with all her might, throwing his blade back, and struck at him again. Every strike she made was blocked and returned with fervor, and she soon found that their dance had brought them down into a ravine next to a frozen lake.

She seized her chance, dashing out onto the ice, trying to put some distance between her and her adversary. She was counting on him giving up and letting her go, but she was surprised to see that he wasn't afraid to follow her.

Kylo Ren moved out onto the ice with a lithe grace obtained from years of battle training. She met him with another strike, which he easily blocked.

"Stop it Rey," he commanded her, but she was in no mood to obey.

She thought of Poe, who had been tortured at his hands. She thought of Finn, who had almost died fighting him. She thought of all the Jedi Padawan he had slaughtered, and last of all she thought of Han Solo. Han Solo, his father, whom he had driven his lightsaber through like it was nothing. She would not stop until this animal was brought to justice.

Rey slashed again, barely missing him, and chipped the ice between them with the edge of her lightsaber.

Rey, stop it! His thoughts projected to her. The ice is unstable. You're going to get us both killed.

She slashed at him again and he blocked, pushing her back.

She misstepped.

Suddenly, Rey felt the ice give way beneath her, and she plunged into the frigid waters. Growing up on Jakku had its disadvantages, one being that she couldn't swim. She knew as soon as she hit the water that she was going to drown.

The last thing she saw was Ren's face full of shock and terror, before she slipped under and let the darkness take her.

"Rey, what are you doing? You have to take off! Now!" the voice of Poe Dameron sounded out over the comm system of the Millennium Falcon.

In the co-pilot's seat next to her, Chewbacca roared out something similar. Starkiller Base was imploding. They needed to leave immediately, and yet she paused, unable to take off.

She could still see him at the edge of her vision. From here, he was nothing more than a dark spot, buried in the snow. An injured Kylo Ren, who was soon to become a deceased Kylo Ren.

Rey lingered on the thought for too long, and her decision was made for her. She was committed, regardless of the fact that she would probably hate herself for it later.

"We have to get him," she told Chewie. "We can't leave him to die."

The wookie was starting to argue, but Rey was already moving the Falcon towards him.

"Yes Chewie, I remember that he killed Han," she answered to the wookie's outrage. "General Organa will still want him alive though."

At that, Chewbacca stopped arguing, knowing that she was right. Rey set the Falcon on autopilot, programming it to hover until they returned, and she and Chewie disembarked.

As they approached Kylo Ren, Rey pushed the force towards him, causing him to black out. He never fought her, and Rey briefly wondered if his spirit was as broken as his body looked after their fight.

Chewbacca easily lifted him, throwing him haphazardly over his hairy shoulders, and the two of the hightailed it back to the Millennium Falcon as the ground below them started to give way.

It was close, too close.

Rey lifted off right as the planet collapsed beneath them. In the background Poe Dameron was still advising them to take off.

"Millennium Falcon to Resistance. We are taking off, en route to base. Inform General Organa that we have Kylo Ren in custody. Over."

She heard a whoop on the other end of the comm system as she warped the Falcon to light speed. Behind them, Starkiller Base exploded, fragmenting into a million pieces and scattering across the galaxy.

The Millennium Falcon shook violently from the explosion, jarring Rey so hard she saw stars. Chewbacca let out an indignant roar and they both held on until the impact subsided. Rey let out a whoop of victory as they left Starkiller Base's gravitational pull. She high-fived Chewie, grinning from ear to ear.

"Millennium Falcon to Resistance," she broadcasted. "We are free and clear. Headed to base. Over."

"Damn that was close!" Poe answered. "We all know you can fly now, so next time don't wait until the last second to take off or we'll lose all our fighters from heart attacks."

Rey laughed, feeling giddy. "Can't make any promises," she teased.

"Show off," Poe shot back lightly.

"We'll see you at base. Millennium Falcon over and out."

Rey set the Falcon to autopilot, typing in the coordinates to Hoth. When she was satisfied that the ship was taking over, she unstrapped herself to check on Finn and Kylo Ren.

She had every intention of checking on Finn first, and saving a last glance at their extra passenger, but she found herself going to him first. Something in the Force drew her to him, it had ever since he went into her mind and she into his. It was an unexplainable pull, that she neither liked nor wanted, but it was there all the same.

Rey should never have brought him on board, she knew that. Kylo Ren should be dead, with tiny little pieces of his former existence floating in the galaxy along with the remains of Starkiller Base. But instead, he was here, in the Millennium Falcon, because Rey couldn't bear to leave him behind.

"What's happening to me?" she whispered, as if the unconscious Ren would answer her.

Suddenly, her lungs felt as though they were on fire, and her body was cold. Somewhere she smelled smoke, and heard a strange howling noise. She looked at Kylo Ren, but he was already fading away, leaving her alone in the darkness. Somehow, the thought of him leaving her terrified Rey, and she reached out for him, but he was already gone.

Rey awoke to the sound of howling wind and the smell of fire. Her lungs burned, and every breath was painful. She opened her eyes slowly, trying to clear her head.

She was in some kind of cave.

Outside a blizzard raged with fierce intensity, but it didn't go any further than the entrance of her sanctuary. She took note of the fact that she lay on the ground no more than four or five feet from a small fire.

Across from the fire sat a very cold, tired, and miserable looking Kylo Ren. He was wearing a pair of black pants with a wide black belt and tall black boots, but form the waist up he was stripped. His broad chest flexed as he stoked up the fire with his lightsaber.

For a moment, Rey merely took him in, the sight of him without his mask and heavy black clothing strange. He was handsome, of that she was certain. Even the scar that ran across his face did little to take away from that. His dark curls framed his face, and his eyes were a deep chocolate. His lips were full, and pouted in a very seductive way when he concentrated. He was tall and lean, his body built for graceful fighting and his stature intimidating.

Rey briefly thought that if she didn't hate him so much, she might pursue him. However, that thought was quickly replaced by a more logical one.

Why was he stripped from the waist up in the middle of a blizzard?

When the answer came to her, she felt both foolish and violated. With a start she realized that he didn't have any clothes on because she was wearing them. His black long-sleeve shirt covered her torso and upper thighs, and she was wrapped from head to toe in his thick, black cloak.

Rey jumped up in shock and rage. Her cheeks burned in rage as she realized what must have happened.

"You!" she shouted, trying hard to keep the tremors from her voice. "You undressed me! How dare you!"

Kylo Ren looked at her with amusement in his dark eyes, his mouth curving up into a smirk.

"Would you have preferred if I let you freeze to death?"

The rational part of Rey's mind told her that he was right, but she was too ashamed to admit it.

"You have no right!" she continued. "You saw me naked! You…You're a sick pervert!"

Kylo Ren was openly laughing now, the sound rich and deep. "Yes, I took your clothes off so you wouldn't freeze to death. Yes, I saw you naked. In case you were wondering, I enjoyed the view; and although I don't consider myself a pervert, you can call me one if it makes you feel better."

"You're such a jerk!" she shouted at him.

She wrapped his cloak more tightly around her body, as if covering herself now could erase what he had seen. She tried to force push him, to show him exactly what she thought about him, but he barely even moved back.

"Sit down before you hurt yourself," he commanded her, chuckling at her meager efforts to harm him. "You're too weak to fight right now."

Rey glared at him, feeling dizzy from her effort to force push him.

"I'm sitting down because I want to, not because you told me to," she clarified as she slipped back to the ground.

"Alright," he smirked, his eyes gleaming with amusement.

She hated him. She hated everything about him. She hated his smug demeanor. She hated his force abilities. She hated that he could get inside her head. She even hated his good looks. Someone as evil as him shouldn't be as handsome as he was. She let her eyes linger for a moment too long, and he smirked at her once again.

"Like what you see?" he asked nonchalantly.

Rey could feel her face going hot. "Shut up," she quipped. "All of this is your fault."

"My fault?" he asked smugly. "I seem to remember that you were the one who followed me."

"I wouldn't have followed you if you hadn't run!"

"And I wouldn't have ran if your Resistance friends hadn't decided to take my head. They didn't tell you did they?" he asked when he saw her face go slack. "Your buddy Poe told me last night that I would never receive a fair trail. He told me that by the next sundown they intended to take my head and send it to Snoke in a box. The Resistance is not as united or as kind as they seem."

"I won't say you don't deserve it," Rey replied carefully. "But I didn't know."

Kylo Ren seemed to take no offense to her reply. "It's not like it matters. I escaped, and they won't follow me in this storm. That would be suicide. We've also already established that you're going to let me go, so things are looking up."

"Why would I let you go after everything you've done," Rey snapped, angry once again.

"Because a deal is a deal," Ren drawled slowly. "I believe you said that if you lost our little fight that you would let me go. Time to hold up your end of the bargain."

Rey frowned at him, her anger beginning to subside. "I would have won if it hadn't been for the ice."

Kylo Ren snorted in disbelief. "Blame the ice all you like, but you and I both know you would have lost anyway." I can read your thoughts, remember? You knew that you were wearing down. The victory was mine from the beginning.

"I hate you," she responded quickly, but there was no real venom in her words.

"I'd be insulted if you didn't."

"Why did you save me?" she asked suddenly. "Why didn't you let me drown or freeze to death?"

Kylo Ren walked over to where she sat and lowered himself to the ground directly in front of her. He was now less than a foot away, his dark eyes meeting hers with an intensity that she wasn't used to. Up close his scar was far more prominent, the smooth pink flesh marring his face. For a moment, Rey felt a pang of guilt for giving it to him.

"You saved me on Starkiller Base, so I saved you on the ice. Now we're even."

She sensed there was more to it, and she was right. He bit his bottom lip gently and looked away from her, unable to continue. Instead, she felt his thoughts as he pushed them to her.

I saved you because we have a connection. Ever since the interrogation room, I can read your thoughts, see into your mind. I can feel your emotions, your presence, and if I concentrate hard enough, I can even feel the beat of your heart.

I know you can feel me too, even if you won't admit it. We travel different paths, but we are one and the same, you and I. You are the light and I am the darkness, but we are the same. I was unable to bear the thought of your life being snuffed out, so I saved you.

"No," she protested, panic rising up in her.

Yes his thoughts pushed to her again. That's why you volunteered to bring me back too. You feel me as strongly as I feel you. You don't understand it, and it confuses you. You want to know why.

"Stop it," she warned, eyes filled with panic.

We're connected Rey, deeply connected through the Force. Our fates are entwined.


Speak to me with your mind.


Rey shoved him hard with the Force, knocking him on his back. "We are not the same."

She jumped up from where she was sitting, desperate to get away from him. He let her go as she walked to the back of the cave, trying to put some distance between them, but even with the distance Rey could still feel his thoughts, and the strong, steady beat of Ren's heart.

He watched her as she tried to sleep, noting that she was failing miserably. Even with his shirt and cloak, she was freezing. Her teeth chattered and she shook violently. She was from Jakku, a planet known for heat and sand, and it was obvious that the cold of Hoth did not agree with her.

Ren was cold too, having long ago lost the feeling in his upper body.

"Rey," he called to her gently. She barely looked at him, the effort taking too much energy.

"It's too cold to hate each other right now," he said bluntly. "If you want to survive the night, were going to have to do something different, and you're not going to like it."

"What?" she asked immediately. "I'm so cold, I'll do anything."

Kylo Ren sighed deeply, steeling himself for rejection and a slow death from the cold. "We need to huddle together for body heat."

"No," was Rey's immediate response. "I'd rather die than get that close to you."

He sighed again in defeat. "We're going to die then, just so you know. It's too cold, even with the fire and the shelter."

He sat shivering for a little while longer. It seemed like hours, but in reality it was only a few minutes before Rey rose from her spot and reluctantly stalked over to him.

"For the record, I'm doing this because I think it's a good idea, not because you want to."

Ren smirked at her, amused by her stubbornness. "Whatever you say, sweetheart."

"Call me sweetheart one more time and I'll punch you in the face."

He laughed openly then, surprised by how natural it felt to joke with her. Ren wrapped his arms around her gently and pulled her to him. Rey looked as though she wanted to bolt from his touch, but she allowed him to pull her to his chest.

They lay down together by the fire and Kylo Ren took his cloak from her and wrapped it around both of them, pulling her into him once again. She stiffened as he wrapped his arms tightly around her.

Her body felt fantastic. Her skin was soft and warm, sending a jolt of electricity through him. Her hazel eyes met his, and plump lips parted seductively as she tried to control her breathing. He could feel her breasts against his chest through the shirt she was wearing and he almost lost control.

He thought of the most disturbing thing he could think of to keep himself from getting an erection. General Hux in a speedo. It worked. Instant turn off.

He rejoiced internally until he felt her discomfort and read her thoughts. They were not thoughts that pleased him.

"I'm not going to rape you," he growled, answering her fears out loud. "I may be a lot of unsavory things, but a rapist is not one of them. If I take you, it's going to be because you want it."

"I'll never want you," she spat. "Keep dreaming."

"I will," he answered her gently, not a hint of malice in his voice. He briefly caught the look of surprise in her eyes, along with another emotion of a more primal nature.

She wanted him almost as badly as he wanted her. He could see it in her eyes, but she was unwilling to admit it to herself yet.

That was fine. Kylo Ren could be patient on occasion. She would ask him to take her eventually, of that he was certain.

They lay quiet for some time, each of them warming up against the other. Finally, he felt Rey relax against him, her breathing evening out.

When he knew she was asleep, he allowed himself to think about her. He thought about earlier in the day, how he had dived into the ice to save her. His entire body had felt as though it was on fire as he pulled her from the ice hole. She wasn't breathing when he pulled her out, so he had alternated chest compressions and artificial respiration, trying to save her.

He remembered the way her lips had tasted sweet against his own, and he had found himself lingering far longer than necessary. Then of course, there was her body. Perfect in every way. When he had taken her clothes off to keep her warm, his eyes could not focus on anything but the perfection before him. He had dressed her quickly for fear of losing control, but he longed to touch her and to feel her body against his.

The memory of her body aroused him, and Ren was thankful that Rey had already gone to sleep so he didn't have to force himself to think of General Hux again.

Her hair that was usually up tightly in triple buns was messy, and Ren found himself involuntarily brushing a stray hair behind her ear as she slept.

He wanted her more than anything, and he would have her. He just needed to be patient. It would take some time for Rey to admit that she wanted him too, but eventually she would. When she finally asked him to take her, he fully intended to claim her as his.

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