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Epilogue: Full Circle

A loud humming crackle filled the air, crimson spilling out across the darkness. The voice that had haunted him for almost a month now invaded his head once again.

It was deep and gravelly, yet somehow managed to infiltrate his thoughts with a strange, silky seduction.

"Kylo Ren," the voice sneered.

"No," he denied for what felt like the hundredth time. "Kylo Ren is dead. There is only Ben now."

"Fool," the voice answered him. "Kylo Ren is not dead. He is merely buried in the weak and disgusting form you have taken. You were once a god among men, but now you are pathetic. Playing house with that…woman…pretending to be something that you are not. You were meant for more than the pathetic existence that you've chosen."

Ben felt something inside him stirring, old feelings, anger, lust for blood, hatred. Visions of power played before him. A galaxy with him as its ruler, everything he could ever want laid out before him. All of the feelings he had fought so hard to bury came swimming to the surface.

"No," he said again, his voice a snarl. "Tempt me all you want, but my answer is still no. That part of my life is over."

"Then so be it," the voice sneered with finality. "The Force must be balanced with or without you. If not you, then I will find another."

Ben awoke gasping for air, his lungs on fire, and his head spinning between dream and reality. A cold sheen of sweat covered his body, and he thrashed out at an unseen enemy. A hand grabbed his shoulder, soft but firm, and another gently stroked his face.

"Ben," Rey soothed, the mere sound of her voice calming him and slowing the erratic beat of his heart. "Was it the dream again?" she asked softly.


He felt her hands gently smooth over his face, and he became lost in her touch. His dark eyes swept over her lovingly. She was his Rey, hiswife, and the mother of his children. Despite their many years together, she was still as beautiful to him as she had been when he first met her. Ben pulled her to him, allowing the feel of her skin against his to calm him further.

"It was a dream," she reminded him, pressing her lips to his softly. "Nothing more."

He raised a shaky hand an entwined it in her hair, pulling her in for a harder, more desperate kiss. He breathed Rey in as if he were a drowning man, crushing her soft lips under his, and deepening the kiss with his tongue. When they pulled apart for air, she gently smoothed the worry lines between his brows with her thumb and forefinger.

"I never doubted you," she smiled. "You're stronger than your demons."

"It's only because of you," Ben replied sheepishly. "My demons are pretty persuasive. I do think that he's giving up on me though."


"He said that if I wouldn't do it, he would find another."

"Good," Rey sighed. "Let's bury the past and get back to our life. I don't want to give you up. Balance of the Force can be someone else's problem this time."

"As long as I'm alive, you will never have to give me up," he told her reassuringly. "I am yours for all eternity."

Rey smiled at him, the beauty of the gesture igniting a fire within him, and when her lips met his again, he forgot all about his dream and the Force. All that mattered was the woman he had loved for almost two decades. She was his, and that was all that he cared about.


"It's Friday today," the teenage girl muttered dully as she picked at her breakfast of fruit. "Not that it matters anyway since we live out here in BFE." She rolled her hazel eyes in annoyance as the young man who sat across from her groaned.

"You have the worst attitude ever. Talking to you is worse than having my legs chewed off by a hungry wampa. And what does BFE mean anyways? That's the dumbest acronym I've ever heard."

"Playing in the dirt all day has made you such a social prude," she sighed. "BFE stands for butt fu- hey mom!" the teenager recovered, her pale face turning scarlet. "I was just telling Tom that we need to go into town this weekend."

Across the table from her Tom laughed openly, pushing his dark hair out of his face as his hazel eyes shone with mirth. Rey shook her head in feigned disgust, and pointed a finger at her daughter.

"What have I told you about your language, Leia? And you-" she turned her eyes to Tom, who was still laughing at his sister's blunders. He shut up immediately as his mother's eyes bored down on him. "Your father wants you outside. Now."

"Yes ma'am," Tom mumbled before downing the remainder of his breakfast, and scurrying outside, all laughter forgotten.

Now it was Leia's turn to laugh, and she did so happily, her dark curls bouncing against her face as she began to pick at her food again. Rey got herself some breakfast, and joined her daughter at the table.

"Mom…" Leia asked Rey hesitantly, not sure of where to begin.

Rey turned her attention to her daughter, knowing that she had a question to ask, and fearing what it would be. The girl's questions and interests as of late had been concerning to her. They had been mostly about the dark side, and what Rey thought their power was capable of. At first she had written it off as a simple curiosity, but the questions had become more and more frequent.

"I've been saving up for the last couple of years," Leia began slowly, her eyes locked on her mother. "And I want to buy a ship and go exploring."

"That sounds like a good way to get yourself in trouble," Rey frowned. "If you want to see the galaxy, I'll send you to stay with your Aunt Brienne and Uncle John for awhile, or you can even go stay with your great Uncle Luke. He's training some Force sensitive kids on Coruscant. You can go and train with them."

"I don't want to learn from Uncle Luke," Leia interrupted. "He can't teach me what I really want to know."

"And what do you want to know?" Rey asked hesitantly, fearing her answer.

"The Force is within me. I know that," Leia said firmly. "I want to be able to use it, and not for silly things like levitating objects and finding inner peace. I want to learn to control people, to bend them to my will. I want to learn to heal people, and even bring them back from the dead. I want to be able to use lightning-"

"You speak of the dark side," Rey interrupted sharply. "To learn these things will lead you nowhere good."

"But I want to know everything, and I know who I want to teach me."

Rey laughed lightly. "And just who do you think is great enough to teach you everything? That's a bit of a tall order."

"Kylo Ren," Leia answered simply, and Rey felt her blood go cold.

"Kylo Ren is dead," she said suddenly, her tone sharper than intended.

"I don't think so," her daughter countered. "He killed his master and disappeared. No one ever found a body, and no one ever saw him again. Who knows what he looks like under that mask? He could be anyone. I think he's hiding out somewhere, and I want to find him."

"That's a dangerous idea, Leia," Rey told her, her voice shaking slightly. "I won't allow you to do that. If you want to train, you will train with your uncle."

"Seriously mom?" Leia slammed her fists down on the table. She rose from the chair, glaring at Rey, anger rolling off of her in waves. "Tom gets everything! I ask for one thing, something that I want to do more than anything, and you say no! I hate you, and I hate this place! It's like a prison here!"


The plates on the table rose and fell, shattering into a million pieces and the door slammed as Leia ran out, leaving Rey alone with the mess.

"What am I going to do with you," she whispered, half to herself, and half to her daughter who had already left.


Ben held onto the rope he had tied to the cabin's roof. Tom handed a large piece of tin up to him, and he worked to swiftly secure it to the roof. The height, which would be concerning to some, didn't bother him. He was sure-footed and knew that he would not slip.

"Dad!" Tom called up to him, exasperated. "Can we please use the Force to do this? It would be so much faster!"

"Absolutely not!" Ben shouted back to his son, a grin tugging at the corners of his mouth. "This cabin is a masterpiece that must be built the old fashioned way."

He tacked the last piece of tin in place, and grinned widely at Tom's sigh. He climbed the rope down, even as he anticipated his son's question.

"But why?" Tom sighed again. "Why can't we just use the Force?"

"Because," Ben said matter-of-factly as he jumped down to stand next to his son. "It builds character. It will make you a better man. Your grandfather taught me, and now I'm teaching you."

He stepped back and looked at the almost complete cabin. It was small, but it would make an excellent first home for his son as he learned to become his own man.

"Thanks dad," Tom said solemnly. "For everything."

Ben nodded. "This house will do for now. I'm going to teach you everything I know, and one day all of this will be yours. Now you just need to find yourself a wife to share it with."

Ben smirked at his son, who's face immediately colored scarlet. He laughed, remembering a time when he too was a blundering idiot around women, especially a beautiful girl with a lightsaber, who had scarred his face and stolen his heart. Still she had loved him, misguided idiot he was, and a smile sprung to his face unbidden.

If a woman as perfect as Rey could love an angry, twisted, and bitter man like him, then his good-natured son would be just fine.


Ben ran through the woods in the dead of night, only the red glow from his lightsaber guiding his path as he chased her. From the moment he met her, he had always been chasing her. He would gladly continue to chase her for all eternity, he thought with some amusement. Whatever it took. He had given himself to her completely. Even after all of these years, the chase was still the same. Age had slowed him some, but his mind and his will were still sharp as an executioner's axe.

A flash of blue was all that alerted him to Rey's presence. She jumped from the trees around him, and swung her lightsaber up to meet his. He grinned deviously, as they crackled together, and parried to meet her saber once again.

Their fight was a dance, one with which he was very familiar. They practiced so often that there was no real danger of either of them getting hurt. It was simply fun and games, and if Ben was being honest with himself, it was a helluva lot more interesting than most couple's foreplay.

He watched Rey as she parried and struck blow after blow, he lips stretched over a wide, carefree smile. In that moment, he almost wished that he had ruled the galaxy, if only so he could have her as his queen.

But no, he chuckled inwardly at himself. Rey would never allow it, which was yet another thing that he loved about her. She kept his ego in check. She was the light to his darkness. She kept him stable. She kept him grounded. And she was his.

Ben growled possessively, and met her saber one last time before turning his off and throwing it to the ground. Rey followed suit, and he pulled her into him roughly, immediately claiming her lips with his own.

She whimpered with desire as his tongue demanded and received entrance to her mouth. He backed her against the nearest tree, and suddenly there were far too many layers of clothing between them. With a few quick movements, he remedied the situation.

Ben picked Rey up and thrust into her as she wrapped her legs around his waist. He groaned in pleasure at the feel of her around him, and he took her in wild desperation. He wanted her, needed her, and had to possess her completely.

When he was finished, Ben sank to the ground, pulling Rey with him softly. He held her between his legs, burying his face in her hair. The scent he associated with her and her alone filled his nostrils, slowing his erratic heart. With Rey, he was home.

"I love you," he mumbled softly into her hair.

"I know."

They stayed like that for some time, until Rey finally spoke, her voice muffled in his chest. "Leia's fascination with the dark side isn't just a phase."

"Oh?" Ben murmured.

"She was talking about it again today. She wants to buy a ship and go look for Kylo Ren, who she knows is alive. She wants him to train her."

"She'll be looking for a long time."

"You need to tell her, Ben," Rey sighed. "You need to tell her about Kylo Ren, and you need to talk to her about this unhealthy fixation she has with the dark side. I'm really worried about her."

Ben sighed deeply, placing a kiss on her forehead, and resting his chin on the back of her head. "I was hoping to spare them that. What will they think of me once they know the monster I am?"

"They will know you only as the good man you are now. They're old enough to understand. It's time you told them both, especially Leia," she added quickly. "She has your temper, you know?"

"You sure that's not from you?" Ben joked, to which he promptly received an elbow to the ribs. "I'll tell her tomorrow, I promise. I'll tell them both tomorrow."

"Thank you," Rey breathed.

They sat silently in the dark until they could barely keep their eyes open, and then they headed back to their house.

"I forgot to tell you," Rey laughed, as they walked hand in hand. "Phasma sent a letter saying that she and Hux would be here for the holidays this year."

"She still mad?"


"I thought after eighteen years she would let that go."

"Not a chance," Rey grinned. "She even included a picture of the newest toy we bought for her."

"Let me guess… Blaster?"

"Missile launcher. Gold plated. Almost as big as she is."

"Always a flair for the dramatic," Ben noted dryly.

"Not unlike someone else I know," Rey shot back.

"Are you calling me a drama queen?"

"Maybe I am," she challenged defiantly. "What are you going to do about it?"

"I'll show you what I'm going to do about it," he grinned, mischief dancing in his eyes, and then Rey was running, and Ben found himself chasing her once again.


Leia woke with a start, her very real dream still playing in her head. Someone had called to her, promising her strength and power beyond her wildest dreams. Everything she desired could be hers, the man had said. All she had to do in return was give him her allegiance.

Leia had to admit it was enticing. She was ambitious, and the man from her dreams would give her the galaxy, if only she swore her loyalty to him.

"But it was just a dream," she mumbled to herself as she rolled out of bed and headed to the bathroom. She stopped at the door, listening, as she heard Tom scribbling away from the kitchen. He always stayed up late, drawing out plans for the fields, what he was going to plant where, and all that farming nonsense she didn't give a shit about.

Living in a house full of force sensitive farmers made her crazier than a Hutt losing a bet. They were capable of doing anything, and yet they settled for mediocrity. It was downright embarrassing. Leia pushed on the door, but stopped at the sound of a voice in her head.

"See their lies," the strange voice hissed, grabbing her attention instantly.

"Tom?" she called out softly." If this was a joke, she decided that she was going to kill him, but her brother didn't respond.

"The office. The closet," the voice hissed in her head once again.

Curiosity got the better of her, and Leia found herself slowly inching towards her dad's office. It lay in the furthest corner of the house, built on shortly after Tom was born. Neither Tom nor Leia had ever been allowed in the office. Her dad had always told her that he kept farm documents in there, and they weren't allowed in because he wanted to keep it organized. Leia had never questioned him, but now that she truly thought about it, the excuse seemed hollow.

"What are you doing?" Tom whispered forcefully, as she placed her hand on the door to the office. "We're not supposed to go in there. You know the rules."

She turned to find him directly behind her, watching her every move with hawk-like intensity.

"What, are you going to tell on me?" she scoffed.

"Only if you force my hand," he replied guardedly.

"Tell on me, and I'll tell mom and dad about that girl that works in the cantina. You know, the one you go see every week."

Tom's face flushed scarlet, and he looked away. "Carry on," he told her stiffly, before walking off.

"See their lies," the voice in her head chanted again, as she placed her hand back on the door handle. With a flick of her wrist, the door unlocked and pulled forward, revealing the office within. It was small and sparsely decorated, but a few things caught her eye immediately.

One wall was adorned with photographs. Some of the people she recognized, others she didn't. Her grandfather, Tom. Her grandmother and namesake, Leia. Han Solo. She knew them. The others she did not know, but most sported either a Resistance or First Order insignia.

Leia had known of her grandmother's involvement with the Resistance, and there was Aunt Phasma, who had been with the First Order since before she was born. She had known about them, but she had no idea that her parents were so well connected to the former enemy forces. Beneath the photos, sat a bowl filled with ashes and a badly mangled helmet.

"Is this?" Leia began, but stopped when the voice filled her head once again.

"The closet. See their lies," he hissed.

She walked across the office, and opened the door to the tiny closet, gasping when she saw what was inside.

A helmet with silver around the eyes sat on a shelf at the back, with a cloak hung beside it. Next to the helmet and cloak were two lightsabers. One was simple in design, and the other had one vent on top and two on the sides, giving it the appearance of a crusader sword. From her studies, Leia instantly knew whom this particular lightsaber belonged to.

"Kylo Ren," she whispered reverently, as she reached out to touch the saber.

"See their lies," the voice hissed again. "Your family is not simply the farmers they have led you to believe."

"But…it can't be… That would mean…"


"Hurt, anger, and betrayal swept through her. "All this time…"

"You deserve better," the voice hissed. "They lied to you. You can never reach your full potential with them. I can train you. I can give you power beyond your wildest dreams. You only need to swear loyalty to me. Join me, and rule the galaxy at my side."

A thousand emotions played through her. Her father, the man she had thought was merely a boring farmer, was in fact Kylo Ren. He never told her, never trusted her with that secret. He was holding her back.

"What do I need to do?" she whispered.

"Take the lightsaber. Go to the nearest town and buy a ship. I will guide to me from there. But first, swear yourself to me."

Leia closed her eyes; letting all of the thoughts that filled her head, tumble out. Once her head was empty, she thought only about her future and where she wanted to be. Her family had lied to her. She could never reach her potential here. She had to leave.

"I swear," she vowed as she took Kylo Ren's lightsaber in her hands and ignited it, the crimson glow spilling across her face.

She could have sworn she heard the voice in her head laughing as she left everything she had ever known behind for the promise of the stars.

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