A/N: So...I'm Back! Yes, this is the re-write of The Devil's Dark Knight. Some of you might be familiar with some scenes, but however, the re-write possesses several elements of the original story I failed to add, as well as several new features. Special thanks to Baconaddit and Wierired for the much needed motivation. I hope you enjoy.

The Devil's Dark Knight: Revamped

Prologue: Genesis

The Dimensional Gap

A mass of space and time which existed in a realm unreachable by most beings in existence, a barrier to other worlds and the location of the two strongest being in existence, this was the Dimensional Gap. It was a horrific place of chaos and disaster, it lacked oxygen and energy, and yet, no one would possible dream of the conversation that was going on there.

"Baka Red".

"Stop calling me that damn it."

"Then leave my home."

"I told you already! I like it here."

Despite the somewhat jovial conversation going on in the Gap, the beings which had the conversation were not to be underestimated. Ophis was known as the infinite Dragon God for a reason. She was insanely powerful, stronger than the Ultimate Class Devils and even the Dragon Kings. She had seen a lot since when she had come into existence, the rise and fall of civilizations, the collapse of humanity, the extinction of species. She resided in the Dimensional Gap, an empty mass of swirling colors and space, which could only be described as trying to look through a Kaleidoscope. That is, she resided there until it was invaded by one of the most powerful dragons in existence.

The Great Red. The True Dragon of Apocalypse. The Dragon of Dragons.

He was a massive and gargantuan dragon of extreme power, he had been the one who had invaded her home and taken residence in the Dimensional Gap. She felt hatred for the beast for taking over her home, and was developing a group strong enough to aid her in chasing it out of her space.

The keyword being chasing, not defeating. Anything capable of defeating the Great Red would be out of her power.

Which was why what she was witnessing was an event she had never expected.

She had been staring aggressively at the Great Red once again, knowing how the dragon hated it when someone stared or looked at him funny when they had both felt a sudden disturbance in the Dimensional Gap.

"Baka Red."

"No. That wasn't me. And stop calling me that."

A literal tear in the fabric of space and time opened, and a figure was sent blasting out at moderate speeds.

Note, "moderate speeds" for two Dragon Gods was considered to be tethering near the speed of light for a normal human.

The figure was covered in a glow of a giant Purple Skeletal Armor, however, it was fading rapidly, and the figure was becoming more visible.

"A Human? Here? In the Dimensional Gap?" the great red stated in amusement.

Ophis had also detected the foreign energy source as Chakra, but with a major difference. The chakra was insanely stronger than the normal version she had felt in the world. It was like this version of chakra was thicker, denser, flowed faster and was ridiculously greater than any other chakra source Ophis had ever felt before.

However, it was fading rapidly.

It was common knowledge that no creature could survive in the Dimensional Gap for an extended period of time without a certain level or power of magical protection.

The figure was obviously unconscious, and his chakra was unconsciously protecting him from the long term harm of the Dimensional Gap, but however it was rapidly draining and shrinking, all at the cost of keeping him alive longer.

A futile effort.

"Oi, infinite one, have you ever seen a human with this much power before?" the great red asked with a toothy smirk.

Ophis did not answer verbally but responded with a slight shake of her head, still surprised that she could sense no form of divine power from him, the chakra was all his, and other than a great deal of darkness hidden deep within, the figure was completely human.

It made no sense to neither of the two Dragon Gods, as to how a mere human could possess so much power that they'd both mistook him for another God or deity at first.

Ophis was the first to react, moving towards the floating human. He had spiky black hair, and a handsome face of which she had never seen or recognized. His eyes where closed as though asleep, his clothes were ragged and torn as though he had been through a great battle, he was covered in wounds of all manners and sorts which indicated that he had been in battle before being thrust here. Yet, the wounds seemed to be healing of their own accord, a process which was draining the Chakra at a much quicker pace, but was also fundamental in keeping him alive.

It was here that things took a turn in a direction that Ophis would have never expected.

Another tear in the fabric of space occurred, and from within, a woman calmly walked out. Ophis' instincts told her that this woman was not to be underestimated as she could feel the sheer amount of chakra the woman possessed. If the boy had a lake of chakra, then the woman in comparison would be an ocean.

She was a beautiful being with white flowing hair which reached her knees, two rabbit like ears on her head, pale white eyes that stared into the abyss, and a third eye on her head which had ripples and magatama slowly rotating on it. She was dressed in a form of shrine maiden outfit, and it was more than obviously clear that she was a Goddess of extreme amount of power.

She glanced at the Great Red for several seconds before simply raising an eyebrow.

"This isn't the universe of infinite volcanic eruptions..." She observed calmly as she continued to look at the massive, intimidating red lizard. Her voice was smooth and watery, it was spoken in Japanese, but the dialect was different and nearly ancient.

"You're staring at me…" the massive dragon boomed as he glanced at the woman, a single of his teeth being twice the length of her body. Had Ophis been any less indifferent, she would have rolled her eyes as to how the Great Red had increased the intimidating quality and boisterous echo of his voice in order to become more threatening.

Ophis wanted to shake her head at the Great Red, he seemed to have a problem with people who stared at him, or looked at him funny.

"Nevertheless, red lizard and little girl, stand aside and you will not be hurt, I have only come for what is mine."

And with one sentence, The Rabbit Goddess had earned the ire of two of the most powerful beings in existence.

"What did you just call me…" either the Goddess was completely oblivious to the menacing tone of the beast, or she was just that confident enough to ignore the sheer amount of killing intent that would have felled Dragon Kings with just a single burst.

Instead, the woman merely raised a single eyebrow and continued "I am sure you heard me, are you not a giant red lizard?"

Now let it be known that The Rabbit Goddess meant no insult or harm, she just had never seen or met a Western styled dragon before, and instead had only seen the Eastern dragons, which were commonly called Ryu, and as such, had unknowingly insulted one of the most powerful beings in existence.

The Great Red of course did not know that the woman had never seen a Dragon, and as such had assumed that this being, which had dared tear open the Dimensional Gap was also blatantly insulting him.

Ophis had already sensed the building up of power in the giant beast, and of course decided it would be best to react and leave the dimensional gap as soon as possible, she had no desire to see the amount of damage an enraged Great Red could possibly create.

"To call me a lizard would be to call gods mere rodents and humans measly bacteria! I am the Red Dragon of Apocalypse! The True Dragon! I am The Dragon of Dragons!" The great red roared out, the sound of his voice generating massive gusts of wind that whipped around Kaguya's long hair, but otherwise did not harm her.

Kaguya simply stared at him, and in blank, innocuous monotone, "What is a dragon?"

Ophis wondered if the woman was a glutton for punishment of if she was genuinely ignorant. Regardless of which, it no longer mattered as all she remembered next was the giant stream of fire that had changed the entire color of the dimensional gap to orange in a matter of seconds.

The sweltering heat would have melted planets with its intensity; however Ophis was also a Dragon God and as such had been able to survive the heat without much effort.

However, the young male figure was beginning to sweat and struggle, as his chakra was running out even faster as it tried to shield him from the effects of the Dimensional Gap, and simultaneously from the heat.

The roar had ended, and Ophis had to admit that she was surprised to see the woman standing there, other than the slight singeing of her clothes; you would have never known that she had just survived an attack from the Great Red.

"Now this is interesting… you survived my initial attack."

Kaguya glanced at the Great Red and then with a single motion, she patted off imaginary dust from her shoulders.

"Is that all you are capable off? Pathetic. Shinra Tensei." The Goddess had retaliated with a blast of pure gravity which had no effect against the Dragon of Apocalypse, except sending him backwards several feet.

The Great Red's smirk widened to unimaginable extents. He had a fanged and insanely satisfied grin as it seemed that he had finally met someone who he could destroy with all his power and enjoy doing so.

Ophis immediately realized that the battle going on would be a difficult one, and as such she grabbed the weakened boy whose chakra was almost gone at this point, and was on the verge of death and proceeded to open her way out of the Dimensional Gap.

She highly doubted that the woman would be able to get past the Great Red and come after her, and if by some insane miracle she did, Ophis would gladly hand over the boy to the person who had aided her by beating the Great Red.

However, Ophis was already forming plans to get this stranger to her aid, if he was strong enough to be able to have been perceived as a threat by a Goddess strong enough to withstand an attack by the Great Red, and he was merely a human, then he could become much, much stronger and eventually join the organization – her organization, The Khaos Brigade – which she had created to aid her against the great red.

Manipulating her powers, a single, long and venomous looking snake appeared from within her sleeve, the snake moved onto the boy, before biting him in his shoulder, unknowingly biting a similar place as to which the boy had once been bitten.

The boy's chakra was now desperately trying to fend off this foreign energy, but was failing terribly and being consumed at a quicker pace.

Ophis looked at the boy for a few more minutes, before deciding that it would be best to see if the boy would survive her little "gift". With but a motion of her hands, she summoned a portal out of the Dimensional Gap and thrust him in.

If he did, then he would become a force to be reckoned with in the nearest future.

If he didn't… then he would have never stood a chance to aid her against the Great Red in the first place.

Only if she had known, Ophis would have thought twice about the decision she had just made which would alter the course of history as they knew it.

And it would seem that once again, even in another universe entirely, Uchiha Sasuke's path to greatness would begin from a bite mark and a 'gift' given to him against his own will.

And what a gift it would be.

~~~~ Devil's DK Revamped~~~~~

Uchiha Sasuke loved the sky.

His black hair whipped around like the vengeful flaps of a crow's wings, his body could be maneuvered in all three possible dimensions, his tattered shirt gave way to the almighty lull of gravity, yet it was surprisingly soothing. The rush of the wind seemed to melt away all his troubles of the war, and as he felt himself fall through the clouds, he enjoyed the relaxing perfume of ozone as his body naturally succumbed to the stratosphere.

Falling from the sky was an ethereal experience to Uchiha Sasuke. The only times he ever recalled falling from such a great height was during his battle with Deidara, the clay-wielding maniac of the then prominent Akatsuki Organization. His likeness for the freedom and the vast openness that the sky presented was also perhaps one of the main reasons he had originally gained the Hawk summoning contract. With the aid of those magnificent birds, he was more used to flying and soaring through the heavens than falling like a stone placed in a pond, doing nothing but leaving ripples as it descended downwards into the very depths. He was not like the lazy Nara that would do nothing but watch the clouds all day, but in his own way, the sky had always represented freedom and tranquility to him. It existed eternally, the birds of the air soared boundlessly, neither limited by ties to bound by location. The sky was immeasurable, it was interminable, and to him, in more ways than one, it was home. Whether or not it was walking home to discover your family had been murdered by your older brother, or whether it was betraying the village which had housed your home in exchange for more power, or perhaps finding out the truth about his massacred clan, when he gazed upwards, the sky was always there. The sky neither judged him, nor did it scold him, rather it aided him, it empathized with him, it watched him.

Whether it was when he manipulated the weather with his own chakra to summon his Kirin that would smite enemies or perhaps whether it was looking towards the heavens and imagining his parents and clan in a better place, watching him with tranquil, exultant smiles, the sky never failed him, never tricked him, never lied to him, never manipulated him.

Sadly, he could not say the same for the many, many people he had met in his life.

With but a thought, Sasuke's eyes had opened the minute he felt the familiar lull of gravity forcing him towards the earth. And then those frigid dispassionate orbs which mirrored the teen's soul widened in amazement.

He was falling towards a world of lights.

Brilliant glittering lights engulfed his vision as far as he could see. Lights of all sizes, all shapes and colors, some brighter than others, but each possessed its own luminescent glow. Some were moving swiftly, some were blinking, but irrespective of which, he felt that he was but a humble spectator amongst a grand festival of ethereal fireflies. If there was one thing Uchiha Sasuke would admit, it was that the bird's eye view of the new world he had been sent to by that accursed woman was beautiful. Not even Konoha, the greatest of the hidden villages was this vast and this lively. Then with but a bitter start, he realized an odd fact.

'When was the last time I considered something beautiful?' The question was seemingly open-ended, but yet he could not recall. The last time he had seen something of such beauty that left him stunned, was… never.

Then he remembered how he was sent to this world.

He immediately banished his previous line of thoughts. Perhaps this world was designed to be a distraction, an illusion that would prevent him from fulfilling his goal of defeating Kaguya. The last Uchiha's eyebrows furrowed slightly in distaste as he realized The Rabbit Goddess had seemingly sent him to an alternate reality. Whatever purpose she had sent him here for was not going to be good, no, he had to refocus his mind on his goal, he had to think back to his objective.

Kaguya Otutsuki was insane, choosing to create a world of illusions as a way to create peace. Such a peace would be but a fragile existence that could not last. Such a peace would be an illusion. Such a peace would be a lie.

Sasuke righted himself in the air as he decided it was time to figure out where the woman had sent him for the time being, he needed to get back to the blonde idiot so they could seal the goddess together.

Then he'd put his plan into action.

Sasuke bit his finger and muttered out the familiar words "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!"


Sasuke wondered why at that moment, he felt as though the blood pumping through his veins had frozen solid. He shook his head and then tried something else, he instructed his eyes to summon his Susanoo.

Still nothing.

Sasuke took a deep breath as he grind his teeth together, he rapidly as he placed his hands in the ram sign while noticing that he briskly getting closer to the crashing into the earth. He proceeded to summon his chakra. For the first time in a long time, Uchiha Sasuke felt dread.

He could feel that his chakra was there, the vast resources of untapped potential that was the mixture of his physical and mental energy still existed within his body, but it was locked.

Sealed, locked, blocked or any other way he wanted to put it, it was in his body, but he could not access it. One could cruelly consider it the act of putting a reinforced glass wall between a starving man and a plate of gourmet food. He was unable to access the bare minimum needed to perform the leaf sticking exercise, much less a shunshin.

Color was draining from his face as he tried to force the chakra to enter into his eyes, summoning as much willpower as he could muster, he closed his eyes and opened them again.

His worst fear was confirmed. He didn't have access to the bare minimum needed to activate his Sharingan.

"Did she seal away my chakra?!"

A form of righteous rage quickly seeped into his mind as he realized that somehow or someway, his chakra had been sealed. The closest way to describe it would be as though someone had carved a suppression seal unto his flesh, making him unable to access his chakra.

Sasuke wasn't an expert on fuinjutsu, he did however have some knowledge in the trade thanks to Orochimaru's insistence that Sasuke be a well-rounded shinobi. The true reason for his insistence was because the Snake Sannin wanted to ensure that Sasuke's body already possessed the muscle memory for Fuinjutsu once he took over.

'I'll have to deal with this later… but for now…'

Sasuke noted that he didn't have the time right now to rage about his chakra being sealed. He was a shinobi, and as such, any means in the book was allowed as long as you got the job done of defeating your opponent. Admittedly, he never expected Kaguya to be capable of sealing his chakra, which was as good as guaranteeing her victory, but all he needed to do was find a way to unravel the seal. That was something he would not be able to do as when he was falling from the skies without any means to prevent himself from ending his existence in the most pitiful way possible. He didn't have time to pause and think as he was rapidly descending towards the top of a rather large building, a building in which was so tall, it was almost as though it reached the skies itself. There was a large sign in a circle on the building, and a strange contraption moving from it, but he could neither tell what it was nor could he properly identify it. Yet, he was savvy to realize that if he crashed through the building at the pace he was going, he would ultimately land as nothing but a bloody smear on the floor.

His mind sharply weighed his options, finding them miniscule in number as he realized most of what he could do was limited without chakra.

Would he die such a pathetic death? Landing as nothing but a mere smear on the ground? His legacy ended by his lack of ability? The Uchiha clan extinguished simply because he had no access to his chakra?

Sasuke narrowed his eyes. And then he asked himself the one question that always came to his mind ever since he had found the truth about his clan. He asked himself the question in which he based his ever shifting moral compass on.

'If he was in my shoes, what would he do?'

Uchiha Itachi was the epitome of shinobi. He was an infallible, unstoppable machine of willpower and sheer tenacity. He had always been Sasuke's role model, the one thing Sasuke wanted to become, the one thing he wanted to be better than. Whether it was when he wanted to kill him for destroying their clan, or when he joined Orochimaru in his ambitions simply to further the goal for revenge, in one way or another, his entire life had been dedicated to chasing after his brother's shadow. He might never be able to become the person Uchiha Itachi was, but he was certainly going to try.

And there was no way in the world Uchiha Itachi would be defeated by something as inconsequential as having his chakra sealed.

With renewed determination, the last Uchiha's attention was immediately focused on the deafening whirling sound he could hear, his eyes immediately spotting the same contraption from earlier ascending into the sky with rapidly rotating fans that eerily reminded him of the dobe's Rasenshuriken attack.

He failed to possess any awe for the contraption as he realized that he'd end up falling straight into the blades the mechanical device possessed unless he found a way to solve his current predicament.

As though a switch had gone off in his head, Sasuke found the perfect answer to his question.

Still falling from the air, the Last Uchiha twirled his body into a somersault, and dived towards the contraption. Years and years of honing reflexes, agility, dexterity and athletics were the only thing that mattered as he swallowed the lump he didn't know he had in his throat. He felt the rotating blades cut off a small section of his spiky black hair as he just barely passed through the whirlwind of death. He'd clearly have to get a different haircut afterwards, but that was not the topic on his mind as he righted himself, and with all the strength he could muster, he zeroed in his eyes on his target and stretched out his hands like a flying circus performer leaping into the hands of his partner. His hands just barely managed to find its mark, forcefully grabbing on to the metal railing of the flying contraption, creating a forceful stop to his harsh descent.

It would only be much later that Uchiha Sasuke would realize the insane fact that he had saved his own life by catching a helicopter in mid-air.

His plan was almost perfect, except for one minor detail. He did not account for his own strength being supplemented by the force of gravity and the speed at which he had been descending from the sky which was almost equivalent to the max speed of a Bugatti Veyron. Anyone with basic understanding of physics would clearly understand the implications.

"Mayday! Mayday! We're going down!"

"This isn't an airplane you idiot! What just happened?"

"Sir! There's a guy hanging from the bottom of our helicopter!"

"Where the hell did he come from? Damn it! We're losing control!"

Sasuke was a genius, but he was sure even Naruto would be smart enough to realize that when a flying device started spinning haphazardly, it was most definitely not a good sign.

The flying contraption twirled in the air like a Frisbee of the gods, all the while, the black haired teen struggled to hold on as the device spiraled out of control. The rotating blades slammed into the glass windows of a nearby skyscraper, tearing it apart like razor sharp fangs through tissue paper and began raining the sharp debris onto the last Uchiha as he felt his grip slowly loosening. Then he noticed the metal railing giving way.

"Abandon ship!"

"This isn't a ship either! Gah, just grab the bloody parachute you idiot!"

Sasuke watched with fascination as the two men within the contraption jumped out, he questioned the sanity of their actions, jumping towards their own demise, right up until he saw large bags deploy from their backpacks and lead them gliding to safety.

Sasuke's eyes gleamed as he realized that hopefully there was a spare of those bags left inside the contraption. Until a stray thought entered his mind.

'Wait… are these things capable of flying themselves?'

As though answering his question, the flying contraption spiraled into a mad descent, clearly no longer being maneuvered by any sentient creature, it slammed into the side of a building with enough force to completely loosen the Uchiha's grip, sending him falling away from the doomed aircraft. Of course, the fuel tank had chosen that moment to be pierced through by a dislodged piece of metal, just as said metal scrapped against the building, the resulting friction generating sparks that made contact with the gasoline.


Sasuke was glad that he lost his grip as he watched the contraption go up in a ball of flames that illuminated the night sky. The fire reminded Sasuke of his Gokakyu technique, possessing neither the power nor the control as the searing heat of the flames did nothing but char the already damaged clothes he had, but did not otherwise harm his skin. However, the force of the explosion did end up propelling Sasuke plunging through the air once more without any semblance of control. Only this time around, he had nothing left to grab on to as he finally crashed through the roof of a building, falling through wood, steel and glass as he impacted on the cold hard floor.

And thus, Uchiha Sasuke realized an amusing fact.

He loved the sky, yet he hated falling. He hated falling so very much.

At the very least, all he had confirmed from the troublesome ordeal was that he still possessed, at least so some extent, his high durability. He crashed through a roof from several feet in the air, and other than the painful stinging he could feel from his back, he was otherwise unharmed. He calmly stood up and brushed off the glass and dust from his body, almost being stark naked as his clothes were nearly nonexistent at this point.

His icy dispassionate eyes opened themselves as he stared at the hole he had made in the ceiling, and more specifically, he was irritated at the constant blaring he could hear in the room he was in, as though it was the sound of alarm.

His onyx eyes glanced towards the room as he noted that there was nothing but racks of clothes as far as he could see. Aisles lined up one after the other as well as mannequins which sported extravagant forms of outfits, all of which he had never seen before.

Between the blaring sound of the alarm, the resounding thuds of footsteps and echoes of yells, Uchiha Sasuke discarded his tattered robes and hastily put on a form-fitting black hoodie, a pair of dark blue jeans and black sneakers, before sneaking out of through a glass window. It was almost insultingly easy for him to escape the poor excuses for guards, they never bothered to look up, nor did they ever detect his presence. He could have as well assassinated all of them without any of them being the wiser and been on his merry-way.

There was just one fact the Uchiha quickly noted. No one had chakra.

It was unfathomable for someone who had lived his entire life believing that every single living thing in existence possessed chakra to live, and without that energy, nothing could exist. Albeit, knowing that Chakra had been given to mankind by the Sage of Six Paths in his own world, did serve to reduce the shock factor. It was all the confirmation he needed to realize that he certainly was no longer in the elemental nations.


Sasuke snapped out of his thoughts once he spotted a rapidly moving metal box with people inside charging straight for him. He dodged out of the way with a start, only to notice another one charging at him.

"Get off the road you imbecile!"

Sasuke found himself finally at the designated walking area for pedestrians and realized that people around him were staring at him, most of them however had weird small devices in their hands which they used to look at him that kept flashing lights at him. It was both annoying and discomforting.

'I'm drawing too much attention to myself…' Sasuke realized that he needed to gain information. If he could not rapidly adapt to this society, then he needn't worry about Kaguya finishing him off, the world would probably do it for her.

Perhaps that was her true reason for sending him here? He could not be entirely sure.

If there was one thing for certain, it was that Uchiha Sasuke had entered into the world with a bang.

~~~~~ Devil's Dark Knight Revamped ~~~~~~

'I am in a world massively populated by idiots.' Those words where the only thing that came to the black haired teen's mind after he had effortlessly broken into a library and spent several hours combing anything and everything he could find under the labels of history, geography, government and literature.

It was not common knowledge, but the Uchiha brain was capable of rapidly assimilating information at a rapid pace, and those with the Sharingan activated also gained a very high chance of developing an eidetic or photographic memory. This was because the Sharingan slowed down the perception of time and allowed vivid clarity needed to be able to copy jutsu and techniques, as such, their brains were hardwired to be capable of absorbing information at a more rapid pace. Sasuke, who had mastered his Sharingan to the ultimate stage of Eternal Mangekyo, had the blessing and curse of an eidetic memory, even without the active use of the eyes.

It was something he had put to great use as he had piled up books to his side, reading everything he could find, sparing no topic, no page left unturned. It was also why he had decided that the humans of this world where all idiots.

'So much information… all of it, available for free at the local library, and then there's this…' there was no small amount of amazement within him, as in the Elemental Nations, Shinobi guarded information with their lives. Even the tiniest slip ups could lead to the destruction of an entire hidden village.

Uchiha Sasuke had discovered the existence of the internet. A global network of interconnected computers, sharing information about almost every possible facet of human existence, and it was all available, for free.

'The most powerful tool created by humanity, possessing infinite power and knowledge at their fingertips… and they use it to pointlessly argue, display their shallow empty lives and watch the naked bodies of other people performing sexual acts…'

Sadly, Uchiha Sasuke had also discovered the existence of pornography. And he had never been more disgusted in his life. He had nothing against sex, no, what he had against it was the act of recording what was supposed to be an intimate moment between people, and then broadcasting it for others to watch. Hell, not even whores in the Elemental Nations would agree to that. And then there were the genres… Sasuke almost shuddered.

'The power to literally learn anything they want at any time they wish… and yet, they use it to make themselves dumber than ever. Not even Naruto would be that idiotic.'

Naruto might not be the sharpest tool in the box, but at least he possessed the never-ending drive to learn more and improve himself on whatever he could. As such, it was almost needless to say that Sasuke had developed a very bad impression of humans in the new world.

It had taken him a while at first, but Sasuke was steadily getting used to the Computer System he was using to browse information. He had discovered that he was in a remote island nation called Japan, which belonged to the larger continent of Asia. Which meant that this world was slightly more vast than anything he had experienced back home.

For now though, he need to figure out a way to unlock his chakra, but even then, he still needed to be able to find a way back home. He didn't have any techniques that could allow him to get back, so his goal for now was to get a base of operations until he regained his chakra, then figure out a way to return home.

Though, his major concern now was a lack of identity. From what he had gathered, all individuals had cards or items called passports which allowed them to be identified as a living person who existed, if people had no proof of his existence or even the tiniest of medical records, it would quickly bring suspicion towards him. He couldn't have that happen though, and as such, he already decided on his next course of action.

"Create an identity, garner a base of operations and proceed from there." He muttered slightly as he deleted the web history of the browser he was using, and closed the page detailing the location of the office in which he'd have to create an identity. Now, all he needed was to proceed with his plan.

"Hey! How did you get in here?"

Sasuke muttered a silent swear to himself, how inept of him to not have noticed that someone had entered the library. Until he glanced around and realized that outside was broad daylight. Though he could have sworn it was midnight when he broke in.

'How long have I been here?' he could have sworn it only felt like a few minutes.

Sasuke glanced over to the source of the voice, it was a young woman, he noted that she was clearly in her early twenties, she had on what the world considered a formal 'office' skirt and a jacket over a button-up blue top. There was a tag on her shirt which stated her name as 'Meguri Kiko' indicated that she was the assistant librarian of the library. Her glasses stared at him with suspicion, her blue eyes twinkled with annoyance as her dark hair which was tied up to a bun glistened under the light.

"Are you the assistant librarian?" he already knew the answer, he just needed to distract her long enough to make a swift escape.

The young woman gave him a look that made him feel stupid. "No! I'm the Mayor of Townsville!"

Sasuke paused, the response had been completely unexpected "Was that Sarcasm?"

The woman shook her head and sighed "Just my luck. I finally meet a younger, cute guy, but sadly he's not too quick on the uptake. I'm starting to see why you needed to break into a library."

Sasuke's left eye twitched, he did not take insults kindly. "….."

"Look gaki, you're cute but I can't let this slide. This goes two ways, one, you return whatever it is you stole, and I let you walk out of here with a warning, two, you refuse and I get the police here faster than you can blink."

Sasuke locked his gaze at the woman, nonchalant nature still in place as he spoke in a matter-of-fact tone "I didn't steal anything. I came here in search of information."

Kiko gave him a skeptic glance "You expect me to believe, that in this day and age, a teenage boy, broke into a library in the dead of night, to read books?"

The last Uchiha tilted his head as though he didn't understand why she was so skeptic. "Yes."

"Wow. That's really something."


"This is Kuoh General Police Station, how may we be of service to you?"

Sasuke's eyebrows rose and which was the equivalent to most people's jaw dropping as he spotted the woman with a device he now recognized as a cellphone in hand.

"This is the Meguri Kiko, Assistant Librarian from the General Library, I've got a teenage lunatic who broke into the place claiming he came to read."

Sasuke didn't need to hear any more, the echoing laugh of disbelief over the phone was more than enough mockery for one day. He dashed towards the woman, swiped the phone from her hands, and landed a swift painless chop to the back of her neck that instantly knocked her out. He calmly placed the woman on a nearby chair as he pulled up his hoodie. He meant the woman no harm, but he could not let himself get caught by any law enforcement agency when he technically did not exist. If this world was anything like his, he'd be captured, interrogated, and if found wanting, killed.

He walked away before casting a last glance at the woman's unconscious form.

'Perhaps they're not all idiots after all.'

~~~~~~ The Devil's Dark Knight: Revamped ~~~~~~

Seventy Two Hours.

That was how long Sasuke had moved from place to place, with neither sleep nor food, continuing his mission till the point of near exhaustion. Twelve Hours had been dedicated to research at the nearest cyber café. Research of all sorts and kinds that had left him with a more adequate knowledge of the workings of the world. The remaining sixty hours however, had been utilized to the fullest.

Irrespective of which, within the seventy two hours of Uchiha Sasuke's arrival in a new world, he had proved that he possessed the ability to become the greatest infiltration specialist in Konoha. He had successfully entered and exited several high-ranking government buildings in Japan to generate or falsify information, on several accounts, so far without getting caught. He had taken great pains to ensure that everything he did couldn't be traced directly back to him, and as such to ensure maximum confidentiality in his actions.

He walked towards a restaurant feeling somewhat content as he had fabricated the backstory of his existence, possessed a bank account, generated fake medical records, and now possessed an I.D. card as well as a passport which certified him as a citizen of Japan. His backstory was a relatively simple one, in which his parents had been shot during a mugging attempt back in his youth, leaving him the sole inheritor of their family fortune.

Somewhere in the multiverse, a bat-themed vigilante sneezed.

Regardless, the family fortune mentioned however, was something that Sasuke had actually acquired quite easily. Sasuke had never exactly lived in the lap of luxury, though he had been the son of the leader of the Uchiha Clan, he had enjoyed a somewhat modest lifestyle, and after his clan had been annihilated, he had continued a lifestyle of simplicity. He however realized that money was a major factor in this world, since he could not simply use his Sharingan to hypnotize people, a well-placed bribe here and there could work similarly. It was nothing more than another tool in his arsenal. Regardless of which, simply by falsifying key documents at certain places, and the addition of a few zeros to others, he was now a millionaire who owned one of the far off manors in Kuoh. He had personally selected that manor, utilizing the mapping tools of the internet to find the perfect hideout, as it was not only hard to reach and even harder to find as it was near the very end of the forests, it also possessed an underlying network of caves he had found connected to it. These would serve as a bunker and hideout for him to utilize in his goal of training for Kaguya's return.

Sasuke was however, now thoroughly exhausted. He'd been riding from place to place on a stolen power-bike, something which had led him into several cop chases due to originally being unable to drive it properly, but he had not stopped once to eat or to sleep. He had been fighting for days in the war before he was sent to this world, and upon arriving here he had spent another three days without food or water. He was starving and he was exhausted.

He entered into the dinner, drawing strange looks from its occupants as he walked up to the counter and took a seat.

"What'll ya have kid?" the man at the counter stared at him, and Sasuke simply gave a nonchalant shrug that was imperceptible to untrained eyes.

"Anything." He wasn't picky about food, and as such, the man simply shrugged, and went back into the kitchen.

He came back out with an extra-large bowl and placed it in his front.

'Of course… it just had to be this… .' Sasuke didn't really have it in him to refuse the meal, so he broke apart his chopsticks, muttered a small prayer and dove into his bowl of miso ramen. He could swear that he heard the triumphant chants of the Uzumaki as the first strand entered his mouth.

Sasuke had nothing against ramen, other than feeling it was unhealthy to eat the food all the time, he actually didn't mind it. Though it was Naruto's best meal, Sasuke would throw up if he had to eat the stuff every day.

"Good stuff eh?" Sasuke said nothing as he glanced to the man by his side, only to freeze when he noticed the man's badge and uniform. He was a somewhat young police officer in his late twenties, he was physically fit and had a mop of messy brown hair on his head, and Sasuke could have sworn the man had tattoos on his arm.

'No… he should have no reason to suspect me… though I've been in more than one car chase in the last three days…' Sasuke calmed his mind as he realized that there was a police officer beside him and any suspicious activity would instantly throw a wrench in all his plans.

It was the only day in history Uchiha Sasuke finished an entire bowl of ramen.

"Wait a minute… you…!"

'Damn it!' Sasuke remained motionless and ignored the man as the police officer glanced towards him with a suspicious gaze. It seemed he had been recognized, if he fought back or ran with so many witnesses present, he'd become a wanted felon. All his hard work would be for naught.

"Hey kid, aren't you…"

Sasuke prepared himself to make a hasty retreat as his fingers clenched tightly against his empty bowl.

"…supposed to be in school by now?"

'What?' Sasuke was not sure if he had heard correctly.

"Don't tell me you're one of those delinquents skipping out of school and class! I won't have it on my watch!"

Sasuke allowed himself to be dragged by the arm, still slightly unsure as to the rather swift change of events. He then remembered that unlike the shinobi nations in which you were considered an adult as soon as you were made a Genin, in this world you had to reach a certain age before you could be considered legal enough to work and manage on your own. In most countries, the minimum age was eighteen, while in others it was twenty-one. Sasuke was currently seventeen or so, but put down his legal age as eighteen due to the fact that his birthday may or may not have passed during the war.

"Actually officer," he noted the man's name on his tag "Officer Shen, I'm new in town..." The man never gave him the chance to finish.

"Yeah, and I'm the Prime Minister of England. Come on kid, do you think I'd fall for a half-assed excuse like that? The only school for several miles is Kuoh Academy, so if you're really new in town, let's see what the principal has to say about enrolling you."

And as such, that was the tale of how Uchiha Sasuke found himself enrolled as a student in the prestigious Kuoh Academy.

And that was how his legend began.

~~~~~~~~ The Devil's Dark Knight: Revamped ~~~~~~~

"My name is Uchiha Sasuke."

Jet dark hair styled into the form of a crow's wings, concealing a section of his left eye, sharply chiseled chin like the legendary masterpieces of Leonardo Da Vinci, possessing a deific unblemished face of the kinds in which Narcissus would cast away his clothes and bow down in worship. Unyielding onyx eyes mirroring only the purest quality of ebony, tall muscular figure like a god of Olympics, perfectly balanced for both speed and strength. He was shrouded by an aura of mystery and nonchalance like an angel that had risen from the river Styx and he carried himself like as though he was the being that had tempted the devil to tempt Eve. It would be no exaggeration to claim that if the Goddess Aphrodite and the original Lucifer had ever had a child, this man would be him.

Thus, it was no surprise at all as on the first day Sasuke had found himself in the pitiful excuse for formal education, he had garnered the immediate adulation from the entire female population of the Academy. Throwing in the fact that on his first ever appearance three days ago, he was accompanied by a police officer, he had automatically gained a 'Bad Boy' reputation. And for some unknown mystery of the universe, girls loved bad boys.

"Okay… um, Uchiha-san, you can take a seat in the back row behind Tsubaki-san." The teacher laughed awkwardly, mostly because he had asked Sasuke to introduce himself and he'd done just that, going straight only for his name and adding absolutely nothing else. Not that the man was aware that the only reason the Uchiha was in his third year class was because of his falsified age. Though he was well aware of how almost all the girls in his class room spotted blushes and others were drooling with sparkly, heart shaped eyes.

The man continued with the class unperturbed, while Sasuke simply glanced outside staring through the window at the slowly falling leaves of the Cherry blossom trees. With each passing second, he could feel his irritation swell up within him. He mocked the entire system of formal education, paying an exorbitant sum of money simply to learn things one could acquire with the use of the internet.

Most importantly, he had better things to do than sit down in a class room filled with moronic hormonal teens that had never seen a hard day in their lives.

None of them had fought a war or were in the midst of fighting one, none of them had taken a life, yet alone many. None of them had gone through hell for the sake of their clan or village, none of them had fought in battles, none of them would survive three minutes against an academy student. They were pathetic sheep! Useless in the eyes of the world and in the grand scheme of existence! Sasuke found the teenagers of this world to be severely lacking in any form of idiosyncrasy, they all moved and thought the same way, all followed the same path leading to a sub-standard life of labour and work, in an attempt to derive the money they needed to live.

Sasuke honestly felt that he was like the great Artist Leonardo Da Vinci, being forced to sit in an art class of artistic retards, taught by a blind old man who's Alzheimer's had far outstripped the limits of senility. Each and every minute was a minute wasted in which he could be doing something more. Something greater.

The Uchiha let out a soft tsk as he stared at through the window. Speaking of minutes, Sasuke had realized that his perception of time was extremely odd for some weird reason. On occasions, what would feel like nothing but a few minutes to him, would actually be hours in real time. The only possible explanation he could come up with was that time in this new dimension moved slower than time back at the elemental nations. It was a key reason as to why he needed to leave as soon as possible. It would be horrific to return, only to realize that the dobe was now an old man while he was still young, which would make the battle against Kaguya a highly impossible challenge to conquer. Regardless, it had the unfortunate side effect of having him possibly gaze into space for what he felt was a couple of minutes, when more time than that had passed. It was also the reason he now sported a digital watch wherever he went. And almost as expected, Sasuke's eyebrow rose slightly as he heard the bell ring. He could have sworn it was a forty minute class and he had only been there for three minutes, not that he was complaining of course.

"Hello Uchiha-san." Sasuke said nothing as he stared at the cherry blossom tree in the window. He did not need to face the girl speaking to him to register her presence, he could do so through the faint reflection he could see of her through the window. She possessed dark long hair, almost of the shade of indigo, carried an aura of a refined woman or perhaps a shrine maiden, possessed a slightly authoritative tone of voice blended in with a semi-sultry appeal. Her stance was firm, feet neither too apart nor too close, hands held in front of herself in a manner that an older sister would do when talking to her younger ones. Perhaps, what caught the barest of Sasuke's interests was the smile plastered on her face that almost reeked of insincerity. The smile would fool anyone else, but not a well-trained shinobi, and certainly not an Uchiha.

"My name is Himejima Akeno and I'm the class representative." The voice had slightly developed a somewhat strained quality to it which vanished before she completed her sentence. Sasuke had originally assumed she was a delusional teenage girl wanting to confess her attraction until he noticed her stance and smile, she was neither nervous nor was she embarrassed, neither uncertain nor self-conscious. He immediately threw that idea to the wind when she introduced herself, he assumed her role was to give him a tour of the school or answer any questions he might possess. He still noted however from her tone that she was not used to being ignored.

"It's a pleasure to meet you; I hope you're enjoying the school so far." There was a slight edge to her voice once more. Sasuke therefore confirmed that she most definitely wasn't used to being ignored. Unfortunately for her, he didn't care.


Her eye had twitched slightly, her fingers had tightened subtly, and the smile she possessed had stretched even further than before. All this, the Uchiha had observed while he gazed at her faint reflection through the window.

"Ah, there's no need to be shy Uchiha-san, I know it must be difficult adapting to a new school with so many people you don't know." She smiled softly.

She was baiting him, trying to provoke a response out of him. Traditionally, shyness was related to meekness and calling anyone who possessed a large ego shy, would almost always make them react in a defensive or boisterous way in order to prove that they were not shy. It was a subtle form of reverse-psychology. Unfortunately for Himejima Akeno, she did not realize a simple fact.


Uchiha Sasuke was immune. The legendary grunt-response had been one thing that the Uchiha was known for during his Academy days. Ironically, the only one who could ever get him to say more than that had been the person who had eventually been put on his team. Uzumaki Naruto possessed a tenacity in which the Uchiha felt it was extremely satisfying to destroy. And as such only the blonde dobe could ever get a rise out of him. And this woman was no Uzumaki Naruto.

"I have been assigned to offer you an extensive tour of the Academy, if you would be kind enough to grant me this privilege."

Sasuke idly noted that she'd reverted to formal language and her tone had become completely level, though he could detect the faintest traces of sarcasm within.

"I don't need a tour guide." He didn't, he'd already memorized the entire school on his first visit, while being dragged by the arm by a police officer.

"Ah, it's a relief to hear your voice Uchiha-san; I'd almost feared that my newest classmate was incapable of speech."

This time around Sasuke did finally turn his gaze towards the woman.

"I simply don't like wasting my breath."

Her eyebrows furrowed, her lips became a thin line, and she slowly began losing all pretense of cordiality.

"Oh? I do apologize, I was unaware you were inept at simple social interaction."

There was a sudden silence in the room, the girls who had been calmly watching the ordeal in the background froze like the immobile spectators of animated tournaments. Himejima Akeno was always polite and refined, she had never harshly scolded nor indirectly mocked anyone before. Yet, within a few minutes of meeting the new student, she had done both. They were torn as to who they should support.

Those words had however struck a chord in Sasuke, partly because there was an element of truth to them, he had never been a sociable person, but yet no one had ever outright told him that fact to his face, and done so in a manner that belittled him. She was slowly beginning to genuinely irritate the shinobi.

"Your apology is not needed Akeno, and neither is your presence."

"I do not recall granting you permission to address me so informally Uchiha-san."

Uchiha Sasuke slowly rose from his seat, he gazed her into her eyes with his own dispassionate orbs and spoke clearly, his voice easily echoing through the silent room.

"Your permission was never required."

The tension in the room had thickened like the native made soup of an African kitchen. No one moved, no one said a word, no one dared to interrupt the confrontation. To the girls, it was like the ultimate battle of Yamato Nadeshiko versus a rogue who would not conform to neither manners nor polite conversation.

Thankfully, the tension diffused before the situation could escalate any further.

"Making trouble on your first day Uchiha-san?"

Shitori Souna, the student council president had arrived on the scene, flanked beside her was Tsubaki, her vice-president, and Genshirou Saji, one of the members of the Student Council.

"Hn." The Uchiha said nothing else as he broke eye contact, he dispassionately grabbed his briefcase which contained a few books and placed it on his shoulder.

If only he had his Sharingan, that girl, who was nothing more than a mere civilian that had the gall to mock him, would be groveling at his feet as he placed her in a Genjutsu.

He walked past Akeno and utterly ignored Sona as he headed for the exit.

"Oi Bastard! You can't just ignore Kaicho like tha-" Genshirou Saji froze as he could have sworn he witnessed his life flash before his eyes as he was stabbed by the teen.

"Shut up."

The slightest application of Killing Intent, the one thing that thankfully required no chakra to use, was focused with deadly accuracy on the boy and slammed into him with the force of a train.

No one else had felt it, no one else had sensed it as it was focused on only one target, so to the observers in the room, Uchiha Sasuke had simply told Saji to shut up, and after the mysterious teen left, the boy held his stomach and threw up his breakfast on Sona and Akeno before collapsing to the floor.

Had anyone spotted the Uchiha's face at that moment, they could have sworn his normally passive expression had subtly changed as his lips twitched into a cold, satisfied smirk.

Chakra or no, Uchiha Sasuke was Uchiha Sasuke. He was an Ex-Shinobi of Konohagakure no Sato, S-Rank Missing Nin, Brother of Uchiha Itachi, student of The Copy Ninja Hatake Kakashi and the infamous Snake Sannin, Orochimaru. There was nothing he could not accomplish if he put his mind to it.

Uchiha Sasuke wasn't trapped in with the world.

The world was trapped in, with him.

And with that, so began the making of the Dark Prince of Kuoh Academy.

And thus began the Legend of Uchiha Sasuke.

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