Krillin has moved out of Kame House due to the behavior of Master Roshi and Oolong, their obsession with pornography, adult magazines and other methods of seeing undressed women were getting too irritating. Krillin was an innocent 'little' man who didn't get involved in perverted actions.
He built a house nearly similar to his previous home only this house is bigger than Kame House. It was located a few miles off of Nicky Town, far enough to not be bothered by anyone.
Life was great... Except for the Blonde Android returning every weekend to fight him until something broke. Android 18 was attacking Krillin to release her frustration, she had come to a conclusion that 17 was dead, furious she tracked down the only one she knew who couldn't kill her to give him a beating.
Cell has been defeated by Gohan, Goku's dead for good, Trunks comes back to visit sometimes, Vegeta is still training and Piccolo is meditating or napping he could never tell the difference.
Silver lining he's been improving every time he fights Eighteen.

Krillin woke up in his bed and it was a beautiful morning, the air was fresh, the sun was shining bright like a a solar flare attack from Yamcha, bright but weak as shit.
He got up and rubbed his eyes then proceeded to the bathroom to brush his teeth and wash his face.
Since he didn't need a job to pay for anything he just hung out with his friends. He got out of the bathroom next to his room and went downstairs to the kitchen.
Krillin starts his day with a nice cup of tea. He made the tea and opened his front door, hr flew up to his roof just to get a nice view of Nature.

It was beautiful, the grassy area was peaceful, some small animals roamed freely, streams of pure water everywhere. This was the perfect spot to live a peaceful life.
Out of nowhere, he got hit in the back which made him fall to the ground.

"Darn it" Krillin said rubbing the back of his head were he felt his full grown hair and almost smiled at the fact that he didn't need to wax it every week because there were no evil monsters in the world.
He stood up quickly looking around to find the attacker when a crash in front of him made a small crater.
"Should've wore my GI" he said approaching the crater the crater. He got punched in the face and back flipped a couple of times to gain some distance.

Android 18 was standing in front of him in a fighting stance, with knitted eyebrows (mad).
"Why are you doing this to me?" Krillin asked but there was no answer.
'This is stupid I should just send a distress signal and Piccolo or Gohan will come and help me... They'd kill her too, shit. Why do I still care about her, she's done nothing but cause me pain and...' Krillin was so busy thinking that he didn't notice Eighteen was getting closer and closer.
She kneed him in the stomach so hard it made him spit out blood.

"I am done" Krillin said backing up and preparing to fight his own crush.
She charged at him with a punch but never hit her target, he dodged by flying upwards and blasting a her to the ground with a charged Ki blast.
She easily got up and fired a barrage of Ki blasts at Krillin, he deflected every single one with an insane amount of speed. She soon noticed that her attacks were not working so she started flying towards Krillin and engaged in a melee fight at lightning speed. Krillin dodged and began throwing his punches and kicks.
This battle lasted 20 minutes.
Eighteen was bruised all over her body but Krillin only had a scratch on his cheek. He was winning... Fighting an Android and winning.
She threw a punch, Krillin dodged and kicked her in the face, she looked stunned, Krillin took that chance to end the fight. And to make sure he doesn't miss.

"SOLAR FLARE" he shouted and she was temporarily blinded, it her her eyes so she covered them with her hands rubbing them.
Krillin put his hands together.
"" he shouted throwing a blue wave at her. Direct hit as she screamed from the pain and fell to the ground, defeated.

Krillin dropped his altitude and landed in front of her, she was lying down on a rock.
Krillin put on hand up and charged his Ki.
"Destructo Disk" he said and a yellow energy disk formed in his raised hand.
She finally regained her eyesight and saw the end on Krillin's hands as she recognized the deadly attack.

Krillin hesitated to throw it, Eighteen noticed.
"Throw it, do it, end it all so I can be with my brother again" she said barely conscious.
Krillin still loved her, no matter what she did, he still wouldn't take her life.
"I..." he hesitated as she became inpatient.
"WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR... DO IT" she was shouting now.
Krillin canceled the Disk and put his hand down.
"I can't" he said as he walked away.

She was furious. 'Why didn't he do it, why does he make me feel this way, I can't take it anymore'.
She slowly got up and pinned Krillin to a wall.
"If you don't kill me I'll kill you" she said almost shouting. With no response she started chocking Krillin with what's left of her strength.
Krillin showed no emotion or any sign of pain. She increased her strength to try and kill him. Still nothing happened, no emotion on his face, no sign of struggle or pain, just nothing.

She collapsed, falling to her knees, tears on her eyes.
Krillin saw her eyes filled with tears, he felt bad.
Eighteen had no idea what to do now, she couldn't beat him anymore, he was stronger now, her brother is dead, she's all alone in this world, she's the last Android.
She felt her head being pulled up from her chin, she looked up.

"Look, Eighteen, I know it's been ruff and you feel like you're alone in this world, 17 is...gone but that doesn't mean you should kill yourself or make others suffer for something they weren't part of. If anyone is to be blamed for all this is that monster Gero who created Cell. But that's in the past, Cell is dead and so is Gero, you should worry about the future" Krillin said slightly smiling at her.
She got mad. 'What makes him think he knows anything about us, what makes him think he knows anything about me'.
Krillin saw her reaction but still kept smiling with his eyes closed like Korin.
She saw this and closed her eyes too.

Eighteen rushed forward and attacked his lips with hers, they were kissing but not gently, it was forced, she forced the kiss, being completely aggressive.
She didn't want to stop, she just kept kissing him. This was weird for Krillin, he didn't want it to stop but at the same time he did, it felt forced, but he didn't care because the love of his live was kissing him.
Soon after she rammed her tongue into the gates of Krillin's mouth, forcing an entrance, Krillin let her in as she began causing chaos in his mouth, she was in charge of this whole situation.
After that she took off her shirt and ripped Krillin's apart, she didn't care if he liked it or not. They rotated and Krillin was now on top.
Krillin felt her breasts and started sucking one and rubbing the other. This made her moan louder and louder. He started going down to her private area.
Screaming and moans could be heard a mile away from his house.

After 2 hours have passed, Krillin woke up shirtless lying on the grass next to his house He looked around and there was no one there, he began to remember what happened and blushed. He quickly got back inside and decided to take a shower, he was dirty and covered in a white substance in some areas.
"ew...gross" he said stepping in his shower.