Willow was once again lying between Oz and Spike. She silently watched as Oz turned his back to her and fell asleep. She thought the pain had numbed, but being this close to him and having him turn away caused her heart to ache and her eyes to burn. Silently tears slide down her cheeks for she was too conscience and too caring of his need for sleep to wake him with outright sobbing. Her body hummed in pain.

From behind her a voice came, low and strong, "Let me take the pain away."

Slowly she turned to stare into Spike's cool gaze. Taking this as in invitation he let his lips graze hers as he pulled her under him. His hands began to run softly over her curves, he could feel her trembling.

"Oz," she whimpered his name as a protest.

"Is asleep," he whispered into her ear, "The Slayer, Peaches and that bloody commando wanker are downstairs, just outside. You can't tell me that doesn't excite you."

Willow swiftly glanced at Oz, then back at Spike, biting her lower lip. She closed her eyes trying to think rational thoughts, but damn it she couldn't, not with his hands doing what they were doing or his mouth trailing kisses along her neck. Finally she managed to whisper, "He'd wake up."

A chuckle and a characteristic smirk were all that met her protest. He brushed his lips against hers again urging them to part. She accepted his kiss a moment, getting lost in the feel of him. This startled her and she pulled away from him easing his hands away from her before giving him her resolve face and telling him, "Spike, no."

"All right Luv, you win."

Spike chuckled to himself, taking in her confused look before kissing each eyelid. With the same display of tenderness he rolled to his side, pulling her to his chest and running his hand through her hair. The demon recognizing him as a lover confused him. Her knew he was drawn to Willow, that there was a spark of infatuation and each night she would haunt him as he slept, but did that constitute love? After Dru had forced him to leave he'd sworn himself from love. He didn't want anyone to capture his heart as she had. There would be other women of course, but never again could he allow love. Yet somehow when he wasn't watching, was still looking to win Dru back this petite redhead had gotten under his skin, this attack proved that to him.

He smiled contentedly as she snuggled closer, the stress of the night finally beginning to catch up with her. Her continued running his hand through her fiery hair all the while muttering in a voice to soft for her delicate human ears. Her kept his voice just below her hearing range, allowing the rumble of it to comfort her. He winced as a memory of doing this for Dru hit him, the same pain Willow had felt a moment before gripped him now. Cursing silently to himself and closing his eyes he forced himself to push it away and concentrate on the tense woman in his arms. Something was still bothering her.

After an eternity that was really only minutes she mustered up enough courage to speak. "Spike?" she questioned in a hushed tone as if fearful of her own words.

"Yes Red?" his voice was equally hushed.

"I, um, while we were downstairs and you were asleep, um, before Buffy came back with Oz, you, you were talking in your sleep. I don't know but it almost sounded like more then a dream. You, you were arguing with Drusilla and I was wondering if it could have been, been a memory?"

Spike chuckled at her rambling, "You'll have to do better then that Pet, what were we arguing about?"

A frown crossed the young woman's pixie face as she considered her words carefully, now she decided was most definitely no time to ramble. She took a breath and continued what she had started, "You were having dreams about me and she wanted you to come here."

She could feel tense beside her. He paused a moment before saying that the argument was indeed a memory.

"How long have you been having dreams about me?" she asked tensely.

"Since I left Sunnyhell the second time."

"After kidnapping Xander and me?"

His gaze wandered over her face, taking in and savoring every reaction. Purposely he brushed a wisp of red from her forehead before answering, "Yes, Luv."

"What happened between Dru and you?"

A frown began to mar his face as he considered her endless curiosity and her question. He could easily lie. His brain scrambled for the dozen different things he could tell her. Eventually he decided on the truth.

"After leaving her I went back and tortured her till she loved me again. We were happy for a brief period, or so I thought we were. Then one day she pulled me aside, confronted me about the dreams and telling me to come here before telling me of her new lover. Poof of a demon too, don't know what she sees in the wanker."

"So you left her?"

"She was happy."

Loves her enough to let her go. Oh Spike, why didn't she see what she had? It's such a waste. She wet her lips and startled when she noticed it drew his eyes to them.

"Spike, what are the..."

Drowsy and tired of questions he cut her off, "Enough for now. Got to sleep, Red."

Running his hand through her hair once more, he pulled her head back down to his chest and closed his eyes. She closed her eyes and steadied her breathing, waiting till she was certain sleep claimed him. She reopened her eyes, allowing them to gaze over him. Silently she brought her thumb to his lips, running it across them slowly. She held her breath then relaxed when he did nothing more then stir and settle back down. To him and the emptiness of the apartment she whispered five words.

"I dream of you, too."