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Chapter 2: Past Mistakes

"Tania…where in the world are you taking us?"

Tai cocked his head left and right. It was the next morning, and the priestess was leading him, Kari, T.K. and Matt…who she'd made T.K. call in for one reason or another…through the courtyard and gates of the Ikea shrine.

Tania tossed her hair over her shoulder. "This is out of my hands." she muttered. "We're going to see my grandmother…she's the chief priestess here. She'll know what to do."

"And we're here…why?" Matt asked, indicating himself and his brother.

"You'll see." Tania muttered, opening the door to the last building.

The smell of fragrant, burning incense filled their noses as they walked in. The room was small and dark, with parch-white spell scrolls and sutras hanging around them. A small old woman dressed in the same robes as Tania, her white hair done up in a tight bun and her face wrinkled both from age and in concentration.

"Gramma." Tania said quietly. "This project is…a bit too much for me. Can you help?"

"What is the problem?" the old woman asked quietly.

Tania motioned to Kari. "This young woman seams to be having a problem with a poltergeist…" she murmured. "But last night I found something strange…"

"That's enough." the old woman said in a breathless voice, and Tania fell silent. Gramma turned to the guests. "Please. Sit down." she motioned.

The group of kids sat around her in a semi-circle. She closed her eyes and moved her hands from person to person, hovering over Kari a moment.

"I feel nothing unusual from you." she murmured, "Poltergeists are born from the intentions of a person's subconscious, desires of their soul. You have nothing troubling you. You, however…" Her hand floated over to T.K., who was sitting next to Kari. "You seam to be the source of this energy."

T.K. jumped. Kari jumped. Both the brothers started in surprise. Tania just nodded, her suspicion confirmed.

"Yes…I see it now…" the old woman continued. "Your aura shows it all…Your subconscious is angry, very very angry…"

"Hold on a sec!" T.K. exclaimed. "Are you telling us that I'm that ghost?!"


T.K. let out an exasperated, worried sigh and collapsed back down. Kari looked at him, almost afraid.

Matt straightened in his brother's defense. "Look lady, I don't know anything about this 'subconscious' stuff, but T.K. can't be the one doing this!" he insisted. "I mean…he lives across town!"

"Spirits know not the limitations of distance or time." the elder said quietly. "They can go through walls, break through doors, and make it past barriers in a blink of an eye."

"You see?" Tania prompted. "When you're asleep, your spirit breaks free and travels to the Kamiyas home."

T.K. still couldn't speak, and neither could the others. Grandma closed her eyes again. "But…" she whispered. "I feel no anger from your surface. Perhaps it is not a matter of you, but rather of your former life…"

"Woah woah woah woah!" T.K. suddenly found his voice again. "Back up! Why would a former life be rising up now?"

"That is what we must find out." the old woman continued, reaching into a bottle at her right.

She pulled out a tattered, diced green and brown herb. It smelled like a very old flower garden mixed with just a hint of cinnamon and a smidge of tire rubber.

"Eat this, young man." she said, forcing the wed under T.K.'s nose.

He stared at her a moment. "What is this stuff?" he finally asked.

"Copperweed." she muttered. "It's used in the summoning of the former life, to position to the right timeline."

T.K., raising an eyebrow skeptically, lifted the roots and slid them into his mouth. He made a most unpleasant face as he swallowed them. "Ugh…" he groaned. "Tastes like cold eel."

"Tania." the old woman said suddenly. She was grinding a bluish-purple root in a stone bowl in front of her. "Would you please hand me the shredded monkshood?"

"Sure Gramma." Tania grabbed a small satchel from the wall and handed it to her. The old woman promptly added a liberal supply to the powder and mixed it in. Then she popped the top off a bottle and bowled some clear liquid in, mixing the thing into a paste.

The smell drifted over to the kid's noses, all of which wrinkled. It smelled remotely like shoe polish, with a touch of vinegar and a hint of lemon. "What the…"

"Hold still." Gramma pushed the paste under T.K.'s nose. "Breath deeply. These vapors should complete the process."

"Okay, this is getting freaky…" Matt whispered to Tai out of the corner of his mouth. But before any of them could get up to leave, T.K. wavered on the spot and crumpled.

"T.K.!" Kari exclaimed, trying to support him.

"Don't worry." Tania laughed. "It's only a trance."

"A trance?" Matt asked suspiciously.

"To help Gramma get in contact with the spirit of his former life." the young priestess said simply. "Basically, he's just asleep."

"Quiet now, all of you." the old woman hissed, and the others silenced as she leaned over and whispered in T.K.'s ear.

"Listen to the sound of my voice." she whispered. "You will do what I say. I want you to go back…Back…Back to the time of your anger. Back to the exact moment which your anger begins to arise. Travel back.…Back…Back…"

Between the woman's chanting at the smell of the incense, the others seamed also to be under the priestess's spell. There was silence a moment, then she spoke again. "Have you arrived?"

"Yes." T.K. muttered, but the voice wasn't quite his. It was deeper, sounded a few years older, and had a strange, old-fashioned accent.

"T.K.…?" Matt whispered, but Tania shushed him.

"What is your name?" the old woman asked.

"Miroku Asuki." T.K. whispered again, eyes remaining closed and face emotionless.

The priestess leaned back, settling in for a long story. "What year is it, Miroku?" she asked. "What is your age?"

"It is 1593 A.D." T.K. muttered. "I am 19 years old."

Tania nodded. "That's why it took so long." she whispered.

"Miroku…" Gramma silenced her quietly and motioned to Kari. "Why is that you are haunting this young woman?"

At this the young man's face seamed to be restraining anger. "She has betrayed me." the new voice growled.

Kari put a hand over her mouth. "Betrayed?" Tai gasped quietly.

Gramma leaned forward. "Miroku…what was this betrayal? How is it that it happened?"

T.K.…Well, Miroku, I guess…took a deep breath before telling his story:

"My father has long since been dead, and at this age I am old enough to inherit the land my father left behind. But before I do, there's only one thing I wanted…to marry the girl of my dreams…"

The others glanced at each other. The old woman leaned forward. "Who was she, Miroku?" she asked. "Please describe her."

"Brown hair…" he muttered. "Long, very long…reached her waist…And the most enchanting…brown eyes…skin as pale as china…"

"Her name, Miroku?"

"…Kagome Misatu…" the boy muttered. "The youngest daughter of the miller in town…"

Kari took in a deep breath. She wanted to ask…she didn't know why, but she longed to ask…to ask him…

"Did you truly love her, Miroku?" the old woman asked.

"Yes." the boy muttered.

The priestess nodded. "Please continue."

"We were…engaged…" he murmured. "The next morning was the day…I could hardly wait…but then…She did it."

"Did what?" the old woman asked.

T.K.'s face looked outraged. No one knew how at that point, because it was hard to explain in words. But they could all make out the story:


The woman put her arms around the young man's neck. They were behind his house, where she'd taken him for some 'private time' as she called it.

"Kagome…" he muttered, wrapping his arms around her as he secretly wished the night would never end…

Miroku sudden choked on something. His frazzled brain pulled one thing out of the numbness, the un-pain, and the shock: I've been stabbed…

His lover broke away and let him drop to the ground, rushing out of his view. He felt the blade pierce his back again and again, before it finally stopped and the body lay still. "Kagome…what's happened to her? Kagome!"

But as the spirit rose up from the corpus, he saw the truth:

The girl stood, looking down at him, a knife still clutched in her hand. It was smeared with blood…his blood…and another man stood behind her.

"She killed me…Kagome killed me!" his spirit raged, the scene fading from sight. "The witch…the temptress! She killed me! She killed me…"

About this time the effects faded. T.K. groaned a bit, then his eyes flew open and he sat up suddenly. "What the…" he gasped. "What happened?"

"T.K.?" Kari asked. "Is that you?"

"'Course it's me." he muttered. "What happened?"

The old priestess nodded quietly. "I see…" she muttered, putting her herbs away. "This will take quite a while."