Chapter 1: Revenge

"I want revenge," she told him simply after having finally found a way to meet with him alone.

Sesshoumaru did not say anything as his golden eyes looked at the female before him indifferently. She wears on her a set of clothes that hid who she is as she told him that. Her eyes shone fiercely with betrayal as she brows knit together in determination.

"Why come to me," he asked without much care, helping her gain her revenge gets him absolutely nothing in return and he has just about everything.

"I will help you gain back what rightfully belonged to you," she told him, her tone held no sense lies, "The Will was a forgery," Kagome continued, and that was what caught his attention.

He did not say anything but looked at her sharply, does she know how serious the case is at what she was insinuating. "And the people that help colluded in it..."

"Explain," he ordered her simply with one word, his tone no longer indifferent but held that icy coldness that could freeze even the fiery flames of hell.

"I overhead one of the night when Kikyo and Inuyasha were talking about the Taishō family, she was part of it all," Kagome continued angrily, grinding her teeth together as she nearly want to spit the name of her cousin out. "Inuyasha was never that smart enough to come up with a plan like that to take over even you in the company, Izayoi and Kikyo worked together to get control of everything and the market, even your title,"

He continued to look at her indifferently not at all seemingly interested in what she has to say, if the Will was really a forgery it was perhaps now nothing to him, they that have now made him the 'Fallen Prince' and a mockery that even the youngest Taishō who knows nothing but to good about all day is now even more outstanding as compared to his older brother who had shown so much potential throughout his years, only to fall short on one mistake.

"Your fall was all planned by them, to make you suffer and be humiliated in the last few years," she told him, and breathed in before continuing the harder part, "And I was silenced for finding out about all of these during our pre-honeymoon and catching them in bed talking about future plans and of killing me," she hissed it out.

Everything that he has now are things that he had built up, his own little growing empire, though not as strong as how the Taishō empire is, but it is half of it at least and getting there already.

"I want to get back what belonged to my family and revenge against that pair of ungrateful, shameless couple," She told him, lifting her head to glared at Sesshoumaru with deep hatred in her eyes as she venom dripped into every word that she spoke of.

Hell hath no fury like a woman's wrath they say, and because of them she now wants revenge. For taking everything that she has, her family now merely getting by and left with the Shrine, with no other means of what they formerly had of the landed apartments and land that they used to own, now taken away by Kikyo and her family.

Her body trembled ever so slightly from her fury as her fisted hands grasped and twisted the fabric of her sweat pants, now stained with the heavy drops of tears that falls one by one onto the material and left a dark mark on it.

"Hn…We will look into the matter of this," he told her monotonously, there are things that he will be needing to look into to confirm of what she had said, but it will take him some time, meanwhile the truth of her being alive still has yet to be released, leaving her with nothing but a ghost.

Flipping his phone, he dialed for the number of his personal assistant and had some things prepared as he the room, leaving Kagome to sit in the living room of his penthouse as he spoke over the phone. When he returned, Kagome was still frozen in the spot that she is in, her pose and posture still the same as she fought back tears.

"You will stay here and not leave the place," he told her in a tone that did not allow anyone to defy.

Kagome looked up at him with watery eyes as it spoke volumes of her questions in which he did not want to reply to. "We need to investigate and plan these properly," he told her.

"Take the unused room upstairs," he told her, already dismissing her as he left to walk up the stairs himself, entering into one of the rooms and shutting it behind of him with a slam.

She was well prepared that Sesshoumaru will not help her at all and instead tell her to leave his sight and to throw the matter away. And hopefully now she has a partner that will help her through her revenge against Inuyasha and her cousin. The seriousness of the matter is not something that Sesshoumaru was going to take lightly as he thought about what she had told him.

Some of these new information are not new to him, having had his own suspicion a long time ago and now she just renewed his interest in pursuing the matter even more. Just that the matter of helping her gain her revenge, he would need to see about it, but it did not matter for now as Sesshoumaru started making a few more phone calls in the middle of the night and started digging about more.



I thought I would try to do something more...dramatic for once with an AU type of story based mainly on the main few characters of Inuyasha. I hope that you guys enjoy it!