ATTENTION EVERYONE! I am very sorry to say this but I am leaving fanfiction for good. I want to focus on different projects in my life and fanfiction is just a hobby I havent given much thought in a long while. I'm really sorry. I will post all the ideas I had for this fic and encourage anyone who wants to pick it up.

Thanks and sorry again.

Luffy was going to be a revolutionary working for his father. He was repressed and really unhappy with no ambition. Zoro finds him and keeps trying to badger him to 'find a dream'. Luffy eventually gets the courage to leave his father but sees Zoro as his Captain. Zoro refuses the position but Luffy follows his classic stubborn personality in this manner. Every crewmember to follow calls Zoro captain and he is in denail about it for the entire fic.

Nami was going to be gender bended into a man. lol Because she/he was a man Arlong and his crew treated him differently. More like an animal, so the Nami was wild and fierece...and suprisingly, Zoro gets along very well with this version of Nami. Some things never change though and Zoro realizes much later that he has been racking up a 'bromance fee' and was more in debt then he ever was with female Nami. This sours his perception and calls him witch for the rest of thier lives.

Ussop village was going to be inslaved by the cat pirates. So Ussop has a deep hatred for all pirates. His experiences are very close to Namis that he is freed from the crew. He is an inventing genius. (even more so than before.)

Sanji is female and that is the only difference. Everything is exactly the same. the kicking and cooking, the ladies obsession. It creeps Zoro out all the time. Especially since she is in a mini-skirt all the time. After awhile Zoro slips and starts using a 'he-him' adjective. Suprisingly, female Sanji takes it as a complement.

Brooke never found his shadow but left the cursed sea. He only opperated at night but was still quite infamous despite that. He joins the crew earlier than in canon and eventually gets his shadow back.

That was all I had planned so far. Thank you for all the support and sorry again.