Six years… six years since the day that changed my life forever. For better or worse is still dangling on the edge of a cliff. Ah, I'm probably boring you, though. Let's start at the beginning, shall we?

(Line Break)

Tik tak Tik tak. Blowing a lock of hair from my eyes, I bite my lip, considering my next words carefully. Should she trust the elves so soon? Or should she try to run with her dragon? Ooo, or what if Drecor is now back to hatchling size? Yes, that will build tension. Smiling, I finish the latest chapter of my novel with a flourish of my hand. Maybe I'll actually finish this one. Heck, maybe I'll even finish it before Paolini beats me to his final book in the Inheritance Cycle! I grin, setting my computer aside to hop down from my silky bed. Just as my feet hit the floor, I have this sudden urge to look into the backyard. Cocking my head, I plod to the bathroom my sister and I share, peering out the window overlooking our yard as well as several neighbors'.

A shiver runs down my spine, and I squint, unsure of what I just saw. No, it's still there! A tiny shimmer bends in the unusual heat of this November. A barely-there outline shoots out from it before both disappear. Blinking rapidly, I crane my neck out, bumping my head as I try to see where that… thing went. A faint shimmer of an outline zips down the small creek. Snorting softly, I turn away. Great, so now I'm seeing things. Shaking my head, I jog down the stairs to grab lunch.

"Hey, you hungry?" Mom calls out, turning with a pot of creamy spam fettuccini – or in this case, pasta shells – in her hands. I nod eagerly, stomach growling like a bear.

"So hey, did you see something down by the creek a couple minutes ago?" Mom frowns, shaking her head.

"No, why?"

"Hm, nothing I guess. I thought I saw something, but it was probably just a trick of the light."

I try to go back to school work, but that outline keeps nagging at my mind. It looked strangely familiar, but I don't think it was really enough to try and sketch out for a species comparison. Just as I settle at my desk, a movement outside catches my eye. Immediately, all the birds in the Japanese Maple outside my window take off to the south, towards the Smiths' yard. Frowning, I try to look out my window from different angles, but nothing seems to be there. Maybe… maybe they were just hungry? I almost smack myself; it would be too much of a coincidence for all of the birds to become that hungry at the same time.

An image of a thumbs-up pops into my head. Erm, okay… A series of images flies through my mind, some of dragons, others of random books, and too many other things to keep track. Looking wildly around, I push back from the desk, wincing as a headache forms. The images pause, then disappear altogether. Close to hyperventilating, I stare out the window, sensing something out there. Wait, what the... I can sense things now?! A single image floats into my mind from… it. A woman holding a hand against my forehead, a look of concern in her eyes.

I stare at the not-quite-there creature for a moment before it dawns on me. "Uh, yeah. I'm fine," I mumble. Relief trickles into my mind, but it feels like there should be more. Uh, nope! Heck no, I'm not getting involved in this. Spinning on my heel, I rush downstairs a little faster than usual, skidding to a stop at the kitchen counter. Mom looks up in surprise, raising an eyebrow at my flushed expression. "Thought maybe I'd join you this time for lunch. Want to play a round of solitaire after?" She nods, smiling but clearly still a little worried. I never eat lunch downstairs unless it's formal or in front of the TV.

(A/N Howdy! This will be unlike anything you have ever read. This story is based on a collection of diary entries and OneNote logs of things that popped into my head. Unique, very original – except where it's creature/happenings from other worlds/universes – and a breathtaking thriller, comedy, and tragedy. If there's anything more you'd like to hear of a particular event, let me know and I'll try to accommodate :) Please review if you get the chance.

Oh, also... there will be some aspects of faith/religion in this, but it won't be pushy. Just an aspect of this character's life)