"So... Let me get this straight. You want me to extend my mind by pushing outward," I cast a sidelong glance in Drecor's direction. He sighs dramatically and nods mentally. Sheesh, one week together and we're already bringing out only the best traits in each other. Not. Huffing, I try again, trying to focus on pushing out against my skull, a pressure building up like the billion and seventh times before. As the pressure continues to build almost to a migraine level, I'm about to give up when suddenly I sense my mom's thoughts. A swirling mess of connections and ideas and hundreds of tasks all whizzing about. I sense a small cheer from Drecor.

"Now just withdraw," he says. Erm, so I guess that's... Pulling? Focusing on that, I find withdrawal far easier. Drecor explains, "When humans are hatchlings, they are far more connected to the world around them. A natural progression of aging is for that connection to retreat. That's why it's easier to withdraw when you finally have managed to reconnect."

I give a small nod before returning my gaze to the trees and signs blurring past. "How long till you can fly?And gliding doesnot count."

Drecor snorts, resettling in my lap. "It really depends on the dragon, but it shouldn't be more than a couple weeks, maybe a month. Why?"

I mentally shrug. "Just curious, I guess."

After several minutes of only the radio making a sound, Drecor sighs and phases out of the car. Startled I have to bite my lip to keep from whipping around. To my surprise, I catch sight of him on the sunroof. What the...

"More comfortable and More fun." I suppose that makes sense, but still. The lack of a warm cat-like companion on my lap does leave me slightly chilly. Drecor snorts in disgust, "I amNOT a cat!"

"Then.. maybe you should stop acting like one?"

"Ha! You'd miss me too much."

"As if!" I retort lamely. Growing bored, I try to reach out telepathically again, this time going a little farther than Mom's mind. It's hard with the speed we're at - I'm guessing seventy mph from the shotgun angle - but I catch glimpses of some hard-working, methodical ants or the ocassional hawk on the hunt for a rodent. Suddenly, I feel Drecor delve farther into my mind. Shocked, I instinctively retreat all my connections and push against the intrusive force. A blast of light, a sidestep. Around my flat little concrete slab of a mind we go.

"When can I make a cool base for my mind?" I half-whine in distraction. Drecor hesitates a moment, which I immediately trounce upon, slamming a solid... ice cream scoop into his assault.

Drecor bursts into kaughter, earning a death glare across our bond. "Good instincts, but you'll only be able to use something that... unintimidating once. Besides, the fact it wasice cream would indicate a juvenile status, giving an attacker the advantage."

I mentally nod. "I guess I'm hungrier than I thought." After dropping some clothes off at the cleaners, Mom and I head to Dairy Queen for a blizzard.

"I still don't get why they're called that," Drecor grumbles, scowling slightly as we enter.

I chuckle silently, "I thought that was pretty self-explanatory. They freezing cold like a blizzard, and the ice cream and toppings are whipped/shaken like a blizzard."

Drecor rolls his eyes but doesn't voice any objections. Just as I get settled with my S'mores blizzard, Drecor slyly grins. "Wanna try pranking some little hatchlings?"

I mentally raise an eyebrow but say sure.

(A/N Yeah, mostly fluff, little bit of training. Sorry if you were expecting more on the whole alternate universe thing, but honestly? I'm having a bit of a hard time writing chapters for stories right now. One and Two-shots are easy, but stories like this I have a lot of ideas to choose from but really should keep it condensed And don't worry; the whole white dragon thing in "The Reality of Self-Harm" will be explained around... Let's see, when did I schedule that... Ah yes, a little over 1 yr into their relationship

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