Hello everyone! This is gonna be my third fanfic. Second in the Naruto area and I just wanted to make something clear. My OC character Miley is the same person as in my story 'Naruto the Neglected' except the way her mother dies is different. It will be told in the chapter below! Thanks and if you like please vote and comments. Well without further a do...let's begin!

In the village hidden in the leaf, there was a little boy with spiky blond hair, sky blue eyes and beautiful tanned skin. This young boy, who was no older than five, was running away from a mob of villagers, all carrying torches and fork sticks.

"Die Demon"

"You killed our loved one!"

"Let's finish what the fourth started!" These were heard throughout the village.

The little boy knew why they were angry, he met the demon fox a year ago. Surprisingly, contracting to beliefs, the little boy wasn't angry, and became friends with the fox now known as Kuruma. The fox was taken aback by the boy and accepted, even going as far as telling him about his heritage. Now this boy was quite smart for his age, some could even consider him a genius, but they are all too blind to see the difference between a boy and a fox.

Anyways, as the boy runs, he looks for a place to hide from the mob, but today isn't he's lucky day. They catch up and he is beaten to a near death state. When they feel satisfied they leave him in a pool of his own blood, barely conscious.

'Kuruma, why me? Why do they always do this?! It isn't fair?'

"Kit I'm sorry. It's my fault your like this. I'm really sorry kit. Just wait I'm in the middle of healing you."

'Its alright Kuruma. You said it wasn't your fault, you were being controlled. And thanks for healing me. None of the hospitals would ever do so.'

"But still these stupid humans can't tell the difference between an innocent boy and a demon fox! How pathetic! Why don't you tell the old man...nevermind it wont do you any good."

'Yeah, Jiji is too busy and can't keep on watching me for ever. I'm going to the park. There isn't anyone there now.' He got up and made his way to the park, not knowing that it would change his life forever.

"Stop it please Nii-san! Why are you killing them?! Their our family!" a little raven head boy screamed to his older brother at the sight of him killing their clan.

"Foolish little brother. Their strong, so I have to test my strength." He then killed all of them, except the young raven head. The little boy stood there, frozen of fear, of death, so shut his eyes for the inevitable, but it never came.

"I won't kill you. You're too weak. Hate me, and get more power. Avenge those that I killed, then I'll see you as some one worthy to die by my hands. You're a pathetic excuse for someone in our clan. If you were strong, then you could have stopped it, but you're weak!" he says the last part with venom and then disappears.

The little boy cries his heart out as he looks around the compound.

'Why, why did he do that! To test his strength? Why on his own family?! He's right, I am weak!' The raven thinks.

There he sees his relative, cousins, friends all dead. But what makes him cry harder is the sight of his beloved parents dead in their own pools of blood. He quickly leaves the compound and starts running through the streets. He would do anything to get away from there. Unknowing to him, he is heading to the same place as our little blond boy.

'Please stop! Please someone save me!'

These are the thoughts of a little pink haired girl as she is being beaten by an older man. The man kicks her and throws her towards the book shelve, breaking it in the process. The nights that he is drunk are one of the worst.

"You disgusting little brat! How dare you live while she doesn't! You're nothing more than a murderer! Why don't you just die!" and then continues to beat the little five year old. Once he feels satisfied, he tosses her out of the house.

"Never come back here again, you ungrateful child!"

The little girl gets up and limps outside onto the street, all bloody and bruised. She looks up to the moon, the only comfort she thought she had as its beauty radiant towards her. She is drawn to it and heads to its direction.

Each child has the same thought

'Why is my life so unfair! Why can't I have people who love and support me! I wish there are people out there that would be my friends.'

Little did they know how soon that wish would be granted, more than they had ever wished for.

As the little raven headed boy enters the park, he hears someone crying, so he quickly wipes his tears and sees a blond boy crouched down all bloody with stabs and bruises. He walks up to the boy and gentle taps his shoulder, somewhat startling the blond boy.

"Are you alright? Why are you crying?" the raven asks the blond.

"*sniff* the villagers-" he was cut off by the sound of rather loud sobs. They turn around and see a pink haired girl covered in wounds, about to fall. They run over to her and catch he before she does.

"What happened to you? are you all right?" the blond boy asks. The girl looked so fragile that he thought she was going to die.

"We have to take her to the hospital." the raven says. To his surprise the blond boy shakes his head.

"If you do, then you have to take her alone. The hospital would just kick me out." Not knowing what to do they panic, but luckily someone comes by. A little brown haired girl, of about eight years old-older than the three, comes by. She sees them and comes close to them. They too see her and they can tell she was crying from her red puff eyes. She walks towards them.

"I-Is everything alright?" she asks, a bit scared. They look at her.

"No, this girls needs medical attention now. Can you help in carrying her to the hospital?" the blond asks.

"Why don't I just heal her." She stands up and soon they see a green glow from her hands near the girl's body and all the wounds disappearing. They look at her awe. When she finishes, the pink aired girl wakes up to the sight of three heads looking down on her. She moves back in fear.

"P-Please d-don't h-hurt me" she stammers.

"Its ok. We won't hurt you. These two boys found you here and I just healed you. How are you feeling?" the brunet asks. The pink haired girl then realizes that she isn't in pain anymore.

"Yeah, I feel great! Like I wasn't hurt at all! How did you do that?" she asks excitedly. The boys look at her as well.

"I just learned it, taught really, by my father. Why are you guys all here any- OMG I didn't realize you were hurt too!" she exclaimed as looks at the blond boy. The others also look. She begins healing him immediately.

"Why are you two hurt anyways and why are you guys here in the first place?" the brunet asks the three in front of her. The blond starts his story as she just finishes healing him.

"The villagers see me as the nine tailed fox that attacked the village five years ago. The fourth Hokage sealed it into me, turns out to be my own father, but no one knows accept jiji and I think a few others know. When I was four I met him and he told me all this. He even said that he didn't want to attack the village, but was controlled by Madara Uchiha. The villagers always beat me up, even some of the ninja and want me dead, because they think that I'm its reincarnation, but Kuruma, that's the Kyuubi, always heals me." after he finished telling his story as he sobbed, the other three just went and hugged him, to his surprise.

"Don't you hate me?" he questions.

"Of course no, it wasn't your fault. Those villagers are idiots if they can't tell the difference." the raven said while the two girls nodded approve. He was grateful and waited for some else to tell their story.

"Well, I guess I'm next. My brother just killed our entire clan, but not me. He said that I was too weak and to avenge our clan by being stronger and kill him, so that's what I have to do." the other three went up to him and hugged him.

"But why are you going to listen to a murderer? He's your brother, so you should know him better than anyone else. I don't really think he did it to test his strength." the blond said. the raven absorbed this in and then looked at the blond,

"You're right. He was always too kind. Maybe there is a reason he did. I guess when I find him, I'll ask him and then fight him to see if I'm strong." There attention was to the two girls, waiting for them to tell their tail, the pink haired girl spoke up.

"My father beats me almost everyday. He says that its my fault that my mother died. She died giving birth to me, so he says that I shouldn't be alive while she's dead. But now he kick me out so I have now where to go to." again they hug the girl and are again enraged at her father. Now its the brunettes turn,

"Well my mother was just killed...by my uncle. He wanted to kill me too but I got away and came here. He was her brother! How could he do that!" she sobs as the three younger children go and hug her. They stay like that for some time and then break away. The brunette begins,

"My name is Miley, Miley al Ghul. What are your names?" she asks.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, but I'm going to hide the Namikaze for now." the blond replies.

"My name is Sasuke Uchiha." the raven says.

"My name is Sakura Haruno." the pinkette says.

"Say, do you want to be friends." the blond asks, hopeful that they would accept.

"Why don't we become family. We all don't have one except you Miley, right?" the pinkette asks.

"Yeah, I have my dad, but I would love to have three younger siblings. My father won't mind either." they turn to the raven.

"Sure. It'd be great to have each other's back...Family. That would be nice." he says excitingly.

"Alright then, it's settled! From today onward, were family!" the brunette exclaims as she pulls them into a hug. Then she gets an idea.

"Hey, why don't we go to my place. It's yours as well now. and you *points to Sakura* don't have a place right? Well I guess my little sis is gonna be staying at my place until my house in Konoha is built.

"Wait, you don't live here? Then how did you get passed the Anbu?" Sasuke asked.

"Why don't we go to my place first and then I'll tell you everything. Grab onto me." she says and they do as she says as she shushined away.

When they opened their eyes, they were met with the most beautiful house that they had ever seen. THEIR NEW OLDER SISTER LIVED IN A FREAKIN' MANSION! They were bug-eyed by the sight before them. Seeing this, she chuckled and pulled them inside. Once inside the saw maids and butlers that walked up to them-more specifically Miley- and began to cry.

"My lady we were so worried about you. Your father is still outside looking for you. How did you escape that horrid man." the maids asked.

"I- to be honest I don't know. I just kept on running and running and then I stumbled on these three *pulls them up close* Everyone, I want you to met my new siblings. I hope you make their stay comfortable."

They start going up to them, shaking their hands, until they see a poof of smoke and someone stepped out. At the sight of Miley, the man ran up to her and hugged her so tight, as if she was going to disappear if he didn't the others were taken aback by the older man's sobs.

"Oh I'm so glad your alright. I'm soo so sorry I couldn't save her...I'm just glad your alive and well." he sobs.

"Dad I'm alright. Really. I don't know how I did it but I ended up in the Konoha park and *remembering the three siblings* oh dad I want you to met my new siblings. We met at the park earlier. Guys, this is my dad, Ra's al Ghul." The two parties just stared at one another until the children each introduced each other. However, Sakura was a bit scared, considering her past relation with her father, Sensing her fear, Ra's picked her up and hugged her, much to the other's delight. While still holding her he said to them,

"Well, I guess since you guys are siblings with my daughter, then I guess I'm the father of this family. Is that alright with you three?" he asked, which they nod fiercely. He gave Sakura and the boys each a kiss on the forehead, and each child felt I wave of happiness wash over them. For Naruto, he never grew up with parents, so he felt a sense of happiness to finally have someone to relied on. For Sasuke, he too felt happy, since his own father wouldn't pay any attention to him at all. But the happiest was Sakura, who got a father who loved her and wouldn't abuse her. The girl held on to the older man and smiled. Miley felt happy too. She helped these kids in their time of need and also gained a great family.

"Alright you guys, I got the maids to get your bathes ready and a new set of clothes. Come on, I'll show you where to go." They said their goodbyes to the older man, their new father and followed their sister upstairs. Once they got there, she showed them the bath and they took a shower. It felt cool and relaxing, and once they got out, they were served dinner.

"OMG, this is the best food I've ever eaten!" Sakura eye-wided.

"It's delicious!" Sasuke exclaimed

"I don't know what to say. What the two of you are saying isn't even close to describing it!" Naruto said. The others there just laughed and chuckled at their reactions.

Soon it was time to sleep, and as they already had their pyjamas on, Miley was going to show them their rooms. She stopped, however, when she noticed that they stopped moving and looked down.

"Hey, what's the matter? Are you guys alright?" she asked worried. They looked at each other and then Sakura asked,

"Um Nee-chan...can we sleep with you? In your room?" she asked

"Please? It's sorta too big, and we want to sleep with our sister." Sasuke plead as Naruto nodded his headed. She smiled,

"Of course! That's actually much more better! Come on then, to my room!" she exclaimed and soon they found themselves in a huge room with a king sized bed in the middle.

"My bed is big enough for all of us to sleep on...Oh one more thing. Do you guys want me train you? You kn-" she was cut of with,

"YES PLEASE!" they said in unison.

"Ok that settles it, tomorrow we'll start your training!" They all climbed onto her bed and snuggled close to one another. They all soon drifted to sleep with peaceful angelic faces with one thing one their minds,

'My wish came true!'