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Chapter One

Larry Appleton had never felt so miserable or hopeless in his entire life. He hadn't slept well in days, he couldn't seem to do anything right at his job for the Chicago Chronicle, and now, the love of his life, Jennifer Lyons, was leaving for six months!

As he looked at his reflection in the mirror over the bathroom sink, he remembered every heartbreaking detail of Jennifer's admission that she would be going away. Both she and Mary Anne Spencer had been chosen to teach a flight attendant class in Ontario, Canada for six months! Not one month, not three, but six! Just thinking about it made Larry sick to his stomach. Grabbing his liquid antacid, he plopped down on the sofa beside his best friend and cousin, Balki Bartokomous. "My life is over, Balki," he whined.

Balki threw his arm over the back of the sofa and turned to him. "Oh, Cousin, don't worry. You'll find one again," he replied.

Larry looked over at him, dumbfounded. "You know, Mary Anne is leaving for six months, too! You don't feel depressed?"

"Cousin, I'll miss Mary Anne, but she be back. It's not like she's going to another country or anything."

Larry did a double take. "Balki, Canada IS another country! Canada is not part of the United States. It's just a part of North America!"

"Well, I'll be snookered," Balki replied before turning his attention back to Larry. "Cousin, why can't you just be happy for Jennifer and Mary Anne? This is a once in a while chance for them. They get to teach young people how to attend flights!"

"But Balki, you're missing the point! Last time Jennifer got an offer to go away, I hesitated telling her how I felt and nearly lost her in the process. Now the opportunity has arose again and no matter what I've said, she still plans on going! Balki, Canada may not seem that far away, but it's like a whole other world! Jennifer could forget all about me and fall in love with some Mountie who loves bobsled racing and eats Canadian bacon. I mean, what if I write her a letter or call her and she says 'Larry who?'?"

"Oh, po po, Cousin," Balki scolded gently. "If Harriet has said it once, she's said it twice: you're acting like a bit of a drag queen again."

"That's drama queen and I'll have you know that you are in just as much jeopardy of losing Mary Anne as I am of losing Jennifer. Jennifer is smart and beautiful and Mary Anne is…well, she's beautiful. Two beautiful women roaming the snow-capped mountains of Ontario. I guarantee you that the Canadian mountain men will be lining up at the door to date them!"

"But they are our girlfriends. They would never cheat on us. Mary Anne is loyal to me and Jennifer is loyal to you. Now just put that in your pants and smoke it," Balki pointed out before standing up. "Now, I'm going to finish getting ready for our dinner with the girls before they leave. Are you coming with us or are you going to sit and wallow in your own mystery?"

Larry watched Balki go, a wave of guilt washing over him. He had been so worried about Jennifer falling in love with someone else, when he had been the one who cheated. Sure, it had just been a dream when he kissed Bianca Pierson, but it still felt as real as it could be. In fact, ever since the dream, he'd felt incredibly guilty and preoccupied with his thoughts of Bianca and everything that had happened. It had been a week–seven whole days–since Balki had awakened him from his slumber, but he still worried about the dream being real. If Bianca had been in danger in his subconscious, perhaps she was in real danger. He had been so desperate, he had called her grandfather, hoping and praying to get a message to her to be careful, but Larry had heard nothing in response. He wanted to tell Balki, but he didn't want to worry him, as well. Besides, he'd hate to upset Balki if Bianca wasn't in danger at all, but just Larry's overactive imagination working overtime.

"Cousin, are you ready?" Balki asked, grabbing his coat from the hanger on the door and handing Larry his.

"Ready to say goodbye to Jennifer? Never. Ready to eat? Most definitely."

"So, have you started any new side projects lately or are you just sticking to the web design stuff?"

Bianca Pierson sipped her coffee and stared at her friend via video chat. "Mostly just sticking to the web designing job. Ever since that art gallery manager Serge from Beverly Hills hired me, I've been working non-stop. And his accent is weirder than yours, if you can believe that, Valeena," she added with a laugh. She had known Valeena Tolstoy for fifteen years and her drawl had never changed. It was a cross between a Brooklyn and a Wisconsin-ite accent. Considering Valeena had moved around all her life, it was no wonder her enunciations were muddled.

"Sorry, I can't. Well, I won't keep you on here. I know you just got home from seeing your art dealer friend with the bad accent, but I'll yak at you later, okay?"

Bianca laughed. "Okay. Talk to you soon. Love you."

"You too, sweetheart."

As soon as the video chat was over, her yellow robot Wakamaru rolled to her slowly, speaking in high-pitched Japanese.

"English, Wakamaru; English," she moaned, wishing she could figure out how to fix his glitch permanently.

"You have two new messages."

"Play messages," she said, standing up and walking across the room, Wakamaru following her.

"First message…."

"Hey, Miss Pierson, just wanted to say thank you regarding that error that kept showing up on the website. I appreciate it. You were the only one who knew exactly what to do. Of course, I should've known, considering the fantastic job you did for my brother a few months back. This is Jacob Langley of Langley Confections, by the way," a male voice came over the speaker on the robot's head.

"Second message…"

Bianca listened as she heard static at first. She was just about to order Wakamaru to delete the message, but the voice she finally heard made her snap to attention.

"Bianca…grandfather….got a call….Larry Appleton…grave danger….you should go…"

"End of messages," Wakamaru stated after the eerie message.

"No, play second message again," Bianca ordered, not believing her ears.

Sure enough, in the midst of the static-filled line, there was no mistaking her deceased grandfather's voice. Somehow, he knew Larry and Balki were not only friends of hers, but that they needed her help!

"Don't worry, guys; I'm on my way!" she cried out, running as fast as she could to the garage and to her time machine. She needed to go back to nineteen-eighty-seven…and fast!