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Part one: Prisoner

The echoes of footsteps echoed through out the dark dungeon that seemed to go miles and miles down. Down he went, coming deeper and deeper down till he reached a lone cell, at the very bottom. There, he could almost make out a young man sitting in it with his back turned towards the him. The lock clicked as it opened and the metal bars creaked as they swung open.

"Get slave. The KIng wants to see you. And you," he growled.

The young man slowly rose up, and crimson eyes stared straight into the hazel eyes of the Jail guard. He faltered and took a step back in fear. He could hear a quiet humph escaping the prisoners mouth, which brought back his composer and annoyance was starting to build up. The guard squinted and could barely make out a shorter outline clutching onto the taller one.

"Come on slaves! Get!" and cracked his whip.

There was a grunt as it hit the taller ones shoulder, but that was all. The tall one led the smaller one by the hand and both and slaves climbed the staircase. They sheilded their eyes from the light as it blinded them, once they emerged from there dark prison. The older one protectively pulled the younger one's eyes away as he guided him. They were shoved along and forced to their knees, as they were before the King. The King was a tall man with golden hair, and brown eyes. His skin was light and he wore a toga of white and gold. A crown was set on his brow while on his feet were woven gold slippers. He had authority in his eyes and they danced in mockery at the slaves.

"Your highness. These are the survivors we captured from the ship."

"Excellent. You may leave," he said.

The guard bowed and slipped out of the throne room, quietly closing the door behind him. The King stood up and studied his new found slaves. The older one had a crown of black spiky hair with a jagged red, outlining it, and fine golden lightning shaped bangs. He had demon crimson eyes that were filled with hatred and disgust. His skin was tanned and battered with bruses and past whip marks save for a fresh one on his shoulder. His clothes were rags that hung loosely and was covered in mud and filth. The younger one had the same crown of hair and bangs except for a lone one right in the middle of his forehead. Instead of demon eyes, he had big violet eyes that showed fear. His skin was slightly lighter, but still tanned. He also seemed battered. The king smiled in amusement.

"Well, then slaves, I welcome you to Rome."

The older one glared as a low growl escaped his throat.

'Amusing.' he thought.

"Tell me your name, slave," he demanded.

The growl deepened as his eyes flashed murder at the Bonde haired King.

"Answer me!" and cuffed him.

The younger one gasped as his eyes widened, and had concern in his soft eyes as the stubborn one put a hand to his stinging cheek, still glaring.

"Well! Answer me!"

He kept his mouth firmly shut.

"Well, then. Be stubborn," and turned his eyes on the young one.

"Well, since he won't talk, I'l question you. If you don't answer it will be your head."

The young one gulped.

"Lay a finger on him and you'll find your own head gone," came a growl.

He snapped his eyes on the stubborn slave.

"You dare talk to me that way!" and raised his hand for a strike.

"Please don't," came a soft voice.

The King's brown eyes adverted to the other slave.

"Please don't hurt him. His names Yami, as mine is Yugi," he continued in a quiet whisper.

The King's hand dropped.

"You are a very wise slave, unlike this one," he said with a growl. "Now, Yami, talk or you'll regret it."

Yami drew himself up proudly.

"Nothing you do is going to make me talk."

"That seems true, but what about Yugi?" he questioned with a mocking smile.

Yami froze, and his eyes narrowed to a glare. Death was written all over it.

"You wouldn't," he said in a deadly whisper.

"Oh, I would. Don't underestimate me, Yami."

Yami's teeth clenched, then gurdgingly said, "What do you want to know?"

"For one thing, what is your place in Egypt?"

"I am the pharaoh's slave as is Yugi," he answered.

"I don't believe you. You are obviously lieing, and if you don't tell me the truth I will see that Yugi loses his hand!"

Yugi gasped and pressed his hand to his chest, fear clouding his amythist eyes. Yami growled.

"Fine! I'm the scribes assistant and Yugi's a muscians! Happy!" Yami shouted.

The King searched is eyes for any detection of a lie, but his eyes were clouded with anger and hate, that he couldn't tell. So he asumbed it was true.

"Yes, tell me of your Pharaoh."

"He would beat the living crap out of...."

Yugi nudged him.

"....he lives to help his people," me mummbled.

"I see, tell me of his war plans."

"Ra! I'm only an assistant scribe! How could I know!"

"You're right, you wouldn't. But your still of some use since you can translate Egyptian for us. The other is no use. Guards! Take him away!"

"No!" Yami shouted in protest, while bringing Yugi protectively to his chest.

Yugi could only tremble in his embrace.

"Give me one good reason why?"

"Because I said so!"

The King cuffed him again.

"You do not tell me what to do," he hissed.

One of his advisors, who had been standing behind his chair, made his way to him. "Your highness," he whispered in his ear. "This slave, Yami, has the spirit of fire and soul of a lion. If you wish to tame him, the young one will be of use."

The King thought of this then nodded, and waved him away.

"I have decided to keep you both as slaves. You will work hard and never disobey me. Guards take them back to their cell," he ordered.

They were grabbed and dragged out of the throne.

"Sire, what do you plan for Yami?" asked another advisor.

"Oh, I have my plans for him, and especially for that little brat."

"You think it wise to be hard on the little one?" asked the other.

"No. I'm not a softy, I'm King Katsuya."


Yami was cursing as Yugi just sat in a corner, curdled up with his knees to his chest. It all happened so fast, first they were sailing far East, then next thing they knew they ended up in a cell in Rome. They were the only survivors, for they searched for weeks to find their missing crew men, then were captured by guards.

"I'm sorry Yugi."

Yugi looked up, a bit startled.

"I should have left you at home. You don't deserve to be in this mess."

Yugi slowly rose up and focused on Yami's faint outline and slowly started making his way towards him. He put a hand on his shoulder.

"No, it's not your fault. I would have come either way."

Yami put his hand on top of Yugi's and pulled him into an embrace.

"Oh, Yugi. If anything happened to you I swear I'll beat the hell out of them."

"Yami, what happens now?" Yugi whispered. "And I'm a bit curious. The King saw through the pharaoh's slave, but seemed to believe the assistants."

"Call me a good actor."

Yugi smiled.

"Or temper tantrum."


Yugi giggled and hugged him tighter. Yami smiled and then pulled a card from his belt.

"Swords of Revealing Light!"

Swords appeard everywhere and lit up the small room. Yugi screamed as Yami pulled his eyes away. It was a square cell with skeletons chained to the wall, and rats. Chunks of rotted flesh and dried blood littered the floor and walls, and on the ceiling hung newly dead bodies that looked zombyish. They were covered with blood and fresh blood dripped down. No wonder they couldn't find them. There crew were captured first and died.

"Oh Ra, Oh Ra," Yugi muttered in Yami's chest.

"Light cease!"

The light vanished.

"Yami!" Yugi chocked and tears cascaded down his small face.

"Shhh. Forget the seen, Yugi. Don't think of it," he whispered as they sunk to their knees.



"A felt a rat brush my back."

Yami snatched at something and threw it. Then felt something brush against him.

"Wait, rats hate light."

The puzzle around his nech glowed and the screeches of rats were heard.

"Yami, I'm scared."

"Don't be," he whispered, and geltly set him into his lap and rocked him.

Soon it lulled him to sleep.

"I'll get us out of here Yugi, I promise," and kissed him on the forehead. "I love you Yugi."

"I love you to, Yami," came a mummble.

Yami smiled and hugged him tighter to him, slipping off to sleep as the glowing puzzle protected them from the shadows. ~*~

Once dawn broke through grays skies, Yami was forced away from Yugi and was shoved up the staircase. Yami cursed as his bare toes hit the stone staircase while he was being taken up. Yugi stared sadly after them and sat in a curdled up position. The cell was dark again, since the light was gone, and Yugi shivered at the cold. He grimaced as he heard rats scrurring through the cell and a shiver went up his spine as he remembered of the corpes that hung from the ceiling. He sniffed and curdled up tighter as he rocked himself back and forth.

"Ra. Please help us. Even if I don't make it. Yami needs to return to Egypt, before it's to late. Please."

He only was answered in silence, and wandered if Ra could even hear him from Rome. Minutes seemed like hours and what seemed like an enternity, he heard the door creak open and he looked up hopefully.

"Yami?" but he was wrong.

"Your look a like is causing a whole lot of trouble for us."

Yugi fell to his knees, and put his hands together.

"Please forgive him! I beg you, don't hurt him."

"Oh, it's not him you should be worrying about," he said with a evil laugh.

Yugi's amythist eyes widened as the guard grabbed his arm and he hung down as he carried him by the back of his shirt. Once the doors opened, Yugi winced at the brightness of the sun shining in his delicate eyes.

"You wouldn't!" came a growl, and Yugi squinted to see Yami being held back by two guards with the King standing before him.

"Oh, I do. And this brat will pay for your ignorance!" he shouted, and snapped his fingers.

A beast appeared, as it stretched it's neck up into the sky and roared. Yami and Yugi stared in horror at the black beast with the eyes the color of blood.

"No," Yami whispered. "It can't be."

King Katsuya let out a harsh laugh as he stroaked under the creatures chin.

"This is my pet, Curibios, animal of Hades."

"By Ra," Yugi whispered, as his eyes adjusted to see more clearly. "Red Eyes Black Dragon."

"For your ignorance and stubborness slave," he mocked, making Yami growl. "your poor defenseless companion will suffer."

"You monster!" Yami shouted. "He's a innocent boy! He shouldn't be punished for my doings!"

"The more innocent the better," he said as a smile played on his lips.

He snapped his fingers.

"Curibios! Take him to Hades Realm!" he ordered.

Curibios threw it's head back, creating a orb of light in it't mouth and flung it's head forward, throwing it straight at Yugi, who the guard dropped to the ground.

"No! Yugi!" Yami shouted, as it flew towards him.

He jerked, but the guards held his arms firmly. Yugi panicked and put his arms in front of him for defiance when he felt a huge force, like a solid wall, crush into him. He felt agony pain as he felt something trying to rip something from his body. He opened his mouth to scream, but the tug was soon gone and he found himself somewhere in a dark gloomy realm. It gave him the chills and immediately felt pressure crushing his lungs.

"Oh...Ra!" he choked out, as he tried to breathe.

He slowly collapsed to his knees and slowly lost consiousness. The awareness ceased as a dark shadow passed his vision. As he lay there, breathing becoming labored, soundless footsteps came towards him and scooped him up and carried him deeper within the realm. ~*~

Yami's eyes were wide as he watched the horror of the power hitting Yugi. He jerked forewards to escape their grasp, but they refused to let him go. Once the dust settled, Yugi's little form was sprawled upon the ground, motionless. Yami felt his heart become tight and breathing started hurting as he stared at the ground, biting his lip to fight back tears. King Katsuya had a snug look on his face as he stroaked his pet's neck.

"You never loose your touch," he cooed in his dragon's ear.

It made a rumble in it's throat, like a pur of a cat. Yami looked up sharply at him.

"You bastard! You killed him!" he shouted, and stared jerking to get out of the guard's grasps.

King Katsuya only smiled and eyed Yami.

"I can bring him back," he said.

Yami immediately stopped.


"I can bring him back," he repeated.

"Bring him back," Yami growled.

"Why should I listen to a slave like you? You only a speck of dust to the sun," he mocked and jammed his knee into Yami's abomen. Yami's eyes went wide as air got knocked out of him, and started coughing, that didn't help the spasms of pain that shot through his abomen. He groaned and dangled limply. King Katsuya smiled evilly as he roughly brought Yami's face up.

"You want him back more then anything?" he hissed.

"Yes," he gasped out even though he knew he was being mocked.

"Then you'll have to fight for him," and released his chin. "Take him to the coloseum!" he ordered. ***************************************************************

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