Yugi's eyes snapped open as he heard the cell swing open and blinked up at two guards.

"You!" he growled, as he shook Yami roughly. "The emperor wants to see you."

Yami yawned, while nodding, and slowly rose, having his wrists grabbed by the two guards.

"Come on," the guard grumbled, but then stopped as he stared at Ryou.

He kicked him awake, and glowered down at him.

"Who are you? I don't remember sending no albino here."

"Uh...I was here for...four months, so of course you wouldn't know," Ryou lied. "And I'm not an albino," he added under his breath.

With a jerk, Yami was led out of the cell, and disappeared up the stairs.

"I hope he'll be okay," Yugi muttered.

"I'm sure he'll be fine," Ryou reasured. "By the way, did I hear right last night? Yami is actually the General for the Pharaoh?"

Yugi coughed, and smiled.

"I guess it had to come out sooner or later. But, yes, he is the personal general to the Pharaoh."

"Ah, and you are...?"

"Oh, I'm nothing special. I just hang out in the palace, doing nothing."



Yami stood there, watching the emperor pace back and forth before the Emperor stopped to look at him.

"So, you are offering to guide us to Kemet? I'm surprised. With all your stubborness, I was planning to torture it out of you instead of you coming queitly. What are you planning and that feeble little mind of yours?"

"I just came to terms that this is my home. Kemet is long gone, and now I have to serve my master," Yami said calmly, bowing.

Emperor Katsuya smiled, a wicked smile.

"Don't try your lies with me, _slave_. Just a moment ago you wanted to rip my throat out, and now you are bowing? Where's your pride?"

"Gone. You showed me that struggling is futile. I decided that if I wanted to survive then I will have to adapt to my new home, and serve my new master."

"Hmmmmm, interesting. Very well, what is it you plan to do?"

"Let me be General and..."

"Now, now, let's not get carried away _slave_. You are mearly an assistant, unless your lieing to me and are somthing more."

"No, forgive me for suggesting such a..."

"Absurd thing, yes. You are forgiven," Emperor Katsuya said with a nod. "But you can qualify in the lines of a soilder. But you will need to consult with the Captain and General daily to make sure you are traveling the right route. And if you show any sign of betrayal, we shall slit your brothers throat. Then yours. You understand?"


"Good. You shall report to the Captain at dawn tomorrow. You will be measured for uniform, given uniform, and regulations. Dismissed."

Yami turned to leave, with the two guards on each side, and left a smiling Emperor behind.


Yugi and Ryou perked up as they heard footsteps coming down the stairs and immediately started questioning Yami as he was shoved into his cell.

"Silence!" he snapped, and both immediately ceased their words. "Thank you."

He sank to the floor and leaned on the bars, closing his eyes, sitting still.

Yugi and Ryou looked at each other, then at Yami, and Yugi hesitantly tapped him on the shoulder, and his eyes slowly opened, boring down on him.


Yugi took a deep breath.

"What exactly are you planning?"

"I'm going to war."


"I'm going to war."

Yugi's eyes widened, clapping a hand to his mouth.

"You're...betraying Kemet? And you are their...and you go a head and...I've never been so ashamed of you in my life!" Yugi fumed, and stomped to the other side of the cell, to sit alone.

Ryou glanced at Yami, before going to Yugi's side to calm him down.

"Yugi, I'm sure he has his reasons," Ryou tried, but Yugi didn't answer. "Yugi? Yugi, I'm sure Yami doesn't mean to betray his country. I believe he has a plan, and using the excuse too..."

"No, Ryou," came Yami's voice, and he looked up to see Yami, bowing his head. "It's over. I'm not an Egyptian anymore. From now on, I'm Roman. And I have to defend my country."

Yugi felt a stab of pain, and looked up slowly, but Yami refused to lift his head.

"Then from now on, you are no longer my brother, but a stranger. A Roman," Yugi said quietly, and turned away, resting his head on his knees.

Small sobs shook his body, and Ryou tried his best to comfort him, rubbing his back, and trying to pull him out of his tears.

Yami bit his lip, but dared not say the truth.

If he did, then someone could over hear and he would be exicuted, but first totured to tell the location of his homeland.

'I'm sorry Yugi, but if I told you that I will be betraying the Roman's, we shall not make it to Kemet.'


"Alright, arms up, chin up. don't look down!" ordered the dresser. "Hmmmm, skinny, very skinny. Arms good, legs, good, no saggy bum, good, healthy? Yes, good. Okay, your good. Gear right there."

Yami gathered up his uniform and went into the dressing room to change.

Once he was dressed, he was directed to where the soilders were to wait, and he couldn't believe how many young men there were.

Some were younger then himself, about Yugi's age.

"Okay, move aside! I gotta stubborn one 'ere!" he heard someone shout and turned to see a burly, muscle toned man dragging a poor soilder along, before throwing him to the ground. "You will serve your country! And you will go to war!"

The youngth pulled war helmet down lower, so it shadowed his face.

"NO! Rome is not my country! And it never will be!" he shouted up at the huge man.

Yami felt his insides freeze up as he realized exactly who that youngth was.


"Bring me the cane," the man growled to one of the servants who were buslting around everywhere, trying to see that everyone received their supplise and were all set.

A huge polished stick was brough to the man, and he held it up and struck Yugi hard across the back, causing him to collapse to the floor, moaning.

"How do you like that! Huh?" the man spat, and hit him again. "To coward to die for your country?"


"No!" Yugi shouted in protest, and gritted his teeth as he was hit again. "Rome is not my country! And I shall forever stay loyal to Ke...Murrrmf!"

Yami held his hand firmly over Yugi's mouth, and blocked the cane with his other arm .

"Please sir," Yami said politely. "I'm apologize for my brother's behavior. It won't happen again. He's a little...parinod after the last war that slew or parents."

The man looked down upon Yami with his beady eyes before removing the cane and nodding.

"It better not happen again, or I might not be so merciful," he growled and lumbered off out of the tent.

The two were silent, not moving, till Yugi angrily shoved Yami's hand away from him and pushed him off his back.

"Traitor!" he hissed angrily.


Yugi stared at Yami as his hand slowly came up to his cheek, and his eyes widened.

"Get your act together," Yami said harshly. "I'm really getting annoyed with your attitude. So shape up! We're not in our homeland anymore, we're here in Rome!"

Yugi didn't answer, but only looked away from him, but Yami harshly grabbed Yugi's chin and wrenched it back before him.

"You will not turn away from your elder," Yami scolded, but Yugi only slapped his hand away.

"Elder you may be, but not a respected elder any longer. The way you act is of a Roman now, a harsh barbarian Roman. So now when I look upon you, I shall no longer see my beloved brother, but a Roman. A traitorous enemy of Kemet," Yugi said in a deadly whisper.

Yami felt his heart starting to hurt.

The one person he mostly cared for now saw him as a barbarian traitor.

'Oh Ra. I'm sorry Yugi, but I can't let anyone know of my real plans. If I tell you, it would most likely be overheard and then the General will know and even worse, the Emperor, and then we shall all die before we can see our beloved Kemet again,' Yami thought bitterly, but kept his face emotionless.

"Then I shall see you as a traitorous bastard of Kemet," he answered back and turned away sharply, and quickly left the tent, before he hurt Yugi and himself even more.

'Oh Ra. What I have to do to pretend I'm loyal to Rome. Please forgive me Yugi.'


Yugi stood there, still, as the words slowly sunk in.

He trembled and flinched as a hand touched his shoulder.


"Ryou, I truely think, that Yami has become a turn coat," Yugi whispered and tears slipped down his cheeks.

Ryou only comforted the his distress friend, while watching Yami outside of the pavillion, and he caught the reflection of tears trailing down Yami's face.


End of Part One

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