A.N. This is a genderbent parody of Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella using Wreck-It-Ralph characters. Also I really do believe that the Turbo Twins - Motor and Careen as I call them - are actually goodguys, but there was no one else who could work as the stepbrothers - since I made Turbo the stepfather - so I put them in the role. It's a parody anyway, so why not right?

High in the blue sky, blue and white sparkles appeared and formed themselves into the shape of a young, short man. He had blue eyes and short brown hair. His clothes were glittery white gloves, and glittery blue pants, shirt, and hat, plus shiny brown shoes. He had a golden hammer attached to his waist thanks to a glittery white belt. He started to sing:

For a plain yellow pumpkin to become a golden carriage
For a plain country bumpkin and a princess to join in marriage

"A tuxedo made of silk is just an outfit colored blue." He said. "And dreamers never make the dream come true. Impossible."

He swung his hammer around, and more sparkles covered the air until the scene changed to above a shopping center that belonged to a kingdom made of different areas. The kingdom itself was called Litwak, but the area where royalty lived was called Sugar Rush...mostly because the first ruler had a fondness for sweets. A fondness that had passed down through his family all the way to his current descendants. They even gave their kids names that were a combination of something sweet and a regular name. Sometimes even the servants received candy-like names, though that usually only happened when the servant was made out of some type of candy. They existed because the first ruler had a friend who was a wizard, and had asked that wizard to make citizens out of candy. Oh don't worry, never for eating. The first ruler just found candy very decorative and wanted decorative citizens working in his palace. The only ones who weren't made of candy were the knights and guards, the first ruler had used real people for those roles instead.

The area where the knights and guards trained was called Hero's Duty and the shopping center was called Niceland. There was also a farm outside Niceland that belonged to a guy named Mario and his cousin Luigi. You could get almost any type of produce from them, but their specialty was mushrooms. The only produce they didn't sell was fruit, another farmer named PacMan (so named because he often 'packed' a lot of fruit inside himself) took care of that. His specialty was cherries.

On this particular day, like any other day, various citizens were out shopping. Four of them were Turbo, his sons Motor and Careen, and his stepson Wreck-It-Ralph, or Ralph for short. Well actually Turbo, Motor, and Careen were really doing the shopping, Ralph was just carrying the packages.

Turbo, Motor, and Careen were racers and Ralph had worked in demolition until his mother died. After she died Ralph became the family servant...or slave as he saw it. Turns out Turbo had just married Ralph's mom for her money, and didn't care about Ralph at all. In fact he only allowed Ralph to stay with him and his sons for two reasons: he had to, and he wanted Ralph to take over all of the chores so that he and his sons wouldn't have to.

Turbo wore a white racing suit with red stripes and a matching helmet, Motor and Careen wore matching blue racing suits with white stripes and matching helmets, and Ralph wore a red plaid shirt and red overalls...and no shoes. It wasn't like Turbo would spend the money necessary to make a pair of shoes for Ralph in his size, which happened to be a unique size: extra large.

"Come along now boys." Turbo said.

"Hurry up." Motor said.

"Move it." Careen added.

Motor and Careen of course were talking to Ralph, who was trying to keep up without harming anything or dropping any of the packages. He was nicknamed Wreck-It-Ralph for a reason after all.

Eventually they came near a helmet store, which was in front of a puppeteer performing his trade.

"Quiet now, here comes the princess." A servant puppet said.

A princess puppet then appeared.

"Have any of you seen Sir Gwynne?" The princess puppet said.

Ralph stopped to watch the puppet show, but Motor and Careen were more interested in the helmets. Specifically racing helmets. Motor grabbed a green one with a white stripe that Careen had his eye on, causing Careen to gasp. Motor then took off his own helmet and put the green one on.

"What do you think father?" Motor asked.

Turbo hesitated. The helmet didn't match Motor's blue and white racing suit and that wasn't the worst of it: the helmet had pink flowers along the white stripe. Obviously made for females, but his sons were too blinded by the fact that it was the latest style to realize that.

"Uh...it'th thertainly not the thort of thing you thee every day." Turbo said truthfully.

"I saw it first!" Careen took off his helmet, grabbed the green helmet, and put it on. "How do you think it looks on me father?"

"*Bleah!* Awful!" Motor stuck his finger towards his mouth.

"I didn't ask you!" Careen retorted.

"How can a father chose between two thuch exthtraordinary thons?" Turbo said before entering the store.

The funny thing was, it looked the same on both Motor and Careen because they were twins. The only way you could tell them apart was by their hairstyles, but not even that helped because they rarely took off their helmets. Turbo was the only one who could tell them apart either way. Ralph was second at being able to tell them apart, and often he got it right but still could be easily fooled if a twin lied and said that he was the other twin. That prank however never fooled Turbo.

Anyway, since Turbo wasn't much help Careen and Motor decided to get someone else's opinion about the helmet.

"Wreck-It-Ralph. Wreck-It-Ralph!" Careen called.

"Yes?" Ralph snapped his attention away from the puppet show.

"What do you think, does it look better on me?" Careen said.

"Or me." Motor said after taking the helmet and putting it on.

"Well I don't know much about racing helmets, but I don't think it flatters either one of you." Ralph said truthfully.

Motor and Careen gasped.

"What did you ask him for?" Motor frowned.

"He doesn't know anything about racing helmets, he said so himself." Careen replied defensively.

He then snatched the helmet.

"Give it to me!" Motor grabbed it back.

"It's mine!" Careen snapped.

They started playing tug-of-war.

"Father!" They cried, entering the store while still holding onto the helmet.

Ralph went back to the puppet show.

"...I'm am so glad you made it back safely Sir Gwynne. I have never known a sweet and noble guy like you before so I have decided to accept your proposal. I know you'll make me the happiest woman ever." The princess puppet said to the knight puppet.

Ralph sighed. Why can't someone see him for his kind heart instead of his previous career? It was a shame that those who worked in demolition were looked down upon. After all it wasn't their fault that they were born with wrecking hands. Okay so sometimes a few demolition workers lost their temper and wrecked something they weren't supposed to, but that didn't mean that they were bad guys. Ralph sang his loneliness:

The sweetest sounds I'll ever hear
Are still inside my head
The kindest words I'll ever know
Are waiting to be said

The fact that there were loving families and couples around Ralph made him feel even lonelier.

The most entrancing side of all is yet for me to see
And the dearest love in all the world
Is waiting somewhere for me
Is waiting somewhere
Somewhere for me

"Wreck-It-Ralph!" Turbo snapped.

Ralph turned around and took the new packages Turbo handed him. It turned out Motor had won the green helmet and Careen had gotten a checkered blue and white helmet instead.

"Did you ever see such a lazy guy in your life?" Motor scoffed.

"Who're you calling lazy?" Careen frowned.

"Not you stupid Wreck-It-Ralph." Motor corrected.

Careen relaxed...and then frowned again.

"Who're you calling stupid?"

Not too far away was a young woman named Vanellope. She wore a green hoodie, green striped tights, a brown skirt, and black boots. There were various candies decorating her hair, which was tied up in a ponytail thanks to a piece of licorice. Strangely, even though she was enjoying herself she seemed lonely too. Especially considering what she was singing:

The sweetest sounds I'll ever hear
Are still inside my head
The kindest words I'll ever know
Are waiting to be said

Vanellope bought a small flower, and came across an arguing couple. She smiled and placed the flower inside the guy's pocket so that it was a boutonnière, making them stare after her as she continued wandering around.

The most entrancing side of all is yet for me to see
And the dearest love in all the world
Is waiting somewhere for me
Is waiting somewhere
Somewhere for me

Ralph and his stepfamily were now in the same area as Vanellope. Ralph and Vanellope continued singing the same song, not once noticing each other.

The sweetest sounds I'll ever hear
(The sweetest sounds I'll ever hear)
(Are still inside my head)
(The kindest words I'll ever know)
The kindest words I'll ever know
Are waiting to be said
The most entrancing side of all is yet for me to see
(The most entrancing side of all is yet for me to see)

And the dearest love in all the world

Is waiting somewhere for me
(Waiting somewhere)
Is waiting somewhere

Vanellope cut herself off as she saw a young large man nearly get run over by a royal coach. Yup, it was Ralph, who fortunately was able to back away in time. He still dropped the packages, but none seemed badly off despite the carriage having gone over them. Vanellope rushed to his side.

"Are you all right sir?" She said, helping him pick up the packages.

"Yes I'm fine...I think." Ralph was still a bit stunned, but quickly recovered.

"Here." Vanellope handed him an ugly racing helmet after giving it a look of disgust. "It's like those royals isn't it? Not caring if they're in anybody's way."

"Well I'm sure they were going somewhere very important." Ralph shrugged.

"I doubt it." Vanellope scoffed as she picked up more packages.

She then looked around to give them to Ralph and really saw him for the first time. She had never seen such kind eyes before. There was a slight, kinda awkward pause as Ralph wondered why this young woman was staring at him.

"Thanks." He smiled, breaking the silence. "Thanks for your help."

Having all the packages back now, Ralph stood up and started to walk away. Vanellope wasn't going to let him go that easily.

"Wait, what's your name?" She asked.

"Wreck-It-Ralph." Ralph sighed.

"Beg pardon?"

"Wreck-It-Ralph." Ralph said a little clearer. "Uh, my dad used to work in demolitions and I followed in his footsteps...or rather handprints." He gestured to his hands with his head. "And I got the nickname Wreck-It due to being really good at wrecking."

"Ah, Wreck-It-Ralph." Vanellope smiled. "I like it."

"I guess it can grow on you...I prefer to be called Ralph though." Ralph shrugged and continued on. "Excuse me."

"Well, then that's what I'll call you." Vanellope skipped up to him. "So tell me Ralph, what would a woman have to do to become desirable to you?"

"Who wants to know?" Ralph replied.

"Let's just say...a lovely young woman." Vanellope grinned, still trying to keep up with Ralph.

"This lovely young woman seems awfully sure of herself." Ralph scoffed. "But she'll have to get to know me a lot better than some guy she just met on the street."

"Oh, she'd like to very much." Vanellope was now skipping backward in front of Ralph...and nearly toppled over a flower cart.

She righted it in time, but even so Ralph felt less comfortable about the situation.

"Oh my." Ralph hurried along. "I'm not sure I want to meet this woman. I doubt she has any idea of how a guy should be treated."

"Like a prince or knight I suppose." Vanellope shrugged as she caught up.

"No, like a person with kindness and respect." Ralph replied as he stopped, a bit appalled.

"You're not like most guys are you?" Vanellope grinned, really liking him now.

"What do you mean?" Ralph took it the wrong way.

"Sorry I...I didn't mean to offend you." Vanellope's grin melted into an apologetic look.

There was another pause that was even more awkward than the previous one.

"It's all right." Ralph decided to forgive her. "It's just that I've lead a pretty sheltered life."

"So have I." Vanellope smiled again, not believing it.

"Really?" Ralph was surprised as well.

"Every day the same old routine-" Vanellope nodded.

"-Until you just want to run away-" Ralph continued.

"-And never come back." They both finished and grinned big time at each other.

The moment couldn't last forever though.

"I thought I told you never to talk to thtrangers!" Turbo scolded, having just appeared with Motor and Careen.

"Oh, I'm so sorry stepfather." Ralph went over to his stepfamily.

"I hope I see you again...Ralph." Vanellope smiled before she left.

There was another pause as Ralph mouthed "Bye" towards Vanellope. Turbo and his sons were at first surprised that the woman hadn't use Ralph's full title when addressing him, but shrugged it off.

"Well hurry up with those packages what are you doing?" Turbo scolded before he and his sons left.

Ralph however turned back towards Vanellope as she headed for the carriage from earlier. He had never met anyone like her before.

The most entrancing side of all is yet for me to see

And the dearest love in all the world
Is waiting somewhere for me
Is waiting somewhere

"Wreck-It-Ralph!" Turbo screamed, having come back.

Ralph reluctantly followed his stepfather.

Somewhere for me

Vanellope entered the carriage, which drove off and headed for the castle. You see Vanellope was really Princess Vanellope Von Schweetz, daughter of King Candiel and Queen Maltina Von Schweetz.