Warnings: (Non-explicit) rape, (non-graphic) torture.

Author's notes: This is dark, and while there will be comfort and things will get better it's not going to be right away. I don't have characters listed because it's a cast of thousands - basically everybody - which probably also deserves to be a warning. Also, I'm mostly on ao3 (Scedasticity underscore drawerfic for this story) and have been fighting with this posting interface for hours just to get this up, had to do this chapter in pieces, and never did get the last part to format the way I wanted, so future updates here may lag considerably behind future updates there.

Day One (Part One)

Ise Nanao

There wasn't any record of what the creation of the King's Key would look like, but the bright light in the morning sky over where Karakura Town had been transplanted was a very ominous sign, Nanao thought. She sent word to the others left in command of the Gotei to prepare for the worst. Of course no one knew what "the worst" would actually entail.

Five minutes later, a hell butterfly from Akon of Twelfth confirmed that Karakura had been vaporized, presumably in creation of the Key. Five minutes after that, she was called to the gate, where Matsumoto had just arrived in a… mechanical conveyance… packed with a dozen or so humans — mostly adolescents about Ichigo's age, a few children, a few adults. The shinigami assigned to routine duty in Karakura, whose name Nanao couldn't quite remember, was clinging to the top with a terrified expression.

"This is everyone I could get out before it was too late," Matsumoto said. She tried to get out of the… conveyance… and staggered, coughing blood. "Can we get a senkaimon set up with a reishi converter, get them back to the Living World before everything goes to hell?"

She should be reporting — making Matsumoto report — but… The humans were wild-eyed and in shock, apart from the ones who were unconscious. Soul Society had failed them abominably. "…We can try." But how to get a bunch of unconscious humans through the Precipice World? She couldn't justify sending anyone with them — but maybe— "Jidanbō!" she said.


"Come with us, and carry that… vehicle."

"Oh, fuuuuuuuck," moaned one of the humans.


On the way to the senkaimon, Matsumoto reported what had happened in the False Karakura Town, or what she knew of it, in fits and starts. She wasn't sure of anyone's death, but there were a lot of people who hadn't looked good.

"I know I shouldn't have gone after Gin," Matsumoto said. "And I didn't get any answers. But at least I got a few people out…"

Jidanbō set the vehicle down gently in front of the senkaimon. "There. Have a safe journey, friends of Ichigo."

"Where's Ichi-nii?" one of the children — the only awake one — demanded. "Where is he?"

"I don't know," Matsumoto said. "But he'd want you to be safe, I know that much."

Nanao calculated the senkaimon destination carefully — not in Karakura, but not too far away; at ground level, and on more or less level ground. Finally she turned to the humans, or specifically to the dark-haired boy who appeared to be controlling the conveyance. "Go straight through as fast as you can."

"And steer clear of any shinigami you don't know, in the future," Matsumoto added. "…Maybe just steer clear of shinigami. We don't know what's going to happen."

"Understood," the spiky-haired girl said grimly. "Thank you for helping us, Matsumoto-san."

The vehicle roared through the gate, which closed behind it.

"Now what?" Matsumoto asked.

Matsumoto needed a healer, but— Hell butterfly. Sasakibe.

"Vice-captains' meeting hall," Nanao said. "Iemura will be there. Jidanbō, you'd better get back to the gate, thank you for your help." The gatekeeper nodded and loped away. She turned to… Kuramadani, maybe? "Get back to your division, wait for orders." He obeyed with alacrity.

Sasakibe didn't so much as note Matsumoto's presence, but grimly relayed the defeat of all the captains and vice-captains in Karakura Town. He didn't say whether anyone was alive, except for Yamamoto, who was gravely injured but had ordered Sasakibe back to Seireitei with orders for the worst case scenario which had now occurred.

"Preserve the divisions," Sasakibe said. "And the divisions must preserve the balance." He bowed his head. "Since it appears the traitor has succeeded in creating the Key, we are authorized to surrender if there is no other option."

Nanao contemplated trying to evacuate the Eighth out into the Rukongai, or even through a senkaimon. She might be able to do it. The division knew to listen to her when there was a real crisis. But it was only a might, and any of the currently leaderless divisions?

"Absolutely not!" bellowed Ōmaeda Marenoshin (called out of retirement because someone reliable had to be in charge of the Onmitsukidō and Punishment Force). "We will not—"

He was interrupted by a deafening CRACK noise. Sentarō made it out onto the balcony first, but stumbled back inside almost immediately.

"Sōkyoku Hill—" he stammered. "A castle—"

Everyone else followed. There was indeed suddenly a castle on the previously-barren plateau. And the sky immediately above the castle was — wrong somehow. And the spiritual pressure radiating from it…

Sasakibe closed his eyes for a moment. "It's started," he said. "To your divisions."

Tier Harribel

Aizen's new throne room was even more impressive than his old one, and his new spiritual pressure was far more impressive than it was before, even after restoring what had to be dozens of fallen arrancar. Harribel kept reflexively checking her fraccion, and they hadn't even been dead. Lilynette was perched on Starrk's shoulders. Grimmjow was dressing down his quintet for dying on him and suggesting they shape up in the future, but he looked pleased. (He was also pointedly ignoring Luppi, who was trying to pick a fight with him.)

Baraggan was insisting his fraccion beg his forgiveness for the crime of failing him. Of course he was. And they were doing it, too.

Szayelaporro was eating one of his fraccion. Already?

Finally Aizen flared his presence — enough to get everyone's attention without killing the Numeros. "My arrancar," he said. "I have ascended to the throne of the Soul King. Now it is time to look ahead." He smiled benevolently. "From this palace, which exists simultaneously in Soul Society, Hueco Mundo, and the Royal Realm, I will oversee all the realms." He paused. "The most immediate issue that must be resolved is that of the shinigami. They are necessary for the balance of the realms, but they must be controlled. Tōsen will be directly controlling the Seireitei in my name."

That seemed like a sound choice to Harribel, not that she would ever have questioned Aizen. You needed a shinigami to understand all the… strange things shinigami did.

"What about Hueco Mundo?" Baraggan asked. Was he actually expecting Aizen to return his throne?

"That remains to be seen," Aizen said. "Hueco Mundo does not on its own require as close supervision, so I will oversee it from here myself at least until the issue of Soul Society is resolved. Then I will decide if other measures are called for."

Baraggan grunted, but didn't have anything else to add.

"I trust you will all assist Tōsen in administrating the Seireitei as needed," Aizen said. "I will reward you for this assistance." From somewhere, he produced a small glassy orb which, on closer inspection, was actually a tightly compressed ball of shinigami magic. "I have developed the yoke for the control of particularly dangerous or intransigent shinigami, and this supervisory duty will fall partially on you as I assign it, but I am first offering some of you the opportunity to take several shinigami of your choice as — pets, if you will."

He gestured, and the little balls flew out among the arrancar. Harribel gingerly gathered the five directed at her, but found them easy enough to handle — there was power there, but it was latent. It looked like the Primera, Segunda, Tercera, and Cuatro had received five each (Starrk looked downright depressed about it, Lilynette delighted), the Quinta, Sexta, Septima, and Octava had received four each, Aaroniero, Luppi, and the Privaron Espada two each (no wonder Luppi was in such a bad mood), and Yammy was evidently not considered up to the responsibility of keeping a pet. He didn't seem to have noticed that he'd been left out.

"These are pre-prepared kidō constructs," Aizen said. "Simply place them against the back of the neck of the shinigami to be yoked, and apply your own power to activate the yoke and seal it to yourself. You will be able to command them as you wish. If more yokes or required, Tōsen or I may choose to prepare them on request, however—" He raised a finger. "Tōsen has asked that after this initial takeover, anyone who wishes to yoke an active shinigami must seek authorization from Tōsen." He smiled. "But we can see to some approvals now. Do you have particular requests about the former captains and vice-captains, my Espada? Starrk?"

Starrk sighed. "I don't need a pet, just give me someone who's not too much—"

He broke off as Lilynette stuffed a hand in his mouth. "I want the little boy captain!"

Aizen looked amused. "None of the captains will be available immediately, but I will be sure to reserve… the little boy captain for you. And get someone not too much trouble for you, Starrk."

Baraggan wanted the ones who had killed his fraccion. The fraccion didn't seem quite sure how to respond to that.

"Tōsen has other plans for Hisagi and Komamura, so you can't have them," Aizen said. "And Suì-Fēng will not be available immediately. But you can have Kira and Ayasegawa now, and — would you like Ōmaeda?"

"Might as well," Baraggan said with poor grace. "What about the bald one?"

"Since Madarame has a bankai, he won't be immediately available, either, but I will reserve him and Suì-Fēng for you if you like. Harribel?"

She'd been thinking about this while the first two answered. "The three female half-Hollows, if that is possible."

Aizen looked briefly surprised. "The Visoreds? Yes, that can be arranged."

Ulquiorra just said he would be happy to take custody of any prisoners Aizen wished to assign to him (he was probably just assuming he would keep the human girl, he seemed bizarrely attached to her, for him), and Nnoitra asked if he could have a look around and see what caught his attention. Grimmjow echoed him, but—

"Could I get Kurosaki? I wanna have a rematch with him."

"…Kurosaki is powerless," Aizen said.

Grimmjow shrugged. "He'll probably get over it."

After another pause, Aizen looked amused again. "Very well. I will need him for a while longer, though."

Zommari echoed Ulquiorra, but added that he would be particularly happy to take the very arrogant captain. Szayelaporro said he didn't want pets, just experimental subjects.

"I'm assigning you Kurotsuchi Nemu," Aizen said. "She will be invaluable if you intend to take over the the SRDI. Do not kill her."

Aaroniero said he didn't want a captain or vice-captain — probably just as well. Yammy still hadn't noticed he'd been left out.

"Well then," Aizen said. "I want all the captain-class shinigami gathered here. The remaining vice-captains will be under Tōsen's jurisdiction. Baraggan, Harribel, Ulquiorra, and Rudbornn Chelute, you will accompany me to clear the battlefield in the Living World." That made sense — Rudbornn's Exequias would be useful in searching the ruins of the false town. "I will need some fraccion from you, Baraggan, Harribel, to assist in Seireitei. Nnoitra, Grimmjow, Dordoni, Cirucci, Luppi — you are under Tōsen's command in pacifying Seireitei. Zommari, Szayelaporro, Aaroniero, Gantenbainne — stabilize the situation in Las Noches until I can attend to it personally. Starrk will wait here as prisoners arrive. …And Yammy will be backup."

(There really wasn't much use for Yammy in peacetime. Although, if it were up to her, Harribel would have hesitated to send Aaroniero and Szayelaporro to stabilize anything, and Zommari wasn't much better. But if that was Aizen's choice, then she would trust it.)

And then Aizen was opening — not quite garganta, not quite shinigami doors, but some sort of portal, back into the world of the living. Harribel sent Mila Rose to assist Tōsen, and prepared to go clean up some enemies — and collect some new girls.

Hinamori Momo

Hinamori woke to blinding pain in her back, her chest. When she tried to scream, she could. It took a moment to remember why that should be a surprise. Shirō-chan had stabbed her.

She'd asked why, but now that her head was clearer she was sure he hadn't meant to. She wasn't sure how she'd gotten out into the middle of the battle anyway…

Maybe Ichimaru had done it? And gotten Shirō-chan to stab her using some kind of — illusion—

She knew Shirō-chan hadn't meant to, that was the important thing, and she had to tell him that. He'd looked so devastated before she passed out. He was always so determined to protect her…

"Hinamori?" That was Shirō-chan's voice. He sounded awful.

She forced her eyes open, and saw him lying next to her in a heap. He looked barely conscious, but started trying to sit up when he saw her moving. "Hinamori, I'm sorry, I—"

"It's all right, I know you didn't mean to — sshhh, don't try to talk—" He had an awful wound down through his shoulder into his chest. If he didn't have a captain's strength he'd probably be dead. She wasn't sure her small repertoire of healing kidō was up to this, and even if her own chest wound was gone she was still drained dry of energy—

"Hinamori — how — you were—"

"I don't know." She looked around. She'd been lying in a pool of blood, and there was an uneven trail of blood and water across the rubble to where Shirō-chan was — he'd dragged himself to her side. She couldn't see anything else past the wreckage. There was no one in the sky. "I don't see any fighting…"

"We lost." He coughed wetly. "Think Kurosaki might've gone after him, but he had a long lead and I think — it feels wrong—"

There was a sudden blast of spiritual pressure, worse than when the Captain-Commander had unsealed his zanpakutō. It flattened both of them before just as suddenly cutting off.

It had felt… 'Wrong' was a good word for it. She tried to ask Shirō-chan if that was what he'd been talking about, but couldn't seem to catch her breath.

A troop of identical… arrancar? probably arrancar, definitely some sort of Hollow by the spiritual pressure, appeared out of the ruins. Shirō-chan clutched the hilt of his sword but failed to raise it. Tobiume was probably still in the shelter that Hinamori had inexplicably left, but she tried to fire a shakkahō. It fizzled.

Without a word, one of the things approached and ground its boot on Shirō-chan's hand to force him to let go of Hyōrinmaru. Bones cracked before he did. Hinamori tried to fire a fushibi. It fizzled.

She hadn't used the incantation for byakurai in decades, but she used it now on the thing about to pick Shirō-chan up. That at least didn't fizzle. But another one of the things just kicked her in the stomach and picked her up.

"Any more magic and we'll break your jaw," the thing said. "And the rest of his fingers."

She didn't use any more magic.

Shirō-chan hissed in pain when they picked him up, without any consideration for his injuries. He kept looking between Hinamori and Hyōrinmaru, and sometimes almost passing out.

They came to an open, heavily scorched area crawling with more of the arrancar-things, and also some more normal arrancar. There was the blond woman, the old man, some… very odd-looking person, a lot of the identical things…

A black-haired, green-eyed arrancar she'd only seen in briefings met the things as they approached. "Visored by Harribel, vice-captains by Baraggan, captains by Aizen-sama, and I will take their zanpakutō."

That… that was Aizen-taichō?

What had he done to himself?

What was he going to do to the captains?

The arrancar-thing dropped her on the ground next to Ōmaeda, Iba, and Kira. None of them looked good, but they were all conscious, and Kira forced what was probably supposed to be a reassuring smile.

"I'm so glad you're all right," he said.

She attempted to smile back, and failed miserably. "I wasn't, but something…" She clutched at the tear in her shihakushou. "Something just fixed it. It didn't feel like healing kidō…"

Iba nodded. "Me too. And I saw Ukitake-taichō on his feet, and some of the Visored, and Ōmaeda says Suì-Fēng-taichō's hand grew back. I guess it was probably…" He looked nervously over at… what the arrancar had called Aizen.

"But why?" Ōmaeda blurted. "Why would he save any of our lives?"

If it had been the Aizen-taichō she knew, Hinamori would have suggested that he was being merciful. But this didn't… feel like mercy. And whatever Aizen had done to himself — or maybe Ichimaru had done it! — the end result was something… alien and terrifying. And she couldn't save him, and she couldn't stop him.

Hinamori cried.

Kyōraku Shunsui

Shunsui hadn't really expected hiding to be effective, but he'd felt obligated to try. When he sensed he was about to be discovered, he dug out his backup sake bottle. It was barely enough for a few swallows, but he managed to smile lazily over the top of it at the… clone arrancar? "Be right with you, just let me finish my drink."

They picked him up and dragged him. No surprise there.

It was a surprise (a pleasant one even) to see Jūshirō sitting up and more-or-less intact in the small group of captains warily eying Aizen. Suì-Fēng was on the ground but seething. Hitsugaya had propped his head up enough to stare fixedly at — ah, Hinamori seemed to have had a miraculous recovery from being run through, too. That was good. Although it could easily turn bad.

The arrancar dumped him on the ground, and Jūshirō greeted him with a wordless handclasp.

"Yama-jii?" Shunsui murmured. He was sure Aizen could hear them if he wanted to.

"No sign of him. Suì-Fēng thinks he sent Sasakibe to Seireitei with orders, but she hasn't seen him since…"

Seireitei. Nanao. "Do you know what orders?"

"No. Sorry."

That reminded him — Lisa should be around somewhere. Not with the vice-captains… Ah. There, with the other Visored. She was alive, at least.

Ikkaku was put with the captains — Aizen must know about the "secret" bankai — and Yumichika with the vice-captains. It took four clone-arrancar to carry Komamura. Hisagi fussed over the other vice-captains a bit. Aizen showed more interest in Urahara than in anyone else, dragging him up by the collar and whispering something no one else could hear.

No Yama-jii. No Retsu. No Rangiku. No Yoruichi.

"Well then," Aizen said pleasantly, still holding Urahara by the neck. "Shall we return to my new palace?" He opened a senkaimon with just a gesture, or — was it a senkaimon? It didn't have as many layers as a normal senkaimon— "Now."

The response was not enthusiastic.

"Your behavior now may make the difference in how your divisions are treated."

That got everyone except Suì-Fēng and Ikkaku trying to move. (Shunsui was fairly sure Ikkaku was still unconscious. He was in for a very unpleasant surprise when he woke up.) No one was up to helping Komamura, but he balanced precariously on his own and lurched to the maybe-senkaimon. Shunsui ended up half-leaning on poor Jūshirō, who was supporting Tōshirō on the other side; the three of them followed Komamura, as that was probably safer than going in front of him.

"I don't see Matsumoto," Tōshirō muttered as they approached the maybe-senkaimon. "Did anyone see Matsumoto?"

Shunsui winced. "I think she may have tried to follow Gin."


It was not a normal senkaimon. They stepped from the ruins of the fake Karakura town straight into a… Shunsui had to call it a throne room. The throne was empty — of course it was, its occupant was in the world of the living — but there were some arrancar scattered around the room, and Sasakibe lying unconscious but without visible injury on the floor not far from their exit point. The Primera was standing closest to the throne, his eyes closed. The little green-haired girl, Lilynette, was perched on his shoulders. When she saw them, she grinned and jumped down. "You assholes!"

"Brace yourself, Ukitake," Shunsui murmured.

Lilynette shoved Komamura off balance on her way over, fortunately not quite onto Sasakibe, and then kicked Jūshirō right in the unnaturally-healed injury. "Don't patronize me, you bastard!"

Jūshirō went down, wheezing, and Shunsui and Tōshirō with him. Lilynette grabbed Tōshirō by the hair briefly — "You, I'll see later" — and then moved on to kick Shunsui in the groin and then the not-healed-wound. "And this is for killing me, you fucking stupid weird pink shinigami—"

The Primera lifted Lilynette off him with one hand, using the other to cover a yawn, just as Aizen appeared standing before the throne. (He could have just come through the senkaimon, but no, he teleported.)

"Is there a problem, Starrk?" Aizen asked, sounding mildly amused.

"Sorry, Aizen-sama, Lilynette was a little excited," the Primera said, ignoring the way she was now pummeling him. "She got away from me while I was dozing." He trudged back over to stand near the throne.

"I see." Aizen hurled Urahara across the room to — shit, on top of the three of them, which didn't do any of them any good.

And then a second later an arrancar came through the senkaimon carrying Suì-Fēng and Ikkaku and forcefully threw them down on the top of the pile.


As they were all trying to disentangle themselves without aggravating injuries, though, Urahara whispered, "I think Yoruichi and Unohana got away."

That was something. To Suì-Fēng it was clearly a lot more than something.

"Very good," Aizen said. The senkaimon closed. "Although… Findorr, take Madarame to the sekkiseki cells now. I don't think he'd contribute anything productive to the conversation."

The blond arrancar saluted and obeyed, carrying the still-unconscious Ikkaku.

An unpleasant and confusing surprise.

"Now… Starrk, supervise them for a moment."

Something else opened up, sort of but not quite like a senkaimon, and not in the same place as the gate they'd come through, into a place with white walls. Shunsui couldn't steal more than a glance at it, but it reeked of Hollow reiatsu. Hueco Mundo? Aizen didn't walk through, just vanished again.

"What conversation is he planning on?" Jūshirō breathed, once they had themselves more or less sorted out.

"Probably… explaining the new status quo," Shunsui murmured back. And talking about how he'd won and they'd lost and how inevitable it was. Definitely that. "We're still alive, he must have some use for us…" Hopefully a use beyond schadenfreude.

Movement at the Hueco Mundo door caught his attention, and he turned in time to see another unfamiliar Arrancar carry in Byakuya and Renji and drop them down by the rest. They were both conscious, at least. Byakuya was stoic, but Renji didn't mask his look of horrified fury.

"Fuck, they really got everyone," Renji said. "Fuck."

Byakuya looked back at the Hueco Mundo door. "I believe Aizen is delayed dealing with Kenpachi and Kurotsuchi."

That would cause a delay.

Aizen finally reappeared (not, Shunsui noted, accompanied by Kenpachi or Kurotsuchi), and the door closed. "Now that that's taken care of, let us get down to business." He smiled mildly. "I am sure you will be relieved to hear I recognize the important role that shinigami play in maintaining the balance of the realms, and I have no intention of destroying the Gotei 13. Tōsen will take over administration, and he is eager to minimize bloodshed among the divisions."

There was a "but" coming. Shunsui could smell the "but" coming.


Close enough.

"Obviously, I will not be able to let any of you serve immediately. You are all far too dangerous to trust until you are properly… broken to the yoke."

That was nicely ominous and vague.

"But I will allow you to assist in guaranteeing the loyalty of my new shinigami recruits."

"What the fuck does that mean?" Renji hissed at no one in particular.

Aizen clapped his hands together. "Take them to the sekkiseki cells, and send Orihime-chan around."

Yadōmaru Lisa

Aizen and the shinigami captains were long gone, and the fraccion of the old fart Espada were herding the last of the shinigami vice-captains into another portal thing. The Visored were still — waiting.

"Why are we still alive?" Hiyori hissed.

Shinji's face was set. "Because he wants to gloat. It's not enough for us to know he's won now, we have to keep on knowing he's won."

"For how long?" Kensei demanded, appalled.

All Shinji could do was shrug.

"Oh fuck this," Hiyori said, and before anyone could stop her she was on her feet and starting to run towards the portal. With her critical injury healed, she was now more mobile than any of the rest of them with their remaining, not-quite-so-critical injuries.

Hiyori was brought up short by the woman Espada grabbing the back of her sweatshirt and lifting her clear off the ground. "No," she said firmly. Which was about what any of the rest of them would have done, so that was fine.

What was not fine was pinning Hiyori down, holding her by the hair, and flaring all her reiatsu right. At. Hiyori. Hiyori cried out, tried to get her mask on, then went limp — and the Espada produced a shimmering ball of shaped reiryoku and slammed it onto the back of Hiyori's neck. Then she effortlessly shoved Shinji back when he tried to interfere.

The reiryoku spread out and shaped itself into a complex pattern embossed in the skin of Hiyori's neck and shoulders. It looked painful. Hiyori staggered to her feet, face bloodless. "You bitch, what did you do to me—"

"Kneel and be silent," the Espada ordered — and Hiyori did. The pattern on her neck seemed to twist, and her face lost its remaining color.

"Oh, fuck," Love said.

"Not interested in you," one of the Espada's fraccion said with a cruel smile. "Harribel-sama, should we get the other two now, too?"

"That would be prudent," the Espada approved.

Other two what? Which two?

The fraccion kicked Rose out of the way and grabbed Lisa's arm and braids. "You, I might be up for," she said, leering. Lisa glared back.

The second fraccion moved in to hold off the feeble rescue attempts as the first fraccion dragged Lisa to the Espada and pushed her down. She had some idea of what was coming, but it still hurt like fire. Not as bad as Hollowfication, though.

When she could hear again, the second fraccion was speaking, voice poisonously sweet. "If you really care about them, you should be thanking Harribel-sama. She takes care of what's hers, and where do you think the rest of you are going?"

"Fuck. You," Kensei rasped.

Lisa pushed herself up to her elbows to see the second fraccion standing on Kensei while the first one retrieved Mashiro. Everyone else had been beaten down again.

"Lisa!" Rose said. "Are you all right?"

She gave him a look which hopefully conveyed 'no, I am not, an Espada just put some sort of magic slave collar on me and it hurts like a bitch, and I think that fraccion was looking up my skirt, but since we are all apparently being kept alive purely to be gloated at forever, you don't need to worry about it right now. Also, if I say anything, they will probably force me to be silent, so I'm saving it in case there's something important.'

Speaking of being forced to be silent, Hiyori was now quite red in the face, and was also scratching furiously at the collar-thing. By the time Mashiro had been bound (and immediately passed out again), Hiyori had drawn blood and broken several of the lines. If that actually broke the compulsion—

"Stop that," the Espada ordered. "Do not injure yourself." She hooked her fingers — through? — the pattern at the back of Hiyori's neck, next to the big '3', then did the same to Lisa. "These are Apacci and Sung-Sun. You will obey their orders, and Mila Rose's, as if they were mine. Do you understand?"

Lisa heard herself say "Hai", though she hadn't intended to say anything. Hiyori was probably about to explode.

"Apacci, take them to my tower in the castle. Sung-Sun and I will take the rest of the Visored to the cells."

Oh, great.

'Sung-Sun' waved a warning finger at 'Apacci'. "Don't have any fun — don't lay a finger on them without us!"