As I clicked the chamber back into my gun we all took off running after Murphy. He was easy to spot in a crowd, that ridiculous hat he was wearing stuck out like a sore thumb. As we chased him and Cassandra, Warren was ahead of us all, running just behind the man who was trying to kidnap Murphy, Mack coming up to the front as well. I hung back some, sticking with Addy and 10k the best that I could. I kept my revolver in one hand, and my biggest Muela Bowie knife in the other, not wanting to get stuck either ammo-less or without a melee weapon as back up.

As we kept running it wasn't long until all of a sudden Cassandra bolted, none of us running after her, however. As Murphy turned the corner of the building I turned to see Cassandra over my shoulder, running down the street in the opposite direction. I figured her and Murphy had a plan to get out of here but right now my plan was to just get my brother to listen to us.

As we all rounded the corner of the same building, a black SUV pulled out in front of Murphy, cutting off the path that he was running. As they drove by I saw several men leaning out the window with guns, skull masks over their faces. However, the guy we had been chasing seemed to notice the same thing, opening fire on the van. He was a good shot, killing the driver and another man hanging out the window, only to severely wound one of the other men. Once he started firing we all came to a skidding stop.

"Oh, shit," I said as 10k grabbed my arm, pulling me down, out of the line of fire once again. We all hid behind an old abandoned truck as the last of the men in the SUV was killed, Murphy taking off again, "Son of a bitch." I watched him as he ducked behind another building, making eye contact with me for a moment. The man we were chasing turned to give us a smirk as he bolted in the same direction as Murphy, letting us know he had beaten us.

"Ok, so it's like that then," Warren said as her eyes darted around the scene unfolding in front of us. As I poked my head over the back of the truck, trying to see what was happening I saw a red Jeep pull up behind the same SUV that had just been obliterated.

"Oh, shit," I said, again, as I saw several more men with large guns, jumping out of the Jeep they had just pulled up in. However, the Jeep wasn't our biggest issue when I heard another car pull up behind us. As I turned I noticed it was the same minivan from earlier, the woman behind the wheel cocking a shotgun, aiming it straight for us.

"Oh, shit!" I yelled this time, grabbing 10k's arm, getting everyone's attention. We all jumped up, running out of the way of the woman shooting. I was still holding onto 10k's sleeve, his hand placed on my back, pushing me out of the way of danger. Although, it wasn't until we were on the other side of the road that I realized no one was behind us, the rest of the group still at the truck.

"Look out, kid," Doc yelled as I peeked around the corner, dodging a bullet just as it collided with the cement next to my head.

"Go find Murphy," Warren yelled as she waved us on. The both of us leaned around the corner again, nodding our heads as we both bolted across the street again.

We just kept running, knowing that if we stopped we would more than likely get caught in the cross fire of the war that was going on around us. As we ran we finally made it to a section of trees and fences behind several houses that seemed safe enough for us to stop for a moment, getting a plan in place.

"We need a plan," I said as I took a moment to catch my breath and put away my knife.

"I thought you had a plan?" 10k asked as he looked at me confused.

"All the plans I have end up with Murphy dead, so we can't use mine," I joked, causing 10k to chuckle to himself.

After putting away my knife and checking my revolver I was satisfied with the ammo I had, trying to think of anything that I could to get my brother. Then I remembered the rope I had in the bottom of my bag. As I fished it out I held it up, knowing 10k would understand what I was thinking.

"Knock him out and tie him up?" he asked looking from the rope to me.

"Yup," I nodded, placing it back in my bag, only on top this time, "We just have to find him now." Turning my back to 10k I searched around the area in front of me, trying to strain to see the plot across the street.

"Hey," I heard 10k say over my shoulder, trying to get my attention. However, I only ignored him, not having time to look, I needed to find Murphy.

"Hey," he said again, a little louder, me still ignoring him.

"Raven," 10k said, this time grabbing my shoulders, turning me around to see what he was seeing. I stood there in shock for a moment as I saw a Z headed straight for my brother. He had been hiding behind a truck, crouched behind the tailgate as he waved for the Z to move on and leave him alone. Pulling out my Revolver, I aimed for the zombie, taking it out once I had a clean shot. I saw Murphy looking around, but luckily he never saw the two of us. I knew at this point with him and how badly he didn't want to go to California, a surprise attack would be the only way to get to him. However, once I thought we were in the clear and 10k and I started heading towards him, I noticed the same minivan from earlier.

"Shit," I said as I stopped walking, grabbing 10k's arm, "It's the minivan lady again." We stood there, watching, as Murphy stood up from his position behind the truck, looking like he was saying something to the lady in front of him. But, my heart sank when I saw the lady pull out her shotgun again, this time aiming it straight for Murphy. The scene in front of me unfolded almost too fast for me to comprehend, in no time I heard the gunshot and saw Murphy double over from the impact of what looked like a hacky sack. I could tell that he was hurt, him falling to the ground, clutching his stomach. 10k and I now knew that we had to get there and get there fast before the minivan lady tried to collect her prize. As we ran across the street we dodged cars trying to run us over, 10k turning around and shooting one of the drivers of a big black SUV.

Quickly turning back around and heading for Murphy again, I pulled out my revolver, preparing myself for a battle with the minivan lady. However, that thought was quickly put to rest when out of nowhere, Cassandra came running around the corner of the building, a hungry look on her face. It was terrifying to see her like this, almost more zombie than person anymore, yet still alive. Cassandra was quick to isolate the problem here, jumping onto the minivan lady's back, attacking her. I stood there, almost too shocked to move, watching Cassandra as she ripped this lady apart, taking her down to the ground with ease.

"Get the rope!" 10k yelled as he ran by me, running towards Murphy. Quickly coming back to reality I did just that, grabbing the rope from my bag as I ran behind 10k as he collided with my brother.

I watched as they both tumbled to the ground, 10k and my brother both rolling a few feet before standing again. I quickly untied the rope, getting ready to tie it around Murphy, not paying attention to my surroundings the best that I should have. As I made my way around the side of the truck, passing 10k and heading for my brother he started pushing me away, grabbing the rope away from me and throwing it away from us.

Surprisingly, and completely without warning, 10k was all of a sudden behind me, pushing me to the ground before running the other way again.

It wasn't until the concrete wall behind him exploded that I realized what had happened. Looking around I saw a Hispanic looking man in a suit run off with what looked like to be a bazooka as a small horde of Z's chased after him. As I turned back around I wasn't prepared for what I saw. It was 10k, laying on the ground, his head bleeding again and he wasn't moving.

"10k!" I yelled as I jumped up off the ground next to Murphy, running over to the sniper. Quickly I bent down, tears hot on my cheeks as they spilled over, the worst case scenario running through my head. As I collapsed on the ground next to 10k, he didn't move, his eyes shut, no evidence that he was still even alive. Panic struck me, a pain in my chest that felt like a hundred ton weight had just been placed down on me.

Looking up I saw Murphy making his getaway, turning to give me one last glance. Quickly I stood, starting to make my way after him, only to be stopped by Cassandra as she stood from her masterpiece of carnage that used to be the minivan lady. She looked down at 10k, her head turned to the side as if she was trying to figure out what he was doing, but when he didn't move she quickly turned to me, so quick I was surprised she didn't break her own neck. She looked me up and down, leaning close for a moment, sniffing me like she was trying to remember who I was. I had to hold back the rage that was burning through me as I looked at her face, covered in blood and the bite mark ever so evident on her cheek. She gave me one last look before glancing over to 10k on the ground again, turning and running after Murphy as fast as she could.

I finally let out the shaking breath that I didn't realize I had been holding, slowly turning and looking back down to 10k, who still hadn't moved. I ran over to him, placing my hands on either side of his head, trying my best to wake him up. But, it was no use, he was knocked out cold but thankfully still breathing. It wasn't long until Zs caught the scent of us, we were sitting ducks where we were, in the middle of this clearing, as well as an easy target for any bounty hunter that wanted us out of the way.

Quickly I pulled out my revolver again, ready to take on anyone that tried anything. But, once again I was caught off guard when someone or something grabbed me by the back of my shirt, pulling me almost to the ground. Quickly I turned, cocking my gun and aiming it behind me before my mind was able to comprehend who was actually there, and surprisingly, it was Doc.

"Doc!?" I yelled as I quickly put my gun down, thinking I almost shot him right here and now, "You scared me."

"Come on," he said as he grabbed my shoulders, pulling me with him.

"No! I'm not leaving him," I said as I ripped myself away from him and stood next to 10k again.

"Don't worry, I'll get him," Doc said as he pushed me once again towards what looked like an old broken truck. When I made it around the corner of it, there sat the rest of the group. Mack and Addy were shooting at bounty hunters as they came close to us, Warren looking around trying to come up with a plan once again. I quickly ducked as a bullet went buzzing by my head, hiding between Addy and Warren.

Not but a few seconds later Doc came running around the truck, 10k in tow, leaning on his shoulder. I gasped as I saw him conscious again, grabbing his arm as I pulled him down under the protection of the truck.

"You scared the hell out of me," I yelled as Doc squatted down in front of the two of us.

"Where am I?" 10k yelled, looking from me to Doc, confusion the only emotion on his face.

"Don't worry, kid," Doc said as he leaned down, another bullet speeding over our heads.

"WHAT? I can't hear you," 10k yelled.

"I said don't worry," Doc said a little louder this time as he peaked over the side of the truck, checking out what was going on. 10k turned to me, still confused, his ear drums still ringing from the explosion. I only shrugged my shoulders at him as he looked back down to the ground.

"Why the hell is everybody shooting at everybody?" Addy yelled as she took a second to reload her gun.

"Because Murphy is a golden goose," Warren yelled as she did the same, reloading while she had only a second. She finally looked at us all, telling us her plan that we needed to split up to find Murphy. Doc, 10k and I were to head East, trying to find Murphy before he got himself into trouble. Although, I'm pretty sure the war around us was enough evidence that trouble had already started.

"On my mark," Warren said before she turned to check for an opening for us, whispering, "One, two, three. GO!" Without wasting a second, Doc, 10k and I got up, running around the front of the truck for cover.


As we ran through this town, I tried my best to figure out where my brother would have hidden. I was trailing behind Doc as he tried to help 10k dealing with his temporary hearing loss. I was trying my best to keep all the zombies as far away as possible, giving Mercy to those who decided to get too close for comfort.

As we continued running I spotted an old, run down hotel. As I continued to stare at it I noticed Zs heading in the side, several at a time.

"Doc wait," I said as I grabbed his shirt, the both of us skidding to a stop, "Look, do you see that?" Pointing to the side of the building he followed my finger, seeing the same thing I did.

"Murphy?" 10k yelled as he looked from one of us to the other.

"Has to be," I said as I looked from him to Doc as well.

Doc nodded his head as he grabbed 10k's arm, the three of us heading straight for the front doors. However, as we started weaving in and out of cars, we were cut short by a bullet colliding with the ground just barely in front of our next steps.

"What the hell was that?" Doc yelled as we ducked behind the closest car to us.

"Why is everyone shooting at us?" I asked as I turned back towards the hotel again, barely peaking my head over the hood of the car. I had to quickly duck again when out of nowhere another bullet collided with the metal on the hood. I turned back behind me to Doc and 10k, trying quickly to come up with some kind of plan.

"We may have to split up, they can't shoot all of us," I said as I turned back again, "We will go one at a time."

"You go first," Doc said nervously. I looked at him and 10k, taking a deep breath as I held onto my Revolver tightly, glancing around the side of the car, trying to see where I should make a run for it. Luckily, not far from where we were there was a large black Expedition, rugged, but enough to keep cover.

"I'm running for it, watch my back," I said as I crouched down. I sat there for a moment, hoping that my plan would go off without a hitch and that this sniper's shot wasn't as good as 10k's.

After a deep breath and a small prayer I made my way across the parking lot, luck on my side. Once I made it I stopped for a second, relieved that I had made it without a scratch. I turned back around again, motioning to Doc and 10k for them to follow me. Doc was first, making it to the same SUV without a hitch.

"Think we should spring for the truck?" I asked as he leaned on the door beside me, "Maybe it will throw off this guy shooting?"

"Agreed," Doc said as he turned to 10k, motioning to him. I felt bad for 10k, his hearing loss making it hard for him to understand what we were trying to tell him, but luckily he was more than smart enough to figure it out and headed for the truck once Doc motioned him on. However, my heart did a small flip when another bullet collided with the front of the truck, barely missing 10k as he managed to duck just in time. I let out a deep sigh, Doc turning and looking at me with concern.

"We need to split up as well, you go down the back," I said as I switched spots with him, "I'll go out the front at the same time."

Doc nodded his head as he headed to the back of the SUV. I waited where I was, waiting for him to get into position before either of us moved. Once Doc counted down once again, we both made a run for it. Doc heading for another small car, me heading to the truck that 10k was hiding behind. Once I met up with him again behind the truck I was relieved we were both in once piece.

"Are you okay?" I asked as I mouthed to him, knowing he wouldn't be able to hear me unless I yelled. He gave me a small smile, grabbing my hand that was resting on his shoulder, kissing it quickly before Doc waved for our attention. However, 10k still couldn't understand what he was saying.

Doc looked around the car, peeking his head around both sides before deciding it was safe enough for him to join us at the truck. As he ran over I peeked my head over the driver side door, all the windows busted out, as I tried to see what I could if anything. But, nothing stood out to me, I couldn't see anything that even gave up that the man was still there shooting us. I made my way around 10k, peeking my head out around the truck, more Zs running around the hotel. I wasn't paying attention to Doc and 10k behind me when all of a sudden 10k yelled, scaring me. I jumped, not expecting him to be so loud, and almost fell from behind the safety of the truck. I turned to him, grabbing his arm as Doc tried to quieten him down.

As we finally decided it was safe enough for us to keep going, we did the same as we had been. Darting from one car to another, one at a time. I was surprised that we hadn't been shot at in a while, wondering if the guy was still even there until we all met up at the same car.

"The Zs must have followed him inside," Doc said as 10k joined us. Him and I both looked around, not wanting to get too comfortable with our luck so far, "I think I know of a back entrance, it might be safer." Doc turned to the two of us, 10k not hearing a word he was saying as I wasn't paying much attention, trying to keep a look out.

"Are you two even listening to me?" Doc said as he turned and looked at the two of us. I turned back to him just as 10k looked at him.

"WHAT?" he yelled. I smiled, but before I had a moment to laugh to myself, a gunshot rang out once again. We all ducked, trying to hide the best we could behind this car. I was in between Doc and 10k, crouched down as far as I could under the window.

"Jesus," I yelled as I clutched my Revolver closer to me.

"This is just ridiculous, what the hell are we doing here?" Doc said as he had a temporary break down, "That's a rhetorical question. Alright, are you two ready?"

The two of us nodded our heads as we got ready to make a run for it.

"I'll cover, the two of you run, on three," Doc said as he held up his fingers, counting up. However, as soon as we made any movement there was another gunshot, pinning us down to the car we were hiding behind.

"Damn, they got us pinned," Doc said as he moved around to look at the two of us. As I looked around trying to figure out what to do next, 10k raised an old hubcap into the air. He didn't get it to far above the car when all of a sudden it got shot out of his hand.

"Sniper," the two of us said as 10k grabbed a small piece of glass, using the reflection to spot the sniper.

"That's just great," Doc said getting more and more irritated by the minute.

"Second floor, seventh window from the right," 10k said as he returned back to leaning on the tire next to me.

"Think you can take him out?" Doc asked just as the three of us stood slightly, trying to get to a position that we could all make a run for it when need be. But as we stood, the last thing I ever expected happened, when a Z popped out of the window. Before I had anytime to react the Z had grabbed a hold of me, one hand grabbing the sleeve of my jacket, the other had a fist full of my hair.

"Shit!" I yelled as I tried to get away, unsuccessful as the Z had a tight grip on me. I managed to rip my arm away, at the the expense of a ripped sleeve now, but the Z still had ahold if my hair. I grabbed 10k, trying to pull myself from the Zs grip, but it was no use. The harder I tried to pull away the tighter the Z held onto me. I was so filled with panic my mind couldn't think what to do next. It had been a long time since I had been this kind of scared. Watching Hayley die was the only other time I felt this kind of terrified, deep down in the pit of my stomach. As Doc stood, trying to help, another bullet ricocheted off the car, Doc running for safety. 10k continued to try to pull me away from the Z, the only option left running through his mind as he saw the knife in my boot. As he pulled the knife out I had an idea of what he was going to do, try to give the Z mercy.

I was surprised when, after pulling against the Z I all of a sudden fell forward, 10k catching me as we both made a run for it, behind another car, more bullets raining down on us. As 10k aimed and fired I ran to the other end of the car, checking my ammo and cocking my Revolver and peaking over the trunk. I finally saw the man that had been shooting at us, or just the tip of his gun, just poking out over the banister of the room 10k pointed out. I aimed, firing the Revolver, only to miss the guy. But thankfully, 10k was able to at least throw him off guard, shattering the glass behind him, as Doc made his way up the floors of the hotel.


Luckily, 10k and I didn't have to wait long, having an almost stand off with this sniper guy, until we saw Doc coming out of one of the rooms. I snapped at 10k, his hearing finally restored completely, and nodded my head in Doc's direction. 10k turned, seeing what I was seeing and came up with a plan quickly. He gently nodded his head to the side, signaling to Doc that the guy was still a few rooms over.

As Doc tiptoed his way closer to the window with the sniper, 10k and I continued to train our guns on him.

"I don't like this," I said quietly to 10k, "This guy is making me nervous." I turned to look at 10k, his same concerns splashed across his face.

"Me too," he said as he looked from me to the window again, "But once we know Doc has him we need to make a run for it." I nodded my head in agreement, ready to run whenever 10k said.

It wasn't much longer when all of a sudden the guy in the window seemed to jump back, almost like he was scared of something. I turned and looked at 10k, standing slightly taller and lowering my gun.

"I think that's it," 10k said as he did the same.

"Agreed," I said as the both of us made a run for it, running the same way that Doc had gone earlier through the back entrance.

As we ran into the abandoned building all I could think about what how much we needed to find Doc and Murphy both. Luckily we at least knew where Doc was.

"Come on, this way," 10k yelled to me as I ran behind him. As he opened the door a Z came running towards us, probably separated from the others that were following Murphy. He pulled out his gun, aiming it at him, taking him out without a problem. We stood there for a moment, catching our breath, while I checked my ammo for a moment, not happy with what I had left.

"I don't have much left," I said as I looked up at 10k. I snapped back the chamber, putting the Revolver back in the holster on my leg as I got out my ax.

We slowly made our way from one floor to the next, the first floor nearly empty until we reached the main emergency staircase. Making our way up to the second floor, I was about out of breath. We had been running so fast to find Doc, Murphy and the adrenaline rush being attacked by the Zs, I was hoping this would be over soon. But, as we opened the next door there was another long hallway that we had to run to the other side of. I let out a hefty sigh, gripping my ax a little tighter, getting ready for anything.

"Come on, not much farther," 10k said as he grabbed my hand as he bolted down the hall. I looked at him, as we both ran. He was right, I just needed to suck it up until we found the people we needed, and luckily, our odds seemed to turn in the right direction when I saw someone running down the hall.

"Murphy?" I yelled as I dropped 10k's hand and made a run for it, "Murphy! Wait!" Turning around for a moment Murphy made eye contact, ignoring my pleas and kept running. As I ran after him I happen to notice someone in a room, laid out and bleeding. Then I realized it was Doc. I stopped for a moment, skidding on the carpet as I grabbed the side of the door frame.

"Doc," 10k yelled, grabbing Doc's attention as the two of us ran into the room after him.

"Murphy, he is here," Doc said as 10k helped him up, "He's in the building."

"Yea, I saw him," I said as we made our way to the door, "But he ignored me." Doc nodded his head and 10k told us to follow him. I put my arm around Doc, helping him along as rubbed his throat. I could tell he had been strangled by the guy that was laying dead in the middle of the floor. But thankfully Doc had given him mercy and he wasn't going to be bothering us. However, that wasn't the case when we made it to the door, two more Zs heading for us.

10k threw the door shut, and turned to the two of us, trying quickly to come up with a plan. But that was quickly forgotten when all of a sudden the man in the floor behind us jumped up, blood pouring from his mouth as he turned to look at us. He was quick to stand and run for us, but luckily 10k was quicker, telling the two of us to duck as he shot the Z between the eyes.

As I stood I took a deep breath, turning to look at the Z that now laid dead on the ground before I turned and looked at 10k.

"Man, that was too close for comfort," Doc said.

"Agreed, but what about the crowd outside," I said, putting away the ax and getting out the Beretta out. It had been a while since I have used it and knew it had the most ammo.

"We will have to come out guns blazing I guess," Doc said as he gripped the small metal piece he was holding. We all looked at each other, 10k's hand on the door when all of a sudden we heard a plethora of gun shots. We all froze.

"Warren?" I asked.

"Hopefully," Doc said as he nodded his head to 10k, opening the door.

10k was the first to shoot the Z that was banging on the door, the next one making his way to us. I aimed, dropping him as we finally made it out into the hall. We ran towards the stairs again, making our way down to the first floor, following the sounds of the shots. But the closer we got to the stairs the more Zs that came out of nowhere.

"Where do they keep coming from?" I yelled as we finally made it to the stairs. However, out of nowhere a Z came out of an empty room, grabbing me. I screamed, grabbing the Z at arms reach, slamming it into the wall. But, the Z was stronger than me, pushing me back as he snapped at me, me barely strong enough to hold him off as I collided with the wall. I grunted and pushed with everything that I had but it wasn't enough, the Z was too strong for me.I closed my eyes, not wanting to watch the fate that was about to be mine. My arms were starting to give out, my strength dwindling fast when all of a sudden the Z stopped fighting me. I opened my eyes to see 10k in front of me, a knife in the head of the Z that was now on the floor.

"Thanks," I whispered as 10k gave me a small smile.

"Come on lovebirds, we don't have time for this," Doc yelled as he opened the door to the stairs. I reluctantly turned away from 10k, following Doc down the stairs.

As we kept running we made it to the first floor, luckily no Z in the stairs this time. That was until we made it through the door. As we started running down the hall, two Zs came out of abandoned rooms, chasing us. But, before I had the chance to turn and give them mercy Warren and the guy from earlier, trying to get Murphy from us, came running around the corridor.

"Move!" Warren yelled as they came running towards us, aiming their guns.

"Behind us," I yelled back as I ran in between Doc and 10k.

"Duck," the man with Warren yelled. The three of us dropped to the ground, the two of them dropping the Zs instantly. As they ran by, we all jumped up quickly, following them back the way we had just come.

"Anyone have any idea where Murphy would have gone?" Warren asked as we ran.

"The roof, no doubt," I said as they threw open the door to the stairs once again, "That's where he would hide when we were kids." Warren nodded her head as they lead the way upstairs, until we met the roof opening.

As we all piled out onto the roof I looked around for my brother. I was worried about him, even if he was acting weird lately. He made me mad and made me want to shoot him in the knee cap most of the time but I still loved him and he was still my brother.

"Over there," Warren said as she turned, pointing behind us. I turned, seeing Murphy looking over the edge of the roof. I walked towards him, the worst playing through my head as my heart started pounding, picturing him jumping over the edge.

"Let me talk to him," I said as I turned to Warren. She nodded her head as she stopped walking, letting me up the small ladder to the next level.

"Murph, come one, it's over," I said softly as I took a few steps towards him.

"Yup, I'm done," Murphy said as he turned further from me, stepping towards the edge.

"Hey, hey, hey," I said heading towards him, "Wait a minute."

"Don't, just don't," he said as he turned to me, pointing his finger at me. He was angry, upset and on the verge of tears. He kept looking down, not taking his eyes off the ground.

"Big brother, you know better," I said, my voice shaking, worried about what he was about to do, "You know this won't do any good."

"Good?" he asked, "What's it matter? What's the point?"

"Murphy please, we don't have the time for this," I said as I tried to reason with him.

"I do, I got all the time in the world," he said as he shrugged his shoulders, looking out over the edge again.

"Listen, we are not your goddam shrinks," Warren said as he finally came up, interjecting herself into the conversation. I was relieved that she came to my aid, trying to help me talk Murphy out of whatever the hell he was planning, "We did not come this far…"

"Oh my God, do the two of you ever listen to yourselves?" Murphy said as he finally turned to us, walking closer, "Doesn't that get old?" As Murphy got close enough to us Warren and I both stared him down.

"No," we both whispered to him as he stared down at us.

"Ok," he said quietly with a smirk on his face. We had done it, we managed to talk him out of what he was planning and I was proud of us, but this was too easy. I had a feeling that this wasn't the end of what he was planning to do.

Then all of a sudden he turned on a dime, running towards the edge once again.

"Murphy!" I screamed as I ran towards the edge after my brother, "No!" I watched as Murphy fell closer to the ground, Warren wrapping her arms around my waist, pulling me away from the edge before I went over as well. I couldn't help the tears that spilled over as I watched my brother jump off a building, but when he landed in the pool full of Zs, it all made sense. It was his plan all along.

"Back down," Warren yelled as she pushed me away from the edge and back to the roof entrance.


We ran all the way down and out of the hotel, barely able to keep up with Murphy as he ran through the town again. I was furious with him, tears still hot on my face but now they were tears of anger.

"Shit," I said as we stopped running, looking around, "I've lost him."

"Me too, maybe he went…" Warren said, interrupted by the sound of shattering glass and a man yelling. We all looked around for a moment, trying to figure out where the sound had come from when all of a sudden we saw Cassandra, running around a tree line.

"This way," Warren yelled as we all bolted for it again.

We ran as fast as we could, making it around an old house just as we saw Addy standing over Murphy. From the looks of the scene in front of us she had dragged him from the van, beating the shit out of him now. Warren and the new guy went running after her, just as Cassandra came running up to them ready to defend Murphy at all costs. However, she stopped when Warren reached Addy, pulling her off Murphy.

"Hey, hey, that's enough," Doc yelled as he helped Warren pull her off.

"God, what did I ever do to her?" Murphy said as he sat up, rubbing the blood off his face.

"I could think of a thing or two," I said through gritted teeth as I thought about the whole fiasco we just went through. That's when I heard what sounded like crying coming from Addy.

"Are you ok?" Warren asked as she held Addy by her shoulders. Addy only shook her head, her hair falling down in her face like she was trying to hide from us all, "Where's Mack?" Addy didn't answer, only continued to cry.

That's when I realized he wasn't anywhere near, usually not leaving Addy's side. I looked around to the rest of the group, a lump swelling up in my throat as I thought the worst.

"Where is Mack?" Warren asked as she shook Addy, her own emotions starting to take over, her voice shaking. Addy looked at her, her own tears pouring down her face as she shook her head. That was when I realized my worst fears had been confirmed, Mack was dead. The tears poured, a quiet sob escaping my lips. Yet another person dead because of this damned mission. Warren let go of Addy as she tried to comprehend everything herself. Addy turned back to Murphy, looking like she was going to let him have it again, only to turn her back to him. She walked over, picking up her bat once again and made her way to the van. I turned back, looking at the rest of the group as Doc tied up Murphy's hands so he wouldn't escape again. Looking down at my brother he actually seemed to show some human emotion, actually upset that Mack was dead, as Doc lead him back to the van. Cassandra followed behind him, confusing on her face like she was trying to figure out what was happening. 10k and I followed behind them, 10k placing his hand on my lower back, letting me into the van first. I sat next to Addy, ready to comfort her when she was ready at the back of the van.

Once we all piled in the van we were on our way, kind of. We couldn't head west because of Murphy causing all the fallout. As we drove on I took off my jacket, throwing it in my bag now that the sleeve was ripped nearly all the way off. I looked down at was I was wearing, the tank getting more and more covered in blood, the cut out sleeves revealing more and more as I continued to lose weight. I ran my fingers through my hair as I threw my bag behind me, about to lay on it when I felt something that seemed off. Confused I ran my hand through it again, still just as confused.

"Addy," I said grabbing her attention as she seemed to calm down now, or at least not crying as much, "Is there something wrong with my hair?" I turned my back to her, letting her see the back of my head as I removed the scarf I had worn since the lab.

"You have a giant chunk of hair missing," she said as I turned back around.

"I what?" I asked, grabbing the attention of the whole van.

"Just above your shoulder, looks like your hair was cut," she said as she wiped her face, almost kind of smiling at my surprise.

"Yea," 10k said as he looked up at us, "I had to cut your hair when that Z jumped out of the car and grabbed you."

"You cut my hair?" I was still to shocked to get passed the fact that my hair was cut, "I thought you just gave the Z mercy." 10k looked at me, concern splashed on his face that he had done the wrong thing.

"Here," Addy said as she grabbed a knife, "It won't be perfect but I can even it out for you."

"Well," I said as I sighed, "Guess it's a good thing I was wanting to cut my hair."

"No time like the present," Doc said shrugging his shoulders.

"True, now I won't have to worry about anymore Zs grabbing my hair," I joked as I scooted around for Addy, "You won't have much left to cut next time." I smiled, poking 10k in the leg with my boot. He looked up at me, smiling, knowing that I wasn't mad.

Once my hair was cut, just barely longer than my shoulders, I looked around at the people in the van. We were all still visibly upset, sad that Mack was gone, upset with Murphy and his shit that he pulled. None of us were really saying anything, for the most part just keeping to ourselves or sleeping, like Doc and the new guy Vasquez. But when my eyes landed on Murphy said in me changed. He was my brother and I loved him but he was changing, he was quickly becoming another person. He wasn't the same big brother that I remembered, he was a different person, and he wasn't changing for the better. When we started this mission together I thought we could make up for lost time and grow closer together, but the longer we spent together on this mission, the farther we grew apart. And I was worried it wouldn't be much longer until we ended up hating each other.