My face above the water,
My feet can't touch the ground,
Touch the ground,
And it feels like,
I can see the sands on the horizon,
Every time you are not around,
I'm slowly drifting away,
Wave after wave,
Wave after wave,
I'm slowly drifting,
And it feels like I'm drowning,
Pulling against the stream,
Pulling against the stream,
I wish I could make it easy,
Easy to love me,
Love me,
But still I reach,
To find a way,
I'm stuck here in between,
I'm looking for the right words to say,
I'm slowly drifting,
Drifting away,
Wave after wave,
Wave after wave,
I'm slowly drifting,
And it feels like I'm drowning,
Pulling against the stream,
Pulling against the stream,

~Waves, Mr Probz

- □ - □ - □ –

Frigga wasn't a fan of Midgard but her friend, Sally, loved it here. Sally loved, adored even, how nothing ever stayed the same - unlike Asgard. How she could talk how she wanted to - unlike Asgard. If it was up to Frigga, she most likely would never set foot on Midgard but she liked seeing her friend (her best friend) smile.

Sally hadn't been herself lately, ever since she had discovered that she could not bore children Sally began to sink deeper and deeper into depression- Frigga could not allow this. Frigga -although she'd never admit it- felt somewhat responsible for the depression that seemed to weigh Sally down. Despite not actually doing anything, Frigga felt like she was rubbing in the fact that she had an adopted son. Loki.

Loki wasn't that old. A few months at least. Nowhere near old enough to remember his actual family and she knew it was selfish but she hoped he wouldn't learn of his original family. Frigga knew that her adopted son would not remain an only child for long, Odin would want a son not of his own bloodline to be seated on the throne and become the next All-Father.

Looking over at Sally she felt guilt weigh down heavily in her stomach. She knew that there was nothing she could do but it just seemed so...unfair that she could bear as many children as she wished but Sally could not bear one.

Inhaling deeply to clear her mind, Frigga wrinkled her nose. The air was nowhere near as clean as Asgard. Looking over at Sally a smile forced its way onto her face. She couldn't help it Sally had one of the most infectious smiles she had ever seen.

The two women- Asgardians - made their way to a beach in Montauk. Frigga watched as Sally's face began to look more youthful. This always happened when they approached the sea on Midgard. The smile lines around her face would seemingly vanish along with other imperfections on Sally's face. The worry and depression just evaporated from her eyes. Well; until the cry of a baby rang out.

Worry instantly encased Sally's face, whatever good the Midgardians sea did for Sally lost its effect. Before Frigga could even comprehend what was going on Sally was gone. Running off towards the sound of the cry. Frigga hesitated but followed.

- □ - □ - □ –

The place the cry had originated from looked like something straight out of a horror movie. The cries of a baby had long since silenced and Frigga assumed the worst.

The cabin's roof sagged, looking like it would collapse at any given moment, the walls had cracks running along them, the windows had long ago shattered and the door was blown off of its hinges. Frigga was going to warn Sally to back away from the old, mouldy cabin but was interrupted by a whimper and a growl. She knew Sally would not turn back.

Sally was not-at-all subtle when it came to entering the cabin. In fact Frigga was pretty sure she was making as much sound as she possibly could. When the monster came around the corner- Frigga wasn't sure what type of monster it was- it was gone in a matter of minutes. Sally just kept on marching through the cabin until she froze in a doorway. Frigga leaned over her shoulder to see why and oh how she wished she didn't.

Lying there sprawled out on the floor was a women. Well the remains of a woman. The woman's insides were thrown across the room, her legs bent at unnatural angle. Blood still leaked from a wound on the woman's neck. Frigga had to force down the bile rising in in her throat. Looking at Sally she could see that the woman had gone as white as snow but Sally turned and marched on.

Then Frigga heard it. A sound which filled her with so much hope, she was able to force her eyes off of the remains of a woman and followed Sally down the hall.

A baby's cry.

Frigga found Sally in a room desperately clutching onto a bundle of cloth. Blood soaking into her top. This time Frigga did not hesitate.


- □ - □ - □ –

Neither woman stopped to bask in the glory of Asgard, instead choosing to dash to the nearest hospital.

Arriving in the hospital the bundle of blankets were pried away from Sally's hands and rushed away. Leaving Sally nothing but a blood covered mess.

Hours soon passed and Sally had yet to move. Choosing to stand in the middle of the hospital instead. Frigga doubted she'd be going anywhere anytime soon. Instead of waiting, Frigga turned on her heel and went to find the All-Father.

Frigga spared not a second glance at the halls of Asgard, having walked through the palace's halls many times before. Approaching the throne room two guards moved aside allowing her access to the room. She had barely stepped in the room when the thunderous voice of the All-Father rang through the hall.


The doors slammed shut.

Frigga slowly made her way over to the All-Father and rested a hand on his shoulder. She spoke, "Yes. It had to be done in order to save the boy's life." The All-Father didn't calm.


Frigga attempted a different approach. She hummed. "Yes I admit to it but at least come and see the boy before you pass judgment on him?"

The All-Father relented.

- □ - □ - □ –

Arriving at the hospital, Frigga asked where Sally was. She was directed to a room down the hall. The All-Father trailing behind her.

Entering the room the first thing that reached her ears were giggles. If Frigga was expecting this perhaps she wouldn't have been so surprised. The next thing that Frigga realised after entering the room was that Sally was holding a baby. Despite not getting a clear view of it Frigga could make out that it had to be at least a month older than her adopted son Loki. From Sally's arms Frigga could also see tuffs of midnight coloured hair.

Before Frigga could even think about approaching Sally, Odin had beaten her to it. Indicating to Sally that she needed to shift the child in her arms, Odin examined it. Nodding to himself, Odin spoke,

"You may keep the child. But," Odin stressed the word. "He must remain in Sally's custody."

After a few minutes silence Frigga asked the question on everybody's minds: "What's his name?"

Looking up Sally looked like a grin was going to split her face in two.

"Perseus. Perseus Jackson."

And oh what a wonderful story his would be.