Title: Midnight Sun
Author: MSKBSwedish
Rating: Mature
Summery: Set after season 6 episode "Smashed" - After Buffy and Spike have sex in the abandoned building. Buffy thinks the reason she slept with Spike was because of something mystical. What if the slayer is right? There is a prophecy that she is destined to fulfill - with the help of the blond vampire. Set as M for heavy adult themes at times.
Note: I own nothing of the Buffyverse.

Chapter One – Waves

Head pounding. Eyes blurry. Body cold. The memories. Her blond hair tangled in a mess beneath her head. She winced as she slowly began to move. Pain enveloped her body as she moved her body. Her body jerked with pain as she moved her back the wrong way. Her eyes fluttered from pain before she shut them tightly. She laid back down against the rough surface beneath her. She moved her arms slowly feeling less pain in the muscles. Her hand touched something soft.

More like someone. Spike.

Memories began to overtake her mind. The flooding of what happened the night before. She could still feel his cool lips against her skin. His fingertips slipping around her backside. Feeling him delving into her most intimate places. Suddenly she felt the conflicting feelings of disgust, shock and want. The realization of what happened last night caused a small flow of tears to escape the corners of her eyes.

'Get it together, slayer.' She thought to herself. 'I need to get out of here.' She thought once more.

She had to push through the pain in her body and get up. She opened her eyes once again and shifted her eyes around. Still blurry. Her hands came up slowly to rub the orbs. It helped only a little but mad it much easier for her eyes to adjust.

Placing her hands at her sides she slowly launched herself forward to sit up.


Her eyes shifted sharply beside her at the body of the vampire laying next to her, his duster covering from the waist down. A sudden longing formed over her but she grimaced at that thought immediately.

As quickly as she could, she stood up to find her undergarments along with her clothes. She pulled them before pulling her boots onto her body. She gave the vampire one last glance before leaving.

She had to crawl through the rubble of the building until sunlight hit her. She shielded her eyes from the glare of the sun rays. Gulping past the lump in her throat and pushing through her physical and mental issues, she dredged on. She wasn't going to stop until she was safely home.

Pulling her jacket around her tighter, she kept her head down, avoiding any eye contact with anyone as she walked through the busy streets. Her mind wandered back to the blond vampire that she left sleeping in the midst of the damaged building. Her mind raced to match the pacing of her heart. It only made her walk faster. It took everything not for her to sprint across the town to get home. She wanted as much distance between she and Spike.

They did things... things she never imagined doing. Especially not with Spike. Something had to coarse her to do those things. He wasn't powerful enough to force her. She didn't even like Spike! She despised the vampire with every fiber of her being even more now than she did before.

When the view of the house became clear, she felt a sense of relief. She was that much closer to being able to wash last nights events from her body. She only hoped that it was early enough that everyone was still asleep or late enough that no one would be home.

To her relief the moment she opened the door she could hear silence. Complete silence. Even with the silence, she was quiet going up the stairs and into her room. She shut the door gently and began to remove her clothes. Her body felt dirty and gritty. Between the mess of the building and sex with Spike, she definitely needed to wash it all away.

Turning on the shower, she let it warm before stepping inside. She stood there, letting the water soak through her blond hair. Bracing the wall, it was so hot that it caused little goosebumps to form along her skin.

Memories flooded her mind once more. She remembered the goosebumps that formed along her skin the moment he was sheathed inside of her. His lips met with hers. Their tongues danced in delight as she explored the pace behind his perfect white teeth. Her warm skin pressed against his cold porcelain skin. His hands moved up her back to her shoulders. His hands so big they seemed to cover her back in a swift motion.

More memories came like waves. She remembered the feeling of his hands sliding about her thighs before gripping her to pull her closer. To pull him deeper. She could still hear her mews of pleasure. She could see the bliss in his eyes as he manipulated her body in his hands. She could still feel the slight fear in her. But in some way, for some reason, it intensified the feelings. Every time he pressed his lips to her skin. She half expected him to bite down to draw blood but he didn't. He was... gentle.

Their love making had started out hard and rough. Their fighting. Fists hitting bones. Bodies being thrown about until that fateful kiss. The building collapsed and they didn't stop. It fueled their fury of love making. Somewhere in the night it turned gentle. Somewhere in their minds it was all mutual.

Her ears began to ring. She could hear his quiet grunts of approval with each movement of their bodies. Each thrust. She could hear her own cooing and sighs of pleasure. Her eyes flashed open. She hated that the abrupt memory caused a reaction from her body. She remembered actually liking it.

She pounded her fist against the wet tile. More tears fell down her cheeks. What was happening to her? Something had to be wrong. Someone had to cast some sort of spell. Someone had to have drugged her. Something wasn't right. She felt it in her bones. She needed to find Giles. She needed answers.


Author's note: I haven't written a Buffy fic in over ten years. I recently got back into watching it and just have these ideas flowing through my brain. I know this chapter is short but the coming few will be longer. Enjoy!