Title: Midnight Sun
Author: MSKBSwedish
Rating: Mature
Summery: Set after season 6 episode "Smashed" - After Buffy and Spike have sex in the abandoned building. Buffy thinks the reason she slept with Spike was because of something mystical. What if the slayer is right? There is a prophecy that she is destined to fulfill - with the help of the blond vampire. Set as M for heavy adult themes at times.
Note: I own nothing of the Buffyverse.

Chapter Seven – Closer

(Special Note: This chapter contains sexual matter)

Now in the middle of her third trimester, Buffy had stopped patrolling for the most part. She was finding it harder to protect herself from getting hurt. Even with Spike, Xander and Anya patrolling with her. So she agreed with the others that she would stay back at the house with Dawn while Willow would take Buffy's place. She admitted, it would be nice to have more time with her sister.

Dawn laid with Buffy on the couch. Dawn laid with her head on Buffy's leg while Buffy lounged at one end of the couch with her feet propped up on the coffee table. They were taking the opportunity to spend some time together and have a much needed movie night which wasn't complete until they had ice cream, popcorn, chips and dip completed with cookies that Dawn had baked last night.

They were giving their undivided attention to the movie when Dawn jumped. Buffy was about to stuff her face with a hand full of popcorn when she noticed Dawn jump and cast her eyes to Buffy's stomach.

"What?" Buffy asked Dawn. She put the popcorn back in the bowl.

"It moved. It moved Buffy!" Dawn said with excitement.

'Oh shit.' Buffy thought to herself.

Dawn put her hand on her sister's belly right where the back of her head had been touching where she felt the movement. Buffy however didn't like this and pushed Dawn's hand away.

"Dawn stop." Buffy demanded.

Looking up at her sister confused, Dawn sat up. "Why can't I feel it, Buffy?"

Buffy groaned. She grabbed the remote and paused the movie before getting up. "This is exactly why I have been avoiding everyone." Buffy picked up their bowls from their ice cream and walked toward the kitchen.

Dawn stood up to follow after her sister.

"What are you talking about?" Dawn asked.

"I don't want anyone to touch me especially not my stomach." Buffy insisted.

"Why not? We can't help that this is exciting, Buffy!" Dawn couldn't help but smile.

Buffy let the bowls drop into the sink causing loud clinking noises that not only made Dawn jump but made the small smile disappear.

Buffy turned, glaring at her sister from across the island. "You have no idea what this means, Dawn. Not you, not Willow not anyone. This isn't exciting! Damnitt this isn't something I get to keep." Buffy walked around the island to look in Dawn's eyes. "You guys see something completely different than what I see and you just don't get it."

Dawn crossed her arms over her chest. "What do we see then, Buffy?"

Buffy took a deep breath. "Dawn you guys look at me and see a child. You see me holding this tiny baby in my arms. You see birthday parties and a baby's first steps, a baby's first tooth, baby's first night home from the hospital." Buffy held back every tear. "It's not going to happen." Buffy assured Dawn.

"How do you know, Buffy? How do you know we can't keep the baby?" Dawn asked.

"Because the child is to be sacrificed. That only means one thing." Buffy didn't realize that she hadn't actually used that word with Dawn when explaining her unborn child.

Dawn's bottom lip quivered slightly. Buffy felt guilt immediately.

"I know it's hard for you to understand, Dawn. I don't like it any more than you do." Buffy shook her head. "But it's the way it has to be." Buffy watched as her baby sister's tears fell from her cheeks. She pulled Dawn in for a hug and sighed.

"I'm sorry." Dawn whimpered.

"Shh. It's okay. Let's just... Let's just not talk about it. Okay?" Buffy sniffled, her own tears threatening to fall. She pulled away from the hug and looked at Dawn. "Let's just go finish the movie and go to bed. How's that sound?" Buffy offered.

Dawn nodded in response and followed Buffy back into the living room.

Buffy laid in bed silently while patiently waiting for Spike to return. It had become a habit to sleep with Spike and the nights that he patrolled with the others, she had to wait for him to climb in beside her before she could sleep properly. In the meantime she laid in bed and waited.

The familiar sound of the clunky boots against the floorboards in the hallway were heard. Buffy's nerves calmed. It meant he was still alive and he was coming in to be with her.

The door opened slowly and quietly. Spike knew at this point that Buffy was awake but just in case, he was always as quiet as he could be. He removed his duster and laid it across Buffy's chair.

Spike walked over to the side of the bed that he had generally been sleeping on – the left side. He started out mainly on the right side but he often found Buffy laying on the right side of the bed. Spike gently sat down on the bed as easily as possible. He removed his boots before losing the rest of his clothing.

Moving slowly, he slipped under the blankets and move over to the slayer. He slipped his hand over her side and let his hand rest on the side of her growing belly. It was the first time she hadn't flinched or pushed him away when he went for her belly. Spike could tell something was different.

Spike kissed the back of Buffy's shoulder gently right before nuzzling is gently. "Talk to me, pet." He whispered softly.

Buffy sighed as her body trembled in Spike's arms. She tried hard not to cry but it was proving to be harder than ever. She bit her lip so hard that she broke the skin which caused Spike's senses to flair.

Reaching up, Spike took Buffy's chin in his hand and made her look up at him. He could see the red speckle on her lip and the tears glistening on her cheeks. Her eyes were red too which meant she had been crying for a while now.

"I don't want to give this baby up." Buffy cried. She turned quickly and buried her face in Spike's neck. Buffy sobbed and cried into him.

Spike wrapped his arms completely around Buffy's body. He rubbed her back with his hands lovingly.

"Oh, pet." Spike sighed. "I know. I don't either." Spike kissed the crown of Buffy's head and closed his eyes. He knew it was going to be so hard when Buffy would have to give the child up. Especially if she was only half way in and already wanted to keep it. She was growing an attachment to it. It was the one thing he knew she wanted to keep from happening. It was the only thing she didn't want with this child. It was proving to be almost impossible for her not to feel attached to it.

"Please don't make me. I want to keep it, Spike." Buffy pleaded with him. Her fists on his back pulled him closer. She shook in his arms only making him feel worse. He hated putting the slayer through so much. He loved her more than anything in the world.

"Okay, love, Okay. I won't." Spike didn't know what else to say. He was speechless. Of course she was going to have to give the child up to the powers that be but at that moment, he would tell her anything to calm her nerves.

Spike moved his lips down to Buffy's lips. He pressed his lips to hers in a loving kiss. The taste of the blood on her lip caused him to tremble slightly.

He used one hand to cup her head, using his thumb to wipe some of the tears from her swollen cheeks. With his other hand he brought it up to the back of her head, deepening the kiss.

Buffy didn't stop him. She didn't want to stop. She wanted him to keep going. She wanted him to distract her body and her mind from the issue at hand. It was the only thing he could think of at the moment and they hadn't had sex since her belly started growing bigger. He had the tendency to touch it which made Buffy uncomfortable and turned her off.

Spike wanted this just as much as Buffy if not more.

Leading her to lay back against the bed, Spike moved so that he was laying over Buffy completely. His hands pressed on the bed to keep him from laying against her.

Buffy looked up to lock her eyes with Spike. She ran her hands down his neck and shoulders causing him to shiver.

"Do you trust me?" Spike asked Buffy. Without another thought, Buffy nodded. She couldn't believe she was saying it, but she did. "Then don't stop me. Just lay back." Buffy nodded her head once more in response.

Spike leaned forward and kissed her passionately. His hand reached down between them. Not a single space on her stomach went untouched. He stroked the hard, round surface with his hand gently. It was part of his way of showing that he not only loved Buffy but loved their unborn child.

Buffy tensed at first but the more he did it, the more she relaxed.

Slowly Spike started to travel down her body. His lips moved as though following an invisible pathway. When he got to Buffy's belly, he used one hand to stroke down the side of it but then his lips continued to kiss around her belly. Even pregnant he wanted to worship every inch of the slayer. He wanted her to know just how much she meant to him. How much this child meant to him, even if they couldn't keep it.

Spike moved past her belly and began to kiss her thighs gently. Still he didn't stop there. He kissed and payed homage to every part of Buffy's body. Between her thighs especially. Her moans intensified then. Her slight rocking movements made Spike smile. He was doing something selfless and completely and totally for her. He wanted her to feel complete ecstasy. The best part about being a vampire too was not having to come up for air.

Finally when her legs were tensing, Spike moved up Buffy's body. Instinctively, their lips connected just as Spike felt Buffy's entrance. He rocked inside of her. In turn they both moaned into the kiss passionate and much needed kiss. One hand held him from putting all of his weight on her and the other gripped her hip to pull her to meet his thrusts.

Spike broke the kiss to move his lips to Buffy's neck where he had bit her once before. As if the same primal power came over him, he bit down. He let the blood flood his mouth. Buffy cried out as it heightened her senses. She rocked her hips to meet his thrusts while he lapped at the fresh blood on her neck.

There was something that changed her taste. Spike could tell. The only thought it could be was that it was her pregnancy. It wasn't just her blood flowing through her body but their baby's blood, Spike's blood.

Spike drank a bit from Buffy but the moment he stopped, her lips and his were together. Their moans became hurried as their paces picked up. Buffy's heart pounded in her chest.

Letting his hand slip to Buffy's belly, he rocked harder.

Within seconds their climaxes had spread through their bodies. It left Buffy panting and breathless. Spike looked down at his lover, the mother of his child, withering and gasping beneath him. He smiled softly and stroked her belly with his hand while leaning in to leave a small trail of kisses around her chest.

"Tell me you love me, Spike." Buffy whispered. She used her hand to cup his face. Their eyes locked instantly. "Tell me you will always love me."

Spike's smile formed slowly. "I love you, Buffy. I always have. I always will." His voice was the most comforting thing to her ears.

"Tell me you'll never hate me." Buffy's lip quivered.

"I could never and will never hate you, love." Spike pressed his forehead to Buffy's while still stroking her belly.

"Tell me we don't have to give up our baby." That was the first moment Buffy use the words "our" and "baby" in the same sentence.

Spike paused. He looked into her eyes. "We don't have to give our baby up." Spike whispered. He hated lying to her like that but they both knew the truth. However, if it was going to help the slayer out for tonight, he would tell her anything in that moment.