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Summary: Harry is made to go to the Wizard military camp.

Boot camp: Chapter 1 A Spell and A Letter

As Harry Potter sat down to lunch at number 4 Privet drive, he couldn't help but notice how completely without incident his holidays had been so far. Absolutly nothing out of the ordinary had happened. And it was certainly true that the house was a lot more peaceful because of it... He should of known it was too good to last.

Aunt Petunia snidely placed down in front of him, burnt toast for lunch when everyone else was having a roast, Dudley snickered, and Vernon scoffed, but then before their very eyes, the burnt toast and glass of water magically transformed into a steaming piece of shepards pie and a glass of foaming butterbeer.

Harry for the first astounded moment couldn't believe his luck,until he realised the seriousness of what just happened, The Ministry of Magic would be on to him, he thought at first, but then he realised that they would have to dig him up if they wanted him because, Vernon, it looked like was about to murder the poor boy.

"WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT MAGIC" Vernon positively yelled before pouncing on Harry with such force it looked as though Harry would be pushed into next week. Harry closed his eyes waiting for the blow, which never came, after a minuete or two when he thought it looked as though he was safe (for now anyway) he slowly with much caution, peeked one eye open, just a slit. What he saw astounded him.

Uncle Vernon was bashing into something which did not appear to be there. He kept making a charge for Harry, but everytime when he got to a certain place he bounced back. Harry couldn't understand it. Neither could Vernon (although there are no surprises there) However Vernon was never a smart man and he tried and tried and tried till he suffered what appeared to be a slight concussion, and he couldn't try anymore.

Harry knew this defiantly wasn't over. But he figured he should get some peace while he could. As He dashed off to his room, in an attempt to escape the horrors of the goings on downstairs, and his aunts shrill voice cursing him to the devil, he wondered and wondered what the hell could of happened? He didn't think he'd done any magic. Although this could have been one of those times when it just happened, like when he blew up Aunt Marge, but then even then he had felt something, and knew it was his doing. No this wasn't like one of those times. This was very weird. 'Maybe I should write to Dumbledore and ask him' thought Harry 'But then no, that's far too drastic. I know I'll ask Hermione, she's the next best thing to a teacher, and with the likes of Snape, she's better."

After making sure Hedwig was in her cage, Harry sat down to write his letter...

Dear Hermione,

Hey, how have your holidays been? Yea I know we're not far into them, but still. So I have a kind of question to ask you. Well you see, today at lunch when my aunt gave me a bit of burnt toast and some water, it automatically changed into pie and butterbeer! And then when my uncle got mad at me, and tried to attack me, he couldn't come anywhere near me, it was like I was surrounded by a shield. But the funny thing is, I didn't feel like I was the one doing it. You know? It was so great though, I couldn't stop laughing. Well have fun, miss you heaps, and Ron too.

Love Harry

If anyone would know what was happening Hermione would harry thought with confidence. The way he'd been thinking about Hermione in the past few days was certainly different, But Harry wasn't sure whether it was a good thing. He thought he was falling for her. Which can't be healthy for their friendship. But then when she'd kissed him at the start of the holidays.. (Harry had convinently forgotten it was just a peck on the cheek) No that there was much he felt he could do about it. But we'll see he thought. He sure would like to have her as a girlfriend 'Whoa hold on Potter you're going a bit too far now.

Sure enough Harry was in BIG trouble. But all the Dursleys could do was yell at him. And they could only even do that from a great distance, so to him, it sounded like they were talking normally. A fact which Harry found highly amusing.

The day after the lunch incident, when Harry woke up he found Hedwig was back and sitting on his desk with a letter in her beak. "Hey Hedwig" mumbled Harry sleepily, "Have you got something for me?" with that Hedwig swooped forward and dropped the letter onto Harry's chest. After quickly noteing Hermione's neat handwriting, he opened it eagerly..

Dear Harry,

I have a kind of confession to make. You see before we left school, I cast a little spell that I had read about in the library. What it does is, whenever your aunt or uncle or Dudley are doing anything to you that in unfair or not right, the situation will change in your favour. Like with the lunch food or the unbreakable barrier. And since I cast the spell in school time it isn't illegal and it will last all summer! I also checked it all out, the Ministry can't do a thing about it. But it only works on the Dursleys sorry so don't think you can run off and get into trouble all over town. I'm sorry if you don't like it and are mad at me. I miss you too.

Love Hermione xxxooo

By the time he had finished the letter Harry had nearly wet himself laughing. How just like Hermione, and what a clever plan. He was defiantly going to have some fun with this. And he certainly did.

One day however not far into the next week, Uncle Vernon got his revenge, although it was not of his own making he was sure this would make Harry miserable enough for his likeing. Whilst the family were sitting down to breakfast, (the Dursleys cereal and toast, Harry bacon, sausages, hash browns, and baked beans) a large tawny owl flew through the window. It was bearing a letter which Harry (with his keen seeker eyes) could see bore the Hogwarts crest. But before he could receive the letter Uncle Vernon grabbed it with his greedy hands ripped it open, read it, and finished it with the biggestr smirkyest grin Harry had ever seen. It must have been very bad news for a letter from magical school to make Vernon smile. "Ha, good luck boy" was all he said before he pulled the rest of the family up and out of the room.

Harry began to read his letter, to see what had made his uncle so happy....

Dear Mr Potter,

As you know these are difficult, difficult times. With Voldermort rising and gaining power by the day we must take extreme measures to ensure the safety of all. However there can not always be a fully trained witch or wizard around in times of great danger (as you are undoubtibly aware). So it is with your best interest at heart, that on the completion of this letter, you are immediately transported to Armadale, the wizard military camp. All Hogwarts students from 5th year and above will be attending. This is a nesersary arrangement, however we do apologise for the inconvinieance. You will find the camp tough but fair, and it will leave you fully equipped with skills you will certainly need in these uncertain times. Thank you for your co-operation. And good luck at Armadale.

Sincerely Albus Dumbledore Headmaster

After reading that last word, Harry felt the familiar pull behind his navel, that went with trveling by portkey, and before he knew it he was spirriling to a halt somewhere.

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