"Soawksahm asked: How about Jellal and Erza's romantic plans get ruined by some unforeseen circumstance (extremely bad weather, bandits, a drought causing a shortage in strawberries etc)."

So this is pure fluff. Know what's not fluff, though? Chapter 535. Definitely not fluff.

Almost Predictable

He is still getting used to having a home. Waking up in the same bed every morning disorients him. Sometimes he isn't sure which is more discombobulating – the fact that he sleeps in a regular bed or the fact that he never wakes alone. It is a welcome change, however unusual.

Over the last few months he's learned how to function in a kitchen that is mostly stocked. Erza isn't particularly skilled in this area but he's picking it up quickly. Breakfast is his favorite. She prefers the sweet foods like syrupy pancakes and pastry dripping in fruit compote, his tastes lean toward the savory.

She sleeps in on Sundays. He suspects she was an early riser before he settled in, and during the week she is usually awake before him, but on Sundays she sleeps and sleeps. They aren't even married yet but he feels they've become predictable in the best possible way. She kisses his cheek when he brings her breakfast in bed and even though he'd be perfectly content with nothing but a plate of bacon he does try and be reasonable. Sometimes he'll branch out and have toast or egg.

On this particular Sunday morning, though, he's curious. Erza hasn't been herself lately. She's been moody and erratic. Her eating habits have changed. Friday afternoon she ate an entire sleeve of crackers – and nothing else – for lunch. Jellal isn't an ignorant man. He's been in close quarters with women for most of his adult life. He is aware of biological patterns and cycles. Erza is off.

He brings her the shortcakes anyway. She smiles but not as brightly as she might've a month or so ago. Erza's eaten only one of the shortcakes with strawberry compote when her face turns pale. She dashes from the bed and disappears into the bathroom. Jellal sighs and packs the strips of bacon into the folded crease of his toast and polishes it off before she returns. He sets aside the pastry and waits.

"I'm sorry," she whispers when she eases back into bed. "I ruined breakfast."

"You didn't ruin anything." He waits for her to relax before pulling her into his chest. "Erza –"

"I think I'm pregnant," she says quickly. Jellal smiles and presses a kiss to her forehead.

"I thought so." Erza exhales a long heavy breath. "Are you okay?"

"I am now that I've said it out loud." Her eyes prod his. "Are you okay?"

"I'm great." Strands of her hair stick to her neck and he peels them free before pulling the scarlet mass up and away onto the pillow. "Whatever you need I'll get it for you. Even if it's crackers all day, every day."

"I think right now I just want to go back to sleep." Erza sighs and burrows deeper into the blankets and closer to him. He can't help but yawn and think that more sleep is a perfect plan.