Author's Note:

Random bonus chapter. If you've read the Amazing Adventure or any stories in that serious, you'll know that I've upped in the realm of crackfic! Enjoy!

"Dora? What's... Dora?" Gabriel asked confusedly as Magnus sat up.

"He must've hit his head really hard." Ivor whispered to Soren before Magnus slapped him in the head.

"Shut up! I'm not crazy! If I really hit my head as hard as you think, don't you think I would've done this by now?" Magnus stood to his feet and proceeded to punch Soren to the ground while everyone else looked on with shock.

"Magnus, what's-"

"Quiet, Gabriel! And YOU!" He pointed at Ellegaard who was about to protest before he swept her off her feet. "Pucker up, cutie!" Before she could say anything else, he almost kissed her before Ocelott burst into the room. (couldn't leave you without that!)

"Ha!" She shouted, shocking them both and causing Magnus to drop Ellegaard on her head. "I knew Magnugaard was real!" She cheered. Suddenly, she was wearing a cheerleader-suit and had yellow pom-poms (because yellow was her favorite color). "Chewy! Chewy!" At that point a giant bus crashed into the room. The New Order of the Stone and the Ocelots, all claden in yellow cheerleading-suits and bearing with them pom-poms, joined in on the unconventional cheer.

Then Caillou ran through the hallway screaming his little head off before he got his head crammed by cymbals, courtesy of Aiden.

Olivia climbed a wooden ladder which Petra soon set on fire. Why? Well it was part of the routine! Olivia did a backflip off the ceiling and landed in Jesse's arms, or would've if Jesse wouldn't stop obsessing over his brand new sword.

Reuben stretched his legs!

After a few seconds, Ellegaard groaned in frustration and grabbed Magnus by the hand before rushing into the hallway.

She was about to kiss him (like it was destined by Notch to be) but then a Boeing plane shattered through the hallway with the International Yellow Third-Wheel Cheerleaders inside!

"Chewy and Han Solo! Yeahhh!" Lukas cheered. At that point, Axel turned into a Creeper and blew the entire house up.

Author's Note:

Okay, maybe not my best crack, but... here you go, then. Check back soon! The Fourth Amazing Adventure is coming soon!